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Friday, August 16, 2013

Prosecutors Find No Criminal Incident Involving Seminarians Kicked Out Over "Anti-Semitism"

(Würzburg) The "right-wing extremist incidents" [What about left-wing extremist incidents?] in the seminary of Würzburg are proven what they were: a soap bubble. The prosecutor stated that she saw "no reason" for the initiation of an investigation. This was reported by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Würzburg Dietrich Geuder. All three of the prosecutors reported there was "no criminality" in the "incidents". (on the events in Würzburg see Report ). Thus, the diocesan leadership of Würzburg has some explaining to do, but the prosecutor's announcement comes too late for the two dismissed seminarians.

Katolische Nachrichten's hysteria led several major media including the Süddeutsche Zeitung to blast headlines such as "right-wingers in the Church" or "Brown Network in the Seminary", the diocese to have an immediate internal "investigation commission", which included both the Bishop of Würzburg and the Archbishop of Bamberg. In addition, in the name of perfect "transparency" there was also called an external inquiry commission under the chairmanship of former top state judges. The piquant thing was that the former judge sits on the Board of Donum Vitae Bayern and thus actually is contrary to the Catholic Church.

The spokesman for the Diocese of Würzburg has now declared quite rightly that the findings of the prosecutors of no criminal activity has nothing to do with the Church internal review of the suitability of a seminarian for the priesthood. Würzburg's Bishop Friedhelm Hofmann had specifically convened a press conference on the 31st of July and told them that two seminarians were dismissed by him and Archbishop Schick, because these are "serious" incidents showing they would not have the necessary "human maturity and pastoral competence" to the priesthood.

What remains is a tempest in a teacup, a genuflection before the secular media, probably an internal church intrigue and two seminarians whose path has been sacrificed to the priesthood to political correctness. In Germany it is not easy to become a priest.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sufi Dancers in the Church

 Edit: the abomination of desolation. This report comes from the German District of the SSPX.

Incomprehensible but completely in the spirit of the Council, which is stated in the Constitution “Nostra Aetate”:

The Church regards with esteem also the Moslems. They adore the one God, living and subsisting in Himself; merciful and all- powerful, the Creator of heaven and earth,(5) who has spoken to men

We learn how this “adoration” appears in practice from the Augustinian Church in Würzburg. There the Islamic Sufis dance at the beginning of Lent!

The Augustinian Church looks like a museum or a gathering hall after its renovation, than a Church. But as the “Dance of the Sufis” takes place, its formal desecration a church is complete.

Why the Bishop of Würzburg is also “silent” here remains a mystery.

In the announcement on the homepage is is described as an “Ensemble for Islamic Music”:

In the context of the 12th Würzburg Lenten Courses in the Augustinian Church, there will be traditional Islamic Dervishes dancing on Saturday (7:30). The course of the evening will be in the hands of Seref Dalyanoglu, who is also the representative for the Dervishes and other musicians of the Ensemble for Islamic Music.

Worse still is a participant's obituary of the event. It had not only been a dance, “but much more a special form of prayer to God by the Sufis”.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Würzburg Vicar Hw. Thomas Eschenbacher and Protestant functionary Kirsten Oldenburg Jointly Organize an Ecumenical Sideshow

New liturgical element: "ecumenical" dialogue
 sermon in rhyme; Picture: Press Office Diocese of Würzburg / Mohr
Once there had been a happy hour in the land, as on the 17th of January 2013 of the first Carnival Society of Elferrat Würzburg publicly held this years church conference in Neumuensterkirche.

"In the thick of things" is the Würzburg Cathedral Vicar with the Protestant official, who -- as explained in preparation -- had decided on the somewhat looser form of Liturgy of the Word,  probably in order not to completely ignore the liturgical progress of the Church.

"Vanishing Justice" of the Preaching Dialog

A modern, zeigeisty innovation, perhaps even according to the invocation of the "sprit of Vatican II" Fr. Eschenbacher put the liturgical elements of the preaching dialog in rhyme:  "... that only talking's not enough, where justice takes a puff" was clearly the dialogs choice piece.

