Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Hunt for Continues: Victims Will be Created

Diocese Mainz:  Father Jolie Regrets "rash and ill-considered actions"

Statement by the Diocese of Mainz on the discussion with Father Hendrick Jolie over his connection with  The public should respect clarifications and Father Jolie will not make any more dehumanizing statements in connection with [Hopefully, he can make them with us.]

Mainz (  The Diocese of Mainz has published and offered a statement about its discussion with Fr. Hendrick Jolie because of his "relationship" to, that was participated in by a discussion with the Diocesan General Vicar Prelate Dietmar Giebelmann, Herr Canon Law Professor Micheal Ling and Personell Department Head Honorary Cathedral Chapter Klaus Forster.  In the discussion the Diocese expressed the notion that Fr. Jolie had made contact with the (remaining anonymous to him) redaction of and contrary to earlier statements even offered texts to them.

The statement verbatim is as follows:

This concerns till today "current state of the church and judgments, indeed over ecclesiastical persons". To that extent, in conversation to assess the diocese of Mainz in the statement of 16 November confirmed the nature of the involvement of the pastor Jolie.

The representatives of the Diocese of Mainz have left no doubt that those contacts that have brought unacceptable violations to a number of people, even without formal involvement with other pronouncements by, are unworthy of a priest, and in addition to the persons concerned and have also damaged church.

Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz and Friend
Pastor Jolie has participated in the following the meeting with the representatives of the Diocese in a letter dated 23rd November to the Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, and it expressed his regrets of "an unwise and imprudent action personally to great harm to the diocese, and for me". He has attempted to express himself using erroneous opinions, in serving the faith of the Church, and and sought means of expression, which are contrary to the Christian faith. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness. He wants to rethink his public witness and draw conclusions therefrom.

The Bishop of Mainz has accepted this request. He thanked the participants for their contribution to the call for clarification, but also Pastor Jolie for his willingness to critically reversal. He exhorts him to continue to deal sensitively with the public statements of any kind. The Diocese of Mainz offers pastor Jolie for any assistance.

The Diocese of Mainz asked the public to respect the clarifications after this conversation and not to associate Pastor Jolie with other defamatory, punishable and inhuman manifestations of Therefore according to current knowledge, there is need of any further action.

Mainz 27, November 2012

 Diocese of Mainz

Edit Note:  Wow, it's a good thing Father Jolie wasn't selling pornography or trying to promote the Traditional Latin Mass!


new fan said...

There should be no great shortage of "victims". Most will feign being offended non gratis simply because they despise God so much, though if you pointed that out to them they would truly be shocked. Other "victims" will be available for hire just like the ones paid to say they were sexually accosted by the priests who wanted to offer the Latin Masses.

Myself...I am offended by sexual perverts, baby mutilators and murderers, protestantism, communism and every other bit of anti-Catholicism whether in thought, word or deed. Now, where is the Complaint Desk and more importantly...where is my paycheck?

Anonymous said...

What is the story behind the photograph? They look like they are positively drunk with evil. It is truly hideous.

Tancred said...

He's Father Jolie's superior, Cardinal Lehman who should be retiring any day now.

Tancred said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you. From the comment section there I learned that the photo was not taken in a liturgical setting. Deo gratias.

schmenz said...

Isn't it just wonderful to see the local leaders of the Church partnering up with the homosexually-depraved to attack a website devoted to exposing corruption in the Church? As the saying goes, you know them by the company they keep.

The poof mafia is obviously still very well-entrenched in the Church, apparently right up to the Vatican itself.