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Monday, November 18, 2013

Schönborn’s Most Appealing Pastor Goes to Court

Fr. Vordermayer (right) and his highly respectable, tattooed
legal representative Anti-Catholic Boulevard Mags.

Since when does the alimentary and socialist tax money paid mainstream media suddenly crow on behalf of a pastor? Whence comes this strange change of heart?

The currently proletarian produced mass media is as friendly to Catholics as at the time of introduction of the National Socialist Church Contribution (1939), from which to this day not the smallest letter has been changed.

Once the socialist broad sheet elite whines for a priest, then it can only deal with great difficulty with this pastor as a Catholic priest in the true sense.

Either this pastor is a very pope-hostile priest who is out to destroy the Church from within, or by a priest who conducts appropriate victims for the Victims Commission for Church homosexual - or both.

This pastor can be so deployed by the gay lobby or by the Socialist-Jacobin church battle front - or both.

Unlike the laughable entrance of a broadsheet on behalf of a pastor is absolutely inexplicable. Namely, if a Catholic priest is really bullied, then our socialist boulevard magazines are at the forefront of the Church-hater front.

Left Street Boulevard Journal Fighting for Accused Abuser

The richly endowed with taxpayer money, “Österreich" is reporting about the former pastor of Traiskirchen, Fabian Vordermayer, against whom serious abuse allegations were brought to the prosecutor for trial.

Is Everything Just “Bullying"?

The indictment by the prosecutor of Wiener Neustadt includes such details as: rape, sexual abuse of defenseless persons (plural), multiple assault, persistent stalking, multiple injury.

A populist parish council of the city of asylum industry, Traikirchen, acknowledged the allegations saying: "Homosexuality is a private matter."

One of several boys who are involved in this case, has lived in the guest house of the vicarage. The drug flunitrazepam (knockout drops) was found in the hair of another (or the same) boys .

Given our ideological justice minister, this is probably more than a sure acquittal. However, if he were to stand up for the truth (Jesus Christ), he would have had a very bad hand. But not in this case.

The priest pretender of Traiskirchen who stopped therapy is reported to have said in a sermon: "I give communion also divorced and remarried."

His Abbot subordinates himself with the rainbow stole minister in a tie, because he is supposed to have advised him to commit suicide.

Moral Theologian at the University in Heiligenkreuz!

The priest, exempted from service at the Benedictine Abbey of Melk and disregarding all instructions given by his wealthy Abbot, Pastor Fabian Vordermayer naturally also received a lectureship at the "Philosophical-Theological College Benedict XVI. Heiligenkreuz", to which also the ÖVP-gay lobbyist Univ.-Doz., Dr. theol. hab., Mag theol., Andreas Schnider has been brought into position. From the neo-Catholic Schnider one hears such things that go in the direction of a gay marriage sacrament.

Pastor Fabian Vordermayer naturally instructs priests in questions moral theology as an Institute member of the Institute for Moral Theology at the University of the Heiligen Kreuz.

Cardinal Schönborn's Lunchtime Therapy

The priest of Traiskirchen could finally solve all his problems by simply enjoying a delicious lunch with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

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Trans: Tancred

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Is Cardinal Schönborn an Apron Chaser?

Thursday 24 October 2013

Archbishop of Vienna, the son of a deserter and Freemason stands is in demand at the Jewish B'nai B'rith Lodge.

Cardinal Schönborn's friends at the Lodge [Image: "Heute", free newspaper, 24 October 2013, p 5]

The "Red Cardinal" König and the Soviet Bigwig

But Cardinal Schönborn is not the first Archbishop of Vienna, who has been close to Republican Lodges.

For example, there is Cardinal König, who had opened wide the flood gates to socialist influence on the Catholic Church in Austria, is said to have belonged to Freemasonry.

That gave him the name "Red Cardinal".

The statement in Professor DDr. Robert Prantners memoirs "Between Ballhausplatz and the Vatican" remains unchallenged to this day, stated on page 174: "On the grave of the open bier Cardinal König lay at his feet one, honorific apron the Fremasonic Fraternal chain'." Some would want to see this as confirmation of these rumors.

Just like the "Red Cardinal" that Fat Cat and social climbing SPÖ Chancellor, Franz Vranitzky received support and high accolades from the Jewish Lodge.

Schönborn and the Lodge

The current Archbishop of Vienna, is the son of Hugo Damian Schonborn, an army deserter and Freemason. However, the paternal influence is estimated to be rather low, since he had left his family in the lurch at an early time.

Now Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has been included among the "friends" of the Jewish B'nai B'rith lodge brothers.

Allegedly this is because of his commitment to ensure that the Jews may continue to circumcise their male children without their consent, while that of African tribesmen of girls has been banned as mutilation.

To avoid misunderstandings

Just like exercises for unteachable students? Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. Cardinal Schönborn is not a Freemason. etc., etc.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

+Schönborn’s Cathedral: Like an Expressionistic Crib Figure in Satan’s Manger

The Presence of the Holy Will be Brought to Silence by
Cardinal Schönborn.  Vienna’s Stepansdom, Bust in ridicule of
Sr. Resituta [photo:]
Ed: while pious ninnies and apologetics hustlers slander Catholics, evil Bishops mock God and His Church from within.

Mockery of Sr. Restituta As an expressionist nativity figures at the cradle of Satan

Since 27 May 2009 a Stalinist bronze relief statue can be ogled at the Barbara Chapel of St. Stephen's Cathedral. This bust was bare-breasted, produced at the request of the Vienna Cardinal from one of the last Stalinists (with the exception of the European Union), Alfred Hrdlicka. How long?

The presence of the Holy is silenced by Cardinal Schönborn. St. Stephen's Cathedral, a bust to mock the Blessed Sr. Restituta [image:] Faithful Martyr Sister Maria Restituta was murdered on 30 March 1943 by the Nazi Provincial Court in Vienna. The Blessed Sister Maria Restituta sacrificed her life for Christ's cross and died as a martyr under the guillotine - which is named after a Freemason Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, a tool for streamlining the breaking of the 5th Commandment of God.

With this central tool of the Jacobin, Leftist terror, Blessed Sister Maria Restituta was killed by the Nazis in Vienna provincial court because she would not be the same align herself to a socialist ideology. This Gleichschaltung was made up by those responsible for the St. Stephen's Cathedral in 2009.

