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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bishop of Linz Offers Cathedral For Traditional Ordination on July 4th

(Linz), On July 4, 2015   a  deacon of the traditional  Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) will be ordained a priest  in the Cathedral of Linz. The event is noteworthy as the consecration year of Peter Society  has traditionally used a suitable dedicated church around Wigratzbad. Above all, however, it is because it's the first time  a priestly ordination has been held in the traditional rite in the cathedral church of the home diocese by the bishop. It's a  unique novelty in the German-speaking countries since the foundation of the Fraternity of St. Peter in the year 1988.
Deacon Philip Faschinger from Vorderweißenbach in Upper Austria, is to be ordained a priest.  The consecration in Linz will take place at the request of the diocesan bishop Ludwig Schwarz SDB Maria [!], who has just completed his 75th year since the diocese of Linz in 2015 does not have a priestly candidate. The bishop does not want to finish his tenure  without a vocation, as it is goes in the bishops' world.
The General Council of the Fraternity of St. Peter has finally agreed to the exception  in this year as one has been granted to a French candidate. The French-Canadian candidates of consecration of the vintage of 2015 are to be consecrated the first time in Canada.

Peter Society in Linz has the Same Amount of Seminarians as the Whole Diocese

The New Cathedral of Linz
The Diocese of Linz has in the last several years, no priestly ordinations for the diocese. The vocations in the diocese are at a low ebb. The situation is different at the Peter Society of Linz, which is said to have currently as many seminarians as the entire diocese of Linz.
Young men who feel called,  search, in the Diocese of Linz it's  either a community of tradition or the community of an old monastery. In the past academic year two diocesan seminarians left for monasteries. The diocese fills the thinned ranks of seminarians with some African candidates who prefer to stay in Europe.
The ordinations speak for themselves: In the Diocese of Linz, a candidate of the Fraternity of St. Peter  was consecrated in   the traditional rite and two order priests were consecrated in the new rite in 2015. On August 16, Bishop Schwarz ordained  the Cistercian monk Otto Rothammer in the Collegiate Church Wilhering, and on 13 September, the Norbertine Canon Matthew Stuphann in the Collegiate Church  of Schlägl.

Choose vocations tradition or ancient monasteries

On July 4 ordination, on July 5 Primiz
Originally, the ordination of deacon Faschinger was to take place on June 29, at the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, in a traditional consecration day in the diocese. By contrast, there was some resistance in the diocese and since priestly anniversaries are also traditionally celebrated on this day. Not all, it was said, found  the "old rite reasonable". As a compromise, the ordination  was elected for the 4th of July.
On June 29, a Vietnamese Cistercian is now but unexpectedly to be ordained in the Cathedral of Linz in the new rite. The monk Gregor Nguyen from the Abbey An Phuoc studied in Heiligenkreuz. His studies were made possible through his support of the Upper Austrian Cistercian Abbey of Schlierbach. After his ordination he will return to his abbey in Vietnam. The consecration in Linz was apparently organized on such short notice that even the Schlierbach Monastery is still not aware of it. The sudden "balance" of a consecration in the old and the new consecration rite must have given "some relief" to the diocesan hierarchy.
The ordination of Philipp Faschinger FSSP will start in Mariendom (New Cathedral) on Saturday, on the 4th of July at 10 O'clock. On Sunday, July 5, the new priests will celebrate his first Mass in the Church of the Fraternity of St. Peter in Linz. The solemn High Mass in the Minorite Church in  Linz (country church) starts at 8:30 clock.

Consecrated Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Linz

The Cathedral of Linz is a St. Mary's Church. It is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and is still called the "New Cathedral" by the residents of Linz even after its inauguration a   century ago. Its construction dates back to the Bishop of Linz, the Servant of God, Franz Joseph Rudigier (1811-1884). Bishop Rudigier is an outstanding figure among the diocesan bishops of the diocese established in 1785, and therefore according to ecclesiastical understanding, a fledgling diocese. The proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception by Pope Pius IX. in 1854 encouraged Bishop Rudigier to advance the construction of a new diocesan church, which was dedicated to the Marian dogma. Until then  the former Jesuit church, popularly known today "Old Cathedral", served as cathedral.
The actual construction work on the neo-Gothic St. Mary's Cathedral began when the groundbreaking ceremony took place in 1862. In 1924 after a war-related interruption,  the consecration of the church too place, which was only completed in 1935.The twin-towered Linz Cathedral is on dimensions and capacity, the largest church in Austria. The Immaculata bell of more than eight tons is the second largest bell in Upper Austria.

In the Minorite Church the bridge for the rite of all time took place

The Minoritenkirche of Linz, which is where the first Mass will be held on July 5th, already dates from the early 13th century. This is the first branch of the Friars Minor in Upper Austria documented in 1235, but is likely to already have been formed immediately after the death of St. Francis of Assisi. The Franciscans played from then on a central role in the pastoral care of the city. In the wake of the Protestant "Reformation" vocations declined so much that the monastery had to be abandoned. The authorities  tore the convent buildings down in1562 and erected a villa in its place.  The church was supervised for several decades by the Jesuits. In 1679 the Franciscans came back in the branch of the Friars Minor in Linz and took over the pastoral care again in their church. In addition to church and villa they built a new monastery and built from 1751 the Gothic church in the late Baroque style with Rococo approaches. The choir stalls in the rear nave date back to the Gothic church. In 1785 the Linz Minorite Cloister was shut by the  Klostersturm of Emperor Joseph II.   The second monastery was integrated as part of the villa. The church has since been assigned to the province of Upper Austria, which is why it is also called "Villa Church".
In the Diocese of Linz,   the Minorite church figured peculiarly in the liturgical reform of 1969/1970. The diocesan priest Josef Kronsteiner, from 1943-1981 Domkapellmeister in Linz, was a lecturer at the diocesan seminary and professor at the Bruckner Conservatory (now Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama and Dance), rejected the liturgical reform and celebrated still in the Immemorial Rite of All Ages. Because of his reputation in the diocese the Landhausstraße church was finally made ​​available. Thus it  was the musician, composer and especially priest, Josef Kronsteiner formed the bridge  in the period by which the celebration of the traditional rite in the Diocese of Linz was never broken. After his death,  another retired diocesan priest continued the celebration in the traditional rite, until 1991 when the chaplaincy at the Minorite church was transferred to the FSSP founded in 1988. 
The Fraternity of St. Peter has its own office in Linz, which is usually supported by several priests. The FSSP ever provides for a dignified and reverent celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. It is a proclamation, administering the sacraments and pastoral obligation that includes the entire, nearly two thousand years of tradition of the Catholic Church and is faithful to the mandate and committed to the teaching of Jesus Christ. It's a seed that falls on fertile ground, as vocations show.
Text: Wenzel Huber-Chwateck
Image: Wikicommons / (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Church in Austria is a "Pigsty" -- The New Book of Almost-Auxiliary Bishop Gerhard Maria Wagner

(Vienna) He was named in 2009 but  an unprecedented smear campaign prevented Bishop Gerhard Maria Wagner of the Diocese of Linz.  He has today presented  and talked plaintext his new book. 2009, the Upper Austrian priest Wagner had become a victim of  bishop-bashing, which is a  popular smear game in trend-setting circles. Now, he said the church in Austria is not only in a precarious condition, but is a "pig stye" in which it "stinks".

Pastor Wagner 2009 Victim of the Bishop-Bashing

The list of victims of the bishop-bashing is already considerable. It ranges from Bavaria with Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg to Hesse with Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst of Limburg and Grisons with Bishop Wolfgang Haas from Chur to Lower Austria with Bishop Kurt Krenn of St. Pölten. The  blocking of Rev. Gerhard Maria Wagner 2009 as auxiliary bishop of Linz is a special variant of the smear game. Wagner was then not allowed to take office.
The persecution is only possible because authoritative church circles are interested in the jettisoning personal rivals because of personal or ideological reasons and have been actively involved behind the scenes.
The fight against Wagner was tantamount to an exemplary execution, while the Windischgarsten priest was supposed to have only been an auxiliary bishop, i.e. auxiliary bishop of Linz. An auxiliary bishop has entrusted to him only as much decision-making power  as is given him by the responsible diocesan bishop, and ig may be withdrawn from him again at any time. In the Diocese of Linz, however, there was the anxiety that  the appointment of Bishop Wagner by Pope Benedict XVI. would be followed by an  early position in the Episcopal succession by the same Wagner,  if Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz were to  complete his 75th year and become emeritus.
It's not only the Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) write about   Linz as "Left". The same could be said of the full-time staff apparatus of the diocese. At least the more influential part. With the subtle difference that it is not so much the SPÖ, but is more close to the Greens. There are hardly any Diocesan priestly voacations. Who would  want to become a priest, would do this in the context traditional communities or seeks refuge in the still reasonably intact community of a monastery.

Feeble Roman Knees

The lay Apparatchiks and the Liberal, often effeminate  clergy of Upper Austria quickly found allies  in the media   to begin shooting practice on a living object. In Austria it was belched loudly and Rome was already in its knees.  Although Pastor Wagner was appointed over Pope's brother, Msgr. Georg Ratzinger and Pope's secretary Georg Gänswein handpicked him and with the best knowledge of the situation on the ground, the priest's   career as a bishop ended after 30 days and did not get beyond the appointment status.
 Pope Benedict XVI. would lose face because of the weak knees of Rome, Wagner asked formally to withdraw the appointment, which the Pope "granted".
On January 31, 2009 Wagner was appointed, and on 2 March 2009   Benedict XVI. granted a  dispensation from the appointment. In the meantime, Pastor Wagner experienced hell on earth and the devout Catholic nation rubbed its eyes, as to how lies can produce a smear campaign. Each day new lies were unpacked. It wasn't until   Wagner's "chalice" had  passed over to progressive part of the Diocese, where it was presented as a  trophy for  hunted prey, that the whole nightmare was over.

 Question of Episcopal Succession in Linz Directs Media Attention on Pastor Wagner

An Auxiliary  Bishop Wagner would have done the Diocese of Linz, more  good than ever, but his prospects   to once again be considered for the episcopate by Rome  are very small. Nevertheless, the retirement of the Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz is fast approaching. In this context,  the media is again suddenly paying attention to the absent pastor Wagner again after years of peace.
Wagner obeyed in 2009 as a faithful son of the Church. Rome wanted him as auxiliary bishop and he accepted. Rome had changed her mind again under heavy pressure and he obeyed as well. After some time of silence, Wagner, however, took stock and spoke of a "conspiracy" to which he had fallen victim. Wagner today is also the publisher and editor of a Little Penny Sheet, with a wide circulation in Austria, which has the rare virtue of wise, but clear speech. He just said what was obvious, but at that time almost no one dared speak out.

New book "Heaven or Hell" - "Many People Feel Disoriented"

Pastor Gerhard Maria Wagner
Wagner had raised his voice even after the appointment   that it was not for him, but much more so for the Catholic Church in Austria a fiasco. The media hardly cared. But now someone feels   their toes being stepped on. Today, Pastor Wagner has presented his new book, "Heaven or Hell." At the book launch, the sharp witted and eloquent priest was not sparing with plain writing and a gaze at the Archdiocese of  Archbishop Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. Schönborn had supported Kasper's "mercy"  last October at the Synod of Bishops in Rome and would also like to see a new "gradation" applied to all the sacraments. Wagner commented that the Archdiocese of Vienna was a "pig stye" in which there is a foul stench.The situation of the Church in Upper Austria, and born by opposites, says Wagner.
He wished "all the best" to the future Bishop of Linz. For himself, says Wagner as once before, he had already credited the need to "shovel out the pigsty". After all, the position of the Church is questionable because she is not on the right track. There were many tensions and many people are disoriented.

"We Basically Obey to be Catholic"

Pastor Wagner founded an initiative two years ago to strengthen the sacrament of penance in daily life. He called all the priests of the German-speaking countries that committed themselves, to sit every day for an hour to make confession available. In this context, Wagner complained today that in many parishes the Sacrament of Penance is "dead". In the liturgy there is a "momentum" that "disturbs" him. The reason for this is, among other things, an incomprehensible competition between laity and priests. There were quite a few priests who  would"fear of the parish council meeting." "There's something wrong," said Wagner.
It's a disorientation, which is reinforced by the church or is only caused by it. Pastor Wagner quoting a priest who complained to him about his suffering, "that today we have to  basically stop being Catholic."

In the Diocese of Linz There is an "Oligarchic Business" 

However, his opinion was not in high demand in the diocese of Linz   and he accused his home diocese of operating  "quite a bit of an oligarchic business". He took to his bishop's defense, because not a few bishops are simply "alone" and isolated. As  the homosexual Conchita Wurst Thomas Neuwirth  was imposed  as a Euro Vision winner, he had put "shame on Austria," said Pastor Wagner.
As for Pope Francis, Wagner says in his  new book that he was pleased that the new Pope could find sympathy and confidence all over the world, but he does not notice in fact that the churches have become full, "people go to confession more and all that, praise Pope Francis, have become more religious in recent times,"  said Pastor Gerhard Maria Wagner, almost Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Linz.
The church circles referred to by Wagner responded with offense. The pastor "disqualifies"  himself with these statements themselves, suggested the Vicar  of Linz, Wilhelm Vieböck to the ORF: "I find it appalling that Father Wagner used the dramatic word, pigsty 'for the whole Church in Austria". Vieböck confirmed the same time, what is really going on in the background: Such an attitude does not qualify Wagner for higher church offices.
In June 2015 the Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz completed his 75th year. In Linz, nobody expects an extension in office. The Diocese sent Rome sent a shortlist few days ago  of three candidates for the succession. What are names on the list, is not initially known. It can only be that the name of Father Wagner certainly not there.
Text: Martha Weinzl
image: ORF / JfdL (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Concubinage a Serious Problem With Liberal Clergy in German Areas

Father Gerhard Wagner
(Linz) The situation of the Catholic Church in the German areas,  its weakness in the public debate, trends toward  self-dissolution  and a willingness to oppose the zeitgeist of political correctness and thus succumb to   powers in politics and society,  is only understood by he who understands the clergy. In addition to many loyal and faithful priests and religious, there is a lot of mediocrity, and many "Liberal" priests.  "hearthless priests," said Austrian Priest Gerhard Maria Wagner. And he knows what he's talking about because his home diocese of Linz is the prototype of a progressive diocese.

The Diocese of Linz and Stymying of an Auxiliary Bishop

With a doctorate in dogmatic in 2009 he had been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI. as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Linz. The "hearthless priests in our diocese have a say," said Wagner, have been understandably not thrilled and blew a storm. A campaign was organized quickly  thanks to a willing media who are always there when it goes against the Catholic Church and a "conservative" church representatives. For some weeks the  contrived indignation was mimed, and firmly supported by full-time officials and many laymen. It was an alliance of the status quo, which as far as possible didn't want any alterations to the liberal laissez-faire situation in the diocese, including the Governor (Chief Minister), a teacher of religion and therefore employees of the diocese, which were  not generally for moderation, but felt particularly called to weighty agitating against the appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Rome. Finally, where would you go, when there is a pious priest who would also be  bishop and does get serious with the faith.

"The Hearthless Priests in Our Diocese Say"

The "hearthless priests" feared that an auxiliary bishop and likely future diocesan Bishop Wagner would put an end to their  traffic with concubines. The campaign was successful, the Austrian cardinal in Rome intervened and made pleas for expediency in the face of an impending upheaval of the  "People of the Church", Rome buckled and demanded obedience of Wagner. Wagner obeyed and offered the renunciation of an office which he had not even begun. Rome could send the request for resignation assuming generosity without losing face. The "peace" in the village was restored. What remains are the "hearthless priests, who call the shots."
The 54 year old Father John Teufl, Franciscans and Parish Provisor of St. Georgen in Attergau lived together with a "friend" for several years. Whoever did something about it, to come to him and talk to him,  he informs the parish for three years.  This is how  loosely some take their disobedience. Who wants to play the grouch. The parishioners know what is asked of them nowadays. You are of course thrilled to be "politically correct". Since Friday last week, the priest has been "submerged".  With his triangular relationship, it is not surprising that the police received three missing person's reports: from the parish, the diocese of Linz and the concubine who is described in the media as a  "partner" or "friend".

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re is (not) dead -- Dishonorable Role in the Case of Bishop Krenn and Msgr. Wagner?

(Rome)   The father of Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, the Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Bishops, who had reached the age of 104 has died.  Pope Benedict XVI. has extended to the Cardinal and his family his condolences.  Matteo Re was the eldest of the the older members of the College of Cardinals.  He first saw the light of the world in 1908 in the Italian province of Brescia.

Because of his father's great age of the father, it was assumed that the Pope's consolation note was meant for the Cardinal's death, who celebrates his 79th birthday on January 30th of 2013.

From 2000 to 2010, he was part of the important Dicastry for the naming of Bishops in the so-called Old World.  At the Consistorium of 2001 he was raised to Cardinal by John Paul II.  Til then Re was a Curial Bishop from 1989 as a substitute to the Vatican Secretary of State.  His career was introduced in 1987 with his appointment as Secretary of the Bishops' Congregation.

For ten years Cardinal Re had significant influence in episcopal appointments in the "old" Christian nations.  At the age of 76 years on the end of the second five year time of office, he was replaced by the French Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet,  who was much closer to Ratzinger's way of thinking.

In Austria, Catholics who are true to Rome are stubbornly of the opinion that Cardinal Re played a dishonorable role in the resignation of Bishop Kurt Krenn of St. Pölten, as much as he played in the rejection of Auxiliary Bishop Gerhard Maria Wagner in Linz.  In both cases it was after a smear campaign inspired by the media, that progressive parts of the Church exerted massive pressure on the persons concerned, to reduce the exercise of the episcopal offices for the sake of internal ecclesiastical peace.  While part of the clergy campaigned in conjunction, the other Bishops refused solidarity to those attacked.

The Italian Cardinal Gioanni Battista Re was born in the 30th of January 1934, in Borno like his father.  in 1957, he received his priestly ordination in his home diocese of Brescia.  There is also only one vacant place remaining, which which would be vacant in a conclave.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Linz Bishop Pulls Safety Cord

Der Bischof von Linz,
Mons. Ludwig Schwarz

© Pressefoto Bistum Linz
The Old Liberal Lay Board wants to manipulate the inside of the Cathedral of Linz for 45,000 euro, in order to propagate their reinterpretation of the Second Vatican Council.

(, Linz) Yesterday, Bishop Ludwig Schwarz stopped a project "Catholic Action Upper Austria".  It wanted to hold a Lay Council hostile to the Catholic Faith.

This was according to the regional paper 'Oberösterreichische Nachrichten'.

The church-hostile paper made its first appearance during the Nazi period under the name 'Oberdonau-Zeitung -- Amtliche Zeitung of the NSDAP' (Official paper of the National Socialists).   It was Church-hostile then too.

The Bishop Confirmed them Himself

The project was originated by the president of 'Katolischen Aktion', Bert Brandstetter.  He is a notorious Old Liberal and enemy of the Church.

Brandstetter demands women's ordination which is against the Gospels, at ever opportunity.

In Autumn 2011 Bishop Schwarz confirmed the election of Brandstetter,  who makes no secret of his Old Liberalism.

At first the Bishop was in Agreement

Last December Brandstetter wanted to propose to form a supposed Diocesan Council.

Bishop Schwarz still praised the proposal.

Now the project has gotten too big for him.

Council Stage in the Cathedral

Brandstetter wants to build a Conciliar hall in Linz's Cathedral like the one that stood in St. Peter's Cathedral during Vatican II.

The project with two grandstands may cost 45,000 euro. Brandstetter has already beaten up som sponsors.

First thing yesterday he stopped the project.  He defended the decision with the sacrality of the Liturgical space.

Brandstetter wants to still play with fire (A play on his name which means scene of the fire.)

Brandstetter is disappointed, but will realize other ideas.

In any event there aren't any planned for church grounds.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

News Bytes: Divorce Taught at Linz Seminary

Divorce in Linz Seminary -- The Comrades Want More Children's Blood -- Postnatal Multiple Abortion -- Now the Homosexual-Media Has its Revenge -- Not a Party of Idealists

Divorce in the Linz Seminary

Austria.  On the 2nd of October an event was propagated 'Pro Oriente -- Sektion Linz' in the dying Linz Seminary on Divorce.   This was reported by the Austrian Church-tax news agency 'kathpress'.  It is described as a "thought provocation"  from the scandalous and immoral praxis of separation by Orthodox schismatics.  These will wed adulterers without scruple.   As lecturers, two schismatics were invited:  Anargyros Anapliotis, Orthodox Canon Lawyer from Munich, and Sorin Bugner, Pastor of teh Romanian Orthodox community in Linz.

The Comrades Want the Blood of More Children

France.   The child slaughter will be financed next in France completely at the hospital.   The so-called Health Minister, Comrade Marisol Touraine, announced this.  The French President, Comrade Francis Holande, had made a campaign promise that he would approve the costs for killing children.   Till now 80 percent of abortions were already paid from the health fund.

Postnatal Multiple Abortions

Germany.  A 28 year old from Schleswig-Holstein has killed five new born babies since 2006.  This was reported by NS-journalist founded maganizine '',  that the slaughter of children can be done to the day of birth.  The child murderer bore two of the murdered children at home and three in the woods and subsequently killed her children.  The criminal is married and has two living children (8.10).

Now the Homo-media Takes its Revenge

USA.  The US- Scouting organization "Boy Scouts"  is supposed to have covered hundreds of alleged cases of abuse.  This is what the abuse-media says.  In five hundred cases the organization is supposed to have ignored evidence. The news daily 'Los Angeles Times' has looked at over 1,600 confidential documents.  In 80 percent of the cases they are said to have ignored them.  The back ground for the witch hunt:  In July the organization had made it clear that they weren't going to accept any homosexually disturbed individuals,  from whom comes the greatest danger of abuse.

It's not a Party of Idealists

"The Greens are not a Party of idealists.  Their secret consists in this:  >>To create structured speech, that  permits the combination of the criticism of society with the use of its privileges.<<"

Comrade Manfred Gullner (71) -- founder and business leader of the 'Forsa-Meinungsforschungsinstitutes' during a lecture on the 1st of September in Duisburg.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exiled Loyal Polish Priest Returns to St. Pölten!

Edit: he had been untreated by the old scandal Diocese of Linz, and despite having the entire board of the Parish behind him, was asked to leave on the say so of the Austrian media and a few disgruntled parishioners who rarely went to Church and demonstrated even less knowledge of the Catholic faith than they did actual charity from the indeterminate and baseless accusations made against the priest.

The well-known Polish priest is active right now in the Diocese of St. Pölten in the Parish of Neuhofen on the river Ybbs in the Deanery Amstetten and thus is nearer to Linz than before when he was serving at Kopfing.

St.Pölten-Linz ( famous Polish Priest Andreas Skoblicki, who is also loved by many, is returning back to Austria and is this weekend at the Diocese of St. Pölten in the Parish of Newhofen on the Ybbs in the Deanery of Amstette as a priest. Interesting detail: Skoblicki is with that, has been moved closer to Linz. The distance to Kopfing from the Diocesan Bishop's residence is 68 kilometers, while the distance to the Parish of Neuhofen to Linz is only 63 kilometers, according to Routenplaner.

After a month of bullying in December, on the part of Linz Diocesan circles, the Polish Priest finally left the Diocese of Linz. From previous letter to KATH.NET by the priest, it was revealed that he was "forced into this decision".

A statement by the Diocese of St. Pölten said the following: "The Diocese of St. Pölten offers Herr Magister Andreas Skoblicki the possibility for a new beginning under another situation. Skoblicki will be employed as a pastoral chaplain in the Parish of Neuhofen on the Ybbs in the Deanery of Amstetten. He is thus subject to the Pastor and Episcopal Vicar Dr. Helmut Prader."

We are happy for all, who work in the kingdom of God," said the press agent of the Diocese of St. Pölten, Markus Riccabona. "We invite all to give Father Skoblicki a fair chance and judge him according to his ministry in the parish."

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bishop of Linz Continues Persecution of Priest

Edit: Father Skoblicki, a very conservative, Polish Pastor in Linz, Austria, was unjustly driven from his parish, only to be reinstated briefly. Subsequent to that, he announced that he would not be returning owing to his spent health. Well, as it turns out, he was forced to leave by the Bishop. It's on again, it's off again. It seems to us that the Bishop waited for the furor to calm down and reasserted his unjust treatment of the Polish priest. This isn't over. Remember Father Wagner?

Skoblicki tells KATH.NET:  He was forced to resign.  There was no evidence for the case raised against him.  Andreas Skoblicki wrote this in a letter.

Kopfing ( The well known Polish priest, Andreas Skoblicki, did not leave the Diocese of Linz willingly.  This is from a letter received by KATH.NET from the priest.  He was more "forced into this decision".

He had a meeting with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz last year on December 14th. At that time the Bishop had said, "that the Diocesan staff that I not return to Kopfing, or otherwise expressed: it would be better that I not return".  Further on the letter continues: "Today this evening I notified by Bishop Ludwig what was expected of me and said that I am being forced into this decision."

The Diocese of Linz had announced the resignation of Skoblicki as parish administrator of Kopfing.  In a press release the situation was represented as though Skoblicki had resigned on his own.  He had used his sick leave in order to consider the situation in the Parish and to observe recent developments from a distance, wrote the Diocese.  "On the 16th of December 2011 he had written Bishop Dr. Ludwig Schwarz his decision in writing, to no longer continue in his position up until now and resign his position as parish administrator of Kopfing on the 31st of December 2011.",  is how it appeared in the press release.  Bishop Schwarz, it continued, followed intently the priest's arguments and thanked him for his work in the parish of Kopfing and accepted his resignation.

KATH.NET has contacted the Diocese of Linz for a statement of a public explanation of Skoblicki's letter and the Diocese representation of the events.  The Diocese acknoweldged in its answer only the press release of December 16th without going into Skoblicki's statements.

He also  reported the situation with charges, which were directed against him, wrote Skoblicki.  Neither the ordinary nor the activists have given him evidence for the accusations.  He had not made the alleged statements.  "These are perverse lies, untruths, half truths, all kinds of manipulations and contortions," the priest wrote.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Linz Bishop Tolerates Dissident Group in Seminary: Calls for His Resignation

Edit: is calling for his resignation, everyone else should too. He claims he didn't know that "Call to Disobedience' was meeting at his own Seminary in a very public meeting with other dissident groups. Meanwhile, he's dismissed a beloved priest for doing nothing more than teaching the Catholic Faith.
Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz

With pious grinning and a brutal fist Msgr Ludwig Schwarz enforcing his church in the "Linz path of error". Whoever doesn't play, will be steamrollered. The clueless neo-Conservatives nod with understanding.

( "I didn't know anything about a meeting in the Seminary."

The Bishop of Linz, Msgr Ludwig Schwarz coughed this up for the neo-Conservative paid website, ''.

One is hidden behind the other

In the middle of September the media concern sponsored "Pastor's Initiative" met openly and officially at the Linz Seminary.

The media sects 'We Are Church', 'Lay Initiative' as well as 'Priests without Parishes' [Priester Ohne Amt] were participating.

The Linz Bishop is supposed to have no idea this was going on.

One needs not wonder too much: already for a long time the Linz Judasbishop was able to pull the leg of the neo-Conservatives with an "I-know-nothing-tactic".

In reality he is responsible for what happened in his Seminary.

Msgr Schwarz is hiding behind the Old Liberal Seminary leadership that  was appointed by him.

Correspondingly the abuse which goes on at the seminary facility will also go unavenged.

He Can be Brutal to Catholics

Initially on the 18th of September, Bishop Schwarz demonstrated that he can steamroller a Catholic clergyman with brutality and graceless hardness.

Against the desire of the Pastoral Advisory Board, the Parish Community and the youth in the village, Msgr Schwarz dismissed the successful and beloved priest, Andrzej Skoblicki.

The Judas Bishop has no problem against Old Liberal priests who publicly repudiate the ancient tradition of celibacy.

They may continue in the scandal-Diocese of Linz with his blessing as if nothing were the matter.

Link ...

Link to photo, here...

Bishop Schwarz's photo: © Pressefoto Bistum Linz

Monday, September 26, 2011

Linz Bishop Will Reap the Bitter Harvest of the People's Anger

The Bishop of Linz has waltzed the beloved Pastor of Kopfing out of town. Now, the Catholic people's soul has been brought to a boil.

( On the 18th of September Bishop Ludwig Schwarz (71) of Linz has dismissed beloeved Pastoral Administrator of Kopfing Andrzej Skoblicki (47) from his duties.

Because the clergyman directed a blooming parish, he was a thorn in the side of the anti-Church media bosses.

The People see through the Propaganda Journalism

The ally of the Bishops in the media lynching of Fr. Skoblicki was the anti-Church regional news Oberösterreichische Nachrichten’. [Upper Austrian News Service]

It sent an anonymous reporter to Kopfing last Sunday, who made and illegal photo and to acquire more propaganda material against Fr. Skoblicki.

He did not get to hear what he wanted to hear.

"I find it schocking what was done to Pastor Skoblicki!" -- the aper had to quote some of the faithful.

Or: "It woulda been better if they wrote what the truth is!" -- so the anger of thep people vented itself.

The Scandal Sheet Found no Scandal

The smear sheet took great pains to find someone who would throw some dirt on the clergyman.

It cited anonymously and deceitfully a supposed "Christoph M." in the article.

The Kopfingers stand so much behind their pastor that the regional paper had to offer this begrudging concession:

"The majority of the faithful, who gathered in front of the church after Mass, were sympathetic to the divine from Poland."

Fr. Skoblicki takes the Gospel seriously.

The Grand Nazi-Coalition

Fr. Skoblicki's "withdrawal" is even a humiliation for his mentor, Senior Pastor Alois Heinzl (89).

In an interview for the video website '' he revealed what was behind the bond between the media bosses the Old Liberal Bishop and the enemies of the Pastor.

The village of Kopfing is an old Nazi Nest with a fine old tradition of aborting priests of Tradition.

The media tried to demonize this sermon. It was about Jesus, obedient even unto death:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exiled Pastor of Linz Trusts God in His Persecution

Edit: translated from the exclusive KATH.NET article from yesterday.

Pastor of Kopfing: The Diocese Linz needs a prayer of deliverance

... so that it finally can announce the Gospel of Jesus freely and without fear and relativistic confusion. -- KATH.NET -- Interview with P. Andreas Skoblicki over his dismissal

Linz ( The firing of the beloved Polish Priest, Andreas Skoblicki from the Diocese of Linz has enraged tempers, as the newspaper "Die Presse" speaks of an "unusually hard decision" of the Bishop of Linz.  In Kopfing itself many faithful are shocked.  A few of the faithful an especially those members of the Parish Council who had supported their Pastor, shed tears at the announcement of the Bishop's decision. Not even copies of the alleged protest letter had brought any of them to the side of the Bishop.  His critics, who had instigated the campaign against him, were hardly to be seen in the parish according to the Polish Pastor.

Things are still unclear in the Parish of Kopfing.  Skoblichi had build a blooming parish with a lot of prayer, a parish, for example, which even has a new youth prayer group.  The Pastor informs KATH.NET that he will leave the Diocese in any case and would like to return to Poland as soon as possible.

KATH.NET:  You have to suddenly leave the Parish of Kopfing within a few days.  What do you say to that?

P Andreas Skoblicki: It is natural for me and for many people in the Parish a complete surprise. Apparently, my period of notice isn't valid. The contract was extended in 2010 by the Diocese of Linz till 2014.

KATH.NET:  The Bishop of Linz Ludwig Schwarz gave the following reason: "Then again he didn't succeed in settling, as many people maintain, objections, conflicts and fears , for that reason it is not  possible to reconcile and live together in Koping, in order to be present as a Christian Community -- even as a sign for the entire public."  What do you say to this accusation?

P. Andreas Skoblicki:  I don't understand this statement.  I haven't had any conflicts with anyone or awakened fears.  My only goal was to profess, "Christ Crucified" and "Christ, God's Power and Wisdom" (1 Cor 1: 23; 25) . Everything else is only ascribed to me. I am very much in wonder about the people who have agitated against me.  I have only pointed out the Ten Commandments and the doctrinal truths of the Church.

I have been  under contract to preach to and exhort the people, the Eucharist as the presence of Lord Jesus, to see His  Body and Blood, and recall on that, that one can not receive Communion in a state of serious sin,  from the earlier Linz Bishop, Maximilian Aichern, and later then of Bishop Schwarz.  I have also always said that the unity of the work of the Holy Ghost is and always the fruit of the presence of Jesus in all hearts of men.

It was very striking what the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomaios I of Constantinople said in Rome on 29 June 2004: "The unity of the Church is not a worldly unity like the unity of states.  The unity, which the churches hope for, is a spiritual quest, which is aimed, to live in common with the spiritual unity with the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.  They will come, if we all will have >>the spirit of Christ<<, >>the Love of Christ<<, >>the true Christ<<, >>the humility of Christ<<, >>the readiness to suffer for Christ<<, and generally, if we are all that, what Christ Himself is, to live, as He Himself lived, or if we even have the longing to live that way, as He expects of us."

We all should also not forget what Lord Jesus said:  "Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake." (Mt 5, 11). This is how the activists have treated me! Never the less, I have a Lydia, a woman from this group, who has even visited the house.  I said to her that, if she believes that I have injured her, that I ask for her forgiveness.  She then told me that she had to think about it.  As a consequence, she continued to collect signatures, even from children as young as 13.

KATH.NET:  In the Diocese of Linz  there happen to be priests who more or less live openly with girlfriends or ignore, more or less de facto, commands from Rome.  Do you have the feeling that one could be fairly treated in the Diocese of Linz as a priest true to Rome?

P. Andreas Skoblicki: I find my answer to this question in the second letter of St. Paul to Timothy: "And all that will live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution." (2 Tim 3, 12) Many people speak of Rome. We are not in Rome, rather we must go before the throne of God for judgment. It is not important to me, if I was fairly treated or not, rather that I will learn evermore the providence of God and his will. We read in Hebrews 4, 13: "Neither is there any creature invisible in his sight: but all things are naked and open to his eyes, to whom our speech is."

For that reason we are all adventurers, whether good or bad, we can observe and see, if we are running well or in vain. I know that this is a Grace from God, that is actual primarily after repentance."

KATH.NET: Other Priests who are true to Rome from the Diocese of Linz are now afraid that similar dismissals will take place if certain activists and media start campaigns here. What would you like to say to these priests?

P. Andreas Skoblicki: Stay True! "The disciple is not above the master, nor the slave above his lord." (Mt 10, 24). Just stay true to the Lord Jesus. Follow after Him! He gives us everything that we need and He wants that we listen daily to His voice.

KATH.NET: What plans do you have for the future?

P. Andreas Skoblicki: I want to be holy!!!

KATH.NET: What do you want for the Diocese of Linz?

P. Andreas Skoblicki: That it uses its many possibilities and resources for the good and that and that they finally separate from the load of the past by a prayer of deliverance or expiation and free the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to declare it to the people without fear and relativistic confusion. Otherwise i wish the Diocese that they obey Peter, the Pope. I also thank the Diocese that they allowed me to work here. So I could experience certain conversion and could experience the nearness of God and His mercy.

KATH.NET: Thank you so much for the interview and God's blessings on your future!

Here's Father Skoblicki's email address for solidarity and encouragement. You can send them and he'll receive them at

KATH.NET is planning a Polish trip with P. Andreas Skoblicki in the foreseeable future! If you are interested, e-mail to make a reservation. They'll take you with.

Contact: Bischof Ludwig Schwarz - E-mail

Contact: Austrian Nuncio: E-mail

KATH.NET- Diskussion im Forum:

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Linz Bishop Crucifies Pastor for Being too Catholic

Edit: What should be familiar to you, dear reader, is that there is a movement afoot throughout the universal Church to remove and squelch voices that are Catholic on the part of Bishops and administrators who themselves, seem ashamed of Him in their actions and omissions. There's an article from earlier this summer on this particularly showtrial.

This priest has the simple but apparently controversial message that Christ must be born within us.

Remember when Bishop Nourrichard showed up in Thieberville with a Rainbow Chasuble to remove a most loyal and beloved priest who had brought the village back to Christ almost like another Cure de Ars?

It's open season on Catholic priests and they're being destroyed, usually administratively, by their superiors despite managing very successful ministries. Sometimes these Bishops have the benefit of some salacious accusations, other times, there are accusations of financial irregularities.

This is no different, except for the Bishop of Linz, who probably orchestrated a campaign against Father Wagner when he was named Auxiliar Bishop in Linz last year, it is enough that this apparently holy and much loved priest actually teaches the Catholic Faith.

Some traditionalists will complain that this priest favors the Divine Mercy devotion and says the New Mass. Who cares?

This priest doesn't even say the Immemorial Mass of All Ages and the Old Liberals hate him.

His church was full. His parish board stands behind him. He has never celebrated the Old Mass. Actually he had three Old Liberal enemies in his Parish. That was enough for the Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, to plant a knife right in the back of his priest.

Fr. Skoblicki ©

(, Kopfing) The scandal-Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz wants to crucify the unconnected and effectively beneficial Pastor of Kopfing, Fr. Andreas Skoblicki, on the 15th of October.

This was reported on the videosite ''.

The 2.000 population community of Kopfing in Innkreis is located not far from the Bavarian state of Passau.

Father Skloblicki has worked since 2003 in Kopfing. No earlier than last year, the Diocese had extended his service to 2014.

Now the soul thirsty priest has been sent into the desert.

This Polish clergyman has not been accused of having done anything wrong.

On the contrary: he is considered especially soul thirsty. His church is even full on workdays.

According to '' he's brought young families and youth back to the church.

The Accusation: The Pastor Puts the Faith Above Everything

This summer three Old Liberal Kopfinger retirees started a slander campaign against the priest with the help of the powerful media concerns.

These divisive grey hairs repeated the familiar prayer wheel in countless interviews, that Fr. Skoblicki the pastor is supposedly "divisive".

At the end of August they circulated a letter in Kopfing.

There the central claim was made that Fr. Scoblicki, "holds faith in God as more important than peace in place."

'' says these Old Liberal Divisives are not practicing Catholics. They don't even hold Catholic teaching.

Bishop Rules Against the Parish Board

The Parish Board of Kopfing is unanimous behind the Pastor.

As a committee for dismissal was held, it responded immediately.

Yesterday delegates from the Parish Board traveled to the 1.400 population village of Geinberg, 44 kilometers to the southwest of Kopfing, where the Bishop is having a visitation.

There they will attempt to turn this unscrupulous Bishop around.

Link to original...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pope's Man in Austria Criticizes Dissidents and Bishops

Edit: This was the priest in Linz Diocese who was relentlessly hounded by the Liberals and set up by the Viennese Cardinal when he was named as Auxiliary for Linz. He's had the courage to criticize the Bishops in the past. It's too bad there aren't more like him.

The Windischgartner Pastor Gerhard Maria Wagner is critizing the Pastors' Intiative and the Bishops: In my view sometimes money plays too big a role with the Bishops, while courage plays a lesser role, for them to say: "This is the clear teaching of the Church".

Linz ( The famous Windischgarstner Pastor, Gerhard Maria Wagner, has dismissed the controversial Pastors' Initiative and stressed that it is time to declare the "Church's teaching". "In the case of remarried and divorced, for example, the Church has made clear stipulations, that it is not negotiable. That's actually also true of the other points of the Pastor's Initiative as well." As to the question if one may refuse these people Holy Communion during Mass, explained the Pastor, that it still may not be done. He would like, however, not to put anyone on the pillory. Afterward, he'd like to speak directly to the person. "The remarried and divorced person may be in the Church, but may not receive the Sacrament."

As far as the theme "celibacy" is concerned, Wagner refutes the notion that it comes from the 11th Century. "We've also heard this heresy that celibacy comes from the 11th Century. There is research that show that this goes back to earlier times. The Church could alter it, however, if it wanted. But despite the various problems, which we have in the life form of celibacy, it is a guidepost. We must give witness of a priestly life, where joy is palpable." The pastor of Windischgarsten also clearly stated, that the Priesthood is not a theme to be discussed in the church any longer. "That is a dogmatically formulated fundamental dogma that priestly consecration is not possible for women. We can't do what Jesus never did. He was surrounded by women and demonstrated their importance. But at the Last Supper the basic framework was established counted only the twelve male Apostles participated, and we can't go back on that. Otherwise it is a 2000 year long tradition that only men are consecrated," he insists.

Wagner appealed to the Bishops as well, that this Pastors' Initiative must be addressed with what must be said. He would like to say to Helmut Schüller that he has lost his way, that this act will not "lead to the healing of the Church". "We have already had a Reformation and know what came of that. The "Call to Disobedience" is a real scandal. We have so much good in the Church but are stuck on these same tired themes." The pastor of Windischgarsten is also criticizing the Austrian Bishops. "in my view money plays a bigger role with the Bishops and less so the courage to say: "This is the teaching of the Church. Whoever can't abide by that, must find another faith community." He believes that the Church "will probably have to become smaller", so that it can become more "basic" in order to become "big again". "We need a clear witness that we don't fear the numbers", says Wagner. For people who persist in the Pastors' Initiative, he says, this is a real "fall from faith".

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Scandal-Diocese Linz Prepares to Showtrial Another Conservative Priest

Editor: A religion instructor has been organizing a smear campaign against the pastor of a small parish near Linz, Austria. She has brought in an Austrian radio broadcaster, part of Hitler's propaganda machine, the anti-Church Reichssender. Of course, this brings to mind the persecution the conservative Father Wagner of Linz suffered when he was named as Auxiliary Bishop last year.

Priest Will Be Publicly Executed by Reichssender Vienna

This clergyman has a full church in his parish.  But that won't help him.  Because the media monopoly have chosen him as a victim.

(  Old Liberal circles are leaping to a witch hunt against Pastor Andrzej Skoblicki of Kopfing in the Diocese of Linz.

They are supported in this by the anti-Church 'Österreichischen Rundfunk", which is the successor of the anti-Church, 'Reichssender Wien" of the Nazi era.

Yesterday, the broadcaster published a hit piece against the priest.

The population 2000 village of Kopfing is located seventy kilometers northwest of Linz.

A "retreat to the Middle Ages" would be a great leap forward

The clergyman is reproached for teaching the Catholic Faith.

In familiar jargon the 'Österreichischen Rundfunk' explained that Fr. Skoblicki's community is "divisive" or "being led back to the Middle Ages".

The concept "divisive" is a codeword which the media monopoly uses because Father Skoblicki doesn't tell them what they want to hear.

The "retreat to the Middle Ages" means that he declares stone solid morality and doesn't just say yes and Amen.

In the schools there would be concerns about the pedagogical capabilities the clergyman lacks.

An anticlerical religion teacher is behind the campaign

For over two years there have been -- according to the Österreichischen Rundfunk' -- 431 signatures against the priest.

There is an anticlerical religion teacher behind the campaign.

She has allegedly gathered about thirty persons around herself, who have taken up the fight with the monopoly media against the priest.

The priest from Poland is "arch-conservative" -- cursed the 'Österreichischen Rundfunk'.

He demands -- like Christ -- absolute faith and will not allow any question -- is how the 'Österreichischen Rundfunk' characterized his own conduct.

The work with youth is supposedly "disrupted" by this.

The question is, if this is the case in the surrounding country parishes.

The elected Pastoral Council is standing behind this priest

The parish of Kopfing exhibits an above average level of church attendance.

The Catholics of the area are reviled by "Österreichischen Rundfunk' as "hangers on" of the Pastor and "sectarian".

The Hammer: Even marriages are broken up because of "his teaching" -- slanders the broadcaster.

There has been no word from the pastoral council -- because this board stands behind their pastor.

The 'Österreichische Rundfunk' ascribes evil motives to the Priest, that he had said, "The wages of sin is death".

Actually, that is from a citation from the Saint Paul's Epistle to the Romans.

The Bishop receives the enemies of the priest

As expected the powerful slanderers of the Priest have been received with open arms in the scandal Diocese of Linz.

There has already been a discussion between Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, the Pastor of Kopfing and the General Vicar Severin Lederhilger.

In the meantime, ‘Österreichische Rundfunk’ have only interviewed the enemies of the Pastor.

Because here is exactly what the monopoly broadcaster company is accusing the clergyman of doing: that the former Fascist Broadcaster will not admit that its attempt at manipulation can be questioned by anyone.

You can see the video of the Divine Mercy sermon given by Father, where he explains a sick call where he witnessed a little miracle from a person who wasn't much of a church goer, but while in terrible pain was able to utter the words, "Jesus, I trust in you" before they died a few days later. Unfortunately, it's in German, but you can really see a devoted and sincere man of God, here...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holy Night in Hell: Carmelite in KZ

The French Carmelite Priest and Prisoner P. Jacques de Jésus spread hope with a Mass in KZ Gusen.
P. Jacques de Jésus (left). Photo:  Archive G. Carmelites in Avon

KZ Gusen was called the "Hell of Hells".   But even there Christmas was celebrated.  On the parade ground and in secret:  the prisoner P. Jacques was able to celebrate Mass on 24. Dezember 1944. It was the most moving Liturgy of his life, reported a survivor.

A more perverse situation can not be imagined.  It was the early evening of the 24th of December.  Thousands of marled forms stood clothed in thin rags on the ice cold parade ground of Gusen and had to sing Christmas songs -- for their tormentors.  The SS-Men even took off their hats and listened to the German and Polish songs.  He had experienced much in  25 Months at Gusen, which is unimagineable, said the prisoner Louis Deblé: This Christmas feast stood out in an unimagineable way.  A large Christmas tree stood there, where normally the mobile gallows was set up.

The "Pastor of Gusen".   There was also another Christmas in the camp in 1944.  The "Pastor of Gusen", as the prisoners called P. Jacques, had his hands full with much to do.  Evidently, there was only work till midday, there the civilian foremen, the Capos and the SS-Men went home or also wanted to rest.   That afforded the possibility to move within the confines of the camp more safely than usual.  Unswervingly, prisoners sook P. Jacques out in order to do penance, and he went to several groups of Poles to give short meditations.  Even the 400 children of the camp, for whom a Christmas tree was organized, he stopped and made a visit and finally made his way on this night to the sick, the moribund.

A chalice from weapon-steel.  About 8 O'Clock  he began in Block 18with the chrism.  Between the beds the prisoners stood --- men from 15 nations sang in their mother tongues.  Upon the Consecration, P. Jacques knelt in his prison uniform before his bed where stood the Chalice and Paten.  A prisoner had made the chalice out of steel from rifle barrels, the wine came from a civil worker.  The hosts came from a Polish seminarian who had carried them since  1940.  The other prisoner Gaston Passagez stood during the Mass completely near to P Jacques:  "never have I seen such concentration with my own eyes, such an interiority -- I was moved to tears."  On this place of inhumanity was celebrated God becoming Man.  After the Mass the prisoners embraced one another.  "I will remember this night my whole life long",  said a Polish witness of the Mass.   P. Jacques died shortly after the liberation of the camp by the Elisabethinen in Linz.

Link to original...Diocese of Linz

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pope Benedict Won't Appoint Liberal Bishop's Choices for Auxiliary

Is the Linz Auxiliary Bishop on the Way?

Editor: considering the Vienna Cardinal's earlier attack against Pope Benedict's choice for auxiliary Bishop of the scandal Diocese of Linz, it might not be hard to see how Pope Benedict regards this situation, considering the embarrassment the Linz Bishop faces, lying to the press about the fact that Rome refuses to acknowledge any of his choices.

Bishop Schwarz denied to "Standard" - a rumour - that Rome has said "No", back -- fact is: The Bishop has already proposed a large number of people to Rome.

Linz ( The Linz Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has denied the "Standard" publicized rumour, that Rome supposedly has said "No" to a Linz Auxiliary Bishop.  "There isn't a single word in this report that's true!  Rome has not given me a refusal concerning this matter," said Schwarz to the "Linzer Kirchenzeitung" (LKZ).  The Linz Bishop has made known in any case, that the new Prefect required a time of "introduction and orientation in this matter".  As has learned from Roman Church circles, the Linz Bishop  Ludwig Schwarz has proposed an unusually large number of candidates to Rome.  Fact is, that till now none of the proposals have been accepted by Rome and this subject is explosive considering the forced resignation of Gerhard Maria Wagner.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Former Concentration Camp Vandalized in Linz

Abuse was scrawled on the outer wall of the Mauthausen camp near Linz overnight and no culprits had been found, Michael Tischlinger, head of the provincial anti-terrorism police, told the Austrian Press Agency.

"Such a desecration is not a prank, the culprits had a select target," said Willi Mernyi, head of the Mauthausen Committee which helps oversee the site where around 100,000 people died during Nazi rule in Austria in 1938-45.

"There is an active far-right scene in Upper Austria that does not even shrink away from vandalizing a former concentration camp," Mernyi said in a statement.

Read further...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Linz Bishop Reacts to Father Wagner's Critique

[Linz kathnet]What is by now a familiar approach to situations like this, the Bishop of Linz, who opposed Father Gerhard's appointment in the first place to become the Auxillary Bishop of the Diocese had this to say about his ecclesiastical subject's remarks about there being an undeclared schism in the Austrian church:

Bishop Ludwig Schwarz refused to become "emotionally inflamed" by Father Wagner: "Onesided incriminations and lump sum suspicions do not help to strengthen unity."

He essentially ignores Father Wagner's criticisms and accuses Father of being opposed to unity, of being unfair and so on, while not actually giving him the benefit of an intelligent response. Clearly, this battle has been brewing beneath the surface since long before Father Wagner was appointed to become Auxilliary Bishop, and Bishop Ludwig is desperately trying to discredit Father Wagner and his all-too-true criticisms of the Austrian Church.