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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nuncio Intervenes Against Mass-Farce in the Archdiocese of Vienna

(Vienna) Because the competent Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn does not provide for order in his diocese, the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Peter Stephan Zurbriggen has intervened. The reason is a  Mass scandal in the Archdiocese of Vienna. In Lower Austrian Kottingbrunn, a liturgical  farce was posted on Sunday, June 2, 2013 which simulated  holy Mass.
With the consent of the absent pastor Walter Reichel,  a man and a woman simulated Holy Mass in liturgical vestments. The woman said even the Eucharistic Prayer. For one of the  faithful it was too colorful at  least at this point. He protested loudly in the church against the scandal and left the farce mass.  However, his outburst at the affair was of no avail. Archbishop Cardinal Schönborn acted as "ostrich" (Ariel Levi di Gualdo, see separate report Church is not Groaning Under Too Much but Too Little Authority - The Case of Martha Heizer, will be translated shortly.) and has remained inactive. Finally, the apostolic nunio has now intervened in Austria, Archbishop Zurbriggen has demanded that Cardinal Schönborn   take the necessary measures to stop the outrageous spectacle.
As it turned out, it is located in the almost 40 kilometers from Vienna Kottingbrunn where it is “customary" that laymen recite the Gospel and preach. The Mass scandal is justified alternately by the "shortage of priests" and the “appreciation of the laity."

Pastor Belongs to the “Disobedient" Priests

Pastor Walter Reichel is one of the signatories of the "Call to Disobedience" the priest rebels of the former Vienna Vicar General Helmut Schüller. Reichel was appointed in 1982 by Cardinal Franz König as pastor of Kottingbrunn, and who takes his rebellion seriously. In any “liturgy" he prays for an intercession of  "church reform.”  As to what that means, you may ask the Pastor’s Initiative.
After the excommunication of Martha Heizer, the chairman of the radically progressive club "We are the Church," with her ​​husband at home in the living room (Diocese of Innsbruck) celebrated a farce mass, so another scandal mass was made performed in Kottingbrunn. It is a signal that the bishops of Austria have lost partial control over their priests, and their visitation requirement is not yet fulfilled. When the Nuncio Archbishop demanded an explanation of Schönborn for the scandalous incident, he also had to admit that what had taken place  in Kottingbrunn  was an "unauthorized and misleading liturgy of the Word," although he found it difficult himself in the naming of the scandal. So wrote the cardinal, in which "worship” was spoken  in a "very misleading way, a kind of canon."

After the Heizer Case and Kottingbrunn: How Many Evils are There Diocese?

The simulation of a mass entails an automatic excommunication according to how case Heizer was revealed.
Above all,  to be cheated out of the graces of the Holy Mass and receiving Communion, because it is only a simulation, which is completely worthless in the substance, a farce mass for the faithful.
Pastor Reichel was finally quoted at the insistence of the Nuncio by Cardinal Schönborn in Vienna. As usual for Progressives he reveals nothing. It minimizes and insists that there had been a "Liturgy of the Word with Communion Celebration…  There were unequivocally  no spoken words of consecration,”  said  daily newspaper Die Presse, citing him .

Fraud with Mass Simulation - Failure of the Bishops

The fact that the liturgy of the word or “worship services” are a scam, is suppressed by the bishops.  It awakens  the impression equivalence in the minds of the faithful with a Holy Mass. This starts with the choice of words. In some parishes nothing  more than  “worship" is mentioned, so any difference between the Eucharist and Liturgy of the Word is equivocated. Outright fraud prevails when Mass offerings in memory of the deceased during “liturgies of the word" or “services" are accepted, as is detectable in the parishes as  practiced. The various stages of the simulation result in the pretense of grace flowing and cause confusion among the faithful. That in the case of Kottingbrunn the apostolic nuncio had to intervene to ensure that something is stirred which casts a revealing light on the state of the Austrian episcopate.
Text: Giuseppe Neared
image: Kottingbrunn
Trans: Tancred

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Archbishop Müller Condemns Pastors' Initiative -- Defends the Right of a Child to a Mother and Father

(Augsburg) Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the Prefect for the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith sharply criticized the Pastor Initiative , an Austrian association of rebel priests. "The Call to Disobedience is against the truth of faith and canonical disobedience that has slandered ecclesiastical obedience as blind obedience and puts it at odds with the ripeness and maturity in faith, contradicts the ministry of the priest," said Müller to the Augsburger Allgemeine . The former Bishop of Regensburg referred to the decree on the Life and Ministry of the priest, where he mentions the joy of "high calling" which addresses the preachers of the gospel of Christ and ministers of the sacraments.

During the same interview Curia Archbishop Müller emphasized the inalienable right of a child to his own father and his own mother as a "fundamental human right". Although this human right can not be always achieved, perhaps because a parent dies, "or other fatal conditions," it should not "be thwarted." The human right is violated when "the marital union of man and woman has an equal footing with other forms of cohabitation, so that their being is deprived and discriminated against."

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Distinguishes You From Helmut Schüller, Lord Bishop?

Humbug: "There is no right to any kind of "disobedience", but if one believes that the Church doesn't want blind obedience, there is but an act with solidarity in the midst of wide fields of pastoral possibilities."

( "I refuse to use the polemical word "disobedience" when it comes to discussing the Pastors' Initiative."

Bishop Egon Kapellari of Graz said this on the 7th of September for the Austrian anti-Church news 'Standard'.

Msgr Kapellari appealed that the whole Church should be viewed thus: "The global Church is anything but at rest."

He bent the ear of the anti-Church magazine: "We would be pleased-- especially when it comes to the media -- 'if the successes received more attention."

Because: "A Church, that is presented as weaker than She is, can not help society any better."

Church schools, kindergartens and hospitals are more sought after than ever before.

But: "The Song of Songs of displeasure is sung in the Church and society."

There is enough cause for tears, but not so much reason to complain.

Only no clarity

"We accept the indissolubility of a sacramental marriage without a doubt" -- explained the Bishop.

Yet at the same time he let loose the following antithesis: "One must proceed with sympathy and sensitivity with the various biographies of remarried divorced."

One may not simply reject someone at the "communion rail", but rather should talk to them individually, in order to heal their wounds.

The 'Standard' did not let themselves be impressed by the Bishop's pastoral drivel:

"But if you know that there are remarried divorced in your diocese receiving Communion, as Bishop, you have to intervene, no?"

Msgr. Kapellari coiled himself up: He has had many discussions with those affected by separation and always seeks them out, to help them, "with boundaries for life and otherwise to learn that they are not strangers in their Church."

Weighty Norms that Aren't Valid

Here the Episcopal chat hit a wall: "What do you make of Helmet Schüller. Are you also "disobedient", if you don't undertake this?" -- asked the newspaper.

Again, Msgr Kapellari turned a pirouette: "There is no right to any kind of "disobedience", but if one believes that the Church doesn't want blind obedience, there is an act with solidarity in the midst of wide fields of pastoral possibilities."

The 'Standard' offered in return that the Faith then gets undermined by "substantial leeway".

Msgr Kapellari flew into humbug:

"In every society there are weighty norms, which one may not allow to be undermined. There are, however, also tensions which are very humanly understandable when it comes to translating this to those affected by the horizon of praxis."

"I won't let myself be locked down"

At the intimation that the media sponsored "Pastors' Intiative" will have foreseeable and longstanding structural consequences, he let the cat out of the sack:

"I won't generally say for sure, if anyone has been led to be counterproductive, that one should, as it is said, be thrown out of the community.

He repeated himself: "I won't let myself be locked down, as to how far Pastor Schüller may go."

He would like "to keep everyone in the boat".

He would like to invite, "that no one should be boring into the hull of the ship, but pay more attention to the wind in the sails."

No Tricks?

The 'Standard" tried to play up the Mini-Pastors' Initiative: "Umpteen priests have signed the Call already."

Msgr Kapellari countered: "The Call only consists of a Board of Directors."

And took it back in the same moment: "But I wouldn't say it was not small."

For still: "But I would like to put it all in perspective, but not with Tricks."

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Liberal Press Continues to Delight in Austrian Dissidents' Rebellion

Edit: Ho-hum. Most Austrians don't care about this sort of thing. A lot of times, ecclesiastical Liberals lament that people aren't drawn to the Catholic Church because of the conventions and dogmas it's been enslaved to. However, in the half-century or so since Liberals have been at the helm, and had every opportunity to put a different face on religion, some say even alter it so it's unrecognizeable as religion, there has been a catastrophic drain of people and resources from the pews every Sunday and an almost wholesale abandonment of the Church in the West.

It's hard to see how a very small tribe of ecclesiastical Liberals with the same ideas that emptied the Church in the first place, are going to take many people with them into their desacralized world without revelation, without beauty and devoid of love.

People, and that includes Austrians, are a lot smarter than that. Most Austrians could care less, despite the media atention it's gotten and the various Austrian Bishops who've spoken in favor of it -- much to their disgrace -- of this Call to Disobedience.

Here's the Tablet, getting things wrong as it usually does:

Austrian abbots say Schönborn cannot stop schism

1 September 2011
The highly influential Austrian abbots said this week that talk of schism in the Austrian Church could not be damped down, nor the current conflict resolved, by a meeting between the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schonbörn and representatives of dissident priests. The Church has been in turmoil since the more than 300 priests of the Austrian Priests' Initiative called for disobedience on matters such as priestly celibacy and communion for remarried divorcees. Abbot Martin Felhofer of Schlägl Abbey said: "This can no longer be solved by the cardinal alone. Everyone - bishops, abbots, Religious and representatives of the Austrian Priests' Initiative - must sit down and the discuss the problems together."

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poll: Majority of Austrians View Heretical "Pastors' Initiative" as Publicity Stunt

Surprise:  The majority of Austrians view the anti-Roman "Pastor's Initiative" of Helmut Schüller as a "publicity stunt"  -- ORF and Standard promote the Pastors' Initiative.

Vienna ( The Austrian population views the anti-Roman "Pastors Initiative" mostly (52 %) as a "publicity stunt" of a few priests. This is from a present poll by the Human Institute. The Initiative, which some Austrian media outlets like "Standard" or "ORF" are promoting it almost daily, is not "understood" by 18 percent, and only for 30 percent is it a legitimate "Attempt at Reform". For the majority of those questioned (56 %) the reform of religion is "difficult" to reconcile, for 22 percent it is "mostly" not. Over 850 Austrians were polled, 73 percent of those polled described themselves as "religious and believing".

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Disobedience": Proposals are a 'False Path' says Retired Heiligenkreuz Abbot

Gregor Henckel-Donnersmarck in the "Kurrier" -- Interview:  Making a point of view, in order to get people's attention, is "not right".

Vienna ( Retired Cistercian Heiligenkreuz Abbot Gregor Hencke-Donnersmarck describes the Pastors' Initiative as a "wrong path". "A deficit in Faith will not be corrected in more pastors," so says +Henckel-Donnersmarck in an interview with the daily "Kurier" on the (20th. August) It would be more important to the message to baptised and confirmed people; "there, where the priest can't get there. There is no prohibition against preaching, rather there is even a mandate," said the Abbot.

The question isn't whether priests should marry or women should be priests: "it is on the capacity for modern people to believe", says the Cistercian +Henckel-Donnersmarck

The Heiligenkreuz Abbot fears in general that in Euroope, people have lost the sensus for the Faith: "chasing after them, to give a point of view, only to get their attention, is also not right," says Henckel-Donnersmarck. "We have a message, which we must hold to."

Church is a "very indulgent authority, but it still isn't a democracy at heart", insists Hecnkel-Donnersmarck with a glance to the "Discussion on Disobedience". "We should speak of the important themes like th Sacraments and Jesus Christ in these difficult pastoral situations."

As to the question if anything new can be permitted in the Church, the Abbot referenced Pope Benedict XVI: There is a development in the Church with "strong, new impulses". There remains though an "unalterable message". One should not bow to new fashions or allow themes push their way in, "which have nothing directly to do with the Faith".

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