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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Cardinal Kasper Excommunicated?

[] The Cardinals were sworn under oath, during the Conclave, and thereafter to keep absolute silence, both in terms of the course of the conclave and the voting.

Cardinal Kasper seems to see it differently: The Swabian newspaper addressed the prelate who talks out of school and  openly declared that he had already chosen Jorge Bergoglio  in the first round of voting.

Does the Swabian Cardinal now merit an ecclesiastical punishment?
SZ: Your Eminence, when you came out of the conclave. How did you feel about the new Pope Francis?
Kasper: Cardinal Bergoglio from the beginning was my candidate, I voted for him from the beginning of the conclave. It represents a new beginning in the church, for a humble and fraternal church that is there for people who return to their source, the Gospel. His name as Pope, Francis, is a program, it is reminiscent of the St. Francis of Assisi, who has heard the call of Christ: "Build my church again!” [Not to tear it down as Cardinal Kasper has done for practically his entire career.]
Source: Schwä
The grotesque of the situation is the fact that the newspaper he never asks. Sua sponte Schwabe never asked who he has personally voting for. The question: "What do you think of the Pope?" can be answered fully satisfactorily without this indiscretion.
When the cardinal made any such,  he then left off to reconstruct the course of events of the conclave in a striking fashion.
Unlike the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Kasper Schoenborn stressed for example, at a press conference immediately after the election, that he could only answer questions that relate to things after the election of the new Pope.
In addition, the response of Cardinal Kasper has another - like the Schwabe says - “flavor”.  Does that not sound as having a bit of panache? I, Cardinal Kasper, have made the right choice from the beginning. He has been "my" candidate.
The fact is that Cardinal Kasper has made a statement, which is illegal according to the promise given under oath. One should not think that this oath was unknown to people around the world. Even the Spiegel focuses on the secrecy sworn on the Bible in its own article: swearing on the Bible against secret treachery . It says: "In case of breach of the oath those guilty are threatened with excommunication."
Must  a Prince of the Church call this kind of secrecy into question: If your Eminence treat an oath on the Bible like this, how will your Eminence handle it in confession?

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Errors of Translation in the Pope's Book on Childhood Narrative of Jesus --- One Error Makes (Sadly) Three

(Rome) "The childhood narrative" by Pope Benedict XVI., of the the third volume of his three volume work Jesus of Nazareth has found itself in the most various lands on the first place of the best seller lists    as the most purchased book.  The Vaticanist Sandro Magister has drawn attention to the translation errors which have appeared in the Italian, Spanish and French editions.  Pope Benedict XVI has published his work in his native German.  The various texts are translated from the original German.  Magister noticed the translation errors, where he found them on page 136,  as the exact same error appeared in the other editions.

Benedict XVI. introduced in the German issue (page 124), that the epithet used for Jesus, Nazarean, which is also heard as "nezer" appears in "the middle of Joschua 11:1".  There it says in the Holy Scripture, "From the root of Isaiah grows a shoot (nezer)."  The Pope continued:  "Yes, we may understand with much justification, that Mathew heard the word "shoot" (nezer) and identified Jesus is indicated as the Nazarean in the fulfillment of the promise, that God would grow a new branch on the immortal stump of Isaiah,  on which the spirit of God would lay.

The Italian edition reads: "[...], that God will give a new shoot from the stump of Isaiah, ..."

"From the stump of Isaiah?", asked Magister.  Isaiah, the Father of David, from whose line Jesus was born.  In the few lines previously it reads in the German original and the Italian translation correctly: "The special on this promise that Isaiah hearkens back to the progenitor of David.  From the apparently dying stump, God is letting a new shoot to grow."  In the original Joshia (Jes) and Isaiah (Genitive Isais) is self-evidently used correctly.  In Italian Joshua is Isaia and Isai Jesse.  The similarities serve to make them  interchangeable.  And actually the names are used interchangeably in the Italian edition at this point.

The Italian translation and product was by Ingrid Stampa, the former house keeper of the Pope, from 1991 to 2005 during his time as Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.  It is upon her that the same errors in the French and the Spanish edition are traced, as Magister suspects.  That one and the same error appears in the three different translations is "statically more than improbable", says the Vaticanist.

In the French edition, as it appears in the Publisher Flammarion,  reads that the translation is "from the German" and was accomplished by Mother Marie des Anges Cayeux of the Dominican Order, of Lazzarist Father Jean Landousies and by Msgr. Jean-Marie Speich.  The Spanish translation was done by Augustinian Friar Fernando del Rio.

In the French edition the erroneous statement "de la souche morte d'Isaie" (correctly it reads: de Jesse).  In the Spanish edition the statement is also false, 'del tronco muerto de Isaias" (Instead of correctly as "de Jese")

Already the genetive Isais could have led to the erroneous translation in the German original.  Clearly the translator used the Spanish and French editions also next to the German original also the erroneous Italian translation of Ingrid Stampa and already had tripled one, small, but not unnatural error.

Stampas translation, on the other hand, did not undermine the other editions in English, Polish and Portuguese, in which the German original was carried over correspondingly.

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