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Monday, March 17, 2014

Medjugorje 206 Tour Group Continues Intransigent Disobedience, Montanist Celebrity from Steubenville Ohio Endorses

Edit: never mind that there are Magisterial proclamations against this site, forbidding Catholics from attending pilgrimages.  Never mind that it's heartily endorsed by the Vienna Cardinal, no less, who ignored the local ordinary's admonitions to stay away.  There's money to be made!  We've been made aware of this that a famous EWTN celebrity convert who continues to endorse Medjugorje through the 206 Tour Group,  both of whom are  ignoring Church teaching.  This is a point by point description of the situation which we've not edited in the slightest from ME.

1.) In 1996, the secretary of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF) wrote: Official pilgrimages to Medjugorje, understood as a place of authentic Marian apparitions, are not permitted to be organized either on the parish or on the diocesan level, because that would be in contradiction to what the Bishops of former Yugoslavia affirmed in their fore mentioned Declaration.
So while pilgrimages to Medjugorje are permitted, they could not be organized by Church bodies (parishes, dioceses) with the understanding that Medjugorje is “a place of authentic Marian apparitions.”
2.) In late October 2014, Cardinal Muller of the CDF issued a letter stating that priests AND the lay faithful "are not permitted to participate in meetings, conferences or public celebrations during which the credibility of such 'apparitions' would be taken for granted." That obviously includes pilgrimages which encourage belief in the apparitions.
Source: A group called "206 Tours" specializes in providing Catholics with pilgrimages to Catholic holy sites. In a January 18th Facebook update, 206 Tours clearly stated that they will continue to promote Medjugorje pilgrimages despite the CDF letter.
Source: Enter Dr. Scott Hahn of EWTN/Franciscan University fame. Dr. Hahn is paid by 206 Tours to help lead pilgrimages. This is evident through a simple Google search or a perusal of the 206 Tours Facebook page. My concern is that, because 206 Tours caters to so many Catholic customers and makes its money off of Catholic holy places, it is unethical for this group to defy the Church on this matter, and it is therefore also unethical for Dr. Hahn to help promote and lend an appearance of legitimacy to this group.

EWTN contact information:

5817 Old Leeds Rd. Irondale, AL 35210-2164
 Canada mail: EWTN PO Box 157 Station A Etobicoke, Ontario, M9C 4V2
Phone: 205-271-2900

Friday, November 1, 2013

Father Barron's Hope of Universal Salvation is Wrong and Heretical

And I saw a great white throne, and one sitting upon it, from whose face the earth and heaven fled away, and there was no place found for them. And I saw the dead, great and small, standing in the presence of the throne, and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged by those things which were written in the books, according to their works.  And the sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and hell gave up their dead that were in them; and they were judged every one according to their works.  And hell and death were cast into the pool of fire. This is the second death.  And whosoever was not found written in the book of life, was cast into the pool of fire.

Edit: There are some people out there who are already making false statements about Father Barron's disinformation and frankly modernist conception of Hell, which he doesn't actually believe is a physical place.

Hell is a place of terrible proportions and frequently mentioned in the Scriptures, and the history of the Church.  It's always described as very densely populated.  Catholics have always believed this way, but now there are those who are trying, against the evidence, to suggest otherwise.

Most people go to Hell.  It was widely considered that as it is written, "wide is the path of destruction",  that Hell was full of sinners.  It was and remains a real place of torment.  Yet as is usually the case with many among the apologetics mafia, that's not good enough, how our forefathers believed.  Yet as in all ages, there are many who want to believe false doctrines and follow false teachers.

Their ears are itching after novelties. Not a few people  want to oppose a modern view never held by Catholics, that Hell might be empty.  One of the poisons administered is to suggest that if Hell is so full, it would make us despair.   Clearly men are incapable of being a sign of contradiction, of accepting the hard sayings, and suffering and trusting God's word.

After this many of his disciples went back; and walked no more with him.

 Dante populated Hell with friends and enemies alike in his Divine Comedy,  there were points it seemed  that the whole world was going to Hell, but this didn't stop Dante believing or hoping in his own salvation, or perhaps those close to him.  Most Catholics had no trouble believing these two, non-contradictory ideas about Hell, God's mercy and his justice.   Pope Benedict XVI. especially taught that  there is a place called Hell, again in contrast to those timely fashions:
Pope Benedict XVI stated: "Jesus came to tell us that he wants us all in heaven and that hell, of which so little is said in our time, exists and is eternal for those who close their hearts to his love. "[Holy See, website]
As to the idea that Hell might not have any human beings in it, which *is* a statement of universal salvation, a clearly heretical doctrine, Theologian Ludwig Ott writes:
God, by his eternal decree, has predestined certain persons, in anticipation of their [unrepented mortal] sins, to eternal reprobation [or punishment].[Cf Is Hell Empty?]
Meanwhile, on some parts of the internet, Voris legitimate exception to Father Barron's all-too-familiar heterodoxy remains unchallenged.

 Also, there is nothing in Spe Salvi which says that Hell may be empty.