The St. Stephen's Cathedral was Consequently Decorated Vulgar Materialistic

The wealthy high ranking Stalinist Hrdlicka, at the request of his employer, Cardinal Schönborn, removed the divine image of the martyrdom of Blessed Sister Maria Restituta Kafka, and brought instead the Blessed as a demonic creature from a vision of hell for display.

The bare-breasted Blessed Sister Maria Restituta hangs on the wall of St. Stephen's Cathedral as an expressionist nativity figures at the cradle of Satan. Beneath are only Hrdlicka’s following words, "I'm a big German”.

The Devil is Inside the Church

This mockery of the Blessed Sister Maria Restituta by those responsible for the St. Stephen's Cathedral is an involuntary allegory of the fact that the Holy Church is exposed to persecution from inside by the devil.

There are on God's earth no dedicated site where a Blessed is mad as a disgraceful, bold, irreverent and barbaric representation as in the Stephansdom in Vienna.

For the traditionless, who are closely pegged to the short moment (as Schönborn, Faber, Schuller & other theological apologists and analacrobats), the dishonor of the Blessed Sister Maria Restituta Kafka is characterized as a "work of art" identifiable, because the bare-breasted representation of the Blessed in St. Stephen's Cathedral is vulgarly presented.

For those who do not suffer from spiritual amnesia, still know: "The true, the good, the beautiful and the Saints are identical". But those responsible for St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna have the same understanding of art and aesthetics, the same as of theology.

Vienna School of heresy?

In disobedient and defiant Vienna is the pursuit of the ugly, falsehood and evil. The soul must, in order to be receptive to truth and beauty, have certain conditions, which have been wiped out by the officials of the tax subsidized Archdiocese of Vienna.

Souls are not charged to the supernatural beauty and heavenly, but at best to aberrosexual kitsch and the disregard for the sanctity.

The Blessed Sister Maria Restituta was killed by the Nazis because she stood with God. The Vienna School of heresy called to disobedience, however, denies the will of God and panders to the sexually immoral.

Therefore, a disobedient, Viennese pastor can’t bear the beatified Sister Maria Restituta (like the Nazis), which eventually led to her mockery of the Stephansdom in Vienna.

Church funds to Communist Drunkard

For this desecration of the Blessed Martyr, Sister Restituta Kafka, Cardinal Schönborn had to let go of 80,000 euros for the drunkard Hrdlicka - the equivalent of 5,300 bottles of premium Ukrainian vodka.

The dishonor of the Blessed Sister Maria Restituta Stephansdom in Vienna is a high-proof image of the spiritual suicide through which the Archdiocese of Vienna supplying many souls to hell.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Voting Till You Get the Right Result -- Schönborn's Unacceptable Comparison

(London) Vatican Radio reports: "The Anglican Church has announced plans to test the recognition of the Episcopal ordination of women again." In other words, in the Anglican "Church of England" the motto is "democracy instead of truth" voted on as long as needed until the result desired by progressive circles results.

Vienna Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn said in mid-May, in a speech at London's Royal Albert Hall for an Anglican organized Ecumenical Leadership Conference of a "peculiar similarity" between the election of Pope Francis and the choice of Justin Welby as the Archbishop of Canterbury and thus the Primate of the Anglican Communion. He described the "similarity" even as "a small miracle" and as a "sign of the Lord" .

The comparison of the Conclave with the election of the president of the Anglican Communion by the Austrian Cardinal seems more "strange". Observers of the development of the "Church of England" and the Anglican Communion speak of hard battles as a direction was found for a sufficient majority for a candidate. The majority determined, and wanted a new "Primate", which is precisely a moderate progressive. No conservative, but not a candidate who accepts homosexuals as bishops. At least not now.

The current goal in ascendent liberal circles is namely the enforcement of women bishops. Welby meets all the criteria of what is currently considered moderately progressive in the "Church of England": He explicitly rejects homosexual bishops, but spoke even before his election explicitly for the admission of women to the episcopate.

Welby's choice was the result of calculated, painstaking negotiations, of tactics, the massive lobbying majority of majority shoppers, of compromise and lengthy inventions by democratic majority, i.e., human rules. The Holy Spirit can hardly recognize it.

The Archbishop of Vienna's statement on the election of Welby and equating it with the election of Pope Francis is all the more incomprehensible because his statements on the simultaneous connection with the Conclave, relatives the work of the Holy Spirit in the Sistine Chapel.

Text: Martha Weinzl Image: RV Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cardinal Schönborn Criticizes New Legislation to Attack Church’s “Privileges"

Chairman of the Bishops' Conference criticized controversy in the context of the referendum and refers to positive role of religions for public

Vienna ( / KAP) , Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (photo) has spoken for a more objective discussion about the fundamental question of the role of religion in the public sphere. It was "a simple matter to argue against certain groups and to stir up envy," as is currently done to the Church, noted the Cardinal in his column in the daily newspaper “Heute" on Friday and criticized that "in the context of the 'Anti-Church-Privileges referendum' much was said that was frivolous."

In contrast, the Chair of the Bishops’ Conference maintains that in Austria "all religions before the law have equal rights and duties" and the Catholic Church does not enjoy "special privileges" over other religions. "The good cooperation between state and religion in Austria is exemplary throughout Europe," says Schoenborn.

Biases and deficits in the debate are ascertainable from the perspective of the cardinal if the "huge wealth" of the Catholic Church is considered. Schönborn: "Then I would reply: Yes, the Church is 'filthy rich', rich in stone witnesses of the Christian culture of our country, which must be maintained. Did you know that the Church pays more in value added taxes for the renovation of its churches and monasteries, than they get in government subsidies?"

Overlooking numerous services of the Church to the community Cardinal Schönborn said, "It's true: the public sector financial support to Caritas, the Church's hospitals, the denominational schools but it pays here for services that would be much more costly for the tax payers, the state would have to provide these services themselves."

