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Driving out Clergy in Schönborn's Church

Friday, August 15, 2014 From the local "Conciliar Church"

Cleric eviction in the Schonborn Church 

As the Archdiocese stabs of one of its own, faithful religious teachers and seminarians, without any factual basis  in the back 

For the Socialists under anti-pope-monger Faymann (so the prosecutor has been interested in the former SJ-leader) is Christine Mann, director of the Archdiocesan Office of Instruction and Child Development of the Archdiocese of Vienna, a "reliable partner, representing what is in  common, [ note, Socialist education policy] over that which divides [i.e., the Catholic beliefs]"- Quote of the then socio-Secretarry Easter Mayer with explanatory as well as interpretive editorial comments. In July 2013 Mrs. Mann was honored by the Socialists. Just a note: The shirt hangs on her as a sign of "modern church" apparently wanted  to wear  the out. [Image and citation: Archdiocese Vienna]

Theologian, Priesterseminarist and Religion Teachers

Professor D. (his name is known to us and he can be addressed here at any time) is religion teacher. Or, more accurately, he was.

After completing his degree he moved at first to Austria, in one of the hereditary Catholic lands. He entered the seminary of the Archdiocese of Vienna and began teaching at a secondary school there.

Unfortunately, the  director, likely very modern oriented, was not among his friends; there can be speculation about the reasons for this.

Disciplinary Minimum Standard

 One day Professor D. saw a common situation in today's school life  - he was tattled on. In the classroom. Since it was his religious education,  Professor D.  prevented this. This resulted in  a complaint from a sensitive mother of one of the  pupils, who did not wish that the teacher would mix as such in the privacy of her daughter.

This complaint was  taken up by the administration to explore a possible act of violence by the teacher against the student.

The Archdiocesan School Administration Disavowed Its Own Cleric 

The Archdiocesan school administration was immediately involved (a Schönborn confidante known for controversial personnel decissions ) and the rector of the seminary (the Schönborn Favorite, Tatzreiter ); and suddenly there was also a corresponding abuse commission (!) dealing with the fact that a religion professor at the archdiocese had attempted to enforce minimum standards of discipline.

All this ongoing effort, one in theory really conceivable (maybe somehow sexual?)  determination if an attack by the Catholic religion professor actually took place after half a year, finally, resulted in the withdrawal of said professor from the classroom and in his exit from the seminary.

Professor D. was simply of the opinion,  that he wasn't willing to offer any longer. He has now turned to more interesting job offers.

Why the Vienna archdiocese Rejects Priests

 What may well have been the reasons that the diocesan internal apparatus in Vienna was apparently intensely anxious, to be rid of this man? A man at the beginning of his middle age; a solid character,  at least on the impression of a long acquaintance with him here in Austria; a highly trained and apparently very experienced teacher who  was also willing to undertake the effort of the priesthood to himself.

Because he is Catholic? 

It may have played a part, the fact that Professor D. had simply been too successful with his teaching, missionary to a certain extent. You know what I mean -   religion and the new age, are just  not really compatible.

And hinder the "Church of the Council", which does indeed become increasingly really hard on faithful views, for these prevent these days, as we know,  today's Christianity's adaptation and submission process.

Faith, therefore, as Christ's command to his disciples, to put it in a "contemporary" language, contrasted  increasingly with the unconditional church functionary contemporary "Yes to today's world" (to quote media reports of the Episcopal meeting with parish councils on June 18, 2014 in Mariazell ).

To sum ​​it up succinctly: Professor D. was probably not incompetent enough and above all, he was Catholic. (a member of the Catholic Fraternity !!).

 Rehabilitation After Examination by the Socialist Town Council

 Professor D. was, incidentally, after a thorough review of his case, fully rehabilitated by the relevant city council . But since, he has, after the successful and fraternal cremation of his reputation, as he himself put it,  fortunately left behind the local intra-Church progressivism of Austria now.

However, he remains Catholic, regardless of all of the pastoral efforts directed at him to exacerbate the shortage of priests. A fundamentalist, quite obviously.

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All of a piece . . .

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Where is the ecclesiastical outrage at what is happening in Gaza?

It is quite obvious that the papal visit was abused by Israel to soften any Christian opposition to its prelanned war crimes in that territory.

The widespread atrocities then unleashed by ISIS against Christians are in part a reaction against the Israeli atrocities.

The Varican regards itself as a stranger to all these horrific events and it's top clerics including Cardinal Schonbrun remain mute lest Moslems or Jews be offended.