“Often, when it is the king or some other monarch or potentate that he (the judge) has to deal with, he finds that there is no soundness in the soul whatever; he finds it scourged and scarred by the various acts of perjury and wrong-doing ...; it is twisted and warped by lies and vanity, and nothing is straight because truth has had no part in its development. Power, luxury, pride, and debauchery have left it so full of disproportion and ugliness that when he has inspected it (he) sends it straight to prison, where on its arrival it will undergo the appropriate punishment ... Sometimes, though, the eye of the judge lights on a different soul which has lived in purity and truth ... then he is struck with admiration and sends him to the isles of the blessed” [Cf. Spe Salvi, Gorgias 525a-526c.]

Image of Hieronymous Bosch from Indianapolis Institute of Art.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dutch Bishop Puts Hammer Down on False Ecumenism

Edit: as usual Father Gero Weishaupt is a great source for things happening in the old country.  He presents the following story about a priest being disciplined for liturgical abuses with a just penalty and the cancellation of an Ecumenical service involving "intercommunion".

Not Ecumenism in Feeling, But in Faith

(kathnews)  's-Hertogenbosch (NL).  In an open letter to the parish communities of the Dutch villages of Someren and Lierp, to which belong the Diocese's-Hertogenbosch laying in the Province of Brabant, the Diocesan Vicar General has taken a position on the importance and the manner ecumenical celebrations should take.  The Bishop reacted to it immediately and spoke out in a letter to the Pastor of serious Liturgical abuses and offenses against Ecumenism in its Catholic sense.  The Pastor concerned was informed of penal consequences.  After that the Pastor cancelled the event.  Many parish members showed a lack of understanding of the manner of the Bishop's proceeding.

Letter of the General Vicar

Now the General Vicar of the Diocese, Dr. R van de Hout, briefly laid out the position of the Catholic

Church on Ecumenism in a letter.  Here is the basic text of the letter in an English translation:

"Dear parishioners of Someren and Lierop and all interested believers elsewhere in the diocese!"

 Concern for the catholicity of the parishes in the diocese 

From the reactions of many of them it is clear that it will be difficult to understand why the bishop at a recently proposed ecumenical ceremony in Someren and Lierop must intervene. The confusion seemed to be still larger basis of statements of the Pastor, the non-Catholic minister and the parish council of Lierop, in which, according to the Bishop was accused illicit action. The Bishop must awaken people to the Catholic faith and take care that the Catholic parishes in his diocese to remain in communion with the universal Church. Only then can our faith and the Church have their importance to the people and their happiness.

 Commonality and Boundaries

The Catholic Church promotes ecumenical contacts with Protestant communities. We need to get to know one another, to develop active common social ties. Together we can listen to God's Word and pray together. But it is not permissible to celebrate the Eucharist / Communion. This prohibition has been repeated by the Pope, but always by the Dutch bishops as well.

Different faith 

Why such celebrations are unlawful? Because Supper and Eucharist, although reference is made to both the creation and the command of the Lord, are not the same. The Roman Catholic Church believes that in the Eucharist the sacrifice of Christ is sacramentally preset at the cross and that the bread and wine are transformed and really substantial in the Body and Blood of Christ. The Eucharist is - in the words of the Second Vatican Council - the source and summit of ecclesial life. According to the Catholic view, only a valid ordained priest transform the Eucharist. Protestants have no validly ordained priests. Protestants do not believe in the real transformation of bread and wine and have a more symbolic understanding of this sacrament. [It can't be a sacrament at all, actually] That is the reason why the Church does not allow a joint celebration. The Church also prohibits that non-Catholics receive the Eucharistic Communion or that Catholics participate in Protestant communion. Thus confusion is with regard to this sacrament, for us Catholics, the heart of the faith, to be avoided. 

Harmful to Unity

Superficial ecumenical acts like the common celebration of the Eucharist / Communion Service are harmful to the unity and don't bring ecumenism even a step further. On the contrary, the unity is only then no unity in the faith, but a unity in feeling. It's about discovering that we as a church or religious community and not as a single parish or community through common reflection, discussion and study to learn what the Lord wanted it with his church and with his sacrament of unity.

 Prayer for Unity

 Meanwhile, we pray in the parishes and communities for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. He alone can bring about real unity step by step. Moreover, ecumenism is much wider than the unity between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant ecclesial communities. It also relates to our relationship with the Orthodox Churches of the East. ... "(Translation: Gero P. Weishaupt)

What does canon law say?

Concelebrated (intercelebration) with ministers of ecclesial communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church, according to canon law, one of the very serious offenses in the sacramental-liturgical field, the - is treated by the Glaubenkongreation (see - such as sexual abuse of minors . Liturgical Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, No. 172 c).

The Code of the Catholic Church (CIC/1983) reads:

 "Catholic priests are forbidden, together with priests or ministers of Churches or ecclesial communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church to concelebrate the Eucharist"

(Canon 908). "Who is guilty of illicitly worshiping in community is to be punished with a just penalty"

(Canon 1365). By law, the bishop or the professor for sanctioning. In the diocese of 's-Hertogenbosch, the bishop could refrain from sanctioning because the responsible minister had taken after a canonical warning from his plan distance.