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Archdiocese of Vienna: “Cardinal Schönborn Will be Treated Like a Film Star"

If not Pope yet, maybe just a film star? -- Eminence, isn’t this self-celebration on the internet site of your own Archdiocese not already painful enough?
Waiting on -- no, not Cardinal and soon to be film star Christoph Schönborn -- but 
the Holy Father. Even today Vienna asks, who the Cardinal gave his second vote to.
[Photo catholiccurch/Mazur]

Maybe Cardinal Schönborn is in mind to become a film star, since he’s come during a visit to his biological brother as a dancer at “Dancing Stars” on Austrian National Television: “If I won’t be Pope, I’ll be a (Dancing-) Star.” -- an evil and also untrue representation.

Such was the report of the internet site of the Archdiocese of Vienna unbelievable: “The bleachers on St. Peter’s Square are already built, camera teams while around and are seeking Cardinals ready to be interviewed”, thus wrote Michael Pruller, the press speaker of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn in an interview with Radio Stepensdom, the voice in Rome.”

Und further: “The media interest is huge, reported Michael Pruller. Many media wished they’d sent camera teams to Rome. Noramlly, there is a burial in such a situation, over which they could report.” -- Cardinal Schönborn had to fill in as a replacement for the missing funeral report.

Similarly exciting followed the art society site of the Archdiocese to the Archbishop in Rome: “Before yesterday evening, as the Cardinal in the Church of St. Bartholomeo, he brought over a delic of St. Restituta Kafka, while there were at least five camera teams outside the door, which filmed him like a film star, as he came out of the church and climbed into the car.” -- this was the same St. Sister Restituta, who was ridiculed during a Bolshevik-pornographic exhibition in the St. Barbara Chapel in St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The film expert asked himself, what this “at least five camera teams” means: the mathematic ineptitude of the reporter or in the excstatic appearance of the Viennese Cardinal and just as wildly stampeding camera people, which could have confused the counting?

The Cardinal must have (!) refused "Dozens of interview questions”, which “began to address the internal proceedings of the Cardinal. Because these were also under the confidentiality ban.”

Our Contribution to the Return of Reality

Shortly will be the anniversary of Schönborns “Sin at Stuetzhofen”, where the Cardinal earned by’s advertisement of the term of endearment “Porno” -Cardinal (after his insult of Sister Restituta in Stepensdom), the name “Homoporn”-Cardinal:  the affirmation of the homosexual parish council in Stutzenhofen with the successive ouster of the Parish Pastor.

In remembrance of the matter there will be a review in the coming weeks.

Cardinal Schönborns prophesy that the scandal at the Homo-Parish Council will “be followed by me for long”, should not remained unfulfilled.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Cardinal Kasper Excommunicated?

[] The Cardinals were sworn under oath, during the Conclave, and thereafter to keep absolute silence, both in terms of the course of the conclave and the voting.

Cardinal Kasper seems to see it differently: The Swabian newspaper addressed the prelate who talks out of school and  openly declared that he had already chosen Jorge Bergoglio  in the first round of voting.

Does the Swabian Cardinal now merit an ecclesiastical punishment?
SZ: Your Eminence, when you came out of the conclave. How did you feel about the new Pope Francis?
Kasper: Cardinal Bergoglio from the beginning was my candidate, I voted for him from the beginning of the conclave. It represents a new beginning in the church, for a humble and fraternal church that is there for people who return to their source, the Gospel. His name as Pope, Francis, is a program, it is reminiscent of the St. Francis of Assisi, who has heard the call of Christ: "Build my church again!” [Not to tear it down as Cardinal Kasper has done for practically his entire career.]
Source: Schwä
The grotesque of the situation is the fact that the newspaper he never asks. Sua sponte Schwabe never asked who he has personally voting for. The question: "What do you think of the Pope?" can be answered fully satisfactorily without this indiscretion.
When the cardinal made any such,  he then left off to reconstruct the course of events of the conclave in a striking fashion.
Unlike the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Kasper Schoenborn stressed for example, at a press conference immediately after the election, that he could only answer questions that relate to things after the election of the new Pope.
In addition, the response of Cardinal Kasper has another - like the Schwabe says - “flavor”.  Does that not sound as having a bit of panache? I, Cardinal Kasper, have made the right choice from the beginning. He has been "my" candidate.
The fact is that Cardinal Kasper has made a statement, which is illegal according to the promise given under oath. One should not think that this oath was unknown to people around the world. Even the Spiegel focuses on the secrecy sworn on the Bible in its own article: swearing on the Bible against secret treachery . It says: "In case of breach of the oath those guilty are threatened with excommunication."
Must  a Prince of the Church call this kind of secrecy into question: If your Eminence treat an oath on the Bible like this, how will your Eminence handle it in confession?

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Helium Prices Rise on the Increasing Possibility of a Schönborn Papacy

Cardinal Schönborn’s odds have gone up, as the Leftist press worldwide extols his alleged conservative credentials. His standing at Paddy Power has demonstrated great buoyancy. Meanwhile, the helium industry is gearing up for a ++Schönborn papacy, who if elected will not only create a lot of hot air among journalists, Catholic and secular alike, about how conservative he is, despite his penchant for Liturgical extremes, but will surely create a real demand for helium.


 At present, it’s not clear whether or not Dennis Rodman’s campaign for Cardinal Turkson is having an effect.


There are also suggestions in some confidential circles that instead of white smoke, they will release thousands of multicolored balloons if the Danube Cardinal is to channel some of that river water into the Tiber.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Austrian Television Worried About Rebirth of Czarist Russia

A television program “Orientierung" by Austria’s national broadcaster ORF has addressed conservative Orthodox groups in Russia, which was concerned with the continuous counter wind against the Sodomite question.
What is good for the Church, is good for the State -- The movement “Holy Russia”
is defending against the desecration of Russian Sacredness and social perversion.
[Photo: Swajataja Rus]

[Edit: the article as follows from] “Orthodox Faith, absolute sovereignty and Russiandom -- these were the three pillars of Czarist Imperial Russia before the Revolution”.  It is ORF’s opinion that it will be brought about again by Putin.  A good sign for Russia!

As an indication for this, the homo-lobby is facing an upswing, take the conservative, orthodox groups like for instance, “Moscow is the Third Rome”, the movement “Holy Russia” or the orthodox “Flag Bearers”.

