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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vanishing Faith in the Eucharist is Reason for Priest Shortage

Bishop Klaus Küng with Graduates of the
Philosophical-Theological College of
St. Pölten
(Vienna) Bishop Klaus Küng of St. Pölten in Lower Austria has indentified that the decline of faith is the reason for the lack of priestly vocations. The bishop described the dwindling "faith in the Eucharist, that Jesus Christ himself is present, that the sacrifice he has taken on the cross is made ​​present," as the reason for the shortage of priests, which is a "'great tribulation" for  the Church.  Bishop Küng said last Wednesday before the Thomas Academy at the Philosophical-Theological College St. Pölten.  There are "astonished eyes" in the church "when we call priests from Poland, India and Africa to us." Often celibacy is responsible for the increasing shortage of priests, but the real reason was the "disappearance of faith," said Bishop Küng. It should also be less the Church, which - as often claimed - a "unintelligible language", but rather the "life of the people, consumer behavior and bustle" that they "hard receptive to the message of Christ" do.
Throughout history, the Church has often resembled a "wild garden". But it has ever been "newly planted and watered" again and again. So in spite of everything today, said the Bishop. "seeds" would germinate and bear fruit and that applies to every believer as well as  family, community and church.  God counted on  a "sower" to ensure "that we lend him voice, hands and heart and through our personal testimony to multiply the faith," said Klaus Küng, who has led, since 2004, the Diocese of St. Pölten. Previously, he was the  bishop of Feldkirch (Vorarlberg) for 15 years.   Küng who belongs to Opus Dei is going to finish his 75th year this coming September 17.  It is believed that Pope Francis is going to emeritus him in the fall.

Eucharist is the "Beating Heart" of the Church

As a consultant   the nun, Sister Maria Lisa Haim, also spoke on the Holy Eucharist as the "vital principle" and "beating heart" of the Church. The entire daily life of the Church would be strengthened and invigorated by it, such as preaching and diaconal life. The Second Vatican Council  Eucharist, therefore,  described the Eucharist as "the source and summit of the Christian life."  The  decree "Lumen Gentium", since it is the sacrament that love, "which comes from God and Jesus bids  his disciples do as he has" says Sr. Haim., who herself belongs to the  pontifically recognized Community, Pro Deo et Fratribus - Family of Mary,  while she is also a graduate of the Philosophical-Theological College St. Pölten. Her community  which belongs to the priestly community Work of Jesus the High Priest (OJSS) has taken over the former Servite House of Gratzen (Nove Hrady) and looks after the nearby pilgrimage site of Maria Brünnl (Dobra Voda) in the former German-South Bohemia (Sudetenland) near the border to Austria.

Protect Life from Conception to Natural death

As part of the Thomas Academy  two theses of the graduates from  the  Philosophical-Theological College  were also presented about the right to life. Julia Blaimschein spoke on "The moral Status of Human Embryos."  She showed five arguments, the "good reasons" there are to protect the human embryo after conception. 
Eva Doppelbauer, former spokeswoman for, spoke about "Euthanasia as a Conspiracy Against Life". The speaker warned of the "case of pity" and pointed out that  a slow but steady shifting of arguments and steps will lead towards the legalization of euthanasia.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Philosophical-Theological College of St. Pölten (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Highest Religious of Austria Demands Women's Ordination With Church Rebels

Abt Christian Haidinger calls for end to discrimination against women by the Church
Edit:  "Non Serviam".

(Vienna) The senior abbot of the Austrian Benedictine Abbey of Altenburg, Christian Haidinger, feels himself called since his election as President of the Conference of Superiors of Male Religious Communities in Austria,  to publicly attack the Catholic Church and this, primarily on issues that do not concern him as a monk. In a study conference "Women in the Church. Equal dignity - Equal Rights"  Haidinger again renewed the call for women priests.

Abbot Haidinger  has presided over a Benedictine abbey till last March 14,  he is now Abbot President of the Austrian Benedictine Congregation and President of the aforementioned  Conference of Superiors of Austrian male  religious.  There is no higher religious in the Alpine republic. Elected on 25 November 2013,  as President of Major Superiors, he gave an interview upon his entrance in which he berated the Catholic teaching on marriage as a "disaster" and castigated the Church's handling of remarried divorcees as inhuman. He also called for the abolition of priestly celibacy and the admission of women to the priesthood. Amazing polemical, regarding women priests, even heretical statements that have nothing to do with  Benedictine monastic orders. The ecclesiastical hierarchy was habitually silent on the precipitation of the Abbot President.

Heretical  Trysts and disobedient initiatives with Abbot President

Then  Abbot Haidinger asserted this: the No to women priests, it will not stay. Haidinger  proposed to organizers with the suggestion that the religious "considers it not only possible but urgently desirable for"  women to be ordained. 
Relevantly positioned teams invited last Saturday in St. Pölten for the conference "Women in the Church. Equal dignity - equal rights ". The title was program. The result, which was reflected in a resolution at the end,  was already clear before the beginning. Invited were the heretical organization "We Are Church", the disobedient priests of the "pastor initiative", the left Catholic Catholic Women's Movement Austria (KFBÖ), the notoriously progressive St. Pölten "Forum XXIII.," The group "Priest Without Office" and the same spectrum belonging "Taxhamer Parish Council Initiative". The meeting was also included the "Fall Meeting of Reform Initiatives," which is referred to the left side of the Church itself.
Abbot President Haidinger was thus in a society that is more outside than inside the Church. The perspective can be turned around, making it clear how far heretical and  schismatic positions are penetrated into the Church, of course. Never the less it should be told how far these positions are already recognized in the Church in Austria, when  the bureaucratic, highest religious representative of Austria it taken into account, so  assuredly  moves in these circles and accepts its positions as its own.

I Am "Not Alone": Majority of Theologians for Women Priests, Bishops Also for Frauendiakonat

Event advertised on website of the Diocese of St. Pölten
Haidinger flirted in his talk with the new modesty. As the "little monk" he had nothing to propose to the   question of women, but then he did it. "The time will come when women will also get access to our Church offices, which are now reserved exclusively to men." The Abbot President portrayed himself as the preventive courageous sacrifice, for he foresees that he for his criticism and demands  must "take a beating". There's no sense that this is going to happen, for  In St. Pölten, Haidinger only met with vigorous applause.
But, as the Abbot President, he knew he is  "not alone" in his demands. Actually that is to say that a majority of theologians agree. He even knew of bishops who were in favor, "at least  to admit women to the diaconate." There are "theological reasons" for the admission of women to the ordained ministries. In addition, we have had "encouraging experience" with women in pastoral positions and finally there were "great theologians". There were hurdles but  Abbot Haidinger sees no obstacles for women priests only because of the predictable "great irritation" of the Orthodox, who would burden the ecumenical dialogue.  For his thesis, the abbot appealed to  Pope Francis before the Synod of Bishops  for a  "desired open and frank discussion" in the Church. The Pope himself spoke of a need to "deepen the woman question", said Haidinger.
In addition to the Benedictine Abbot President, the feminist theologian Grazer Frau Fischer spoke. Fischer is a member of the advisory board for the new translation of the "Bible in just language". Petra Steinmair-Pösel talked about "the current situation of young women and theologians in the Church" is based on "The latest material from the sociology of religion studies with Prof. (Paul) Zulehner".  Also, there was an "Experience Report of a Nun" by Sr. Maria Schlackl SDS from Linz, a "Salvatorian of the Passion".

Resolution Calls for "The End of Discrimination Against Women" by the Church

The study meeting called in the final resolution for an  "end discrimination against women" through and in the Church. Those present agreed that the exclusion of women from the priesthood is an "impermissible discrimination" is the true remedy it. Finally, women have "effected and inspired" the Church, which is why their exclusion from ordained ministries is untenable.
The resolution reads: "The exclusion of women from the priesthood is a discrimination that can not blame  Jesus for the argument that he  didn't grant them authority. Already, due to the natural divine law, no discrimination is inadmissible; to turn it off, it does not require any special authority. "
The "Fall Conference" demonstratively ended with a "celebration of the Word of God, which was headed by women". The venue was the formation house St. Hyppolit in the diocese of St. Pölten.
Of the said diocese and the competent diocesan Bishop Klaus Küng (Opus Dei) there has been no opinion on the meeting, the resolution and the appearance of Abbot President Haidinger. On the website of the Diocese the meeting was about the Catholic Women's Movement advertised in the official calendar of events. The Diocese of St. Pölten was headed, until 2004 by the late, militant Bishop Kurt Krenn, who braced himself against heretical positions and was brutally put down by the same circles.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: My district / Hilda Schwameis (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Now Comes the Dam Break With Condoms: Opus Dei Bishop "Helps"

That was to be expected: An Austrian Opus Dei Bishop elongate the Pope's statement about condoms with the help of a rape example indirectly to marriage.

(, Sankt Pölten) "The expression of the Pope means no change to the teaching of the Church."

This was according to the Condom-Bishop of Saint Pölten, Msgr Klaus Küng, in an interview with the German newspaper 'Tagespost'.

Bishop Küng expressed himself on the most recent scandal revelation of the Pope about the condom.

For that reason he attempted to make things look as if Benedict XVI. supposedly had spoken against the fight against the sexually transmitted disease AIDS.

At the same time he explained that one that one has the experience world wide that the fight against AIDS is especially successful if people change their behavior:

"Where the fight against AIDS is only aimed at distributing condoms, only intensifies the spread of the disease."

That is proven -- the Bishop argues correctly.

The Condom Doesn't Avoid Infection

The comes -- as expected -- the big but.

There are people, who as far as the expectation of responsibility, to honorable truth and abstemiousness are "absolutely not amenable".

In the mileu of drugs or prostitutes there is no situation, where it is supposedly better, to a supposed "avoidance of infection by using a condom".

That is no relativism of the Encyclical 'Humanae Vitae' (1968).

It is "exclusively for the avoidance of infection".

Truthfully the Bishop had only to have spoken of a mere reluctance of infection.

Something Bad is never Responsible

At the same time Msgr Küng values it as "new that the Pope has held the use of condoms in these cases as a first step toward the discernment of responsibility."

This fatal rejection of every moral teaching alters -- according to the Bishop -- supposedly nothing, that the "object" always consists "in changing false behavioral pattern".

Confusion as Clarification

The expression of the Pope's -- which has led to incredible confusion worldwide  -- is for Msgr Küng a contribution "to a necessary clarification."

Msgr Küng remembers then that he himself some months ago "in a similar way" had defended the prophylactic for male sexual organs:

 "Still another time: It doesn't come down to changing the teaching of the Church, rather for an important differentiation."

He said, here:

"On the other hand I have maintained that it is -- according to the same Church teaching-- possibly allowed to gives condoms to people, who are not prepared, to listen to the teaching of the Church, for example people who are dependent on drugs."
Then the Bishop rumages for a notable example:

"When for example a man suffering from AIDS is in a way is understandable and a non-correspondence  of his employment of force after he attracted, could his wife in such a situation justifiably suggest that a condom is used, because it means an avoidance of the danger of infection."

That is in any case not in contradiction to "Humanae Vitae" -- explained the Bishop:  "In such situations it is not contraception which is the goal of the use of the condom, rather the protection from infection."

That's right, but it has nothing with sexual morality, rather it only has to do with self-defense.

In contrast, the Pope explained that the use of condoms  could be "a first step to a moralization".

With that he maintains that through the purchase and use of condoms, he might become a better man.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opus Dei Definitely Advocates Condom Use

It's not just crazy Jesuits who are at work undermining the Church's teachings, but Opus Dei members do advocate the use of condoms to avoid AIDS when the couples are married as Bishop Kung of St. Polten does, as well as Father Rhonmeir who is a leading figure in the philosophy department of the Opus Dei School in Rome, also see recent article in America.

They haven't exactly been hiding their views, but they haven't been getting any attention, but it's about high time they received some.