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A Crusade for Birettas and Latin Mass Readings

The Old Mass is on the March
A Call to Crusade

Battle for the Biretta and latin readings:  What came of the revolution of Paul VI, is a clerical abuse scandal in any case.  by Dr. Ansgar von Rotenhelm

( Crusade for Biretta and latin readings is more promising of success, more pleasing to God and for winning souls than a Crusade against global terrorism.

The Good Beginning

The present heap of broken glass which is the New Eucharistic Celebration did not fall from heaven.

It had its origins in modernism of the 20s.

Dom Prosper Gueranger's restorative, high liturgical movement lent its monastic stamp to that time. It was also stamped by St. Pope Pius X († 1914).

This movement was a great hope for the Church.

The Tragic End

Actually, there was a people's liturgical movement, which is affiliated with Romano Guardini.

The result was streamlined in the Second Vatican Pastoral Council and in the fatal liturgical revolution of Paul VI († 1978).

The Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand (†1977)warned of the "trojan horse" in the Church.

Several Conciliar Fathers  corroborated the author of these lines, that the intentions of reform of Blessed Pope John XIII. († 1963) were fulfilled by the fully approved liturgy of 1962
A New Danger for the Old Mass

Sadly, to this day,  the Old Mass is celebrated under the specter of the Modernists of the 1920s.

They try to customize it.

So it was in some places -- in opposition to the instruction 'Universae Ecclesiae' -- to even say the readings of the Holy Office [Breviary] in  the vernacular or -- although prescribed -- to use no biretta.

The present Papal Commission, 'Ecclesia Dei' shows no interest in assuring adherence to the papal laws.

That would only happen if the media effected the necessary pressure.

The 'Weltbild' scandal has shown: change is possible only when the media supports vocal Catholics.

DemagogicSpeech on Non-Essentials

The Holy Teresa of Avila  (†1582) once said: "I would suffer martyrdom for the smallest ceremony of the Church."

From this it is absurd to ask if then latin readings and head gear are so important. This demagogic talk of the non-essential was the beginning of the catastrophe in 1920.

We could win a Crusade for Birettas and latin readings. Deus lo vult -- God wills it.

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