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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Diocese of Mainz Promotes Evil Aberrosexual Agenda Under a Pastoral Mantle

The diocese of Mainz is shaken by a homophile fever. 
Concerned Catholics are protesting the "pastoral" cloak of gay propaganda

Edit: this reminds me of the German Language Section of Radio Vatican trying to promote sodomy behind the scenes.

(Mainz) The world should be cleansed of homosexual beings? One could think that when observing the feverishly overheated homophile activities, which are frantically carried out by the upper ecclesiastical levels, by prelates and Catholic associations, in some German diocese. Concerned Catholics are now protesting against the "queer-sensitive pastoral care" in the diocese of Mainz with a letter to their bishop.

Bishop Peter Kohlgraf, appointed Bishop of Mainz in 2017 by Pope Francis (in search of the most progressive candidates), is at the forefront. Since then, the Doctor of Religious Education has attracted attention for his “openness” to non-celibate “new forms of access” to the priesthood, including the ordination of women. His diocese is now openly conducting homo-propaganda under a “pastoral” cloak. There are indications that intolerant, extravagant church circles will no longer wait for the end of the withering "synodal path" but want to create accomplices of their own accord.

Meanwhile, concerned Catholics in the diocese expressed their concerns about "queer-sensitive pastoral care" to the bishop. Here is her letter verbatim:

Bishop Dr. Peter Kohlgraf –
Episcopal Ordinariate –
Bischofsplatz 2
55116 Mainz

Queer-Sensitive Pastoral"

dear Bishop Kohlgraf,

According to an announcement on the Internet portal of the Diocese of Mainz, on Sunday, October 9, 2022, you want to publicly commission a priest and a lay theologian “in a service with queer-sensitive pastoral work in the Diocese of Mainz and hand them their decrees”. [1]

We, orthodox Catholics, almost all from the diocese of Mainz, hereby demand that you cancel both this scandalous event and the immoral project of "queer-sensitive pastoral care". As a bishop, you have a duty to uphold the faith and morals of the Church without reservation. We hereby request that you fulfill this obligation.

Behind the seemingly harmless term "queer-sensitive pastoral care" hides a subversive plan that you and many of your German brothers in office are pursuing together with officials from Catholic committees and associations. The aim is to undermine the traditional Catholic sexual morality. It is to be replaced by a hedonistic ethical surrogate that also declares “queer” sexual practices to be normal and pleasing to God.

You are in the process of implementing this plan in your diocese. But the diocese of Mainz is not your property, it is not your property. You serve the zeitgeist and the "queer" scene with a "sensitive" pastoral. But where is your sensitivity to the orthodox Catholics in your diocese? Where is your sensitivity to the preservation of the depositum fidei?

For some time now, with your express approval, church “blessing ceremonies” for homosexual tandems and other irregular connections have been held in the diocese of Mainz.

You are not authorized to do any of this, Herr Bishop. You are abusing your office as bishop. You are breaking the oath of office you took when you were ordained a bishop. Here, too, one has to ask: Where is your sensitivity?

If you should actually carry out the planned "commissioning" today, you are doing something for which you have no competence whatsoever. Like the blessing of morally improper relationships, this "commission" is null and void. You have no authority to do this. The decrees you are about to hand over to the two "commissioners" are not worth the paper they are printed on. This does not change if you carry out the "commissioning" in a church as part of an event similar to a church service, as planned. 

Speaking of worship. You are definitely not serving God, rather someone else entirely. What you are doing is a pseudo-liturgy and the simulation of an episcopal official act. They desecrate the holy place and offend the real presence of God in the Eucharist.

The sermon that you have prepared for this “service” and the text of which has been on the Internet since Friday is entitled: “There must be an end to being forced into a life of lies.”  [2] No, Bishop Kohlgraf, the teaching of the Church does not force anyone into a life of lies. A lie in life comes from breaking with the teachings of the Church, blaming the Church for it, and demanding that it change its teachings. You yourself, Lord Bishop, are the one who, with your denial of a significant part of Catholic faith and morals and your turn to the heresy of homosexuality, gender and queer ideology, are creating a lifelong lie and want to draw an entire diocese into it by playing off your administrative power.

