Monday, March 6, 2017

1.5 Million Peruvians Demonstrate Against Gender-Ideology in the Schools -- Leave the Children Alone

Anti-Gender Ideology Demonstration in Lima Last Saturday
(Lima) Peru is defending itself against the state's compulsory inclusion of gender ideology in the schools. After months of resistance at all levels, from rallies before parliament to parliamentary debates, from newspaper articles and television discussions to signature collections, a million and a half Peruvians went on the streets on 4 March.

The gigantic popular movement was initiated by the movement #Conmishijosnotemetas (hands off my children). In many Peruvian cities, large-scale demonstrations were held. The biggest demonstration took place in the capital Lima.

The Peruvian government wants to transform the entire curriculum at public schools in the sense of gender theory starting with the coming school year, with effects on the children from the most tender age. Cardinal Cipriani Thorne speaks of "ideological colonization." The organizers described the gender-compliant curriculum as "ideological brainwashing for the new generations." The curriculum is a serious attack on parental rights, which should be given priority in the education of children.

The March for Life in Lima.The attack on life is the other
side of the same coin.

The President of Peru has been Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard since July 2016. This son of a German Jew and a Swiss Protestant is Catholic. The director Jean-Luc Godard is his cousin. Peru is a semi-presidential republic. The President of the State appoints the government. Parliament can overthrow the government by a vote of no confidence. However, this has not yet happened. In parliament, Kuczynski's party has only 20 out of 150 seats. The absolute majority is held by the party of Keiko Fujimori, whom Kuczynski had just narrowly defeated. Fujimori is the daughter of former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori. The Peruvian left supported Kuczynski as a "lesser evil" against Fujimori.

Kuczynski is a dazzling figure. The investment banker, who became Minister for the first time at the beginning of the 80s, took part in the Bilderberger Conference in Tyrol in 1988. After his election as president, he dedicated Peru to the heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary. He implements the gender agenda, which is run by international institutions, including several UN agencies, without hesitation. The will of his people and the convictions of the vast majority of the Peruvians do not seem to bother him.

Beatriz Mejia, the spokeswoman for #Conmishijosnotemetas, called on Kuczynski to take a step backward and not to impose on the people anything that they neither want nor need.

Massively present in this mass uprising against gender ideology was the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. It was led by Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima and Primas of Peru. The next date was just announced at the rally: the March for Life on the 25th of March. The right to life is the other big front, which is attacked from the international side.

There was massive criticism of the mass media at the demonstration, which barely offered space to cover the popular protest against the gender ideology, or downplayed and ridiculed it. The media follows a script that similar popular movements in other countries have experienced: from Manif pour tous in France, the Family Day in Italy and to the Demo Fuer Alle in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

"The civil society of Peru proves to be healthy and ready for battle. Will the political power be ready to listen to the citizens?" This is the question asked by Notizie Pro Vita which also formulated an indictment against the prevailing distortion of representative democracy, as can be seen not only in Peru.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Timone / InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred
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jac said...

As president he dedicated Peru to the hearts of Jesus and Mary? But as a catholic he promotes the gender ideology?
This man is not a catholic.

Unknown said...

He is from the church of Xanadu --I mean Vatican 2. Anything is possible there because their god is the god of surprises!!

Constantine said...

Hmm.. Following in the footsteps of our Holy Father. Continuing to claim doctrinal adherence to the Teachings of the Church, but at the same time appealing to "Accompaniment" and "Mercy" in its "pastoral" implimentation. And working together with the NGOs and UN for a "better world".

Unknown said...

Thank you for this. Unsurprisingly, I have heard of this movement nowhere else.

One question about the translation of the sentence "Kuczynski is a dazzling figure." (The German is "schillernde.") "Dazzling" has mostly good connotations (e.g., "She possessed a dazzling intellect"). Here something more ambivalent is called for perhaps: "He is a colorful character" ("colorful" having slightly more shady connotations, e.g., "She had a colorful past.")

Tancred said...

This writer likes to give the Devil his due? Thank you for the thoughtful suggestion!

Anonymous said...

It is very likely that this sane demonstration has something to do with the fact that Lima has a very Catholic Cardinal/Archbishop---one that Francis has in his crosshairs as have for the past few years the rest of the apostate episcopacy of that country who have made plenty of trouble for him. It is interesting that Cardinal Cipriani (I believe I have his name correct) is a member of Opus Dei but clearly not of the papolatry/blind obedience variety. Good for the Peruvian people; there is still hope in this world, in spite of the Bergoglian/Soros/globalist forces at work to extinguish the last embers of sanity and decency. Laudate Domine omnes gentes.

Anonymous said...

Kuczynski is nothing but a Jew, and everything that entails. Do not be fooled by this nonsense proclaiming him a Catholic.

megacrab said...

I'm amazed that I haven't heard about this elsewhere, if it really was this huge. I'm really hoping that someone like Independent Man covers it, since his whole shtick is covering stories that fly under the radar.

Tancred said...

There was no coverage on Manif, or in Rome, either. Remember the coverage on the US elections?

ظهر المسيح said...

OK, for the people who don't know, we are living in the days of 666 the beast and dajal other names in other religions, so don't be surprise and believe that the world is only going to sink deeper in the new world an Satan plans for humanity, so read this and share the news god bless