Link to kathnews... 

Bildquelle:, user Karrow

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wurzburg: Will This Diocese Have to Sign the Doctrinal Preamble Too?

Denial of the Council: The church paper of the Diocese of Wurzburg has distorted the secure secret of the Assumption into its opposite.

( The 'Catholic Würzburg Sunday News' is the church paper of the Diocese of Würzburg. Your editor is the old liberal Wolfgang Bullin.

What is the Assumption?

The actual number published a rabidly heretical interpretation of the Solemnity of the Assumption.

The doctrine was declared at first November 1950 by Pope Pius XII. in the Apostolic Constitution "Munificentissimus Deus".

The body of the church newspaper even quotes from it: "The spotless, perpetual Virgin Mary Mother of God, after she had finished their earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory."

Now it twists
This statement is turned into its very opposite, for example, the church newspaper maintains that the phrase is "problematic for many". But the problems are only the twisting of the diocesan sheet. This works with a little known distinction between soul and body: "Actually, a body does not mean corpus." [The distinction between Leib and Korper in German is something like the distinction between figure and person.]

That's right front is not rear

Then, they lied without batting an eyelid. When it means, "that Mary's body and soul went to God, so this is nothing other than what the Christian faith for all hoped for: that we human beings as a whole person, as an unmistakable I is taken after death to God."
From front to back, that's wrong.

The Mother of God is a special case

The souls awaiting the saints in heaven - with the exception of the Mother of God - await the resurrection the flesh and union with her, who are ​still in the ground with their dormant corpses or bodies.

This is something that the incompetent leaders of the 'Würzburg Catholic Sunday Journal" would have been able to read in every child's Catechism.

Rejection of Vatican II

The article provides an open rejection of the Second Vatican Council.

It can be found in the Church Constitution Lumen Gentium 68:

". In the interim just as the Mother of Jesus, glorified in body and soul in heaven, is the image and beginning of the Church as it is to be perfected is the world to come, so too does she shine forth on earth, until the day of the Lord shall come,(304) as a sign of sure hope and solace to the people of God during its sojourn on earth. "

In other words, what is applicable to the Mother of God, is not even for everyone else.

Completely fallen from the faith

Pius XII. speaks in "Deus Munificentissimus" about the heretical authors such as the bishopric of Würzburg spreading such heresies, with the following judgment:

"Therefore, if God forbid anyone deny this truth, which has been defined by us, consciously, or dares to question it, let him know that he has dropped completely from the divine and Catholic faith. "

This scandal in the diocese of Würzburg can not easily be ignored.
Link to

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Minnesota: St. Joan's Provides Platform for Dissent Against Archbsihop Nienstedt

Edit: The Land of 10,000 heresies strikes again! Take note that the actively Gomorrist church of St. Joan of Arc's is giving a forum for those attacking the Archbishop's program to support the marriage amendment. Recently, the Archbishop himself went on record saying that he will tolerate no dissension on this matter, but then, some people have to test the waters.

Another interesting question might also be: who are the speakers? Surely they're not from CPCSM! Even better!
Adult Learning Board Sponsoring Forum on the Marriage Amendment Update, from a reader:
This will be a “forum” and not a “debate”. The two sides - pro and con - will be represented by two constitutional law experts - Dale Carpenter, from the University of Minnesota Law School, and Teresa Collett, from the University of St. Thomas Law School. The program will be moderated by Lynda McDonnell, a faculty member at the University of St. Thomas.
Is either side or the moderator really Catholic? The only Catholic thing about Lynda McDonnell seems to be the Irish name and the fact that she teaches at a school that has "Catholic" on its billboard. A brief perusal of the internet gives cause for concern. Dale Carpenter is a homosexualactivist and contributes regularly to homosexual publications, including a book on the abrogation in the supreme court of Texas' sodomy law.
By the end of his book, Carpenter celebrates the 6-3 ruling in favor of Lawrence and Garner. The court, in essence, declared sodomy laws unconstitutional because they impinged on personal relationships.

The real surprise comes when we find out that he's being given a platform at an allegedly Catholic men's forum, AOTM [Argument of the Month Club]

Saint Joan's contends that at the end of the evening, parishioners should be able to make an informed decision about something which the Archbishop has already spoken in favor of by publishing a CD and making a number of public statements. But considering the curricula vita of both speakers, it seems that they are merely tailored to suit the decades-long hostility of St. Joan's pastors and parishioners on Catholic moral teaching.

It's a scandal that either of these speakers should be given a platform to confuse the laity further about an issue the Archbishop has more than amply held forth upon.

It even cost one parish employee, Lucinda Naylor, her job. How she ever got hired in the first place is quite a mystery. But will the Archbishop take this opportunity to clean house and do more than make a few symbolic dismissals?

[From St. Joan of Arc Bulletin] On Sunday, April 15, at 2 p.m. in the St. Joan of Arc Gym the SJA Adult Learning Board is sponsoring a forum on the constitutional questions around the proposed marriage amendment to the Minnesota constitution.