By “commissioning” you make yourself guilty, firstly, of the two “commissioners” because you mislead them into “pastoral work” that is not only incompatible with Catholic faith and moral teaching, but also a serious violation of it. You are also guilty of those people who are tempted to sin or encouraged to sin by this poisoned ministry. Thirdly, you make yourself guilty because through your heretical theses and deeds you divide both the presbytery of the diocese and the believing people and also encourage uncertainty in the faith and the serious sin against the sixth commandment. Fourthly, you are guilty of the orthodox priests of the Diocese of Mainz because you drive them into conflicts of loyalty and plight of conscience and expose them to the attacks of zealots, who are also incited to do so by your anti-Catholic course.

Bishop Kohlgraf, you are incurring the wrath of God. One day you will have to answer to God. What is at stake is nothing less than your salvation. Repent, make public atonement before God, and repent. Offer the Pope to renounce your episcopate. You are not suitable for this.

With Concern,

Gottfried Paschke, Bad Homburg v. i.e. H.
Brigitte Pelz, Friedberg (Hesse)
Adam and Ania Prendota, Niddatal Nick
Ramshaw, Wöllstadt Alicja
Warszawska, Mrocza (Poland)

Notes [1]‑9.10./ Accessed 10/9/2022.

[2] chof-kohlgraf/aktuell/nac hrichten/nachricht/Es-mus s-Schluss-damit-sein-in-e ine-Lebensluege-gedraengt -to-werden/?instancedate= 1 6 6 5 1 6 2 0 0 0 000 . Accessed 10/9/2022.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Diocese of Mainz (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Radio Vatican Promoting Women's Ordination

Women at the altar - This is obviously what the German-speaking department of Radio Vatican wants and has published strange pictures on its Facebook page. After protests by Catholics the pictures were removed - PHOTO

Vatican ( The German-speaking department of Radio Vatican yesterday, again, provoked Catholics with a strange selection of pictures and caused a certain ideological headlines to flash on their website. For example, on the Facebook site, with reference to an article on the Holy Eucharist and the phrase "How was the bread and wine again?" "What is the Body and Blood of Christ? " Strange photographs were published in which various women in civilian clothes are to be seen at the altar with the Blessed Sacrament together with an open sacramentary. Above all, a picture clearly gives the impression that a Catholic priestess is active on the altar.

After protests by the faithful on the Facebook page of Vatican Radio, the photos were later partly replaced or supplemented. 

Edit: some may remember the last two times we reported this when they were promoting sodomy.

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ex-Agent: Russian Spy Was Colleague of Pope Francis

A former Polish intelligence staff officer reported to Italian online magazine on espionage activity in the Vatican in the 1970s and 1980s

Rome ( In the 1970s and 1980s, a number of spies, according to a former Polish secret service staff officer, were present in the Vatican, allegedly also a collaborator of today's pope. According to the Italian online magazine "Faro di Roma" (Thursday), ex-agent Tomasz Turowski said that in the Church's center there were informants from China, the USA, as well as other Eastern bloc states.

A professor known under the name of "Russian" had been involved in the secret negotiations of the Holy See with the Soviet Union as a translator, and as early as November 1981, Turowski had reported that the Vatican had been aware of an imminent imposition of martial law in Poland; This took place on the 13th of December. Turowski said in the interview that he could not give up the name of the clergyman because he had worked for Pope Francis until recently.

The 68-year-old Turowski himself, at the end of the 1970s, was tapped as a theologian and Novice into the Roman religious center of the Jesuits, allegedly with a letter of recommendation from the archbishop, Karol Wojtyla. In his own words, his task was to spy on the Jesuit military chaplains in NATO. In addition, after  Wojtyla's election as Pope John Paul II, he also had the commission to protect him from attacks.

"The Communist Party secretaries knew that if that were to happen to the Pope, they would be the first suspects," Turowski said. In order to draw the attention of the Vatican to security risks, he had used table discussions in the presence of radio director, Roberto Tucci, as a collaborator at Radio Vatican, where he dropped incidental information; Tucci was at the same time responsible for the organization of papers and therefore sensitive to security issues.

