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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Archdiocese of Vienna: “Cardinal Schönborn Will be Treated Like a Film Star"

If not Pope yet, maybe just a film star? -- Eminence, isn’t this self-celebration on the internet site of your own Archdiocese not already painful enough?
Waiting on -- no, not Cardinal and soon to be film star Christoph Schönborn -- but 
the Holy Father. Even today Vienna asks, who the Cardinal gave his second vote to.
[Photo catholiccurch/Mazur]

Maybe Cardinal Schönborn is in mind to become a film star, since he’s come during a visit to his biological brother as a dancer at “Dancing Stars” on Austrian National Television: “If I won’t be Pope, I’ll be a (Dancing-) Star.” -- an evil and also untrue representation.

Such was the report of the internet site of the Archdiocese of Vienna unbelievable: “The bleachers on St. Peter’s Square are already built, camera teams while around and are seeking Cardinals ready to be interviewed”, thus wrote Michael Pruller, the press speaker of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn in an interview with Radio Stepensdom, the voice in Rome.”

Und further: “The media interest is huge, reported Michael Pruller. Many media wished they’d sent camera teams to Rome. Noramlly, there is a burial in such a situation, over which they could report.” -- Cardinal Schönborn had to fill in as a replacement for the missing funeral report.

Similarly exciting followed the art society site of the Archdiocese to the Archbishop in Rome: “Before yesterday evening, as the Cardinal in the Church of St. Bartholomeo, he brought over a delic of St. Restituta Kafka, while there were at least five camera teams outside the door, which filmed him like a film star, as he came out of the church and climbed into the car.” -- this was the same St. Sister Restituta, who was ridiculed during a Bolshevik-pornographic exhibition in the St. Barbara Chapel in St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The film expert asked himself, what this “at least five camera teams” means: the mathematic ineptitude of the reporter or in the excstatic appearance of the Viennese Cardinal and just as wildly stampeding camera people, which could have confused the counting?

The Cardinal must have (!) refused "Dozens of interview questions”, which “began to address the internal proceedings of the Cardinal. Because these were also under the confidentiality ban.”

Our Contribution to the Return of Reality

Shortly will be the anniversary of Schönborns “Sin at Stuetzhofen”, where the Cardinal earned by’s advertisement of the term of endearment “Porno” -Cardinal (after his insult of Sister Restituta in Stepensdom), the name “Homoporn”-Cardinal:  the affirmation of the homosexual parish council in Stutzenhofen with the successive ouster of the Parish Pastor.

In remembrance of the matter there will be a review in the coming weeks.

Cardinal Schönborns prophesy that the scandal at the Homo-Parish Council will “be followed by me for long”, should not remained unfulfilled.

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