The format will be twenty-five (25) minute presentations by each side – [Oh my, it's only fair] for and against the amendment - and then written questions from the audience answered by the presenters. The purpose of the forum is to provide information on the constitutional law considerations surrounding the amendment and encourage each of us to form our conscience before we vote.

We hope you will attend the forum and support this first effort by our new Adult Learning Board.
This is St. Joan's program for Holy Week:
You just know that St. Joan's will have demonic puppets on hand and a "farmer's Liturgy"! Liturgical abuses will likely be in abundance!

Evil Puppetmaster Controls St. Joan's Liturgies

H/t: Stella Borealis

Contact: Fr. Jim DeBruycker 4537 3rd Ave. So. Minneapolis, MN 55419 Phone: 612.823.8205 Fax: 612.825.7028
Contact: Archdiocese 226 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102 (651) 291-4400

Saturday, November 26, 2011

St. Issac Jogues Parish in Niles, Illinois celebrates Thanksgiving Eve service with Muslims

Above: Clip art from the article in the parish bulletin.

Editor: Source info informed us that St. Issac Jogues parish in Niles Illinois announced in it's November 13, 2011 that it would be participating in a "Thanksgiving Eve" service with Muslims. See online bulletin here: We post the article by one of the priests at the parish below.

The following is the parish website:

THANKSGIVING EVE: Interreligious Service

November is the Month of the Holy Souls. It is also a month when Americans celebrate a secular holiday with deep religious roots. While the emphasis has shifted to feasting and football, Thanksgiving still inspires religious feelings. The ritual of bowed heads and table grace may be a nod to nostalgia and tradition, but it is often much more than that!

Thanksgiving is a remembrance of God’s mercy - - an encounter with the Holy. The “pilgrim fathers” were convinced that God had saved them from drought and starvation. That is why they gave thanks, why they feasted, and why they played games. Thanksgiving then was not a celebration of self-satisfied abundance, it was a celebration of God’s bounty. It was an acknowledgement of answered prayers!

Thanksgiving has a “Mayflower” pedigree. There is a distinct Protestant flavor to it’s origins. But, through the centuries and with waves of immigration, Thanksgiving has been adopted and adapted by people of different cultures and religions. In that, Thanksgiving is a most accommodating feast! Thanksgiving stresses the holiness of God and the
blessings of the harvest. Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists as well as Christians instinctively want to thank God. A growing, beautiful custom is celebrating an Ecumenical or Interreligious Service on Thanksgiving Eve. I am happy to say that I have been part of such celebrations since I was ordained in 1970.

This year, local clergy and laity will observe Thanksgiving Eve (Nov. 23rd) at The Morton
Grove Mosque (8601 N. Menard Ave.) at 7:30 PM. All are welcome to participate.

Please consider attending the presentation on Islam next Sunday, November 20th in the Holy Family Room at 3:00 PM. Jason Renken & Azam Nizamuddin will explore “Thanksgiving and Service from the Muslim & Catholic Perspectives”.

Why should you consider attending this presentation and participating in the Interreligious Thanksgiving Service? A scholar of world religions, Leonard J. Biallas, has an excellent answer: “There are spiritual riches buried in the innermost
recesses of our own religions that are only opened up to us when we encounter what is strange and different in other traditions.”

Our first “encounter” with other traditions can be the beginning of better self-understanding and real dialogue. That dialogue can enable us to compare and contrast how human nature and the human condition are perceived. Life, love, compassion, destiny and death … how much do we share in common? How much comes from a different vantage or perspective?

It was Pope Pius XI who once said: “If we are to love each other, we must first know each other.” I would add something commonplace, but essential, to that: “To know each other, we must first meet each other.” The Thanksgiving Eve Service can inaugurate an ongoing dialogue with other religious people. That can contribute much toward peace in our own communities and ultimately in the world.

-Fr. Luczak

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Marxist Priest Faces Excommunication

[La Stampa] Father Roy Bourgeois is a senior cleric belonging to the Maryknoll Missionaries, founded in 1911 in the United States for missionary activities. He spent twenty years of his life in Latin America and returned with a conviction: to put an end to U.S. support of Latin American military torturers trained in Georgia at the "School of the Americas" military center. That was in the nineties. Now that there is democracy in Latin America, Father Roy is fighting to get the U.S. government to admit its past responsibility, release the lists of military personnel trained there, and close the center permanently.

Around his "School of the Americas Watch" (SOA-Watch), a humanitarian organization for human rights, a broad consensus has solidified, and the protest march which takes place every November in Fort Bennings, Georgia at the gates of the former military school sees hundreds of demonstrators from across the United States, including monks and nuns from many different congregations. Every now and then he speaks out on more than just humanitarian issues, and so his latest position in favor of women priests has earned him a formal complaint and the start of the process for expulsion from his missionary congregation and excommunication. Measures a bit drastic for a "crime of opinion" - as one would say if there was a court case - motivated by the wide popularity of the individual and the resonance of his statements.

On the figure of Father Bourgeois, in addition to the many articles that have been written, there are also a few books, of which I will indicate just one. The SOA-Watch center has its headquarters in Washington and certainly will survive the eventual ecclesiastical sanction against its founder.