It had been a balancing act, said the Cathedral Vicar.  "I can also understand, that not everyone found it enjoyable."  But: "everything took place with dignity."

Joy of the Instructor of Pastoral Theology

A Pastoral Theologian was also completely overjoyed (a kind of miracle in the Post-Conciliar Church): "Carnival belongs to the life of the people just as to the Church.  I think the connection between them both is very exciting."

In the Diocese of Wurzburg the main goal of the Pastoral Theologian, "the consequent search for the outline of our vocation in the transform of the structures in the Diocese and with thus connected pastoral tasks and focal points.

Exit of the Fool

At the end the fool was applauded to the church door -- and in the midst of it all the Cathedral Rector.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Former Cathedral of Wurzburg is Now a Provincial Art Gallery!

Left: Picture of what was onceWurzburg Cathedral
Rechts: Der verwüstete Dom.
© POW, Pressebilder Bistum Würzburg
The Abomination of Desolation

Satan reigns:  The Wurzburg Cathedral has become refashioned as a horrifying tomb of the Catholic Faith.

(, Würzburg)  On the first Advent Sunday a Wurzburg Cathedral made desolate by 3.1 million Euro will be reopened.

This was reported by the Diocese of Wurzburg in a press release.  The destructive work on the Cathedral lasted sixteen months.

12,000 Cubic Meters of Dead White

The colorful decoration on 12,000 cubic meters of wall and ceiling have been erased.
How much??

Fifteen painters painted the interior space bare white.

A Cathedral as a Galerie for Pseudo-Art

The place on the former high alter -- where once the tabernacle stood -- was ripped out by the Bishop to nail in his throne.

The brushed white Cathedral is now arranged like a provincial museum.  There have been 26 so-called art works displayed.

Some of the installations are made of smeared colors or from unrecognizable portrayals of Christ.

Old Figures Artistically Butchered
So Ecumaniacal!

In the Cathedral some of the neighboring rooms were made, which have been designated as "chapels".

In the new crypt there stands -- like an exhibit piece - a beautiful Marian figure from the 16th century is on a metal rod.

Otherwise there is a Pieta- representation inviting to prayer.  Unfortunately it will be slapped against a giant gold wall in the back ground.

One of the 26 figures removed

A sculpture -- which bears the title "The Victim" -- is going to be missing as it makes the rounds for journalists on the 13th November.

The figure shows an oppressed naked torso -- which clearly doesn't represent Christ.

It doesn't have any authorization from the Cathedral Chapter -- explains the Diocesan speaker its absence.

The prepared niche is still empty.  The Diocese is now seeking a suitable place for the naked figure.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Wurzburg: Will This Diocese Have to Sign the Doctrinal Preamble Too?

Denial of the Council: The church paper of the Diocese of Wurzburg has distorted the secure secret of the Assumption into its opposite.

( The 'Catholic Würzburg Sunday News' is the church paper of the Diocese of Würzburg. Your editor is the old liberal Wolfgang Bullin.

What is the Assumption?

The actual number published a rabidly heretical interpretation of the Solemnity of the Assumption.

The doctrine was declared at first November 1950 by Pope Pius XII. in the Apostolic Constitution "Munificentissimus Deus".

The body of the church newspaper even quotes from it: "The spotless, perpetual Virgin Mary Mother of God, after she had finished their earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory."

Now it twists
This statement is turned into its very opposite, for example, the church newspaper maintains that the phrase is "problematic for many". But the problems are only the twisting of the diocesan sheet. This works with a little known distinction between soul and body: "Actually, a body does not mean corpus." [The distinction between Leib and Korper in German is something like the distinction between figure and person.]

That's right front is not rear

Then, they lied without batting an eyelid. When it means, "that Mary's body and soul went to God, so this is nothing other than what the Christian faith for all hoped for: that we human beings as a whole person, as an unmistakable I is taken after death to God."
From front to back, that's wrong.

