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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holland's Bishops in Rome -- Holland's "Progressive" Direction "Manifesto" to Pope Francis

(Amsterdam) There are rumors on the progressive wing of the Catholic Church in the German speaking nations, that the Lower German Dutch are to be added. From theologians Manifesto "We want women Cardinals" about the uprising German Bishops and Ordinaries against the indissolubility of the marriage sacrament, on the demand for priestesses by the new President of the Superior Conference of Male Religious Communities in Austria, is immediately seconded by the President of the Association of Women's Orders of Austria to the memorandum Cologne Catholics for an anti-Meisner as the next Archbishop of Cologne, the bandwidth registers nervous twitches. The latter demand is reminiscent of the desire for an anti-Benedict XVI. as the new Pope. The bishops of the Netherlands are on an ad limina visit to Rome. These progressive groups have written a "manifesto" to Pope Francis, in which they make statements of support for the new head of the Church as a "defender" of the Church and of the Church's heritage. However, the ulterior motives are different.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Laity Spontaneously Supports Küng's 'Call to Obedience'

Bishop Küng on the National Holiday in Vienna's Stepensdom:  and we need priests - but not disobedient priests, rather obedient, humble priests... "  -- spontaneous applause of the laity gathered -- preached: courage on the Austrian way to bioethics.

Vienna (  The St. Polten Archbishop Klaus Kung issued a "call to obedience" at the end of the traditional feast Mass "prayer for Austria" on the evening of the National Holiday of the 26th of October in Vienna's Stepensdom -- and earned spontaneous and enormous approval from the numerous  church people present.

Bishop Küng called upon the church service community: "We need Christian politicians, we need Christian scientists, we need Christian teachers and we need priests, but obedient, humble priests, who are filled with the love of Christ.."

Then spontaneous applause broke from the faithful in the Cathedral!

In his sermon Bishop Küng encouraged a "self-standing Austrian path" in questions of bioethics: "We must not opt out of everything, only because 'others will do it'." Also in the future it will be necessary that values will be defended.  "Who will do it if the Church doesn't?"

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pope Benedict to Asian Catholics: Be Witnesses to the Beauty of Christ's Being!

Pope Benedict published a message for the Catholics of Asia.

Rome ( this coming Sunday, the 5th of September, there will be a congress of Catholic Laity in Asia. For this event the Pope has composed a message to the Catholics of Asia, in which he exhorts them, to give ever more of a witness to the beauty of Christian existence and announce Jesus Christ as the only savior of the world. Similarly the Pope accentuated the indispensable role of the Lay Faithful for the mission of the Church. The message was read yesterday morning by the Apostolic Nuncio from South Korea, Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla.

The Asiatic continent, which contains two thirds of the world population, is for Benedict XVI, the cradle of great religions and spiritual traditions; simultaneously it is with a growing economy combined confrontations with unparalleled social transformations. in the midst of this context the Catholic is bound to ask, "a sign and a promise of unity, which only a Christian makes possible."

The people of Asia need Christ and his Gospel, as the Pope cited and called to memory the post-synodal writing "Ecclesia in Asia" (1999) of his predecessor John Paul II.. Therefore they must be encouraged by a healthy spiritual formation for that, not only to be active in the building up of local communities, rather also to forge a new way for the Gospel in all parts of the society.

Of Especial importance for Benedict XVI. is the witness to the truth of the Gospel in the Life of Marriage and the Family, in the defense of life from birth until natural death, in the care of the poor and marginal, by the reconciliation and in the practice of justice in solidarity in the workplace.

The growing number of engaged laity is a "sign of great hope for the future of the Church in Asia" according to Pope Benedict XVI. The fundamental roll of the lay faithful in the mission of the Church to accentuate warned the Pope every Catholic, to follow the example of St. Paul, "in order to bring to other men the truth, the joy and the beauty of Jesus", without losing courage in the face of difficulties.

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