Editorial from La Stampa....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Protestant Hucksters Change Doctrine to Sell Themselves Better

Editor:  Protestant error is a winsome doctrine and ensnares many with false promises of prosperity and eternal happiness.  Some protestant carpet baggers are even selling their popular message in Ukraine. Protestantism is idolatry.  There is no concern for reality, rather a concern for emotions, and ultimately, a concern for the financial benefit of hucksters like Rob "Taco" Bell, here:

[National Post] This is a peculiar place for a former water-skiing instructor and rock band member to find himself. Rob Bell, 40-year-old father of three, author, mega-church pastor who sports skinny jeans and designer glasses, is in the midst of shaking the world of American Protestant orthodoxy to its core — even as he insists he is not sure why.
He is asking tough questions about salvation, upending traditional takes on heaven, hell and who gets saved: “What happens to sinners? What happens to non-Christians? What happens to someone like Gandhi?”
In his new book, Love Wins, quickly a New York Times bestseller, the popular preacher has turned away from the evangelical certainty that heaven is only possible through Jesus Christ. He has suggested that at the end of time God may chase down everyone who has ever lived and make sure they enter his kingdom — hence the title, Love Wins.

Famed American evangelical John Piper summed up his feelings about Love Wins in a cold, three-word tweet: “Farewell Rob Bell.”
 Read further, here...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is Your Church on Modernism. Any Questions?

Editor: People indifferent and lackadaisical about Catholicism. People are leaving the Catholic Church in droves. Why not, people need the truth and many administrators have hijacked Catholic education and turned it inside out. "Truth, what's that," they say.

No interest in the religious life. Religious life can be a tremendous sacrifice. Many exemplaires of religious life, however, seem to be little more than overly comfortable academics and social workers.

This is all part of the auto-destruction of the Church, or "church-sponsored" suicide.

Wow, seventy percent of people don't believe in Real Presence...Wow.

Voris spells it out:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jesuit Parish Hosting Pro-Abort Kennedy Speaker in New York

An evening with Kerry Kennedy author of Being Catholic Now.
Wednesday, June 2nd 7:00 PM Main Church

Her life has been devoted to the vindication of equal justice, to the promotion and protection of basic rights, and to the preservation of the rule of law. At a time of diminished idealism and growing cynicism about public service, her life and lectures are testaments to the commitment to the basic values of human rights.

* For more information: 212.627.2100 x 216
* Suggested Donation $15.00

Link to original...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catholic Relief Services Get Money from Bill Gates

We'd also like to note that Bill Gates Foundation is closely related to Lucis Trust. His charity is part of a subgrouped under an organization formerly known as "Lucifer Trust".


On Thursday, January 7, 2010, the following e-mail concerning the "partnership" of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation was sent by the U.S. Coalition for Life to the Most Rev. Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CRS, and Thomas Price, CRS Senior Communications Manager: Can you tell me why Catholic Relief Services is in a partnership with two of the world's greatest promoters of abortion and population control? Why the glowing promotion of two of the world's most anti-life foundations? Randy Engel, Director, USCL

The next day, the USCL received a response from Mr. Price which reads in part:
Thank you for your letter of concern on the Gates Foundation and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. As an official agency of the Catholic Church, Catholic Relief Services strictly adheres to the teaching of the Catholic Church and the policies of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Our first Guiding Principle states that "all human life is sacred and possesses a dignity that comes directly from our creation and not from any action of our own, …" The Catholic Church often participates in humanitarian initiatives that include a large range of partners — and we do not always agree with everything they stand for. However, the work that is undertaken directly with any of our partners always strictly adheres to Church teaching. We do not provide or promote artificial birth control and would never accept funding from any donor that would compromise the agency's adherence to Catholic teaching. …" Sincerely, Tom Price


According to the CRS official website (, the Gates Foundation is "guided by the belief that every life has equal value." CRS praises the foundation's work "to help all people lead healthy, productive lives," and "to ensure that all people… have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. …"

In exchange for perpetuating this glorious deception and maintaining a silence on the Gates/Buffett world-wide killing machine, CRS has received in excess of $40 million for global and agricultural development and financial services for the poor from 2003 to 2009. Compared to the billions Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett and his family spend on their true passion – baby killing and. population control – it's a drop in the bucket, of course, but I'm sure they consider their money well spent.

In reviewing the anti-life record of the Gateses and Buffetts, one they have successfully keep out of the public eye, thanks to organizations like CRS, it's difficult to avoid the conclusion that "they never met an anti-life, anti-family enterprise that they did not love (and eventually fund)."


Starting with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation directed by the Gateses and fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, father of Howard G. Buffett., here is a sampling of the anti-life organizations and activities it has supported, with a brief commentary on each:

· International Planned Parenthood Federation – $41,876,150 since 1998. Supports a total anti-life agenda world-wide. Organizes massive anti-life initiatives the world over.

