Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ruined: The Abuse Commission Is an Abuser Itself

Msgr Leo Maximilian Maschek
The Austrian Bishops recognize  liars and priest-slanderers as victims and pay them large sums.

( The State Prosecutor of Vienna has filed an absurd charge against Msgr Leo Maximilian Maschek, Baron of Maasburg and arranged for a hearing.

The clergyman is the National Director of the Papal 'Missionwerke' in Austria.

An anonymous and psychologically damaged liar (45) has assigned "sexual assault".

The anti-Catholic news 'Standard' has eagerly taken up the slander.

Msgr Maasburg has rejected these absurd allegations in a video message.

The State Prosecutor now explains that "the facts of the case of sexual assault have not been objectively filled."

The Abuse Commission is Compensating the Slanderer

The Hammer: The Diocesan approved Abuse Commission has recognized the slanderer as a "victim" an paid her 10.000 Euro.

There are persons in the Commission who are accused of abuse.

On March 3rd 2011, the Commission wrote of the liar that she is a "recognized victim":

"The Curatorship and the Board of the Protection of Victims of the Catholic Church in Austria most regretably insists that you were a victim of an associate of the Catholic Church" -- wrote the Scandal-Commission of the deceiver.

Why did the Commission React?

Eugen Reichsgraf Waldstein-Wartenberg, the speaker for Msgr Maasburg, has greeted the decision of the State Prosector:

"The serious and reputation damaging accusations being promoted by the media in the past few days, which we steadfastly reject, have emerged as expected as completely baseless."

This recalls an earlier ecclesiastical investigation of slander against Count Waldstein.

At that time, the Holy See was of the opinion, "that this complaint has no foundation whatsoever."

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