Turowski was removed as an agent from the Vatican in 1984 before his planned priestly ordination. After the end of the Communist regime, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993. Later he served as a Polish Ambassador in Russia and Cuba.

Copyright 2016 Catholic Press Agency KATHPRESS, Vienna, Austria

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pope Francis as the New Luther -- The Humor of the German Section of Radio Vatican

(Rome) This photoshop has been in circulation for some time, but we have refrained from publishing it because it could have been dismissed as cheap and disrespectful propaganda. Meanwhile, however, it has been released, entirely above suspicion, namely, on Vatican Radio where it is apparently considered funny and good.

Vatican Radio is one of the official media organs of the Pope. Listeners and readers in Italy were amazed just a month ago just what was happening on the German site of Vatican Radio, but is only now becoming widely available.

On November 6, at 17:49 on the Facebook page of the German section of Vatican Radio a photoshop of Pope Francis in the guise of Martin Luther was published. The text:

"Also a nice variant. We wish you a restful Sunday."

Who is the Pope laughing at? About the "Reformation" or the Catholic Church?

A bad joke? A malicious photoshop?

A joke? A bad joke? A malicious photoshop to discredit Pope Francis? Not at all.

Pope Luther or Protestant Bergoglio? What does Vatican Radio mean?

The weekly,Die Zeit had published the photoshop with the caption published on 4 November: "That Pope Francis considers Luther positively is well known. But is it right?" It was part of the coverage of the Reformation memorandum on 31 October in Lund, Sweden, where Pope Francis had participated.

We of had seen the photoshop on other sites, but did not post it out of respect for the Pope, because it seemed to us as if it it would be perceived as a critique of Francis and could have been dismissed as cheap polemics. That's what we thought. The editors of the German section of Vatican Radio thinks as quite differently and thinks only too well of it. It is likely that the idea that Francis is the Luther of the 21st century was even considered humorous.

At any rate one knows how some of his German party see the reigning pope.


Some commentators on the Facebook site were enthusiastic: "A brilliant photoshop. Significant and courageous for further Lutheran-Catholic dialogue."

Others expressed their resentment, including those who considered the picture to be "striking," but for the precarious state in which the Church was in the German-speaking world. The German section of Vatican Radio seems to have so arrived in the pleasure society. The concept was already old in the 90s, but it is said that there is a certain "retardation" in Rome.

The original: Martin Luther, the most successful heretic of the German Middle Ages

In the German editorial office of Radio Vatikan, they are also pleased to see that in Austria the former party chairman of the Greens and former KPÖ voters, the atheist who had become a freemason in 1975, abortion, homosexual and immigration advocate, Alexander Van der Bellen, Was elected! Was that too polemical? Oh no. Given the "humor" of the German section of Vatican Radio certainly not.

Image: Vatican Radio / Facebook (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
  Link to Katholisches...

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Radio Vatican Cuts Down Holy Rosary and Latin Mass on Its Regular Shortwave Broadcasts

Edit: picked up this story from Reviewbrah and thought it might be of interest. The following report is from Portale Italradio, dated from the end of July.

No more short waves fort two of the most followed lithurgical broadcasts of Vatican Radio. As from 1 August 2016, Latin Mass at 05:30 UTC and Rosary prayer at 18:40 UTC will be broadcast on the usual frequencies only on Sundays and catholic holy days. No motivation is until now available.

The decision has been taken earlier this week by the Vatican Secretariat for Communications. Both broadcasts were especially meant to reach isolated people, travellers and all those who are prevented to attend a Mass in their country or to have a free access to the Internet.

Italradio express deeply concern for a totally inexplicable decision, a "hertzian-suicide" as we define it in a word. As from 1 August the Mass is broadcast on SW only on Sunday and holydays: 15595 kHz. 3975 kHz 6070 kHz at 05.30 UTC. The Rosary prayer on 11625 kHz, 3975 kHz, 6070 kHz, 9660 kHz, 9755 kHz at 18.40 UTC.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Central Committee of German Muslims Compares AfD to Nazis -- Vatican Radio Agrees

(Rome) Without a critical explanatory note and without giving the attacked AfD the opportunity to make a statement in its defense, Radio Vatican yesterday made the following  folllowing report with the accompanying photo: It shows the "solidarity" over which a very pleased  Aiman Mazyek of the Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland (Central Committee of Muslims in Germany) stands with  Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck und Vizekanzler Sigmar Gabriel after the Islamic attack against the weekly magazine  Charlie Hebdo. This is explained what the official Church in Germany thinks about the  AfD , and who it prefers as a partner in discussion.