· Planned Parenthood Federation of America – $12,984,000 since 1998. Does not include millions for PP abortion centers in Gates' home state of Washington and elsewhere. Performs over 200,000 surgical abortions per year and supports a full anti-life agenda including contraception, sterilization, abortifacients, live human embryo and fetal experimentation, sex education, divorce, fornication, infanticide, homosexuality, eugenics, infanticide, pornography, in vitro fertilization.

· U.N. Fund for Population Activities and Americans for UNFPA – $56,681,272 in 2000. An indirect grant to UNFPA of $2,200,000,000 for "reproductive health" and mass population control programs.

· Pathfinder International – $1,585,000 in 1999, 2009. Among top deadliest abortion providers, trains abortionists, procures abortion and sterilization equipment. Promotes "reproductive options" among adolescents.

· International Projects Assistance Services – Promotes "sexual and reproductive rights."

· Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Urban Reproductive Health Initiative – Pushes population control in Africa and South Asia .

· Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – $9,864,398 (2009-2011). Sponsors world-class population control conferences which push modern fertility control techniques, abortion and sterilization including female condoms, injectable abortifacients, and "menstrual regulation" kits.

· Population Communications International – $3,775,000. Specializes in population control propaganda for mass media.

· Family Health International – Specializes in mass sterilization and abortifacients and "menstrual regulation" kits.

· Family Care International – $14,643,712. Seeks to promote and defend "abortion rights" and mass population control projects.

· Stem Cell and Cloning Research – $400,000 donation for California campaign in favor of state supported programs of human embryonic stem cell research and cloning projects

· EPF: The Inter-European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development – $1,598,245. To promote "reproductive health care" around the world. According to the EPF, "in February 2002 it signed up to the "See Change" campaign; an initiative started by Catholics For Free Choice with the objective of changing the status of the Vatican at the United Nations. Following this, the parliamentary groups in Sweden and Spain both held parliamentary hearings on the role of the Vatican City in UN decision-making and its obstruction of progress on reproductive health and rights issues."

As a member of the elite Club of Rome, Bill Gates is dedicated to the war against the proliferation of people, but he has other side interests as well include the promotion of the vice of homosexuality.

In 1989, Microsoft was one of the first companies in the world to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners and to include sexual orientation in its corporate nondiscrimination policy. The company has supported and sponsored pro-gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues activities and programs including GLEAM, an organized employee resource group for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender employees. As part of its Diversity Initiatives Program, GLEAM partners with Microsoft's executive leadership teams to define and implement corporate diversity initiatives companywide, such as the company's GLBT Pride Month celebration and GLBT-specific diversity training.

In July 2007, Bill Gates used part of his Microsoft fortune to purchase 56.3% of PlanetOut, a homosexual activist publishing company that runs a number of "gay" publications and services and is a major provider of hard core homosexual pornography.

Now, let's turn our attention to the anti-life organization, services and research funded with the Warren Buffett billions:

· Buffett money has funded important clinical trials for RU-486, (Mifepristone/Mifeprex), the so-called "abortion pill," putting the lethal drug on the fast track in the U.S. and abroad.

· Two million dollars to Family Health International helped finance mass experimental sterilization programs in third world countries using the dangerous chemical quinacrine hydrochloride. The drug is banned in the U.S. and Canada .

· Population Communications International – Specializes in population control propaganda for mass media.

German Foundation for World Population – Population control programs directed at youth "as agents of change."
International Projects Assistance Services – Promotes sexual and reproductive rights. Buffett gave IPAS $20,000,000 for the manufacturer and distribution of manual abortion suction pumps for use in poor countries.
· Population Council – $3,500,000. One of the oldest population control and abortion research agencies in the United States .

· Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice – $700,000. Recruits and engages churches and clergy in supporting abortion rights.

· NARAL – $1,500,000. A promoter of abortion rights in the United States .

· Catholics for a Free Choice – $485,000. Money used to challenge and undermine Catholic opposition to abortion.

· Center for Reproductive Rights – $737,000. Carries out pro-abortion litigation. Helped strike down Nebraska 's ban on partial-birth abortion/infanticide.

· National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy – $250,000. A pro-abortion group that targets teens.

· Family Health International – $20,000,000. Specializes in mass sterilization and abortifacients and "menstrual regulation" kits and abortion vacuum aspirators.

· Family Care International – Promotes abortion and mass population control projects.

· Pathfinder International – $582,000. Promotes abortion rights and services.

· Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation – Provides millions of dollars for abortion rights groups including many of the above groups.

· Access Project – $496,000. Promotes abortion rights and services.

· GIRE – $485,000. Promotes abortion rights and services in Mexico .

The record is clear – the hands of Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett are soaked with the innocent blood of millions of unborn children. The only question that remains is "Is the body count high enough for CRS to dump the death peddlers as donors?"


The objective of this mailing is to persuade the American Bishops, especially those who serve on the Board of Directors of CRS, to publicly reject any and all donations from the Gates and Buffett Foundations and any other corporation or government entity that funds and promotes anti-life, anti-family and anti-God programs, services, and research in the United States and abroad. The message is simple - "Just say no"…. to the death peddlers.

