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Monday, May 16, 2016

Pope Francis Accepts Cardinal Lehmann's Resignation

Mainz ( KAP)
The resignation of Cardinal Karl Lehmann Bishop of Mainz is completed. In a church service for the 80th birthday of the Cardinal on Whit Monday in the cathedral at Mainz was the ambassador of the Pope in Germany, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic, announced the acceptance of Lehmann's resignation by Pope Francis. Thus the Bishop of Mainz's chair will not be occupied on Tuesday.

At the service, around 1,200 invited guests gathered in the cathedral, including many high-ranking representatives from church, politics and society. In his homily, Lehmann spoke of God's love for all people as the basic message of the Christian faith. This faith which he considered more precious than anything else, he wanted to declare in his life as a priest, bishop and theologian, said the former president of the German episcopate. In his closing remarks, he quoted the Apostle Paul: "Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.  Everything you do should be done in love!"

The service was broadcast live on ARD and could be followed on a large screen in front of the cathedral. Papal Nuncio Eterovic thanked Lehmann on behalf of Francis for the "substantial service," which he had done for the Holy See.

Lehmann was born on 16 May 1936 at the Swabian Sigmaringen and was nearly 33 years at the head of the Diocese of Mainz. From 1987 to 2008 he was President of the German Bishops' Conference. In early 2001, John Paul II made him Cardinal.

With his resignation  the Sedevacant begins for his diocese. It ends with the reoccupation of the diocesan chair. Until then, it could be months, according to experience months.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz to Resign

Edit: hie was among the conspirators against Pope Benedict XVI who also illegally conspired (latae sententiae, anyone?) to get Pope Francis elected according to a gloating Austen Ivoreigh.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Mainz: There was little doubt that Pope Francis would accept Lehmann's obligatory request to resign his diocese of Mainz.

Mainz ( After almost 33 years, Cardinal Karl Lehmann takes leave of his post as bishop of Mainz. There was little doubt that Pope Francis would accept Lehman's mandatory resignation from the Diocese of Mainz on Friday. Thus the chair of the Diocese of Mainz will be vacant on the day after Lehmann's 80th birthday on May 16 on.

The Diocese reported that an official decision will only be published as a rule, on the date of the resignation according to the Roman custom. Lehmann himself had repeatedly stated in recent years that all officials in the Catholic Church, with the exception of the Pope, should finish at on their 80th year. That is an iron law.

On October 2nd, 1983 Lehmann had been consecrated in Mainz Cathedral Bishop and introduced in his episcopate. for over 20 years - 1987 to 2008 - he was President of the German Bishops' Conference. In February 2001, Pope John Paul II. elevated him to cardinal.

The cardinal is considered as a bridge builder and man of dialogue. He is a cosmopolitan, life-affirming Christianity and for ecumenical openness. He enjoys the highest reputation in the Protestant church, in politics, economy, science and culture. Among the numerous awards Lehmann has received include several honorary doctorates and the Federal Cross of Merit with Star and Sash. He is a winner of the Karl Barth Prize and the Romano Guardini Prize as well as the "Order for Combating Deadly Seriousness". He is also an honorary citizen of Mainz and honorary member of the football club FSV Mainz 05.

Lehmann, born on 16 May 1936 in Swabian Sigmaringen, was an assistant of 1984 died renowned theologian Karl Rahner. As a professor of theology, he taught first in Mainz and later in Freiburg, before he became Bishop of Mainz at 47 years. At that time he was the youngest Catholic bishop in Germany. His episcopal motto is "State in fide" (Stand firm in your faith).

As a member of the College of Cardinals, Lehmann took part in the conclave in April 2005 from which Pope Benedict XVI. emerged, and the conclave in March 2013, which elected his successor Pope Francis.

According to the official, but not confirmed counting, Lehmann is the 102nd Bishop of Mainz. He certainly is the 87th successor of the famously "Apostle of the Germans" St. Boniface, who was Bishop of Mainz from 746-754. Lehmann's 80th birthday will be celebrated on May 16 and so on Whit Monday, with a service in the cathedral and a ceremony in the nearby Rheingoldhalle. (C) 2016 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved. Photo Cardinal Lehmann (c) Roman Catholic Diocese of Mainz

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is God a "Nobody" for Karl Cardinal Lehmann?

You're much too old for gay jerks! [Screen capture "Die Welt" of 18 September 2013]
Cardinal Lehmann, the Guadian Angel of the homosexuals?
Tuesday 24 September 2013 Perverse and Unnatural Cardinal Karl Lehmann is for God a "nobody"?