The ban on homo-propaganda in Russia with only a dissenting vote among the several hundred member Duma has horrified the homo-lobby and Left journalists --- also that of the Religion Department of the Leftist Austrian State Broadcaster.

Hard times are coming in Russia for gays, lesbians and other minorities.  The problem is, says a “religion expert” of the clearly even for Russia, Left Humanities Faculty (if Marxism is also taught as part of the curriculum?), that Liberalism and the secular Freemasonic State is in danger.

In the Duma it is completely understood what “Orthodoxy and the healthy popular feeling” expects.

In addition there is a law in preparation that the defamation of the feelings of the Faithful is penalized (up to two years imprisonment), included discussed is a law outlawing abortion.

“Aids and Hepatitis -- Gays Suffer this 40 Times More than normal Males.”

Dmitri Enteo, one of the “stars” (according to ORF) of the group “Moscow is the Third Rome”,  will also be quite clear:  “Our country was built upon the Orthodox Church and homosexuality destroys our home -- morally, ethically and demographically!  Propaganda for homosexuality means also an advertisement for AIDS and Hepatitis.  Gays suffer from this 40 times more frequently than normal men.  We do not want such a future for us and certainly not for our children!”

“The Goal of these … Sodomites, Gays and Lesbians is the decay of the Traditional Family”

Iwan Otrakowski, formerly a Captain in the Airborne Infantry, spent several years in the war in Chechnya, found a way to the Faith and became the founder of the movement “Holy Russia”:  “We are  a society of Orthodox Christians, who would like to serve God, the people and the Fatherland.  We want to be strong and moral.  We meet together for sport, train in operating weapons and go to church.  Thus we find our way to God.  Evil, jealously and hate fall away from us.  … The goal of these so-called Sodomites, gays and lesbians is the decay of the traditional family.   They provoke us, call us Orthodox Fascists, for that they are actually paid by the West, and if the Faith is defamed, we will turn to violence.  Not to demean people, but to bring them to reflection, so that they will not live in sin any more.”

Orthodox “Flagbearers”: “Homosexuality is a Sickness”

The Orthodox Flag Bearers also protested against gays and lesbians, in the summer of 2012 during the attempt of a gay march in Moscow.  Igor Morisnitshenko, Orthodox Flagbearer:  “We don’t want any gays and lesbians in Moscow.  Because Moscow is a city, which is holy to all Russians.  … Homosexuality should be punishable by the law and then: deportation.  Our country is great: to Magadan on the Kolimar.  There they should work, because work heals.  Homosexuality is a sickness which leads to despicable sins.”

Their attention was also drawn to a photo they burned, which showed the Pop-granny “Madonna” in underwear with spread legs, and described her as a witch.

Ecumenism With Orthodoxy and Not With the Zeitgeist Confessions!

Archpriest Vsevolod, chaplain accurately described the character of the Orthodox:  “The Orthodox Christian is a fighter, he must be to defend his homeland and his church.  Naturally within the bounds of the law.  An Orthodox Christian must be prepared to defend his homeland and his Faith with weapons in his hand.  Pacifism is an anti-Christian worldview and the Orthodox Church has always nurtured its faithful to be warriors.”

And: All of the churches of the world which are against homosexuality, it is said from the Moscow Patriarchate.  Western churches are only too cowardly to also say it.

One gladly hears the Humanities religious expert:  “The official position of the Orthodox Church toward homosexuality, for example,  does not differ essentially from that of conservative Catholics.”

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

To draw a contrasting program the Left’s papabile Vienna’s Archbishop, Cardinal Schönborn is cited, as he reported with a creased face about gays in the parish community of Stutzenhofen:  “As I have heard, he is a candidate who lives in a civil partnership, so I said: That won’t do, it is not compatible, Parish Counsellors have to hold the teaching  of the Church and the discipline of the Church” -- and then took, “impressed” by the gay, him under his wing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cardinal Schönborn is the Left’s Candidate for Pope

Notes on Vienna’s Archibshop -- It’s Probably Fair to Say, He’s the Candidate of the Left

 “Tell me, who praises you, and I will tell you, who you are.”  On this old saying one may think, if  the completely astonishing media praise is taken for the truth,  which at present and in view of the coming conclave is dedicated to the present Viennese Archbishop.  This can be presently gleaned:

“The tension is a concern.  Especially as Austria’s Cardinal is appearing on all short lists of the international book maker as a candidate.  … Schönborn is considered in the world Church as a proven crisis manager, as partly eager for reform and enjoyed international visibility as the editing director of the world catechism. … The more the point is, says Kirchen-Insider, in the Curia and in the Vatican to be in withdrawal, then the more it needs a still relatively young and strong Pope. Schönboren is at 67 in the best age for a Pope. Notably: Currently Italian media praise Schönborn… and among Europe’s Cardinals Schönborn is a strong name, a well balanced reformer and one, who is open to the progressive wing of the Church.”

These lauds appeared in the local left-gazette “News”, supposedly “Austrias largest news magazine”; the praise is part of an eleven page snide, insulting and anti-Church description of the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI. The praise of Schönborn is also sung with ulterior motives. For example in the also left-leaning “Süddeutschen Zeitung” (16./17.2.2013)

“… apart from that Vienna’s Archbishop Christoph Schönborn brings … much along, that might qualify him -- at 68 years of age also an adequate age and very much experience; and he’s been leading the Archdiocese of Vienna for 13 years. … He is considered one, who can clearly participate and as a guarantor, that the theme of the struggle with sexual abuse will occupy a high place. … It is also mentioned with praise in Rome, that this Cardinal, clothed like a simple priest, arrived by train at the station terminal and took his own luggage himself to the taxi.”

Or the Left boulevard sheet,“Österreich” which offers the erroneous tag line (2/13.2013): “Schönborn is the First Choice”. “Is being considered as the successor… I trust him for that, Schönborn is a very intelligent person. He has also, as he handled himself in the subject of Groer, made a name for himself. I well believe that he has a chance.”

The Left-leaning “Kurier” (2.13.2013) heading: “Schönborn is in Pole Position for New Pope” and likewise the left Italian “La Republica”, in which it says: “Among he foreign candidates Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is the first choice.” As an example of a long harmonious chorus from the Left media world, besides the praises after praise, it is seemingly clear that Schönborn is THE candidate of the Left.

