Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cardinal Lehman to Remain in Office Past 75

Editor: Perhaps he's punishing Mainz, the Cardinal or both?

The Pope has once more given an impression on the street --- not in the sense of the renewal of the Church.

(kreuz.net) Pope Benedict XVI has not accepted the resignation of Cardinal Lehman of Mainz.

This was announced by the General Vicar, Dietmar Giebelmann today in an e-mail release.

Cardinal Lehman had offered his resignation to the Holy Father for his 75th Birthday on the 16th of May.

Actually on 19 April the Apostolic Nuncio in Berlin has given the order from the Roman Bishops Congregation that the Pope has asked the Cardinal to remain in office past his 75th Birthday.

The letter added "donec aliter provideatur" -- till something else is decreed.

The General Vicar thanked the Pope for the correspondence and wished the Cardinal continued health and God's blessing.

Cardinal Lehmen is seriously ill.

In the past, he has had to be treated for colon cancer.

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