D: Zentralrat der Muslime compares  AfD with NSDAP

The President of the  Zentralrats der Muslime in Deutschland has compared the politically right wing  AfD with the NSDAP. In an interview with the NDR, Aiman Mazyek said on Monday, that it is the "first time since  Hitler-Deutschland", that there has been a party that has discredited an entire religious community. And continued saying that the AfD also  existentially threatens.  The Die Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) swims on a wave of Islamophobia. This has become adopted in recent years and is even partly a topic of discussion in respectable circles. The  AfD has tried to intensify this atmosphere. "That isn't an anti-Islamic course, that is an anti-Democratic course," said Mazyek.
Text: Andreas Becker
Bild: Radio Vatikan (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, July 3, 2015

Radio Vatican Shows its Pride: Attacks Catholic Moral Theology

Update: removed the photo which is a licentious photo of two women kissing each other. It seemed important to include the photo to document just how far Radio Vatican has gone, and that they've done this before. (People probably complained about the two sodomites kissing and waving a flag, too.)

Edit: the photo and the following article appeared in Radio Vatican, German Section. Obviously, the people who work in the office who endorse moral depravity are still there, from the last time we noticed an article like this. The Servite priest from Tyrol being extolled here is, by considerable negligence, along with others like him, is still able to address these issues for the Vatican. Apologies in advance for the photo, but blame Vatican Radio German Section. Here is a translation:

The Church's sexual morality "is in motion". Sexuality will be "perceived in its  personal and holistic dimension more and more"  explains Brixen moral theologian Martin Lintner in the current issue of the Christian weekly newspaper "Die Furche". The President of the "European Society for Catholic Theology" explained his assessment with a shift away from natural law concerning certain "moral acts" in which every single sexual act was judged on whether he corresponded to "natural sexuality" towards a view  already expressed in the Second Vatican Council that "sexual behavior applies to physical communication." 
At the level of concrete sexual ethical norms, despite this positive change, things have not changed much  for the better in the Catholic Church,  writes Lintner. This is revealed in the issue of homosexuality, where the argument of biological procreation function continues to stand apart from the criteria of personal judgment. A mediation between the natural law and personal reasoning is difficult here.
Nevertheless, this reveals a "rethinking", according to  Leitner, not least in the discussions during the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in the autumn of 2014 and the recently published working paper for the family Synod in October 2015, in dealing with gay people: "The Church is sensitive to the suffering experiences of victims and families where gay people live." This development appears to  the renowned South Tyrolean moral theologians and members of the Servite Order as "significant,"  even if the Church emphasizes that a homosexual partnership differs from  a marriage.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vatican Website Proudly Waves the Rainbow Colors

Picture as it appears on Vatican website.
Homosexuality Must Not be "Cured"

Bishop of Trier, Stephan Ackermann views offers to "cure" homosexuality critically. For such initiatives, there is no official Church backing, Ackermann said on Wednesday evening in Saarbrücken. 

Recently, the newspaper "Die Zeit" had reported among other  about physicians that advertise in order to change sexual orientation, and apply it strictly in some Christian circles as an "insider tip". Ackermann addressed himself to the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) a publicly  organized discussion in Saar, attended by around 100 people who took part. The two-hour meeting was the first of its kind in Germany.  On a smaller scale similar discussions have taken place with representatives of gays and lesbians, for example, in the diocese of Essen and Germany ahead of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. which took place in 2011  in the Archdiocese of Berlin. 