What Could the Reason be?

Even in Austria, there where the view on the activities of the Archbishop of Vienna can’t be obscured by fine words and words effecting orthodoxy to Rome, Cardinal Schönborn has numerous critics among the Pope-loyal, elite of local Catholicism.

An extensive education and high intellect isn’t begrudged is allowed him even by his opponents, yet admitting all of that he doesn’t have the quality of character for his high position, or for the Papal Office.

The enthusiasm of the Left media over Schönborn is no mistake. One had already from the beginning of his time in office seen that while he quickly distanced himself publicly from his relatively conservative (and therefore unloved by the establishment) predecessor with an excessive campaign of character assassination, thereby winning the impression that under Schönborn’s direction, the Church in Austria had become thoroughly instrumentalized -- by the ruling Left and in the service of its interests.

As to the grounds for the Schönbornistic easy past in the here and now, much has been guessed. Some have come to the conclusion that he simply lacks the courage. As he was joined with the Cardinal’s purple, there appears to be no question that he has been very preoccupied.

A great Schönbornistic easy pass (to the establishment) is seen for example, according to local critics, was in the election for the Bundespresident of the Republic in 2010, as the Archbishop made gestures and endorsements, which many interpreted as electioneering for the candidate of the Left.

Or it is seen also in his acceptance expressed to the ruling majority on questions of abortion, where Cardinal Schönborn is not to be seen, for example, in any protests at abortion clinics, he also banned on several times all too vocally and all too effectively resistance (like toward his colleague Bishop Laun) against the abortion business, while he was clearly effective in the media while appearing for a Left-anarchist organized “Asylum” - legitimizing by his visit, the occupation of the Votivkirche in Vienna.

Whether it applies to the “artwork” of a Bolshevik “artist” suddenly put in the church space for exhibition; whether it is for the state recognition of homosexual concubinage, which in no way has ben opposed by him, whether it’s about the public and seemingly excessive payments of ecclesiastical money to the so-called “victims” of ecclesiastical “abuse” or for high ecclesiastical endorsements for Leftist and Liberal politicians, while at the same time Conservatice clerics must fear Archepiscopal criticism or discipline -- Schönborn’s effect on increasingly wider circles is dubious.

Also the countless and truly ostentatiously schonbornistic gestures of piety (Carrying luggage from the train station) may not convince, gives one up and down the impression that they could belong to the subtle medium of an apparently very efficient career plan.

If the Church is proven to be done a good service by a Schönborn Papacy, one may in any case well doubt. From the media’s praise, which takes Schönborn’s side, there are indeed certain circles having a great interest.

We would like would like to give a selection here of critical voices together, which have accompanied Schönborn’s effect in Vienna in the last 13 years. A picture can be formed for one’s self. We will see that this collection will be continually increased.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cardinal Schönborn's Yes to Abortion

Follow up:  The payment for activity in Vienna's  Caritas on Fleischmarkt have been revealed indirectly by statements of Cardinal Schönborn on Public Radio.

See also the article about the endorsement of abortion by Germany's Caritas Director:  "The German Caritas Association is headed by an Abortion-Prelate." [Below]

New in Catholic Spectrum:  Cardinal Schönborn Accepts Abortion

"Press hour" of ORF [Austrian Broadcasting] on the 3rd of December 2006,  interviewers: Andreas Koller ("Salzburg News") and Mathilde Schwabender (ORF).  A cited selection.

Koller:  "Your Eminence, you have formulated your affirmation for life before. How can this be understood as regards the law [Fristenlösung] allowing the termination of pregnancy which has been in effect for some time --  the Catholic Church was not happy with this --, I have the impression that the Catholic Church has resigned itself to the situation.  Now there is another representative, Herr Stadler, who said to me, one can even discuss the termination law, even calling it into question.  Will you also go so far,  that is said, there should be a change in the law regarding the time limit [Fristenlösung]."

Cardinal Schönborn: "Our position from the Bishops, from the Catholic Family Organizations, Pro-Life Organizations, was always clear on this consideration: we are not seeking after the punishment of women in distress, but we expect with justification, that what has always been said since the Kreisky government and has never been strictly adhered to, the so-called supporting measures, which means, in one country, in which demographic questions are really a serious question, it has simply been shown that -- we also have no statistics, but the estimates are still shocking --, that for every child that's born, one is killed.  That really must shock us, that it must horrify us.

What are the supporting measures?  Measures that promote, encourage, that help not to take this step, not to take this step, and I think there are three main corrective actions that would be really necessary.

One is the separation of counseling and abortion, which has long been, for 30 years, a requirement that should simply help to really consider the step well.

The second is, what is self-evident in our country, a statistic, if abortion is not a criminally punishable act,  under certain conditions, then it should at least be clear that it happens every day in our country in this regard.

And the third thing is something that is regarded with too much silence, that of Post-Abortion Syndrome.  We know that from numerous experience of counselors, of those accompanying the women in this situation, that a great hardship is often experienced.  And it's better to enlighten that it is often associated with great emotional stress.  And we ask, and we think it is sensible because the affirmation of life is something so important for each individual and for a country, and we hope that it is possible, to speak with the necessary compassion, but also to speak with the necessary openness."

Koller ("Salzburger Nachrichten"): "Why do you think that in the last six or seven years, nothing happens on this issue, even after all the Christian Social People's Party (ÖVP) was in power?  You have since sought contact on that, so have their been discussions in this direction?"

Cardinal Schönborn:  "There have been intensive discussions, there is a bill for accompanying measures, which is still in the drawer, and it would be nice if this bill, which has been developed by very good lawyers came out again.  It's really just an appeal and encouragement for the affirmation of life"

[Then it is noted Cardinal Schönborn elegantly leads away from the topic]

"To this yes to life also consequently belongs something, which, thanks be to God, is exemplary in Austria through a consensus of all parties, that yes is to life to its end.  We have in Austria, thank God, a clear consensus that we are not going the way of Holland or Belgium, in which euthanasia is allowed,    we want, as Cardinal König said famously shortly before his death, that a person should night die by another's hand, but in the hands of another.  And I think that yes to life is something exemplary, as I have also been in France and Belgium, and very publically say on TV as a credit to our country that has managed to really reach a consensus on the 'yes' to life. [...]"

