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Monday, November 17, 2014

Highest Religious of Austria Demands Women's Ordination With Church Rebels

Abt Christian Haidinger calls for end to discrimination against women by the Church
Edit:  "Non Serviam".

(Vienna) The senior abbot of the Austrian Benedictine Abbey of Altenburg, Christian Haidinger, feels himself called since his election as President of the Conference of Superiors of Male Religious Communities in Austria,  to publicly attack the Catholic Church and this, primarily on issues that do not concern him as a monk. In a study conference "Women in the Church. Equal dignity - Equal Rights"  Haidinger again renewed the call for women priests.

Abbot Haidinger  has presided over a Benedictine abbey till last March 14,  he is now Abbot President of the Austrian Benedictine Congregation and President of the aforementioned  Conference of Superiors of Austrian male  religious.  There is no higher religious in the Alpine republic. Elected on 25 November 2013,  as President of Major Superiors, he gave an interview upon his entrance in which he berated the Catholic teaching on marriage as a "disaster" and castigated the Church's handling of remarried divorcees as inhuman. He also called for the abolition of priestly celibacy and the admission of women to the priesthood. Amazing polemical, regarding women priests, even heretical statements that have nothing to do with  Benedictine monastic orders. The ecclesiastical hierarchy was habitually silent on the precipitation of the Abbot President.

Heretical  Trysts and disobedient initiatives with Abbot President

Then  Abbot Haidinger asserted this: the No to women priests, it will not stay. Haidinger  proposed to organizers with the suggestion that the religious "considers it not only possible but urgently desirable for"  women to be ordained. 
Relevantly positioned teams invited last Saturday in St. Pölten for the conference "Women in the Church. Equal dignity - equal rights ". The title was program. The result, which was reflected in a resolution at the end,  was already clear before the beginning. Invited were the heretical organization "We Are Church", the disobedient priests of the "pastor initiative", the left Catholic Catholic Women's Movement Austria (KFBÖ), the notoriously progressive St. Pölten "Forum XXIII.," The group "Priest Without Office" and the same spectrum belonging "Taxhamer Parish Council Initiative". The meeting was also included the "Fall Meeting of Reform Initiatives," which is referred to the left side of the Church itself.
Abbot President Haidinger was thus in a society that is more outside than inside the Church. The perspective can be turned around, making it clear how far heretical and  schismatic positions are penetrated into the Church, of course. Never the less it should be told how far these positions are already recognized in the Church in Austria, when  the bureaucratic, highest religious representative of Austria it taken into account, so  assuredly  moves in these circles and accepts its positions as its own.

I Am "Not Alone": Majority of Theologians for Women Priests, Bishops Also for Frauendiakonat

Event advertised on website of the Diocese of St. Pölten
Haidinger flirted in his talk with the new modesty. As the "little monk" he had nothing to propose to the   question of women, but then he did it. "The time will come when women will also get access to our Church offices, which are now reserved exclusively to men." The Abbot President portrayed himself as the preventive courageous sacrifice, for he foresees that he for his criticism and demands  must "take a beating". There's no sense that this is going to happen, for  In St. Pölten, Haidinger only met with vigorous applause.
But, as the Abbot President, he knew he is  "not alone" in his demands. Actually that is to say that a majority of theologians agree. He even knew of bishops who were in favor, "at least  to admit women to the diaconate." There are "theological reasons" for the admission of women to the ordained ministries. In addition, we have had "encouraging experience" with women in pastoral positions and finally there were "great theologians". There were hurdles but  Abbot Haidinger sees no obstacles for women priests only because of the predictable "great irritation" of the Orthodox, who would burden the ecumenical dialogue.  For his thesis, the abbot appealed to  Pope Francis before the Synod of Bishops  for a  "desired open and frank discussion" in the Church. The Pope himself spoke of a need to "deepen the woman question", said Haidinger.
In addition to the Benedictine Abbot President, the feminist theologian Grazer Frau Fischer spoke. Fischer is a member of the advisory board for the new translation of the "Bible in just language". Petra Steinmair-Pösel talked about "the current situation of young women and theologians in the Church" is based on "The latest material from the sociology of religion studies with Prof. (Paul) Zulehner".  Also, there was an "Experience Report of a Nun" by Sr. Maria Schlackl SDS from Linz, a "Salvatorian of the Passion".

Resolution Calls for "The End of Discrimination Against Women" by the Church

The study meeting called in the final resolution for an  "end discrimination against women" through and in the Church. Those present agreed that the exclusion of women from the priesthood is an "impermissible discrimination" is the true remedy it. Finally, women have "effected and inspired" the Church, which is why their exclusion from ordained ministries is untenable.
The resolution reads: "The exclusion of women from the priesthood is a discrimination that can not blame  Jesus for the argument that he  didn't grant them authority. Already, due to the natural divine law, no discrimination is inadmissible; to turn it off, it does not require any special authority. "
The "Fall Conference" demonstratively ended with a "celebration of the Word of God, which was headed by women". The venue was the formation house St. Hyppolit in the diocese of St. Pölten.
Of the said diocese and the competent diocesan Bishop Klaus Küng (Opus Dei) there has been no opinion on the meeting, the resolution and the appearance of Abbot President Haidinger. On the website of the Diocese the meeting was about the Catholic Women's Movement advertised in the official calendar of events. The Diocese of St. Pölten was headed, until 2004 by the late, militant Bishop Kurt Krenn, who braced himself against heretical positions and was brutally put down by the same circles.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: My district / Hilda Schwameis (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dozens of French Clergy Say: I Have Already "Married" Divorced and Homosexuals

(Rome) 75 French priests and deacons say they are prepare to ecclesiastically marry divorced. No, even aberrosexual pairs. In the clergy there are liturgical trapeze artists. They purport they are entitled to Christ, the Church and the Sacraments, finally even human happiness itself. "Behind this hide the same methods, which are applied to hand communion," says Riposte Catholique. Will Pope Francis react as Paul VI?

Whoever still didn't know it, knows it now: dozens of Catholic priests are outspokenly saying they have already "married" divorced and homosexuals.
This was the shocking assertion of the
Conférence catholique des baptisé-e-s francophones (Catholic Conference of French Speaking Baptized Men and Women). The assertions were clear. 75 priests and deacons maintain, they are breaking Church law and giving the Sacrament of matrimony according to their own discretion. The disobedient priest and deacons are getting a head start with a view to the Bishops' Synod on the Family in October. They clearly have an expectation that their "abuse of the Sacraments" (Corrispondenza Romana) will be officially imposed and raised to the level of normalcy . In this manner, they are attempting to put pressure on the Bishops' Synod. One of the many progressive and heretical attempts to extort the current ecclesiastical leadership.

Invalid Nuptials in Churches

The 75 French deacons and priests are celebrating "weddings" between two people, of which one or both are objectively barred a Church wedding, because they were married in the Church,
even though they were civilly divorced. Civil marriages do not involve the Church. Ecclesiastical marriage, thus a Sacrament, is valid for life. A divorce is not possible. An ecclesiastical annulment can only determine, if an ecclesiastical marriage was validly consecrated and if there were no objective impediments at the time of marriage. In this case the marriage can be declared invalid. It had never existed.

Similarly invalid are "marriages" of people divorced in the Church, and likewise if aberrosexuals It is considered merely as a mockup of a Church act without any validity. That raised the question why these are generally being addressed at all. Then there is also the more pressing fraud deacons and priests engage upon, when they fool such people with marriage. On disciplinarian questions there is another question, as to how much guilt they bear in which they are engaged in such blasphemous mockeries of the sacraments. In stead of an advantage, such a farce of marriage does serious spiritual damage to those participating in it. Not least is the damage to the Church's image and the confusion such acts, n
Which go unchecked, cause among the faithful, those of other confessions and non-Christians.

Just as the sacramental marriage is indissoluble, every "marriage" of persons who are objectively hindered, and in such an impediment, as it is known to be a concrete case is null and void from the very start. Canon law leaves not the slightest doubt on this case: "The essential properties of marriage are unity and indissolubility; in christian marriage they acquire a distinctive firmness by reason of the sacrament."(Canon 1056)
For Some Clergy No Rules Are Valid
– How is it With Reality?

Actually for some priests and deacons there are no rules that seem to be valid. Because ultimately, the sacrament have no validity? The shocking suspicion, that they themselves have fallen from the faith, won't be hard to discount. More than 60 percent of priests have reported that in contentious situations, or in those where there are clearly objective impediments to marriage, neither appeal to the competent pastor, nor bishop. They "celebrate" much more for customer inquiries, as requested like service persons, and they're done. The next request. The word "celebrate" is flexible anyway. One "celebrates" a party. That's what it's all about. To celebrate a party is fun. Every opportunity is good for that, even in the Church, even if for "heterodox" reasons, like the instrumentality toward the Bishops' Synod to have the wishes of the baptized addressed, to put the sacraments of the Church in question, which can not be applied in the Church, nor binding.

Slight of Hand: "Blessing" Instead of Sacrament

The "Liturgical Trapeze Artists", says Corrispondenza Romana, are not embarrassed. They are trying to employ euphemisms to their abuse, so that their "celebrations" are "only" simple blessings in the Church, but not a Sacrament. For that priests and deacons make excuses for the "Farce", which is just a game. There isn't a sensible doubt: what these disobedient priests and deacons mercilessly injure, that they would also if there was an opportunity, even mercilessly abolish and alter. Which in turn raises the question of their personal faith.

Through the slight of hand of a supposed "blessing", which is only a simulated ceremony that looks like a wedding, the disobedient priest and deacons assume completely for themselves the pretension, of being completely within the bounds if Church law and not to have crossed any ecclesiastical limits. Dialectics make much possible. The question of intellectual honesty is not considered. And not only that. macht viel möglich, sehr viel.

They Haven't Read Familiaris Consortio

In Familiaris Consortio Pope John Paul II wrote to the remarried and divorced:

"However, the Church reaffirms her practice, which is based upon Sacred Scripture, of not admitting to Eucharistic Communion divorced persons who have remarried. They are unable to be admitted thereto from the fact that their state and condition of life objectively contradict that union of love between Christ and the Church which is signified and effected by the Eucharist. Besides this, there is another special pastoral reason: if these people were admitted to the Eucharist, the faithful would be led into error and confusion regarding the Church's teaching about the indissolubility of marriage.

And addressing the entire question still more clearly:

"Similarly, the respect due to the sacrament of Matrimony, to the couples themselves and their families, and also to the community of the faithful, forbids any pastor, for whatever reason or pretext even of a pastoral nature, to perform ceremonies of any kind for divorced people who remarry. Such ceremonies would give the impression of the celebration of a new sacramentally valid marriage, and would thus lead people into error concerning the indissolubility of a validly contracted marriage."

"Arrogant and Sacrilegious Audacity"

Seven of the 75 polled disobedient asserted that they had also already "blessed" aberrosexual couples. 39 respondents admitted that they are prepared, if the opportunity presents itself. "The arrogant and sacrilegious audacity of these disobedient priests and deacons requires a clear and immediate answer from competent Church authority," so says Corrispondenza Romana.

The situation is, however, not that as it is, as when they would be attending their competent positions. The Catholic French daily, La Croix, owned by the Bishops' Conference, limited it's report to the laconic observation that the "question of 'second marriage' which is one of the sensible questions, which will be addressed by the Bishops' Sunod from the 5-19th of October in Rome.

Same Methods Accompanied the Introduction of Hand Communion

According to Riposte Catholique, there is an intended strategy behind this, to influence the Bishops' Synod according to the motto: since some are already doing it at present it would be better to make it a rule. That is, says Riposte Catholique, exactly the method that introduced hand Communion. In order to hinder Paul VI from strengthening hand Communion, the "Rhenish Alliance" intervened with the statement that such a step would do more damage to the Church than good, because this praxis is already in general use in many parishes and tacitly accepted. Paul VI. "The sorry results of this decision, to interpret it as harmless, is well known. And how will Pope Francis act?," asks Corrispondenza, leaving the question hanging in the air.

Text:Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holland's Bishops in Rome -- Holland's "Progressive" Direction "Manifesto" to Pope Francis

(Amsterdam) There are rumors on the progressive wing of the Catholic Church in the German speaking nations, that the Lower German Dutch are to be added. From theologians Manifesto "We want women Cardinals" about the uprising German Bishops and Ordinaries against the indissolubility of the marriage sacrament, on the demand for priestesses by the new President of the Superior Conference of Male Religious Communities in Austria, is immediately seconded by the President of the Association of Women's Orders of Austria to the memorandum Cologne Catholics for an anti-Meisner as the next Archbishop of Cologne, the bandwidth registers nervous twitches. The latter demand is reminiscent of the desire for an anti-Benedict XVI. as the new Pope. The bishops of the Netherlands are on an ad limina visit to Rome. These progressive groups have written a "manifesto" to Pope Francis, in which they make statements of support for the new head of the Church as a "defender" of the Church and of the Church's heritage. However, the ulterior motives are different.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Rebel Pastor" Bernard Kroll Will be the President of the Catholic Workers' Movement of Eichstät

On the 10th Anniversary of His Betrayal of Christ
[Bild: kreuz-net/Archiv]
"Rebel priest" Bernhard Kroll is Programme Director of Pastoral Workers of the Diocese of Eichstätt Kroll was rightly suspended because of prohibited participation in a Protestant communion with the "Ecumenical" Church Day in Berlin by Bishop Mixa. Now he is promised a management function.

"Ecumenism" - A Plague of [Bad] Advice

Driven mainly by Protestants and Leftist "Catholics" as a hobby, "ecumenism" has as its primary purpose to enfeeble, and to pull down Roman Catholic values ​​and beliefs to Protestants level.

To date, it is certainly not known if Protestants are coming to the Catholic Church. The former cult director and current ambassador of the Reformation, Margot Käßmann, who drank her way out of her former office, expects a "positive signal for ecumenism", quite the opposite for the Luther celebration in 2017.

At the same time it is clear: "The divisive - Papacy, Marian devotion, theological understandings of the official Church and the Eucharist - will remain of course."

In other words: the Catholic Church is to move towards heresy after example of the Protestants.

Abusers Lord's Supper

In connection with the "Ecumenical" Church Day in May 2003, in Berlin, he cooperated in celebrating Eucharist with the later banned, Emeritus Theology Professor Gotthold Hasenhüttl, in the Gethsemane Lutheran Church and Fr. Bernhard Kroll, pastor in Franconia Großhabersdorf, had used members of the Protestant cult as lackeys.

Out of sheer greed for public acclaim, he was also filmed here.

Fr. Gotthold Hasenhüttl celebrated Holy Mass in a Lutheran church. For supper he invited everyone present explicitly - Catholics, heretics and infidels.

Hw. Hasenhüttl described in an interview with the anti-Catholic polemic journal "The Mirror", the Papal encyclicals - like those of Pope John Paul II, with which it is clearly presented by the Holy Father that Catholics attending the Protestant type of the "Eucharist" is forbidden - as a "contribution to the discussion by the Pope".


Fr. Kroll continued the compare the celebration of Holy Communion in the Church of the presence of God as the same as a mere memorial by Protestants.

Fr. Kroll knows that the participation of a Catholic priest in vestments in a Protestant wine tasting with bread is forbidden.

But that did not bother him.

On the contrary, he had even accepted the action taken, even expected sanctions by the Church - "but at most with a warning, or a leave of absence."

Proper response of Bishop Mixa

Instead, the then Bishop Walter Mixa had done the right thing: He suspended Fr. Kroll a few days later, prohibiting any celebration of the Eucharist and relieved him of his duties as President of the Diocesan Catholic Youth Community (KJG). The official website of the Diocese of Eichstätt euphemistically describes it ten years later (release: July 8, 2013) with, "In the fall of 2003, he resigned [Fr. Kroll, Editor's note] his pastorate and began further studies."

Church from Below

Then the supposedly Catholic associations of de facto Protestants as "We Are Church" attempted to stage a peasant revolt. In a leaflet of the anti-Roman "Church People's Movement" ("We Are Church") you availed the mobilization effect and asked the recipients "for their generous (tax-deductible) donation - of course for themselves.

Bishop Mixa was fortunately committed in his objectively well-founded decision.

But he also receives unintentional praise from "We are Church": "Walter Mixa, Bishop of Eichstätt, for whom the Pope is a welcome guest, who had already made known his unwavering loyalty to the Roman doctrine on the assumption of office."

Support was received for Mixa from his Excellency Meisner, Archbishop of Cologne and Catholic associations like the "Network Catholic Priests": "Kroll is a further indication of the theological and pastoral nadir of German Catholicism."

However, the network of Catholic priests wished even a punishment of unfair practices in the Eucharist even when they are not attacked in the media.

Press Conference by Fr. Kroll

He had been shocked, is what Fr. Kroll reported. Apparently not enough, at a press conference given after his disciplining he shows himself obstinate and refers to previous misdeeds, "church services, weddings and baptisms along with evangelical colleagues are common in my community. The time was ripe to go a step further. I would probably not do it again in this way."

Commendation by Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke on the 10-year anniversary of the suspension

Almost exactly ten years later the incumbent Bishop of Eichstätt Hanke promoted Fr. Kroll, to the order to the diocesan president of the Catholic Workers Movement (KAB). He replaces vicar Michael Konecny, who is now translated to the parish of Buxheim.

Even before that (early 2008) had his Excellency had appointed Kroll as city youth minister in Ingolstadt - how aptly he could convey his Protestant views of equality to the youth right here.

Bishops Promote Anti-Rome Clergy

The new office is to begin for "rebel priest" on the 1st of September, 2013, coinciding with the disobedience Pastor Strohmaier in St. Veit am Vogau in southern Styria.

But that the episcopate also conveys that it is behind the anti-Rome movement or at least approves of this.

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Editor: Bishop Walter Mixa was one of the few German Bishops trying to get it right, and he was trammeled and dismissed over very weak allegations of physically abusing his students.  He was "helped" along by the decadent Cardinals Marx and Zollitsch.  Clearly, he was replaced by a very evil Bishop.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Example of the Priest Shortage in the Tyrolean Diocese of Innsbruck -- False Summary?

(Innsbruck) Next Sunday Bishop Manfred Scheuer of Innsbruck (in office since 2003) will ordain four deacons and priests. A joy for the church as a whole. Nevertheless, it is almost a zero-year for the Austrian diocese. Only one of the new priests ordained for the diocese and this is not from Tyrol, but from Ethiopia. The priesthood receives the Franciscan, John Unterberger from Upper Austria, the former Comboni missionary Korabza Kidane from Ethiopia, the Croatian-born Capuchin, Miro Matekic from Salzburg, and Carinthian Premonstratensian, Maximilian Stefan Thaler of Wilten near Innsbruck.

In 2012, Bishop Scheuer ordained five new priests, two of them for the Diocese of Innsbruck, the East Tyrolean Ferdinand Pittl and the Upper Silesian, Gabriel Thomalla from the Diocese of Opole who is completing his doctoral studies in Innsbruck. The other three new priests are the Tyrolean Premonstratensian, Adrian Gstrein of Wilten, the Tyrolean Jesuit Hans Brandl and the Indian, Julius Desouza, who was ordained for the Diocese of Basel.

2011, the Bishop scoured up only one new priest, the Tyrolean, Bernard Kopp, however, for this diocese.

2010, no ordination

2009, no ordination

2008,Bishop Manfred Scheuer consecrated two deacons and priests, including one for the diocese, the Tyrolean John Laichner. The second was a new priest of Tyrol, Premonstratensians, Jörg Schlechl for Wilten.

2007, Bishop Scheuer, two new priests, both Tyrolean and both for the Diocese of Innsbruck: Hans Jörg Pfurtscheller Sailer and Willi.

The deceased in January Innsbruck's 92 year old, Bishop Reinhold Stecher already desired during his tenure from 1980 to 1997, to resolve the problem of the shortage of priests by the abolition of celibacy and the admission of married men. He volunteered this point of view after his retirement. Most recently in 2011 he expressed sympathy for the rebels' call for disobedience by the priest who was the former Vicar General of Vienna Helmut Schüller, in which women priests were demanded. Stecher weight in for ORF and Tiroler Tageszeitung on his 90th Interviewed birthday, saying there "would be no objection" against a woman consecration in a "purely biblical-dogmatic".

Perhaps Bishop Stecher was himself the reason for the shortage of priests.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Wikicommons Link to katholisches...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Renewal of the Church Through Gentrification and Adultery

Call to Disobedience

The Zeitgeist ones want a lobby for the adulterous.  On the contrary the adulterers don't have any interest in this lobby.

(, Linz)  Yesterday the dissident assocation "Pfarrer-Initiative' held their General Convocation.

This was reported by the anti-Church newspaper 'Der Standard' today.

Most Stayed at Home

At the General Convocation which took place on Sunday of all things,  so only a fifth of the five hundred charter members of the group showed up.

Those present decided to expand the board from eleven to eighteen members.

At a press conference they announced the Zeitgeist concerns yesterday evening, that they intend to hold in disobedience.

They denounced the idea that this is "out of fun and games" -- rather allegedly out of "love of people".

Vienna's Cardinal Pays for His Inactivity

The head of the wheechair reform, Fr. Helmut Schüller wants next to agitate the Parish Council.

They are rebelling against the planned destruction of Vienna's parish structure.

Fr. Schüller expects to organize a meeting for next spring for that reason.

Gentrify the Church

The anti-Church newspaper 'Die Presse' reports that the Disobedience Initiative will stop talking about the laity.

They have invented the term of "Kirchenburger" (Church Citizen).

Additionally the wheel chair reformers want to demand women's ordination in contradiction to the Gospel.

Talk up Adultery

They want to define adultery as a "second marriage".

The same immoral conception must also apply for a third or a fourth marriage and function for bigamy too.

In any case Fr. Schüller wants to "lobby" for adulterers.

The problem: adulterers don't have any interest in the Church.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cardinal Schönborn "I see the danger of a Schism"

© Thomas Beranek, Pressefoto
Austria's Media Bosses Leak Priest Council Protocols

The Old Liberal Viennese Cardinal has turned against the "Ungehorsams-Initiative" in a cosmetic sense. For example: "Please cease travelling: I hope I don't have to put this request in the form of a command."

 (, Vienna) Today the Viennese daily "Kurier" published excerpts from the protocols of the meeting of Vienna's priest council of the 10th of May. There the founder of the 'Ungehorsams-Initiative" [Call to Disobedience] , Father Helmut Schuller, is also a member.

 The Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Shonborn announced at the meeting that he will not name any more deans who are members of the "Ungehorsams-Initiative": "I can not say, you are going to be a Dean and act at the same time in the Call to Disobedience."

  No serious consequences 

Additionally the Cardinal forbid the members of the Ungehorsams-Initiative, from travelling through the land and holding events advertising the Disobedience Initiative.

 For that reason, there couldn't be any missions.

 He asked "for a pause in the "travelling apostolate" in the next months": "Please cease travelling: I hope I won't have to put this request in the form of a command."

Cardinal Schonborn is in a glass house

Cardinal Schonborn indicated that it was unusual that the Pope had preached about the Initiative on Holy Thursday.

"We aren't just in our local church, but are a glass house to the entire world."

The Austrian church will be "very closely watched" -- said the Schism-Prince of the Church.

"I see the danger of Schism"

Fr. Schuller doesn't believe that the Archdiocese of Vienna can find a solution for his hyped questions.

"We don't want to climb out of the boat, but we to stand at the helm and discuss the course".

Cardinal Schonborn had addressed this, that these disobedient ones are creating an alternate structure: "I see the danger of a schism".

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Softball La Stampa Interview: Vienna Pornography Cardinal Justifies Himself

The incredibly duplicitous Porno-Cardinal is at it again and Tornielli lets him off the hook. The way that some of these official news sources stage handle the bad guys is really beyond the pale.

Edit: The Vaticantista Andrea Tornielli at La Stampa's 'Vatican Insider' asked some difficult questions but not the most obvious one, and allowed Prince Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn, to create a pretense of personal orthodoxy which is belied by this Cardinal's various public actions in years past. His treatment of a pastor who +Schönborn overruled, when he rejected the election of Florian Stangl, remains a disgrace that remains unatoned for. The priest later resigned after being hung out to dry by the Cardinal.

When Tornielli asks for an explanation of the Cardinal's feelings about Stangl, he demurred this time citing Stangl's privacy as a primary concern. This hasn't prevented the Cardinal from praising Stangl in the past.

What's even more disgraceful is that when asked about his dealings with Stangl, he claims he simply chose not to intervene. This again is not the truth. He intervened on behalf of Stangl against the pastor's decision.

+Schönborn also suggests, incredibly, that we're all sinners and that the Church's teaching on sodomy hasn't changed. Unfortunately, this isn't going to satisfy many on either side, but surely, many will regard this wink and a nod as am excuse. The Cardinal also dooesn't explain, nor does Tornielli ask how being an unrepentant homosexual living in homosexual concubinage qualifies one to be in a leadership position in Church. Surely, we're all sinners, some of us, like the Cardinal, tell blatant falsehoods, and others of us cause scandal by giving the active appearance of approval for sinful activity. The Catechism reads:
2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor's tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

Surely, the Cardinal is referring to himself when he justifies an unrepentant homosexual holding a position of authority in a Catholic parish, that being in a state of sin is no reason to remove a man from office?

Some dissent is ok, as the Cardinal dissembles about how he's going to non-handle other dissidents in Austria.  Surely, since he is preparted to discipline one-man-show, Msgr Helmut Schüller of Call to Disobedience and the Pfarrer's Initiative. Surely, he should be ready to NOT interfere and allow his pastor to do his job?

Will his neo-conservative supporters in the United States come to his aid, we wonder....

Vatican Downslider....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

German Theologian Says Schism Has Been Reality a Long Time

 Edit: This Heidelberg theologian has no illusions about the situation in Germany. The article was cited on Germany's SSPX website. Perhaps it's not the SSPX the Pope should worry about, but his disobedient Bishops and theologians?  Pay close attention to how these "reformers" arguments don't hold a lot of water and how they appeal to the child sexual abuse as a justification for their sinful disobedience.

The Vatican Magazine published a disturbing analysis of the situation of the Church in Germany in its September edition. It came from the feather of the exegete  and theologian Klaus Berger.

Berger came to the conclusion that there are a large sum of anti-Church initiatives (which are voiced especially in Germany) "which are indeed already practiced up and down the land".   He means here the remarried divorced, women in ecclesiastical offices etc...

He has come to the conclusion: "The overwhelming majority of the German Catholic professors for theology, along with their Bishops, have come to embody a split in the Catholic Church in Germany for a long time."

Church of the Germans -- Church of Scandals

Between the stalled reforms and division, Pope Benedict and the 'gravamina nationis germanicae" is an oration of the Heidelberg Theologian Klaus Berge.

The stalled reforms,  under which the German Church is alleged to have suffered, are not completely new and fresh.

They are long standing, wooden propsoals:  same sex partnerships, remarried divorced, married priests, women "in ecclesiastical offices" (what is meant is probably ordination) and the participation of the people in the election of Bishops.

These demands and proposals are familiar to me as a historian of the Conciliarism of the 4th century, and partly from the Kulturkampf under Bismarck, and partly from the books of my Great Grandfather, who had boasted to have been a party member in 1923.

The whole is therefore neither revolutionary, nor in any way comprehensive.  It is a mere collection of scandals, like the „gravamina nationis germanicae“ of 1522.  In German:  "The affliction of the German Nation."

It is interesting that here the concept "German Nation" occurs, because the singers of the Memorandum of those 150 theologians earlier this year were of German national back ground.  It is striking:  not one of those demands is substantiated, and clearly had been enforced.

No one can convince me that the diagnosis of gridlock is because of this supposed collegial assistance for the rest of the reign of Pope Benedict.  Because there isn't the slightest glimmer of a possibility that any of these will be realized in the future.  And who authorized these pretended reformers to speak for my faith? [WOW]

In German Universities, these acts will not only be undertaken by 150 professors, or about one third of the colleagues who follow these enthusiasts, but in reality it should be about two thirds.   But the dream of these colleagues and what they propose is always novel, but it's not the future, it's already practiced all over the country already.

For in truth, it is at the its base in Germany,  maintaining comprehensive inter-celebration and inter-communion. The Corpus Christi procession with the ecumenical female Protestant pastor took care to read the Gospel at all four altars. Thus missing in the catalog of all relevant claims, especially these: We demand the immediate and unconditional acceptance of all Protestant church structures. By the way: as far as the creed of any religious truths which has been interesting for some, for time anyway, no more.
The overwhelming majority of German Catholic professors of theology embody, therefore, along with some bishops, have long been split from the Catholic Church in Germany. This church is deliberately insisted upon and it is a thoroughly German national church. For the special required by Rome, including celibacy rules, are indeed already practiced.  Still, it makes no sense to themselves and others to throw sand in the eye here. [u]But hypocrisy and cowardice[/u] are complementary to the present chapter of this new schism.
When the Pope comes to us now, he will present a good face to an insidious game. This much is clear to me: the Church renewed by these "reformers" I do not belong - and the large number of those not still in the Catholic Church of my youth and formed as the people of God, have fled long ago in the internal or external emigration from the faith of my fathers and my beloved mother, dying Church.
Without wanting to give these uncritical critics of the Church too much credit, I would like to make a philological note on their pamphlets and statements.  This text from recent Church history is not known to me, where the word "freedom" is arbitrary, aloof and also completely transgressed in an  unbiblical way.
In a similar way, is the latest revision of Luther,  where Luther is supposed to be the representative of civil liberties (including participation). Freedom is always according to the liberation of the biblical revelation  instead of that which threatens the eternal life of man. It was also central in Luther to experience of liberation from sin, death and the devil. Luther did not mean lay preaching and the participation of a businessman in the next election of a bishop.
Gerhard Schröder, had but so many excellent opportunities for us, that Mrs. Kaessmann [A protestant Bishopess who lost her job because of a dui conviction]  with her immense popularity would become the next Archbishopess and successor of Cardinal Meisner. This is not at all what I mean, when I speak as a theologian of freedom, but freedom in terms of the new anti-Roman and anti-papal "German Christians" would read: "We do what we want"; the only measure is the zeitgeist. The fact that God's commandments  are thrown overboard will hardly be noticed by the reader (divorce ban, ban the practice of homosexuality, ban on public preaching of women in worship, in 1 Corinthians 14:37, expressly referred to as the Lord's command, prohibition of self-determination in ethical issues according to Romans 6.15-17 - "but now you obeyed from the heart of the apostolic teaching").
From one of my  colleagues I have even heard that since celibacy lacks theological grounding, it is "not necessary". Now there is, in fact, a German understanding of Christianity brought to a head. And they always repeated a declaration that when something is not necessary, it is what is meant by Catholic, light years away. For even the cathedral is "not necessary" for there is no scripture passage standing against against its demolition and you could easily invest instead, and with the consent of the masses, an ecumenical Parking lot.
It also means to the average Catholic in Germany: since then some clever professor found out, not to go to church on Sundays is not a more serious sin, so the rest goes, because it was not necessary. In short: Nothing but the baptism is necessary, and actually not even that.

Grace is not necessary, and you can't preach the sign of the cross to anyone either. No praise is necessary, no surrender. One should not make such a fuss, no commitment, no great love for the Church as needed. The craving of the new intra-Catholic reformers is missing this above all: the name of Jesus and that a change of heart is sorely needed.

I won't talk any more of the crisis of faith (about which, speaks any text of the New Testament already) to describe the demands of the German professional mourners, even as an example of this crisis.
In my home, Easter is still a highly visible luminous sign of a victorious faith and great love. One came to the fires, marveled at the embers, and warming himself at them, he swore eternal fidelity to the girlfriend at his side. For the in the Bible,  faith, loyalty and identity  are all of the same.
(Source: Vatican magazine , Sept. 2011)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Linz Bishop Tolerates Dissident Group in Seminary: Calls for His Resignation

Edit: is calling for his resignation, everyone else should too. He claims he didn't know that "Call to Disobedience' was meeting at his own Seminary in a very public meeting with other dissident groups. Meanwhile, he's dismissed a beloved priest for doing nothing more than teaching the Catholic Faith.
Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz

With pious grinning and a brutal fist Msgr Ludwig Schwarz enforcing his church in the "Linz path of error". Whoever doesn't play, will be steamrollered. The clueless neo-Conservatives nod with understanding.

( "I didn't know anything about a meeting in the Seminary."

The Bishop of Linz, Msgr Ludwig Schwarz coughed this up for the neo-Conservative paid website, ''.

One is hidden behind the other

In the middle of September the media concern sponsored "Pastor's Initiative" met openly and officially at the Linz Seminary.

The media sects 'We Are Church', 'Lay Initiative' as well as 'Priests without Parishes' [Priester Ohne Amt] were participating.

The Linz Bishop is supposed to have no idea this was going on.

One needs not wonder too much: already for a long time the Linz Judasbishop was able to pull the leg of the neo-Conservatives with an "I-know-nothing-tactic".

In reality he is responsible for what happened in his Seminary.

Msgr Schwarz is hiding behind the Old Liberal Seminary leadership that  was appointed by him.

Correspondingly the abuse which goes on at the seminary facility will also go unavenged.

He Can be Brutal to Catholics

Initially on the 18th of September, Bishop Schwarz demonstrated that he can steamroller a Catholic clergyman with brutality and graceless hardness.

Against the desire of the Pastoral Advisory Board, the Parish Community and the youth in the village, Msgr Schwarz dismissed the successful and beloved priest, Andrzej Skoblicki.

The Judas Bishop has no problem against Old Liberal priests who publicly repudiate the ancient tradition of celibacy.

They may continue in the scandal-Diocese of Linz with his blessing as if nothing were the matter.

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Bishop Schwarz's photo: © Pressefoto Bistum Linz

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Danube Cardinal Threatens Austrian Dissidents

Editor: the Archdiocese Canon Lawyer already laid down the ground rules.  Now the disobedient ones have to decide whether they want to risk losing their income, their benefits and their offices.  

Try to imagine the Austrian police forcibly removing them from their parish offices by force.  That would be a sight to behold.

What happens to employees who attack the leadership of a corporation?  Usually they quit and go work for other companies.  We understand that the Church of Satan is looking for new hires.

VIENNA | Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:47pm BST
(Reuters) - The head of Vienna's Roman Catholic community ruled out sweeping changes demanded by dissident priests and said there could be "serious conflict" if they defied Church teaching on celibacy or give communion to remarried divorcees.
Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said he would not lead his diocese into a schism with leaders in the Vatican by letting priests flout Church rules after a group of priests issued a "Call to Disobedience" manifesto to try to press reform.
In weekend interviews with Austrian radio and television, Schoenborn backed celibacy for priests, limiting ordination to men and preserving marriage as a life-long commitment.

H/t: Pewsitter.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Liberal Press Continues to Delight in Austrian Dissidents' Rebellion

Edit: Ho-hum. Most Austrians don't care about this sort of thing. A lot of times, ecclesiastical Liberals lament that people aren't drawn to the Catholic Church because of the conventions and dogmas it's been enslaved to. However, in the half-century or so since Liberals have been at the helm, and had every opportunity to put a different face on religion, some say even alter it so it's unrecognizeable as religion, there has been a catastrophic drain of people and resources from the pews every Sunday and an almost wholesale abandonment of the Church in the West.

It's hard to see how a very small tribe of ecclesiastical Liberals with the same ideas that emptied the Church in the first place, are going to take many people with them into their desacralized world without revelation, without beauty and devoid of love.

People, and that includes Austrians, are a lot smarter than that. Most Austrians could care less, despite the media atention it's gotten and the various Austrian Bishops who've spoken in favor of it -- much to their disgrace -- of this Call to Disobedience.

Here's the Tablet, getting things wrong as it usually does:

Austrian abbots say Schönborn cannot stop schism

1 September 2011
The highly influential Austrian abbots said this week that talk of schism in the Austrian Church could not be damped down, nor the current conflict resolved, by a meeting between the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schonbörn and representatives of dissident priests. The Church has been in turmoil since the more than 300 priests of the Austrian Priests' Initiative called for disobedience on matters such as priestly celibacy and communion for remarried divorcees. Abbot Martin Felhofer of Schlägl Abbey said: "This can no longer be solved by the cardinal alone. Everyone - bishops, abbots, Religious and representatives of the Austrian Priests' Initiative - must sit down and the discuss the problems together."

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