The Mother of God is a special case

The souls awaiting the saints in heaven - with the exception of the Mother of God - await the resurrection the flesh and union with her, who are ​still in the ground with their dormant corpses or bodies.

This is something that the incompetent leaders of the 'Würzburg Catholic Sunday Journal" would have been able to read in every child's Catechism.

Rejection of Vatican II

The article provides an open rejection of the Second Vatican Council.

It can be found in the Church Constitution Lumen Gentium 68:

". In the interim just as the Mother of Jesus, glorified in body and soul in heaven, is the image and beginning of the Church as it is to be perfected is the world to come, so too does she shine forth on earth, until the day of the Lord shall come,(304) as a sign of sure hope and solace to the people of God during its sojourn on earth. "

In other words, what is applicable to the Mother of God, is not even for everyone else.

Completely fallen from the faith

Pius XII. speaks in "Deus Munificentissimus" about the heretical authors such as the bishopric of Würzburg spreading such heresies, with the following judgment:

"Therefore, if God forbid anyone deny this truth, which has been defined by us, consciously, or dares to question it, let him know that he has dropped completely from the divine and Catholic faith. "

This scandal in the diocese of Würzburg can not easily be ignored.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wurzburg: Blasphemy on Display Reveals the Modernism

The Conciliarism leads to this: it attempts to lead the world to believe, that our Savior Jesus Christ has no place in it.
© Markus Hauck (POW)

( The Diocese of Wurzburg is displaying in its Cathedral museum  a mockery of the Last Super on a permanent basis.

The Diocese of Wurzburg reported that today,

The abomination was born of the Munich painter and stage builder, Henning von Gierke (64).

Faces from the Familiar

The faces on the figures of the Last Supper mockery have been borrowed from his immediate surroundings.

So it is that on this picture his wife, both of his children and his mother are depicted.

Christ is Absent

The male and female pictures of the Last Supper parody are partly clothed and partly unclothed.

A naked man lies under the table.

The place of Christ in the Last Supper mockery is empty.

In the mean time a projector will play the face of the current visitor, even as he sits on the bench before the abomination.

Ivory Tower Bloviating

The art director of the Diocese of Wurzburg, Jurgen Lenssen, dutifully praised the representation.

They present existential questions -- he blundered on.

The naked figures were allegedly meant to represent "the woundedness of people".

Whoever steps into the room will be drawn into the "stage of life" and must find a place there:

"The Last  Super to me, everything, where the celebration of life happens" --  Lennssen dissolves the core even of Christianity into nothing.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mainz Cardinal Criticizes Mass of All Ages

The stupid Traditionalists don't see through the zeitgeist of the "historical relativism" of the immemorial, unchangeable liturgy -- opines the Prelate.
Old Liberal Cardinal Lehman at Lecture in Wurzburg

( of the post-Conciliar liturgical reform, who are attached to "immemorial, unchangeable forms", do not see through "the historical relativism".

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz said this on Saturday during a lecture about the liturgical reform at the St. Burkardus-House in Wurzburg.

This was according to the Press Office of the Diocese of Wurzburg.

The occasion of the lecture was the 47th anniversary of the publication of the Conciliar Documents on the Liturgy of "Sancrosanctum Concilium".

The pastoral and liturgical break after the Pastoral Council was termed by Cardinal Lehman as a "great work".

The Pastoral Council is said to have nourished "the meaning of the Liturgy for the life of the Church" -- joked the Cardinal just then.

Then he said, that the Pastoral Council did not issue "a charter to make one's own forms", although that -- with the complete agreement of the Bishop-- is what happened.

The arbitrariness and lawlessness after the Council was supposedly not a goal of the reform.

The Cardinal continued, saying, that it was good, when the divine services brings "our lives" into fullness-- without clarifying what he meant with that.

Then on the other hand he said that one must "altogether" give room for Jesus Christ.

© Bild: POW, Pressebild Bistum Würzburg