No comment is necessary...

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Austrian Caritas Pays Abortion Operation

The Caritas Vienna transferred funds from the contributions of Catholics in the acquiring of the destruction of the weakest of men, the unborn. This according to a report out on "" of November 2010.

In this report, a postal letter from the asylum center of Caritas Vienna (Mariannengasse 11,1990 Vienna) is to see which is addressed to the "Clinic on Fleischmarkt"  (Abortion Institute, now: "pro: woman", Clinic on Fleischmarkt Company, Fleischmarkt 26, 1010 Wien). [Curiously named "Meat Market"]

The document makes a"hearty thanks" to Caritas Vienna, that a client of Caritas had secured a social tarif of 100 Euro for the clinic on Fleschmarkt and that the client had already "received the award" from us (therefore Caritas Vienna) and the amount will be paid in cash.

Caritas is funded by church contributions. According to the financial management report of 2011 by the Church it received 1.5 millionn Euro. The head of Caritas Vienna is Fr. Michael Landau.

Anyone who has doubts about the authenticity of this letter, let him address himself to the responsible bodies, such as the:

- Vienna Archdiocese under Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

- Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna under Fr. Micahel Landau

-or to the President of the Austrian Caritas, Franz Küberl.

No one will deny the authenticity of this letter.

In keeping with the practice of Caritas is the de facto consent of Cardinal Schönborn on abortion to the press at ORF in 2006.

Caritas -- Lair of Leftist Catholicism

One can not avoid the impression that the charity is on the way to turn Holy Church into a money oriented, social club, to soften the nature of Holy Church and decompose it from within. Otherwise it's not comprehensible that the Caritas funds from Church donations by Catholics are put to misuse and contributes to the destruction to make an end of the lives of so many innocent people -- even though it is the express will of God, not to kill!

From Caritas to the Anti-Clerical "Green"

So it is no coincidence that the national director of the Neo-Marxist Postmodernist Party "The Greens", Stefan Wallner, who has changed directly from Vienna Caritas to the morally destructive Greens and then from there has raised a visor for the political works engaged in the protection of trees and shrubs, obtaining the destruction of the weakest people, the unborn.

And still further, it is probably no accident that Pope Benedict XVI. has decreed in his Motu Proprio "About the Service of Charity". It says, among other things:

In carrying out their charitable activity, therefore, the various Catholic organizations should not limit themselves merely to collecting and distributing funds, but should show special concern for individuals in need and exercise a valuable educational function within the Christian community, helping people to appreciate the importance of sharing, respect and love in the spirit of the Gospel of Christ. The Church’s charitable activity at all levels must avoid the risk of becoming just another form of organized social assistance
The mission of Caritas is therefore neither abortion, the alienation of church money and the widespread misuse of the Austrian social system, nor the abuse of asylum and the associated degradation of the rule of law.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Theological Pogrom Against the Society of St. Pius X

Austria. [] On the 30th of Junuary 2013, the Archdiocese of Vienna is to organize a lecture against the Society of St. Pius X in the confines their Old Liberal "Theological Course". The Viennese Cardinal Christoh Schönborn is himself known to leave the Society outside on the stoop and to treat Old Liberals with great hospitality. The event is being aired under the title "The Society of Pius and the Council". The lecturer is the anti-Church dogmatic theologian, Fr. Wolfgang Beinert (79).

One SSPX newly ordained priest was not able to use the facilities, when a well-intentioned priest of the Archdiocese, Fr. Vasile Ciobanu, wanted to allow him to use his home parish, and was told he couldn't after asking permission of the Vienna Archdicoese. Meanwhile, the Danube Cardinal frequently makes every effort to accommodate dissidents of every variety, like the infamous Pfarrers' Initiative.

Also, Fr. Wolfgang Beinert, who's written an unfortunate book about the SSPX, disparaged a statement by the German District Superior that the truths of the Faith are unchanging as "bourgeois stubbornness", but what one can expect from the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Friday, August 31, 2012

++Schönborn Triumphant at Pope Benedict's Schülerkreis

‘Ratzinger Schülerkreis’ Is Now in Session

Edit: Vienna's Pornography Cardinal practically gloats as he describes Cardinal Ratzinger's programme for the American Neoconservative Catholic Register. In his interview with Vatican Radio on 30 August, he dissembled:
“The fact that the Holy Father has chosen this theme for the meeting this year is a sign that the ecumenical question is of primary importance for him” 

After years of frustrating the Pope's initiatives in Austria and undermining his authority by giving in to dissidents, promoting Medjugorje, and slyly promoting homosexuality by overturning a pastor's decision when he tried to reject a parish council member who was an active homosexual earlier this year.

All of that is forgotten, as the Cardinal waxes sensitively about the very close relationship between himself and the Holy Father, and yet there is not one word of criticism from NCR.

“It is an academic circle, and this means that what counts are the arguments,” said Cardinal Schönborn. “Of course there is the question of friendships that have been built up after so many years, we have met for over 30 years, every year, and now we are almost at the point of retirement!”

A key component of the annual get together is, of course, the involvement of Pope Benedict himself. Cardinal Schönborn said the Pope’s disposition throughout is not merely academic but also “paternal” and “fraternal” towards his former students. “What strikes us is how the Holy Father always knows his pupils, he always asks about their family, children, and when there is suffering in a family he knows about it, he cares deeply,” the Austrian cardinal said.

The basis for much of the group’s studies this week will be Cardinal Walter Kasper’s 2009 book Harvesting the Fruits, which explores Catholic relations with Anglicanism and Lutheranism.

The discussion on Lutheranism will be led by the German Lutheran Bishop-Emeritus Ulrich Wilckens, while the Swiss Catholic Bishop Charles Morerod of Geneva, Lausanne and Fribourg will lead the discussion on Anglicanism.

“With the Holy Father, we expect a dialogue in truth and charity: in the truth that does not conceal the drama of division among Christians in Europe and, as a consequence, all over the world, but also the great issue of what is the reform of the Church, a theme of utmost importance to the Holy Father,” Cardinal Schönborn remarked.