 The Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, falsely claimed in an interview with a major media manipulation: "No one Knows why There's Homosexuality." Your Excellency, what is this homophily?

The ex-chairman of the anti-German "German Bishops' Conference" mistakenly made the following statement: "On the subject of homosexuality Lehmann said, no one knows exactly why there is homosexuality. Therefore, one must be cautious in the assessment."

This false claim of a successor of the Apostles is inherently contrary to Sacred Scripture, which states:


" For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,"(Rom 1:26 ff).

Cardinal Karl Lehmann, please do not refuse (as successors of the Apostles) to acknowledge God!

One of your predecessors, the Holy Apostle Paul says namely: "They exchanged the truth of God into a lie [...] Therefore God gave them dishonorable passions "(Rom. 1:26).

Satan - the Father of Lies

A relevant question to Cardinal Karl Lehmann is: Who is the father of lies?

Answer: It is Satan.

"Therefore I said to you, that you shall die in your sins. For if you believe not that I am he, you shall die in your sin. " (John 8:44), it means, among other things, those who translate the truth of God into a lie.

But that does not mean that you should be closed to the love of the truth, Your Eminence, for in Scripture it says:

"For certain men are secretly entered in, (who were written of long ago unto this judgment,) ungodly men, turning the grace of our Lord God into riotousness, and denying the only sovereign Ruler, and our Lord Jesus Christ. (Jude 1:4). " Homosexuality ("sins against nature", recte: " Sodomia est concubitus cum persona eiusdem sexus ") is therefore a proof of the existence of Satan and a proof that Jesus Christ is denied. As long as there is the phenomenon of aberrosexuality, as long as we can be sure of the devil. In this respect, one should not encourage others to exchange the lie with the truth of God, as successors of the Apostles.

Incidentally, the word homosexuality is erroneously referred to as "homosexuality" because sexuality includes "husband and wife":

"At the beginning of the creation God made them male and female" (Mark 10:6).

Homosexuality does so only if there is heterosexuality - never the reverse. In truth, there can therefore be no homosexuality. Homosexuality can only be a lie. Only in the union of the sexes is there sexuality. Everything else is the "honor" of Satan. The successor of the Apostles should consider this.

Link to Trans: Tancred AMGD

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cardinal Lehmann Thanks Gays For "Stopping"

Edit: The following translation and title sort of speaks for itself.  Not only does this seem to spell the end for, at least in its past incarnation, but it may spell the end for the pro-Roman and conservative Network of Catholic Priests, which will have to find a new spokesman now that Father Jolie has been severely and publicly humiliated for his association with  Network of Catholic Priests has probably embarrassed Germany's Old Liberal elites on everything from Church-tax, to its steadfast refusal to obey the Vatican's call for revising the Missal according to its guidelines.

Another priest from the Diocese of Aachen is trying to disassociate himself from as well.

It's also the case that nobody at this anti-Catholic newspaper cares about freedom of speech in present day National Socialist Germany.

The Bishop of Mainz, Karl Lehman is happy that "" is offline,  however defends himself from a wholesale condemnation of the Church.  At the same time there is substantial evidence that they have more with the agitation site that they will avow: in the criticism  there is a Pastor from the Diocese of Aachen.

Karl Cardinal Lehman has to soil himself in the internet sewer The intonation of the tirade can amplify itself well, as the homophobic vocabulary of the site has recalled terms like "Gommorrhists" and "gay perverts" which were still comparatively moderate as the site goes.

But since the beginning of December, is no more.   And for this Bishop Lehmann thanked then --  the gays!  That a German Bishop has dared this, is signifies something unparalleled.   In Sunday's published edition of Glaube und Leben [Faith and Life] of the Church newspaper of the Diocese of Mainz, Lehmann wrote:  "It is shameful for the Church that it was at first the initiative of the Bruno-Gmünder Verlag [Publisher of pornography]  and the interest of the Federal Crimes Office together with open debate prepared the way for the unholy goings on."  The Church has not done this with its own means.  "For that reason why all thank, who have contributed clarification, even though they are not friends of the Church."

It is still indeed not decided yet, so long as the Public Prosecuting Attorney have still not been able to determine the operators, and self-described insiders of the recent departure of the site tell of a new appearance on the internet.  But Cardinal Lehmann, 76, has not yet breathed deeply over the preliminary end of the "damaging intrigue".   Why the German Bishops' Conference, who he led till 2008, did not support the proposal "Stoppt" of Homo-Pornographer Bruno Gmunder, was something that Lehmann was silent about. This initiative had inflamed media interest and fanned the police investigation.

Lehmann Criticized the General Suspicion Against the Church

Instead the Cardinal accuses the activists of turning the Church into a scapegoat.  Because characterized itself as Catholic, several informants, authors and if possible, site administrators came from the clergy, even from the Roman side which has raised the suspicion of some critics of the Church.  Lehmann only criticized this: The opportunity has "been exhausted in an all encompassing criticism of the Church. The deplorable behavior was only less equal than a large swamp. The whole Church is dilapidated..."  In contrast, on the one hand, Lehmann defends calls for the Church to an "examination of conscience of itself at all levels". [Only on his own Old Liberal terms]

And he defended his own actions against a Pastor of his Diocese,  to whom he extended clemency, even though the Bishops' Conference had demanded administrative legal steps against collaborators of the incitement site.  He has given the defendant the benefit of he doubt, wrote Lehmann.  Yet where  is the doubt, if, as he himself says, "that he had participated in the monstrousness, generally in the organization, which had instigated such a hate campaign."?  The Pastor [Father Hendrick Jolie] had lied to him and to the public about his journalistic activities, and only confessed after he could not refute the allegations.  It might have been part of the arrangements with Diocesan authorities that he withdraw from his anti-reformist Catholic Priest Network (KNP).  His post as speaker would no longer be exercised in any case.

The Network now has only two speakers in Germany.  One of them is [Father] Guido Rodheudt, pastor of Herzogenrath, Diocese of Aachen.  He argues in written submissions, denying any complicity with  However, he acknowledges that he has read the site regularly.  In an interview not yet broadcast by WDR he said, with it was "like a dunghill, which is next to a trash heap in which there are still some edible tomatoes that have really lost something there."  When looking for a tomato in a manure pile, one is worse off.

Apart from that, more evidence has emerged that [Father] Rodheudt had more to do with the hate site than he now knows or wants to admit.  An activists from "Stoppt" says [Father] Rodheudt has a much more combative temperament than his colleagues in Mainz.  But yet he who decidedly expresses himself in interviews on the theme of the faith, yet has only read and never written there.

WDR asked Rodheudt about an internet link between and the website of the NKP (Network of Catholic Priests).  Such links are based as part of a partnership: demanded that if they put their advertising banner on the hate site, that in return they link to

But the NKP didn't just put up a single link to its page.  It even put up a live ticker, which means that the headlines of new posts of the anonymous users in question, were sent from the hate site to the site of the NKP.   On the equally devout Catholic site, there is an interview with Guido Rodheudt where the live ticker from is still active.  It was already in January of 2009 that NKP told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that this live feed had stopped.  A colleague had asked his "dear brethren" to delete this connection.  He referred to the intervention of two professors who had complained about the "corrosive anti-Church venom of".

The NKP spokesman wrote:  "Dear Brother, thank you for your input, we will address those concerns and take down the news ticker from our homage!."  Until that day, there were titles up like "Jacob made a threesome", "The Holocaust ideology downplays the abortion of children" and "Pope John Paul II -- The Antichrist?"  Scores of these messages ran on the Priest Network page, while was then already in the sites of the media.

Guido Rodheudt says the Priest Network had deleted the link itself.  The site had changed and the style and content of had become unbearable. But the network had already long been cooperating with a "dunghill":  One only needs to look at posts from 2007, which put through titles like "Sodomistic Fornication", the "Homo Concubinage" and "The Homo-Ideological Manipulation."  That was obviously unsustainable for [Father] Guido Rodheudt.

In November 2007, the contribution of a Holocaust denier, contained the following sentence, "Even apparent inconsistencies are forced upon citizens as truths of faith -- whether in connection with gas chambers, Jews allegedly turned into bars of soap or with the actual numbers of casualties." And this stood right next to a banner of the Church Music Association, Sinfonia Sacra.  As he was and is the chairman of this organization, [Father] Guido Rodheudt, was just a priest looking for tomatoes in a manure pile.

Link to Süddeutsche...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Hunt for Continues: Victims Will be Created

Diocese Mainz:  Father Jolie Regrets "rash and ill-considered actions"

Statement by the Diocese of Mainz on the discussion with Father Hendrick Jolie over his connection with  The public should respect clarifications and Father Jolie will not make any more dehumanizing statements in connection with [Hopefully, he can make them with us.]

Mainz (  The Diocese of Mainz has published and offered a statement about its discussion with Fr. Hendrick Jolie because of his "relationship" to, that was participated in by a discussion with the Diocesan General Vicar Prelate Dietmar Giebelmann, Herr Canon Law Professor Micheal Ling and Personell Department Head Honorary Cathedral Chapter Klaus Forster.  In the discussion the Diocese expressed the notion that Fr. Jolie had made contact with the (remaining anonymous to him) redaction of and contrary to earlier statements even offered texts to them.

The statement verbatim is as follows:

This concerns till today "current state of the church and judgments, indeed over ecclesiastical persons". To that extent, in conversation to assess the diocese of Mainz in the statement of 16 November confirmed the nature of the involvement of the pastor Jolie.

The representatives of the Diocese of Mainz have left no doubt that those contacts that have brought unacceptable violations to a number of people, even without formal involvement with other pronouncements by, are unworthy of a priest, and in addition to the persons concerned and have also damaged church.

Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz and Friend
Pastor Jolie has participated in the following the meeting with the representatives of the Diocese in a letter dated 23rd November to the Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, and it expressed his regrets of "an unwise and imprudent action personally to great harm to the diocese, and for me". He has attempted to express himself using erroneous opinions, in serving the faith of the Church, and and sought means of expression, which are contrary to the Christian faith. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness. He wants to rethink his public witness and draw conclusions therefrom.

The Bishop of Mainz has accepted this request. He thanked the participants for their contribution to the call for clarification, but also Pastor Jolie for his willingness to critically reversal. He exhorts him to continue to deal sensitively with the public statements of any kind. The Diocese of Mainz offers pastor Jolie for any assistance.

The Diocese of Mainz asked the public to respect the clarifications after this conversation and not to associate Pastor Jolie with other defamatory, punishable and inhuman manifestations of Therefore according to current knowledge, there is need of any further action.

Mainz 27, November 2012

 Diocese of Mainz

Edit Note:  Wow, it's a good thing Father Jolie wasn't selling pornography or trying to promote the Traditional Latin Mass!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Old Game: Rome Lets Itself be Extorted by the Left

Editor: the talk of schism continues.

The Mainz Cardinal may continue his subversive activities.  by Katharina Faßschröder.

Karl Kardinal Lehmann von Mainz
Karl Kardinal Lehmann von Mainz
© Pressestelle Bistum Mainz MBN

 ( The President of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert  Zolitsch of Freiburg, supports the proposals of the Theologian Pamphlets.

He told this to the Old Liberal Theolgoians of the University of Freiburg at a meeting of the theological faculty.

The double-strategy of the Old Liberal German Bishops is public.

Rome has advised distancing to the proposals of the Pamphlet.

Back around the opposite strategy has been pursued: One is using the announced dialog process, in order to warm up the decadent Pamphlet and to interpose it as a German special right.

Msgr Zollitsch is a strawman in this play.

His Grey Immanence

The Grey Imminence is Cardinal Karl Lehman from Mainz.

He is the hub of the conspiratorial shadow hierarchy.

The Old Liberal song and dance in the Church is ideologically exercised in the church paper of the Diocese of Mainz, 'Glauben und Leben'.

In the past there have been a series of articles "Break-up in the Promised Land". In this manner of play the Old Liberal breakaway theologians can disseminate their ideas from yesterday.

The names of the authors reads like a "who is who" of ecclesiastical decline:

- the Frankfurt religion pedagogue and pamphleteer, Bernd Trocholepscy (59).

- the former school director Dr. Willi Belz and honorary President of the Hessian supplier firm for abortion business "Donum vitae"

- the Offenbacher Pastor Kurt Sogns, who is a member of the anti-Church society, "Wir Sind Kirche" [we are church] and has approved homo-Masses for the Frankfurt hmosexual community.

- the former teacher Angelika Fromm (60), the founding member of the anti-Church society, "Wir Sind Kirche' and 'ACtion lila Stola' and one who promotes the counter-Evangelical priestly marriage and women priests.

- the rabid Mainzer, Fromm, "feels herself called by God, as one who will part the sea of fear and traditionalism of the Church to lead people to the promised land" -- or to another harbor.

In the Mainz church paper Frau From is described as a "formed deaconess without ordination".

The Deaconess as a Fire Axe

Already in 2001 Pope John Paul II informed the Bishops to stop the educational course for the preparation of women to the diaconate.

The memo was signed by then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.

Actually in the Diocese of Mainz Cardinal Lehmann took a hostile posture.

He allowed the self-described "Deaconesses" to write in the media and supported them in the meantime, Lila-Stola-Ideologues in their efforts.

In September 2010 the Cardinal explained that the question of the Diaconate for women must proceed with "courage and openness", before one could discuss the ordination of married men to the priesthood.

In the spring he lanced, however, a willful CDU-Politician's open discussion about the abolition of celibacy.

To support a non-existing Diaconate for women is something that belongs to Bishop Franz-Josef Bodie von Osnabrück and Archbishop Robert Zollitsch von Freiburg.

Even the Carnival Society was Active

The strategy of the Old Liberal Mainz networker appears to have been endanged by the possible resignation by reason of age of Cardinal Lehmann.

The Cardinal made it known many times in the regional media that he would happily go on.

At the same time the media polished its coverage of his episcopal achievements, for the public eye.

The unpastoral Cardinal -- who rarely took time to care for his Diocese -- was presented inaccurately as a beloved popular Senior Pastor.

He worked for thirty years as a "People's Bishop" for his flock and has for this reason, irreplaceable, said the mysterious media bosses.

The Mainz Ordinariat organized even petitions for his retainder and sent the petition to Rome.

For this purpose, the Mainz Ordinariat even mobilized a Carnival Society and the Mainzer Fußballverein 05.

Even the market ladies in the Cathedral Square went around with the petition.

the stooge successor of Cardinal Lehmann in the German Bishops Conference has pointed to large sums of money which the Official Church transfers to Rome.

Rome has allowed itself to be extorted.

The Cardinal may now paper mache himself a separate church..

Link to original...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cardinal Lehman Attacks Cardinal Brandmüller's Letter in Defense of Celibacy

Cardinal Lehmann attacked Cardinal Brandmüller in his own paper "Glaube und Leben" and shamed himself with an open letter to the Cardinal -- no critical word for the CDU-Politicians -- see the Survey on Lehman  -- speak out!
The Face of Germany's Bloated Hierarchy

Mainz  ( Cardinal Karl Lehmann, the former President of the German Bishops Conference had sharply attacked the Roman Curial Cardinal Brandmüller, because he had criticized a provocative assertion about celibacy by some CDU-Zdk politicians.  The politicians had made an appeal to the German Bishops advocating for a change in the practice of celibacy.  In this, they posed the question, "how can the growing priest shortage be managed?"

Lehmann spoke in connection with the provacative letter of "eight serving CDU-politicians in the Federal and National level", who recalled "one such inexhaustible theme" that has been discussed in the Church well "over 40years long".  Then the Mainz Bishop spoke of a "climbing priest shortage"  -- a contention, which appeared elsewhere in the last days in "Focus" --which was disproved by editor Alexander Kissler -- if one did not ordain priests "men who've proved themselves in families and occupations".  Lehmann recognized then that he had always took pains so that the Church is also "open to new ways of thinking" with an afterthought about the priesthood, "without that the discussion was already identical with an answer on these difficult questions".  For the Cardinal was also "expectant", that these questions about the "viri probati" [responsible men in families and marriages] would come again in the order of the day, if one were invited to a "Dialog Process" over today's questions.

Then Lehman attacked Cardinal Brandmüller's open letter and opines:  "I'm very ashamed of the tone taken by this open letter, and in all sympathy for the powerful objection of the letter by eight politicians for I have  worked for years as Bishop, active for a long time in Germany.  One must really not compare, if one touches on the subject of 'viri probati', speak of wanting 'another Church',  to put 'the German experience' in play, which 'leads to the path of the schism of a national German church.'"

Beloved by the Media
Lehman showed himself "deeply disappointed", as here for example the sitting Bundespresident, in any case after the Bundespresidents, the second authority in the land, a serving Bundesminister and three highly esteemed Ministerial Presidents are "attacked", who have worked in the Church for decades.  "This is not the style with which we go about our differences of opinion in this country."  For the Mainz Bishop, these opinions are "extreme", and even the opinions of the "Süddeutschen" he regards as "extreme".  "The Dialog Process must seek a new middle, without drifting into lazy compromises.  Hopefully we can come out of this stalled double dialog," he finally concluded.

Parts of Cardinal Brandmuller's letter, Celibacy Originates with the Time of Jesus, here translated from

You can participate in a poll on if you want, make the first selection if you think that Cardinal Lehmann should be ashamed of himself for attacking Cardinal Brandmueller.  Most of the readers of feel that Cardinal Lehman should be ashamed of himself at the bottom of the article, here.

 Thanks to TIA for the photos.