Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Linz Bishop Tolerates Dissident Group in Seminary: Calls for His Resignation

Edit: kreuz.net is calling for his resignation, everyone else should too. He claims he didn't know that "Call to Disobedience' was meeting at his own Seminary in a very public meeting with other dissident groups. Meanwhile, he's dismissed a beloved priest for doing nothing more than teaching the Catholic Faith.
Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz

With pious grinning and a brutal fist Msgr Ludwig Schwarz enforcing his church in the "Linz path of error". Whoever doesn't play, will be steamrollered. The clueless neo-Conservatives nod with understanding.

(kreuz.net) "I didn't know anything about a meeting in the Seminary."

The Bishop of Linz, Msgr Ludwig Schwarz coughed this up for the neo-Conservative paid website, 'kath.net'.

One is hidden behind the other

In the middle of September the media concern sponsored "Pastor's Initiative" met openly and officially at the Linz Seminary.

The media sects 'We Are Church', 'Lay Initiative' as well as 'Priests without Parishes' [Priester Ohne Amt] were participating.

The Linz Bishop is supposed to have no idea this was going on.

One needs not wonder too much: already for a long time the Linz Judasbishop was able to pull the leg of the neo-Conservatives with an "I-know-nothing-tactic".

In reality he is responsible for what happened in his Seminary.

Msgr Schwarz is hiding behind the Old Liberal Seminary leadership that  was appointed by him.

Correspondingly the abuse which goes on at the seminary facility will also go unavenged.

He Can be Brutal to Catholics

Initially on the 18th of September, Bishop Schwarz demonstrated that he can steamroller a Catholic clergyman with brutality and graceless hardness.

Against the desire of the Pastoral Advisory Board, the Parish Community and the youth in the village, Msgr Schwarz dismissed the successful and beloved priest, Andrzej Skoblicki.

The Judas Bishop has no problem against Old Liberal priests who publicly repudiate the ancient tradition of celibacy.

They may continue in the scandal-Diocese of Linz with his blessing as if nothing were the matter.

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Bishop Schwarz's photo: © Pressefoto Bistum Linz

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