Pope Benedict’s 26-year academic career involved him teaching at universities in Bonn, Munster, Tubingen and Regensburg. He was appointed archbishop of Munich and Freising in 1977.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

"In Medjogorje the Gospa Waits" -- for the Homo-Porn Cardinal

Edit: Just to head you off at the pass, the accusation being made below that this Cardinal is protecting the Austrian abortion industry and promoting homosexuality is well documented.'s opinion of the intelligence of Neoconservatives you can infer for yourself.

A Pious Entrance for the Stupid Neoconservatives

Kirche in Medjugorje
© gnuckx, Flickr, CC
The Viennese Cardinal --- who protects sodomy and the violence of abortion -- has renewed his defense of the Medjugorje time bomb.

(, Medjugorje)  The Old Liberal Vienese homosexual-pornography Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has a flowery word of greeting to a youth festival to the false Marian apparition site Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This was reported by the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Interfering in the Affairs of a Foreign Diocese

The youth festival took place this week.

With the words of greeting, Cardinal Schönborn stabbed his colleague who has forbidden pilgrimages to the false apparition site.

The Loving Closeness of the Lie

Yet still the Cardinal sent the youthful apparitionists his blessing which he inserted effeminately in a disordered way:

"It fills me with joy and admiration that you take all the trouble you to come to this so hot and secluded place where you do not expect a sea beach, no pool, but where a mother is waiting for you, Our Lady who each of you knows and loves. "

The prince of the church wishes the young people at the false apparition site, the experience of the "so loving closeness" of the Gospa.

The Biggest Hoax in Europe

With the statement that Medjugorje is supposedly, "the largest confessional in Europe" the homo-porn Cardinal said, that confession in the Conciliar Church has been abolished in most European countries.

He expressed his hopes for the youth that they have "a wonderful time in the community of the Church, which is living and brings us home".

 They will like being sent "by the Gospa and her Son".

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, But Cardinal Schönborn Can Criticize the Council

If the Society of St. Pius X had said the same, then all hell would break loose.  But the Viennese Cardinal one knows, that he will say everything and especially the opposite of everything.

Kardinal Christoph von Schönborn
© Pressefoto 
( July 20th the Old Liberal Viennese Porn-Cardinal Christoph Schönborn had an appearance at the neo-conservative Jungfamilientreffen [Young Family Gathering] in the 2000 population community of Pöllau in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau.

As if the World Were Still in Order

The Cardinal previously entered the Order of the Dominicans in 1963.  With him were 18 novices.

Then the instruction was in Latin, he recalled.

He is supposed to have received a classical Dominican education.

With the Second Vatican Council the Crisis Came

During the Council -- in the years 1964 or 1965 -- the "great Church crisis" began.

There were unbelievable "upheavals, ruptures, but above all ruptures".

The Church had seen ruptures, launches, transitions and beginnings, spluttered the well-spoken Cardinal.

Total Collapse

In the novitiate of the Dominicans the most recent reports from the Council were read during mid-day.

An unbelievable mood of enchantment reigned.  The largest however:

"Withing a few years, the Cloister almost lost half of its number.  The vocations dropped radically.

Brothers who had been years in the Cloister, married and went away.

Within ten years 80,000 priests in the Catholic Church left their offices to marry.

You must understand that my euphoria about the rupture of the Council simply from that, what I had experienced, is very defined.

It was much more in view of the rupture, but it was a powerful rupture. It was a powerful downturn, also."

The Council Heralded the Decline

Cardinal Schönborn explained that the Austrian Dominican Province had closed the three of its four cloisters:

"From the four Dominican cloisters, which were in Austria, only one would remain."

Much of it which was then existing in the 50s and 60s are today, lost.

A Clearly Non-Existent Generation

Catholic children and youth found themselves to be in a minority.

The Cardinal noted this from his own experience in the parishes.  There are "sometimes" even individual youth.

Upon asking the children, who had more classmates in the school, who regularly went to Mass on Sunday, he received the answer:  "I am the only one".

The Cardinal concludes from that one Generation - obviously non-existent - may grow, which is experiencing a radical experience of practicing Christianity as a minority.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cardinal Schönborn "I see the danger of a Schism"

© Thomas Beranek, Pressefoto
Austria's Media Bosses Leak Priest Council Protocols

The Old Liberal Viennese Cardinal has turned against the "Ungehorsams-Initiative" in a cosmetic sense. For example: "Please cease travelling: I hope I don't have to put this request in the form of a command."

 (, Vienna) Today the Viennese daily "Kurier" published excerpts from the protocols of the meeting of Vienna's priest council of the 10th of May. There the founder of the 'Ungehorsams-Initiative" [Call to Disobedience] , Father Helmut Schuller, is also a member.

 The Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Shonborn announced at the meeting that he will not name any more deans who are members of the "Ungehorsams-Initiative": "I can not say, you are going to be a Dean and act at the same time in the Call to Disobedience."

  No serious consequences 

Additionally the Cardinal forbid the members of the Ungehorsams-Initiative, from travelling through the land and holding events advertising the Disobedience Initiative.

 For that reason, there couldn't be any missions.

 He asked "for a pause in the "travelling apostolate" in the next months": "Please cease travelling: I hope I won't have to put this request in the form of a command."

Cardinal Schonborn is in a glass house

Cardinal Schonborn indicated that it was unusual that the Pope had preached about the Initiative on Holy Thursday.

"We aren't just in our local church, but are a glass house to the entire world."

The Austrian church will be "very closely watched" -- said the Schism-Prince of the Church.

"I see the danger of Schism"

Fr. Schuller doesn't believe that the Archdiocese of Vienna can find a solution for his hyped questions.

"We don't want to climb out of the boat, but we to stand at the helm and discuss the course".

Cardinal Schonborn had addressed this, that these disobedient ones are creating an alternate structure: "I see the danger of a schism".

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Viennese Gomorrah Diocese Out of Control: Parish Council Election Overturned

Edit: Vienna's Archdiocese is stonewalling, no pun intended, conservative pastors who are trying to keep parish committees from being stacked with un-Catholic elements.
Pornography Cardinal!

In the case of the homosexual parish council member of Stützenhofen, whom the parish pastor then rejected , only to be overturned by the Cardinal of Vienna, wasn't just a single incident.