Contested control in Employment Law for Church

The meeting in Saarbrücken addressed questions about the Church's handling of sexuality and the Church employment. A topic was the so-called loyalty obligations. Thus, employees in the ecclesiastical ministry, who live in a gay marriage and wish to register the partnership law, must expect a dismissal. The LSVD Saar called Ackermann for a "Saarbrücken appeal" to publicly state that "in his diocese, employees of the Catholic Church need no longer worry if they enter into a registered partnership about a termination of their employment." This should apply at least those "not identifying any professions," [If they're not officially Catholic for purposes of German law and State tax]  such as for doctors and nurses in Catholic hospitals. 

Ackermann called for understanding that the loyalty obligations for the Church as an institution are important. At the same time he acknowledged in some areas there is a  "tension", "which is not good." Currently, the bishops were in-depth discussions on how the loyalty duties were to be conceived in the future. The conversation in Saarbrücken hailed the Bishop of Trier as "honest". He wanted to be a "listening presence" and to contribute to mutual understanding on controversial issues. The organizers stressed that it would  serve to build bridges and to engage in conversation with each other. In that way, the way to dialogue [Destruction of Catholic doctrine and practice, to say nothing of lay confusion.] is still open. (kna 7/17/2014 mg) 

Dieser Text stammt von der Webseite
des Internetauftritts von Radio Vatikan 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cardinal Tauran Preaches Stresses New Dogmas During London Visit

Edit: a correspondent sent this.  Here's a google translation with some editing:

[Radio Vatican] "Religions are the source of love, unity and peace, and if a religion teaches otherwise, then it is not a religion." [This must be some new kind of orthodoxy] These are the words of Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, on Friday in London. The prelate began a five-day visit to Britain. The president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue will strengthen interfaith relations in the country and stress that the friendship between religions is already the foundation of peace. 
On June 13, Westminster Cathedral, he attended an interfaith meeting entitled "together in prayer for peace." His visit comes amid tension after the recent murder in the stabbing of a soldier in London exacerbating intercommunal hatred. Hence the importance of such an initiative was welcomed by the bishop in charge of interreligious dialogue within the Episcopal Conference of England and Wales. 
Non-violence, an absolute imperative [Not the Faith] 
"At a time when violence and in many different forms, has become the major concern in many parts of the world, because it disturbs the peace in families, in communities and in society, the practice of non-violence becomes imperative for Catholics and Jains" said Cardinal Tauran. This implies that "believers and people of good will, honor the dignity of every human being, and that beyond differences due to religion or other factors, we recognize our responsibility vis-à-vis the family human to which we all belong and we need help, personally and collectively, for the full development of each in love, justice, freedom and harmony. This is the only way to help promote peace and prosperity in the world." 
An interfaith cooperation to promote harmony and peace 
Thursday was the highlight of the trip Cardinal Tauran. An interfaith ceremony was held in Westminster Cathedral in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, local bishops and members of  various new religions. "How can we, in practice, messengers and peacemakers?" Cardinal Tauran asked during his speech on the theme "Together in prayer for peace. "  The answer, he continued, "is that, first of all, we must first truly live their faith, regardless of the religion to which one belongs. For a life of faith lived authentically can not fail to produce fruits of peace and brotherhood, as no religion teaches otherwise." The Cardinal certainly did not deny the existence, at the moment," of some fundamentalists and fanatics who seek to incite intolerance and violence against those who do not share their beliefs in the name of religion. "However, he noted, these are a minority. Hence the appeal made ​​to  "interfaith cooperation" to promote "respect, mutual understanding and cooperation in the cause of peace."  
(Photo: Cardinal Tauran in England with the representative of the Hindu community) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

News: Italian Cardinals Stand Behind the Pope

Vatican.  Several Italian Cardinals are standing themselves behind Pope Benedict XVI in view of the disappearance of documents in the Vatican.  This was reported by 'Radio Vatican'.   The emeritus Archbishop of Ravenna, Ersilio Cardinal Tonini (97), asks that the Pope be left in peace.   He doesn't understand why "some rogue is allowed to throw dirt".  The President of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice, Cardinal Peter Turkson (63) explained to 'ansa' that the selection of employees is a delicate situation and goes on in the Vatican as in other governments.  The President of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Immigrants, Antonio Maria Cardinal Verglio  (74), spoke of a "moment of sadness and of chaos."

