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Thursday, March 21, 2013

L.A. Public Schools Coverup Child Sex Abuse

Edit: they’re not the only people in a degenerate, relativistic society who are engaged in such behavior. Such acts were not dealt with accordingly in earlier times.

Senior LAUSD officials were allegedly aware of parent complaints in 2009 about a Wilmington teacher who was charged in January with abusing children over an extended period of time, say attorneys who represent alleged victims. 
The latest allegations concern the case of Robert Pimentel, 57, who has been charged with molesting 12 students at De La Torre Elementary School. Pimentel has pleaded not guilty. 
Los Angeles Unified School District officials had previously acknowledged Pimentel’s principal was aware of allegations in 2002 and 2008. The principal’s alleged failure to act was cited as reason for her removal by L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy. Both Pimental and Principal Irene L. Hinojosa resigned as the district was preparing to fire them.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kinsey Belonged Then to the Pederasts We Fight Today

"Representatives of the homosexual movement and especially men who are boy lovers, should know and appreciate Kinsey's work."  by Dr. Judith A. Reisman.

(  In the year of 1989 the US 'National Research Council' decided that the social scientist "to divide time roughly before and after Alfred Kinsey (+1956)."

To date at the writing of this essay the film association of  "20th Century Fox" is planning an all-encompassing film about the life of Kinsey.

The sexual revolutionary from Indiana should be idealized by Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford.

On the 23rd of April 2000 the 'New York Times' celebrated the fact that the University of Indiana had brought forth a man, "who had brought about the sexual revolution."

The Initiator of the Sexual Revolution

On the 17th of April 2000 Scott McLemee wrote in the periodical 'Salon':  "Kinsey's influence on society ran deep and continuously.  His influence was independent of the sales of his books."

Kinsey's influence has involved in itself the destructive consequences in the Sexual Revolution:

"The history of sexuality in America calls in two large, distinct but clearly defined periods.  The first period was the puritanical and Victorian age."

This era of probition ended on January 4 1948:  "On the following day Professor Alfred C. Kinsey of the University of Indiana published his book "The Sexual Behavior of the Human Male".  It generated an earthquake.

A Pioneer of Child Sexual Abuse

Since 1948 Kinsey has significantly influenced conceptions in the USA about sex and love.

The 'North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) -- appealed to Kinsey.

It was the world's largest pederast and pedophile organization.

Everyone, in the modern setting who understands "sexual orientation", must "acknowledge Kinsey's work"  -- explained the association in 1981.

Kinsey's work belonged to the already implied struggle against the limiting of sexuality between adults and children and minor youths.

"Members of the homosexual movement and especially men, who love boys should acknowledge and value Kinsey's work".

And: "Kinsey represented then what we are fighting against today."

The author is a communications expert, author and president of the 'Institute for Media Education' in Sacramento, California. She has been an advisor to American justice, education and health authorities.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

German Philosohper Weighs in About the Truth

The Old Liberal Offense about Offense

In Germany there is the notion that the saving flesh-and-blood Christendom can be reduced and reinterpreted to a contourless watered down Ideology.

( "I think the Episcopal recommendation for a new round of discussion in the Church is a catastrophically wrong decision."

This is what Frankfurt philosopher Walter Hoeres (83) said today in an editorial for the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung' in the regional portion of "Rhein-Main'.

Hoeres recalled that in Germany since the Council and the Synod of Wurzburg, there has been an uninterrupted attempt to make the faith "understandable" to our times:

"Since then, everything is debated in the subject area of the Church, which in fact has come to indicate that everything can be put to question" -- the philosopher broke it down.

Thereupon it has to be the case that even in questions of faith, as with all expressions, "there must be an absolute correspondence of form and content".

The philosopher explained this expression: "That means that one has the task, to explain those things which have been found by all times to be offensive and foolishness, really to express this as the Church has always done".

Hoeres gives an example:

"How should you explain the truth that Jesus is true God and Man or that at the Sacrifice of the Mass according to Catholic conviction that the bread and wine is transformed into the body and blood of Christ, without bringing a non-believer to offense?"

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Salesians In Rome Are Talking About Punishing Dutch Salesians Over Legalization of Pederasty Remark

UPDATE: We were told that the Salesians have relieved both men from their positions as of 17:45 GMT.

Editor: what a terrible breach of trust that not only one of the rank and file, but the leadership itself is thoroughly corrupt, shiftless and morally numb. It's even more horrifying when you realize that the order of Dom Bosco has a mission to care for young boys and educate them. At least someone in Rome has a moral sense. Frankly, this is why the Inquisition should be restored. Such shameless monsters should be hurried to trial and given punishments all the way up to death, for their heresy and perfidity. This should put the Inquisition in proper perspective for those who still believe the Black Legend.