 ( On May 3rd the Viennese homosexual pornography Cardinal Christoph Schönborn annuled the parish council election in Penzig.

This was reported by the Pastor there-- Fr. Christian Sieberer -- in an open letter on the parish website ''.

Pastor Sieberer well known throughout Austria for his media work.

The annulment followed as a result of a so-called 'Expert Committee Parish Council -- Electoral Advisory of Vicariats in the City of Vienna'.

It was concerned with the election on March 18th.  This had considerable consequences.

The Archdiocese of Vienna Explains:  The Pastor has the Right of Veto

On the 20th of January Pastor Sieberer spoke in a long telephone meeting about the possibility of a pastor to reject unsuitable candidates.

The Cardinal then explained that a pastor has a right of veto to reject according to his opinion, which he doesn't need to substantiate.

He promised to address the question with the Prefect of the Clergy, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza.

On February 9th Pastor Sieberer received a written answer of the Viennese Ordinariat Chancellor, Prelate Walter Mick.

The Chancellor of the Ordinariat confirmed the right of veto.

He also cited an example where candidates will not fulfill the prescriptions for the right of veto.

The Pastor Used his Confirmed Right of Veto

Pastor Sieber used his right of veto confirmed in writing.

He explained n February 15th that there were objections raised against three people.

These candidates were not placed on the election list.

The Cardinal Breaks His Word

On the 23rd of February the Episcopal Vicar Dariusz Schutzki suddenly requested a reason for the veto of the pastor.

Fr. Sieberer began an "drawn out research", why he had to substantiate his veto.

He found that Cardinal Schönborn had changed his opinion through his Episcopal Vicar.

The Pastor conceded "as a sign of good will".

He offered a thorough reason.

The General Vicar Announced:  Forego Unsuitable Candidates

On the 13th of March the Episcopal Vicar Schutzki cited a discussion with the Viennese General Vicar, Nikolaus Krasa.

In the discussion Fr. Sieberer learned that the persons, against whom he had exercised his right of veto,  will "probably" have their candidacy forgone.

The election must take place in any case, on the 18th of March.

On the 14th of March the Pastor  informed the General Vicar Schutzki by telephone that the number of the twelve chosen candidates had to be reduced to nine, ten or eleven persons.

Election Advisory Confirms Proposals in Last Seconds

One hour later Fr. Sieberer received an e-mail from the Episcopal Vicar that the number of the chosen will be confirmed at nine.

That was not until six hours before the initial end of the nomination.

Pastor Sieberer announced as quickly as possible the candidates and that the election would take place.

The management of the election hired an attorney outside of the parish.

Because the Diocesan direction had given its final confirmation so lately, Father Sieberer could not make certain preparations as director holding the election board.

For that reason a timely announcement of the election and a correct presentation of the candidates was foregone.

Fr. Sieberer simply proceeded, assuming that his thoroughly justified veto against the candidature of three persons was valid.

Because:  The Diocesan direction had never told him otherwise.

Considering that, the Pastor went on the discussion with the General Vicar that the three people concerned would "probably" have their candidacy rejected.

What about an election committee that errs in its own form?

Finally, the parish committee election was annulled because of defects in form.

The short-term confirmation of the number of the candidates by the Vicariate Election Advisory had been unlawful.

Fr. Sieberer countered that the lack of form had been "solely the responsibility of the Diocesan direction and the Vicariate Election Committee".

But: "Probably no one in the Parish of Penzing will understand, why we needed this illegal proceeding >>on our backs<< [Auf unsre Kappe], with all of the expense and the agitation about the election being postponed an indeterminate amount of time."

Fr. Sieberer asked what the purpose of a Vicariate Election Advisory, "when this did not note procedural errors, which it considered after the election as >>massive deficiencies and errors<<."

He would have expected that those responsible in the Archdiocese as experts of their own proposed guidelines:

"I especially would have thought, that all the pretense of an election committee over the requirements of form can be dispensed."

In any case Pastor Sieberer is filing an appeal against the annulment in Rome.

He has also advised that he will file his veto against the unsuitable candidates in the next electin as well.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Softball La Stampa Interview: Vienna Pornography Cardinal Justifies Himself

The incredibly duplicitous Porno-Cardinal is at it again and Tornielli lets him off the hook. The way that some of these official news sources stage handle the bad guys is really beyond the pale.

Edit: The Vaticantista Andrea Tornielli at La Stampa's 'Vatican Insider' asked some difficult questions but not the most obvious one, and allowed Prince Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn, to create a pretense of personal orthodoxy which is belied by this Cardinal's various public actions in years past. His treatment of a pastor who +Schönborn overruled, when he rejected the election of Florian Stangl, remains a disgrace that remains unatoned for. The priest later resigned after being hung out to dry by the Cardinal.

When Tornielli asks for an explanation of the Cardinal's feelings about Stangl, he demurred this time citing Stangl's privacy as a primary concern. This hasn't prevented the Cardinal from praising Stangl in the past.

What's even more disgraceful is that when asked about his dealings with Stangl, he claims he simply chose not to intervene. This again is not the truth. He intervened on behalf of Stangl against the pastor's decision.

+Schönborn also suggests, incredibly, that we're all sinners and that the Church's teaching on sodomy hasn't changed. Unfortunately, this isn't going to satisfy many on either side, but surely, many will regard this wink and a nod as am excuse. The Cardinal also dooesn't explain, nor does Tornielli ask how being an unrepentant homosexual living in homosexual concubinage qualifies one to be in a leadership position in Church. Surely, we're all sinners, some of us, like the Cardinal, tell blatant falsehoods, and others of us cause scandal by giving the active appearance of approval for sinful activity. The Catechism reads:
2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor's tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

Surely, the Cardinal is referring to himself when he justifies an unrepentant homosexual holding a position of authority in a Catholic parish, that being in a state of sin is no reason to remove a man from office?

Some dissent is ok, as the Cardinal dissembles about how he's going to non-handle other dissidents in Austria.  Surely, since he is preparted to discipline one-man-show, Msgr Helmut Schüller of Call to Disobedience and the Pfarrer's Initiative. Surely, he should be ready to NOT interfere and allow his pastor to do his job?

Will his neo-conservative supporters in the United States come to his aid, we wonder....

Vatican Downslider....