Why is this Impossible in Germany?

Italy.  Today, Bishop Giuseppe Zenti (65) of Verona celebrated the Immemorial Mass for confirmation in the parish church of St. Fermo Minore de Bra. This was reported on the site ''.  The website '' asks itself why similar things aren't possible in Germany:  "Apparently, there is are  "sub-castes" in the Bishops' Conference, where one is put when one is suspected of being receptive toward the desires of the Pope."

It's not a senseless meeting for a change

Germany.  From November 28th to December 1st the "15th Cologne Liturgical Meeting" will take place.  This was reported by the site ''.  At the event the Ordnary of the anglo-Catholic Ordinariate "Our Lady of Walsingham", the priest, Father Keith Newton, will celebrate a pontifical Mass according to the Anglican 'Book of Divine Worship.  The aforementioned program of the event is available online.

Reconciliation of the Society of St. Pius X: "In God's Hand"

"We have on our side done what duty has laid before us:  the pursuit of a visible union with Rome, but under the protection of the full Catholic Faith.  Everything else is in God's hands.  If it comes to a canonical solution, we thank God;  if it doesn't happen, then the time is just not yet ripe.  Then we remain without any bitterness, still longer in exile, pushed there by the anti-Christian powers within the Church, till God's hour strikes.

Father Franz Schmidberger -- German District Superior  of the Society of St. Pius X -- in the forward of the June edition of the monthly newsletter "Mitteilungsblatt".

Link to

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radio Vatican Slanders Cardinal George

The time to rise from sleep is now:  thus, Benedict XVI can no longer continue to muddle through, otherwise the Vatican really will become the throne of the anti-Christ. 

(  Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has withdrawn a "derogatory comment" about a homosexual demonstration.

Radio Vatican -- which is supposedly the Pope's broadcaster -- made this defamatory comment from the homosexual perspective about the Archbishop's statement on the 21st of December.

The Cardinal had compared the anti-Catholic tirades and marching homosexual fanatics to the anti-Catholic racist organization Ku Klux Klan.

 What Radio Vatican described as a "homosexual demonstration" is in reality a desolate, exhibitionist and anti-child mob scene.

They were limited to marching in the morning by authorities in order to stem the customary abuse of alcohol.

A Homosexual Propagandist as Authority

The broadcaster cited a certain Anthony Matinez, portraying him as a "Director of a group for the rights of homosexuals".

With his "apology" the Cardinal was "exemplary" -- explained Martinez according to the news service.

Martinez is the director of 'The Civil Rights Agenda', authoritatively cited by them.  It's not more than two years old.

Martinez was active as a a propagandist for the introduction of the recognition of homosexual unions in the State of Illinois -- which was condemned by the Vatican.

An Aggressive PR-Campaign

'The Civil Rights Agenda' is a propaganda organization antagonistic to morality.

It fights for the spread of homosexual disorder, the destruction of the family and the infiltration of homosexuals in religion.

Last June Radio Vatican described a demonstration of 108 homosexuals in a mass pairing to simulate marriage.

On their website they are supposed to have directed a "aggressive PR-Campaign" against Cardinal George.

Radio Vatican failed to report on these details.

They have been an established reputation

That Radio Vatican has attempted to profile itself as an agent for homosexuality is new.

Otherwise, they have an established reputation as broadcaster of scandal.

In the middle of December Father Bernard Hagenkord SJ (43), the director of the German speaking section confessed that his broadcaster undermines the teaching of the Church:

"Critical voices get their say from us."

Last October the scandal broadcaster described known abortion activist, Cherie Blair as a "pious Catholic".

In February 2009 the Old Liberal Father Eberhard of Gemmingen -- the former Chief Director of the German section of the broadcaster -- attacked the Pope. He wrote:

"Many Catholics are disappointed by Pope Benedict, because they have gotten the impression that he has gone too far on behalf of a fascistic group."
In Jaunary 2007 the broadcaster insulted the Old Mass, which was then rehabilitated by Pope Benedict a half year later.

The only blessing: the gold hungry broadcaster won't have any more listeners with any luck.

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