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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Diocese of Mainz Promotes Evil Aberrosexual Agenda Under a Pastoral Mantle

The diocese of Mainz is shaken by a homophile fever. 
Concerned Catholics are protesting the "pastoral" cloak of gay propaganda

Edit: this reminds me of the German Language Section of Radio Vatican trying to promote sodomy behind the scenes.

(Mainz) The world should be cleansed of homosexual beings? One could think that when observing the feverishly overheated homophile activities, which are frantically carried out by the upper ecclesiastical levels, by prelates and Catholic associations, in some German diocese. Concerned Catholics are now protesting against the "queer-sensitive pastoral care" in the diocese of Mainz with a letter to their bishop.

Bishop Peter Kohlgraf, appointed Bishop of Mainz in 2017 by Pope Francis (in search of the most progressive candidates), is at the forefront. Since then, the Doctor of Religious Education has attracted attention for his “openness” to non-celibate “new forms of access” to the priesthood, including the ordination of women. His diocese is now openly conducting homo-propaganda under a “pastoral” cloak. There are indications that intolerant, extravagant church circles will no longer wait for the end of the withering "synodal path" but want to create accomplices of their own accord.

Meanwhile, concerned Catholics in the diocese expressed their concerns about "queer-sensitive pastoral care" to the bishop. Here is her letter verbatim:

Bishop Dr. Peter Kohlgraf –
Episcopal Ordinariate –
Bischofsplatz 2
55116 Mainz

Queer-Sensitive Pastoral"

dear Bishop Kohlgraf,

According to an announcement on the Internet portal of the Diocese of Mainz, on Sunday, October 9, 2022, you want to publicly commission a priest and a lay theologian “in a service with queer-sensitive pastoral work in the Diocese of Mainz and hand them their decrees”. [1]

We, orthodox Catholics, almost all from the diocese of Mainz, hereby demand that you cancel both this scandalous event and the immoral project of "queer-sensitive pastoral care". As a bishop, you have a duty to uphold the faith and morals of the Church without reservation. We hereby request that you fulfill this obligation.

Behind the seemingly harmless term "queer-sensitive pastoral care" hides a subversive plan that you and many of your German brothers in office are pursuing together with officials from Catholic committees and associations. The aim is to undermine the traditional Catholic sexual morality. It is to be replaced by a hedonistic ethical surrogate that also declares “queer” sexual practices to be normal and pleasing to God.

You are in the process of implementing this plan in your diocese. But the diocese of Mainz is not your property, it is not your property. You serve the zeitgeist and the "queer" scene with a "sensitive" pastoral. But where is your sensitivity to the orthodox Catholics in your diocese? Where is your sensitivity to the preservation of the depositum fidei?

For some time now, with your express approval, church “blessing ceremonies” for homosexual tandems and other irregular connections have been held in the diocese of Mainz.

You are not authorized to do any of this, Herr Bishop. You are abusing your office as bishop. You are breaking the oath of office you took when you were ordained a bishop. Here, too, one has to ask: Where is your sensitivity?

If you should actually carry out the planned "commissioning" today, you are doing something for which you have no competence whatsoever. Like the blessing of morally improper relationships, this "commission" is null and void. You have no authority to do this. The decrees you are about to hand over to the two "commissioners" are not worth the paper they are printed on. This does not change if you carry out the "commissioning" in a church as part of an event similar to a church service, as planned. 

Speaking of worship. You are definitely not serving God, rather someone else entirely. What you are doing is a pseudo-liturgy and the simulation of an episcopal official act. They desecrate the holy place and offend the real presence of God in the Eucharist.

The sermon that you have prepared for this “service” and the text of which has been on the Internet since Friday is entitled: “There must be an end to being forced into a life of lies.”  [2] No, Bishop Kohlgraf, the teaching of the Church does not force anyone into a life of lies. A lie in life comes from breaking with the teachings of the Church, blaming the Church for it, and demanding that it change its teachings. You yourself, Lord Bishop, are the one who, with your denial of a significant part of Catholic faith and morals and your turn to the heresy of homosexuality, gender and queer ideology, are creating a lifelong lie and want to draw an entire diocese into it by playing off your administrative power.

By “commissioning” you make yourself guilty, firstly, of the two “commissioners” because you mislead them into “pastoral work” that is not only incompatible with Catholic faith and moral teaching, but also a serious violation of it. You are also guilty of those people who are tempted to sin or encouraged to sin by this poisoned ministry. Thirdly, you make yourself guilty because through your heretical theses and deeds you divide both the presbytery of the diocese and the believing people and also encourage uncertainty in the faith and the serious sin against the sixth commandment. Fourthly, you are guilty of the orthodox priests of the Diocese of Mainz because you drive them into conflicts of loyalty and plight of conscience and expose them to the attacks of zealots, who are also incited to do so by your anti-Catholic course.

Bishop Kohlgraf, you are incurring the wrath of God. One day you will have to answer to God. What is at stake is nothing less than your salvation. Repent, make public atonement before God, and repent. Offer the Pope to renounce your episcopate. You are not suitable for this.

With Concern,

Gottfried Paschke, Bad Homburg v. i.e. H.
Brigitte Pelz, Friedberg (Hesse)
Adam and Ania Prendota, Niddatal Nick
Ramshaw, Wöllstadt Alicja
Warszawska, Mrocza (Poland)

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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Diocese of Mainz (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred