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Cardinal Schönborn's Yes to Abortion

Follow up:  The payment for activity in Vienna's  Caritas on Fleischmarkt have been revealed indirectly by statements of Cardinal Schönborn on Public Radio.

See also the article about the endorsement of abortion by Germany's Caritas Director:  "The German Caritas Association is headed by an Abortion-Prelate." [Below]

New in Catholic Spectrum:  Cardinal Schönborn Accepts Abortion

"Press hour" of ORF [Austrian Broadcasting] on the 3rd of December 2006,  interviewers: Andreas Koller ("Salzburg News") and Mathilde Schwabender (ORF).  A cited selection.

Koller:  "Your Eminence, you have formulated your affirmation for life before. How can this be understood as regards the law [Fristenlösung] allowing the termination of pregnancy which has been in effect for some time --  the Catholic Church was not happy with this --, I have the impression that the Catholic Church has resigned itself to the situation.  Now there is another representative, Herr Stadler, who said to me, one can even discuss the termination law, even calling it into question.  Will you also go so far,  that is said, there should be a change in the law regarding the time limit [Fristenlösung]."

Cardinal Schönborn: "Our position from the Bishops, from the Catholic Family Organizations, Pro-Life Organizations, was always clear on this consideration: we are not seeking after the punishment of women in distress, but we expect with justification, that what has always been said since the Kreisky government and has never been strictly adhered to, the so-called supporting measures, which means, in one country, in which demographic questions are really a serious question, it has simply been shown that -- we also have no statistics, but the estimates are still shocking --, that for every child that's born, one is killed.  That really must shock us, that it must horrify us.

What are the supporting measures?  Measures that promote, encourage, that help not to take this step, not to take this step, and I think there are three main corrective actions that would be really necessary.

One is the separation of counseling and abortion, which has long been, for 30 years, a requirement that should simply help to really consider the step well.

The second is, what is self-evident in our country, a statistic, if abortion is not a criminally punishable act,  under certain conditions, then it should at least be clear that it happens every day in our country in this regard.

And the third thing is something that is regarded with too much silence, that of Post-Abortion Syndrome.  We know that from numerous experience of counselors, of those accompanying the women in this situation, that a great hardship is often experienced.  And it's better to enlighten that it is often associated with great emotional stress.  And we ask, and we think it is sensible because the affirmation of life is something so important for each individual and for a country, and we hope that it is possible, to speak with the necessary compassion, but also to speak with the necessary openness."

Koller ("Salzburger Nachrichten"): "Why do you think that in the last six or seven years, nothing happens on this issue, even after all the Christian Social People's Party (ÖVP) was in power?  You have since sought contact on that, so have their been discussions in this direction?"

Cardinal Schönborn:  "There have been intensive discussions, there is a bill for accompanying measures, which is still in the drawer, and it would be nice if this bill, which has been developed by very good lawyers came out again.  It's really just an appeal and encouragement for the affirmation of life"

[Then it is noted Cardinal Schönborn elegantly leads away from the topic]

"To this yes to life also consequently belongs something, which, thanks be to God, is exemplary in Austria through a consensus of all parties, that yes is to life to its end.  We have in Austria, thank God, a clear consensus that we are not going the way of Holland or Belgium, in which euthanasia is allowed,    we want, as Cardinal König said famously shortly before his death, that a person should night die by another's hand, but in the hands of another.  And I think that yes to life is something exemplary, as I have also been in France and Belgium, and very publically say on TV as a credit to our country that has managed to really reach a consensus on the 'yes' to life. [...]"

No comment is necessary...

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Anonymous said...

Where is it that he says "yes" to abortion??

Elizabeth said...

My thought exactly. I don't see it.

Tancred said...

The Archdiocese of Vienna already participates in the sin of abortion, so his political evasions are a mark of tacit approval.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm missing something, I don't see where he approves of, endorses, or resigns himself to the act of abortion in these statements.

As regard your statement above that the Archdiocese of Vienna already participates in the sin of abortion, could you provide statements or evidence supporting this view?

I am not denying what you say, it is entirely possible, considering the state of the things in the Church, but I think some hard evidence is necessary when making that grave a charge.


Tancred said...

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger intervened in Austria last year because Aktion Leben, a Catholic relief service in the Archdiocese, was participating in abortion in a similar way to Caritas, whose article appears below and is referenced in this article.

Despite claiming he's doing something to stop abortion and naming some vague points he wants to change, he still employs people who themselves participate in or approve of abortion in their counseling services.

Also, notice that +Schoenborn doesn't object to the counseling services offering referrals either. He simply says he wants to have women make an informed choice, and really hasn't done anything to persuade OVP politicians to stop or even restrict abortion in Austria, which kills one child for each live birth at present.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. It seems Cardinal Schoenborn has been heading down a treacherous path for some time now.

In other news...I noticed you removed the link to your cartoon blog of famous Minnesotans. It was hilarious and I hope you put it back up.

I enjoy your informative blog.