Incidentally, this is something which the left has long been promoting both in Europe and the United States, here. It just might be that people might not want to have to travel to far away places to enjoy forbidden pleasures.

Disciplinary measures urged against Dutch Priest, who has suggested the liberalization and decriminalization of Pedophilia.

Rome-Utrecht ( Salesian Order has decided to distance themselves because of the statements and demeanor of a Dutch colleague's statements on the subject of pedophilia. The Order's Headquarters has strenuously condemned the deportment of Father B and suggest disciplinary measures, it was said in a statement on Monday.

The 73 year old religious has outed himself as a member of the militant organization "Martijn" for the liberalization and decriminalization of pedophiles. The Roman Headquarters of the Order criticized the statements of the Dutch Salesian Superior, P. Herman Spronck, who referred with sympathy for the behavior of Fr. B and said "certain relationships are not necessarily punishable".

Members of such organizations as Father B. is, are "absolutely unacceptable" with the principles, values and traditions of the Salesians, the General Procurator of the Order, P. Francesco Maraccani, was heard to a signed statement. The Congregation has distanced itself from the conduct of a single colleague. You complain that with this announcement that we've injured a lot of people: "WE understand the pain and offer our apology in the name of the Order of Dom Bosco".

The Salesian Order will stay true to the pedagogical tradition of Don Bosco and to the teaching office of the Church, it said in the text. "The complete and total respect toward children, adolescetns and youth remain for us a fundamental and unalterable position", said the Order's Administration.

Copyright Katolische Presseagentur, Wien, Österreich.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pope Plans on Using Assisi to Attack Relativism, Says Protestant Theologian

Editor: A protestant theologian who enjoys the Pope's confidence shares the misgivings of many over the Assisi conference. He receives assurances from the Pope.  It seems as though this Pope is finding himself saying those amazing kinds of things on the lips of the first fisherman, "Lord, you have the words of eternal life, where else would we go?"

Pope Permits Criticism of Assisi

Benedict XVI. insists he will point to "Jesus Christ as the only son of God and unmistakable savior".

( The initiative for the October Asssisi Meeting is "clearly not coming from the Pope".

This was according to the protestant theologian of missions, Peter Beyerhaus [82] for the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

Beyherhaus mentions a personal letter of March 4, which he received from Pope Benedict XVI.

Actually, Beyerhaus was critical that the Pope said that he considers the meeting "as obligatory".

Benedict XVI explained in a private letter that he wants to "control the direction of the whole and do everything therefore to make the syncretistic or relativistic progress of the event an impossibility."

At the same time the Pope expressed to the professor, a public response on the Assisi event.

He requested that Beyerhaus, therefore honor his trust "that the Pope stands upon that, what his office is understood as being -- that is, to strengthen his brothers in faith and recognize Jesus Christ as the only son of God and savior and admit it unmistakeably."

The German website of the Society of Pius X speculated about the possible reason for the third Assisi- horror.

The Old Liberal Roman Community 'Saint Egidio', which has organized Assisi as an inter-religious meeting, has "substantial financial resources".

The commentary on the web pages warns that the Church is not moved by lobbyism.

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Editor: This brings to mind the comment heard during the Vatican Council from our present Pope that, 'we need more Luther and less Chardin'. Despite his efforts to extend a hand, and fight relativism at the same time, his efforts are not appreciated by those he seems most eager to help, like the present Lutheran "Bishop" of Brandenberg.

The Pope Will Bless the Protestantic Way of Error

Germany. On his trip to Germany the Pope will "clearly" say, "what was positive that came from the reformation for Chirstendom: namely the concentration upon Christ and the Bible, the freedom of thought and the recognition of the reform ability of the Church." That is what the protestant "Bishop" of Brandenburg, Markus Droge promoted in his interview with the 'Markische Allgemeine'. So long as the Church doesn't recognize Protestantism as "a church in its own sense", the "Bishop" doesn't see any possibility for meaningful new developments in ecumenism.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Six Stabbed in brawl between students from West Catholic and Boys' Latin


FISTS AND feet flew outside a West Philadelphia Market-Frankford El station yesterday morning as two groups of high-school students battled each other, with at least one student bringing out a knife or other sharp object, as blood spilled on the sidewalk.

Five students from Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School were stabbed or slashed, as was one from West Philadelphia Catholic High, during the melee about 7:30 a.m. on Farragut Street near Market, just outside the busy 46th Street Station.

At a school assembly yesterday, David Hardy, CEO of Boys' Latin, on Cedar Avenue near 55th in West Philadelphia, implored students not to retaliate. Four of the five kids stabbed had been accepted into college already.

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