As with the scandal-ridden Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholics should withhold all funding of Catholic Relief Services until this blatant injustice is publicly corrected. The CRS National Diocesan Campaign is usually held on the 4th Sunday of Lent. This will give CRS officials time to take action.

Unlike the CCHD, which should be disbanded, CRS, founded in 1943, has a long history of legitimate service to the Church especially in regard to refugee settlement and emergency disaster relief programs. The tragedy is that it has become just another compromised entity of the American Bishops' national bureaucracy which systematically poisons everything it touches. The removal of the Bill and Melinda Gates and Buffett Foundations from the roster of CRS partners/donors list is important, but the problems with CRS run much deeper and are unlikely to be resolved by the liberal, leftist establishment and staff that runs and controls the USCCB.

As things stands now, faithful Catholics need to look elsewhere for legitimate Catholic charities and missions to support.

USCL Action Alert

Please send your letters, e-mails, and faxes asking Archbishop Timothy Dolan to take the lead in severing all CRS, and other USCCB agency ties with the Gates and Buffett Foundations. They are not the only anti-life partners that CRS has teamed up with, but they are the worst.

A list of bishops who serve on the Board of Directors of CRS is provided below. If your bishop is on that list, please make him your top priority. If not, please send your communication to Archbishop Dolan, 1011 First Avenue, New York , NY 10022.

Phone: 212-371-1000.

CRS Board of Directors
Most Rev. Timothy Dolan - Chairman
Archbishop of New York

Most Rev. J. Kevin Boland
Bishop of Savannah

Most Rev. Timothy Broglio
Archbishop of Military Services

Most Rev. Patrick R. Cooney
Bishop of Gaylord

Most Rev. Daniel Flores
Aux. Bishop of Detroit

Most Rev. Martin D. Holley
Aux. Bishop of Washington , D.C.

Most Rev. Joseph E. Kurtz
Archbishop of Louisville , KY

Most Rev. Denis J. Madden
Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick
Archbishop Emeritus of Washington , DC

Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan
Archbishop of Santa Fe

Most Rev. George L. Thomas
Bishop of Helena

Most Rev. John Charles Wester
Bishop of Salt Lake City

*The USCL wishes to express its appreciation to LifeSiteNews for their August 1, 2003 article "Buffett Foundation donations, 2001-02."

** For additional information contact Randy Engel, Director, US CL at 724-327-7379 or

End of Email

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Archbishop Nienstedt hosted Dissident Jesuit Against His Own Policy

This is a recap of the aforementioned event at Our Lady of Grace Parish in Edina, Minnesota, a large, white trimmed, church campus that looks more like a protestant megachurch in a disneyfied colonial style. It's actually difficult to descry a church structure amid the cluster of buildings.

Controversial, pro-homosexual speaker, Fr. Kevin Burke led a retreat at a Catholic Parish earlier this month in opposition to Archdiocesan Policy established by the allegedly conservative Archbishop Nienstedt (Who also supports Socialized Medicine and the CCHD). The response from the Archdiocese to this problem was not decisive and it wasn't in line with its own directives.

As a response to this problem, we just received an e-mail from a probable local yokel named, Peter Canisius, which was written by the Communications Director of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis; which seems to be directed at us, reproduced here in its entirety:

You and I both know who you really are and that you are not a dead Jesuit saint but a poor deluded soul who has tried to serve as some kind of avenging angel to the Church and the Archdiocese over the years. Now I know who disrupted my afternoon with your phone call and your unwillingness to listen to facts.

How dare you defame Archbishop Nienstedt with a fake news release like this that is totally untrue. He issued no "document" to Our Lady of Grace or its Adult Formation Office affirmation that Father Kevin Burke SJ is a priest in good standing and that Liberation Theology is fully in line with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church." This is not only false, but you have committed the sin of calumny in distributing this falsehood.

Since you are such a self appointed guardian of our Church's teachings and the "Magisterium[''s" edicts, you must know that Archbishop Nienstedt is always a faithful follower of both. He has, as you must know, again, prohibited a number of scheduled speakers who did not conform with the Church's teachings from speaking at some of our parishes. At his direction, I personally called the office of the provincial for the Jesuit Order in California and was told that Father Burke is absolutely a priest in good standing with their order. Who are you to deny their authority?

And Archbishop Nienstedt has never approved Father Burke's appearance nor issued any proclamation. I presented him with the information he had asked for and he has not chosen to interfere in this priest's appearance at the parish. We have, however, also been in touch with the parish and directed them to speak with Father Burke in advance to assure that he does not make statements that conflict with the teachings of the Church.

How dare you accuse the Archbishop of violating both the terms of the Manhattan declaration and his own Speakers Policy? Shame on you!

Dennis McGrath
Director of Communications
Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

It is a confusing letter, not to mention strident, and is confused about the Archdiocese's own policy regarding Catholic speakers which forbids them from speaking on Diocesan property (which did occur) if their writings are not harmonius with Catholic teaching; and we've already demonstrated that the Jesuit speaker, Fr. Kevin Burke is far from problematic, indeed, his writings reek of heresy. We've also demonstrated that the organizer of the event, Terry Grieb, is a member of the CCCR (Catholic Coalition for Church Reform). In the course of our phone call, Mr. McGrath did mention this organization and said that he and the Archbishop had cancelled several events sponsored by them. Why indeed have they permitted this to take place?

It makes the Archdiocese look bad if it has policies that it isn't enforcing. It almost looks as if the Archbishop isn't really serious about combating error. We made Mr. McGrath aware of the event and he became very angry. In any event, he admits in the letter that he was aware of Father Burke SJ, he admitted that he knew Liberation Theology was bad (and that Fr. Burke promotes it in his writings) but insisted that merely getting a verbal agreement was sufficient to ensure that no error would be taught at the retreat on the 7th and 8th of December. Mr. McGrath accused someone of calumny, we're not sure who, but is he aware there is a commandment against lying?

We've also heard that a local Bishop actually said the event had been cancelled, but we were there. Fr. Burke SJ was present, so the talk went on as planned, against Archdiocesan Policy.

All that taken into account, the current pastor, Father Bob Schwartz, by virtue of his assocation with the aforementioned CCCR, Father Kevin Burke SJ, and his assigned reading list featuring books by dissident authors should be sufficient to demonstrate the problematic nature, not only of the talk which recently took place, but of Father Bob Schwartz himself, who by his assigned writings, promotes an environment of dissent and departure from Catholic teaching, writers like Sr. Joan Chittister (women's ordination, homosexuality) and Fr. Richard Rohr would not be welcome speakers at the Archdiocese of St. Paul, that is, if the policy in place were actually enforced at least as we understand it.

One thing's for sure, you won't be in danger of getting instruction on the Catholic Faith by reading Father Bob's Book List, which we will reproduce here:


General Spiritual Enrichment:
Finding Sanctuary - Monastic Steps for Everyday Life
By Abbot Christopher Jamison - Liturgical Press [not a reliable publisher]
Finding Happiness - Monastic Steps far a Fulfilling Life
By Abbot Christopher Jamison - Liturgical Press
Forgotten Among the Lilies - Learning to Love Beyond Our Fears [meaningless self-help]
By Fr. Ronald Rolheiser - Doubleday
The Holy Longing - A Search for Christian Spirituality
By Fr. Ronald Rolheiser - Doubleday (Also almost anything else by him)

My Life With the Saints
By Fr. James Martin, SJ - Loyola Press
A Jesuit Off-Broadway [campy]
By Fr. James Martin, SJ
For an even deeper look at the Spiritual Life:
A Blessed Life: Benedictine Guidelines for Those Who
Long for Good Days
By Wil Derkse - Liturgical Press
For Men/ Fathers. Sons and Grandfathers:
Wild at Heart - Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul
By John Eldredge - Nelson Books
The Way of the Wild Heart-A Map of the Masculine Journey
By John Eldredge - Nelson Books
Adam's Return - The Five Promises of Male Initiation
By Fr. Richard Rohr - Crossroad Book
For Anyone Over Sixty:
The Gift of Years - Growing Older Gracefully
By Sr. Joan Chisttister - BlueBridge
"I recommend all of these books very highly. The last one is especially good
reading for anyone who experiencing the troubling questions of aging." [How about preparing for death by having a good confession?]

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Archbishop of Galveston thinks even less of Catholicism than of Jews

This Archbishop must think the Catholic laity is stupid and will simply keep on shelling out the contributions, supporting his liberal resolutions and even buying him dinner once in awhile for the sake of his jolly company.

Reminiscing like a battle hardened journalist, the Bishop of Galveston talks about how far we've come from those times when we actually thought the Catholic Church was important enough that we actually took the Gospels seriously when reading the Great Commission to go forth and make disciples of all nations (including the Jews). The Archbishop confidently contradicts all of this, heretically, and of course, since most people are aware that he knows his religious beliefs are tin plated but committed to the same ideas of liberalism he's committed to, they aren't going to be rude enough to point out to him that he's just contradicted the prophetic and integral portion of the Catholic religion.

We have no doubts he will never convert a Jew. Like Cardinal Cushing of Boston, he'll probably never convert anyone, because he has nothing to give.

Nostra Aetate implicitly acknowledged that Israel remains in a covenant with God, and later Pope John Paul II made it explicit that Jews are “the people of God of the Old Covenant, never revoked by God.”

Article here...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Somewhere in Switzerland: Theologian complains about Benedict's success.

Somewhere in Switzerland, an elderly, EX-theologian ponders a cup of coffee laced with liberal amounts of Jägermeister and looks out of his window, reflectively like you'd expect an ex-theologian would, to those legendary Swiss Alps. Suddenly, the phone rings. He lays aside the copy of America Magazine and answers the phone.

"Hey, Hans. This is Mori, from your publisher Burns and Oats."

"Yes, hello."

"I need you to do something for me. I want you to write something about this Anglican Reunimaccallit."

"Ok. Have you sent my royalty check?"

There's a long pause.

"Don't worry, it should be there any day."

After about five minutes of effort, he hits the "send" key on his brand-new MacBook, as easyKü and you can read it here: