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Monday, July 7, 2014

Dissident Ex-Priest Gives Retreat at Melk Austria for 8,000 Euro

Ex-Catholic and Ex-Priest Drewermann
Edit: Stift Melk is more than 900 years old with a dwindling number of monks.   Truly a decadent community as caretakers of one of the most beautiful churches in what’s left of Christendom.  So this doesn’t come as a surprise.

(Melk) every year in the Benedictine Abbey of St. Lambrecht in Styria there is a so-called annual retreat for the entire convent of the famous Benedictine Abbey of Melk, set in Lower Austria. For several days, all the monks of the Austrian "Escorial" take spiritual exercises at St. Lambrecht.
This year, the retreat took place from 2 July to  29 June.  The guidance of the retreat, which will serve as spiritual exercises a deepening and renewal of faith of the monks was entrusted to the former priest and psychotherapist Eugen Drewermann in 2014.
Eugen Drewermann left the Catholic Church in 2005 and had been suspended in 1992 as a priest after he  had been deprived from his  teaching and preaching  license by the bishop of Paderborn. The starting point were the measures in 1986 by the then Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who expressed his concern about Drewermann's increasingly radical departures away from the Catholic doctrine. For his 65th birthday, Drewermann announced his withdrawal from the Catholic Church.

What Brings An Ex-priest and Ex-Catholic and Benedictine Monks Together?

What might the Melk Benedictine in "spiritual exercises” learn exactly in spiritual exercises from an apostate priest as beaten from the Church?  Certainly not the Catholic Doctrine and the  Catholic Faith, anyway.
Eugen Drewermann is to have received an 8,000 euro fee for the four days of "retreat" from Melk Abbey and celebrated the Eucharist at the daily services in the Abbey of St. Lambrecht. The ex-priest and ex-Catholic was hired on behalf of the Melk of Abbot Georg Wilfinger by Father Jeremiah Eisenbauer who is also a psychotherapist and is also involved with Helmut Schüllers Pfarrer initiative of dissident priests.
A reaction of the Diocese of St. Pölten where the Melk Abbey is located, and the Apostolic Nunciature in Vienna is not yet known.
Text: Martha Weinzl
image: Wikicommons (assembly
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Consequences for Helmut Schüller in Vienna?

Vienna ( The Irish priest Tony Flannery has been called by the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith to recant his statements on women's ordination, homosexuality and contraception. has reported . The Redemptorist Flannery is also founder and chairman of the "Association of Catholic Priests" (ACP), a group of priests critical of Rome that works closely with the Rev. Helmut Schueller, founded by Austrian Pfarrer's Initiative. The CDF asked of him,  that he should distance himself from the ACP.

The similarities with the Pfarrer's Initiative can also applicable the consequences for the staff, priests, especially to its founder Helmut Schüller.

The demands of Pastor's Initiative also includes the ordination of women. On request of the Apostolic Nunciature, was told that just the Archdiocese of Vienna has jurisdiction over Helmut Schüller. The Archdiocese of Vienna itself announced last week that it had "no specific information" about the case of the founder of the ACP. "Therefore, we do not want to make any parallels to Pastor Helmut Schüller and speculate," it says in their written reply.

The confrontation of the CDF with Tony Flannery goes back longer and affects not only his commitment to the ACP. In an article for the Irish magazine "Reality" Flannery had called the ordained priesthood into question. He was not sure that "the priesthood as we presently know it in the Church today, goes back to Jesus," he cited as saying. He thinks it is likely that a certain privileged group within the community would have usurped the power and authority to themselves and the Last Supper would have been interpreted in a way that was consistent with their wishes. This point was criticized by the CDF in particular, Flannery said in an interview with The New York Times.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dissident Fr. Helmut Schüller Loses Title of Monsignor

Zivilpriester Helmut Schüller darf keine
Soutane mit violetter Paspelierung mehr tragen.

© Catholic Church (England and Wales), CC BY-NC-SA
Disobedience Initiative

Politics in the Conciliar Church:  doctoring with various honorary titles in stead of dealing with problems.

( The leader of the Austrian "Ungehorsams-Initiative" and the Viennese Pastor Helmut Schuller has lost his papal honorary title "Monsignore".

This was something lamented by the Austrian media bosses who've been carrying water for him.

That his title will be removed from him will be imparted to him shortly.

Secular Priest Without Monsignor Soutaine?

The apostle of disobedience received the title for his activity for the alleged poor relief organization 'Caritas'.

The title "Chaplain to his Holiness" allowed the secular priest Schuller, to wear the soutane with the violette pipping.

The Reason? Three Guesses

Through the removal of the title, Fr. Schuller will not have his "fundamentals shaken".

An explicit reason for the removal has not been provided.

Now he will clarify the situation in the Vatican.

He Returns the Title Himself

The Holy See has only acquiesced to the desire of Fr. Schuler himself.

He explained himself in December 2010 about the title of Monsignor:

"I will send the decree back.  I will write therefore that I don't need the title any longer and: thanks for the appointment."

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Monday, November 26, 2012

News Stories -- Vatileaks Traitor Will be Pardoned

I Pardon You.

Pope-Traitor Will be Pardoned -- and Employed Again.

Vatican.  The Pope-traitor Paolo Gabriele will be pardoned in Christmas. This was reported by Giacomo Galeazzi at the site ''.   Gabriele should even -- outside of the Roman Curia -- receive new employment.  The most important advocate for the Pope-traitor was the earlier Prefect of the Papal Household, Archbishop James Michael Harvey  He has been the new Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Paul before the Walls on Saturday.

A Vaticanist Chooses his Pope

Vatican.  After the Consistory of Saturday there are 120 Cardinals ready to vote.  67 of them -- therefore 56 percent -- were named by Benedict XVI.   The largest part of them are hardened Old Liberals. 62 of the Cardinals -- therefore 52 percent of the Conclave -- come from Europe.  Of them 28 are Italians.  North America has 14 elector Cardinals, Latin America 21, Africa and Asia together have 11 and Oceana has one.  Up until the last Consistorium Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli has chosen the Neoconservative Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York for a candidate for the Papal office.  Now his favorite is the Old Liberal Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (55) of Manila.  Tornielli declared this on ''.

Schüller-Hangers On Will Meet

Austria.  Next year the Viennese Pastor Helmut Schüller -- the leader of the Austrian 'Disobedience Initiative' -- is to organize a worldwide gathering of his followers. The so-called international meething should in any case happen in Germany.  Fr. Schüller is hoping that some wheelchair Priests from Ireland, France, the USA and Australia will roll in.

French Bishops Celebrate Ad Orientem

Italy.  Till Thursday French Bishops from the provinces of Lille, Reims, Paris, Besancon, Dijon, Strasburg, Metz as well as the military diocese are on an ad lumina visit to the Vatican.  On the 19th of November they celebrated a Mass concelebration in the Roman Basilica of St. Maria Maggiore., as the site '' reported, ad oriented.  This happened in any case, because there isn't a dinner table in the side chapel that was used.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dissident Pfarrer's Initiative in Augsburg Draws Almost No Young Priests

The new Augsburg priest initiative have enrolled hardly any young priests.  Hubert Gindert, President of the Forum of German Catholics, described this as a revealing fact.

Kaufering (  "It's a revealing fact that there are hardly any young priests enrolled in the Initiative."  Prof. Hubert Gindert, President of the Forum of German Catholics  in the statement about the newly formed Priest Initiative in the Diocese of Augsburg.  The 43 priests who had signed among other things stated, that the "many re-married and divorced"  receive Communion, Gindert advised: "It is widely known that these pastors, that not only repudiate against the canon law, but also against the unambiguous teachings of Jesus."

The statement of the Forum of German Catholics about the Priest Initiative of Augsburg

An initiative of 43 priests in the Diocese of Augsburg have advertised themselves with the motto "Mit brennender Sorge".  This motto is stolen from the famous encyclical on National Socialism.

The Priest Initiative wants a discussion with the Diocesan Bishop to "bring reforms into action".  They do this primarily by going first to the public, in order to lend pressure to their demands.  Is this an appropriate style and preparation for a discussion?"

The Priest Initiative wants "alienation of the Church of impeding the faith" and is for that reason against "fatal large scale planning", that means they are against the education of parish communities.   This has its justification in the falling number of priests.  Have the 43 priests in their communities ever once pointed out that the priests the community needs must come from the families?  Have they talked to young people and encouraged these in a priestly vocation?  Or should the priest shortage be dealt with  by imposing priestless sevices on Sundays?

The Priest Initiative wants to allow re-married and divorced to Communion.  "In our Diocese there are many pastors who give Communion to re-married and divorced."

These pastors know that this is not only against church law, but also against the clear teachings of Jesus (Mt 5,31/2;19,3/9; L16,18;Mk 1o,,4/9).  Marriage is not as "the Augsburg Allgemeine" of  10/20/12 thinks, "according to Catholic law" indissoluble, rather according to the word of Jesus.

The Priest Initiative offers a solution to the problem through "synodal structures". "The Evangelical Church can be an example there throughout."

But only he who is resistant to experience can overlook how the Evangelical Church has not prevented the alienation of their faithful with synodal structures.  In the last decade significantly more faithful have turned their backs than in the Catholic Church.

The revealing fact is that there are hardly any young priests enrolled in the initiative.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Renewal of the Church Through Gentrification and Adultery

Call to Disobedience

The Zeitgeist ones want a lobby for the adulterous.  On the contrary the adulterers don't have any interest in this lobby.

(, Linz)  Yesterday the dissident assocation "Pfarrer-Initiative' held their General Convocation.

This was reported by the anti-Church newspaper 'Der Standard' today.

Most Stayed at Home

At the General Convocation which took place on Sunday of all things,  so only a fifth of the five hundred charter members of the group showed up.

Those present decided to expand the board from eleven to eighteen members.

At a press conference they announced the Zeitgeist concerns yesterday evening, that they intend to hold in disobedience.

They denounced the idea that this is "out of fun and games" -- rather allegedly out of "love of people".

Vienna's Cardinal Pays for His Inactivity

The head of the wheechair reform, Fr. Helmut Schüller wants next to agitate the Parish Council.

They are rebelling against the planned destruction of Vienna's parish structure.

Fr. Schüller expects to organize a meeting for next spring for that reason.

Gentrify the Church

The anti-Church newspaper 'Die Presse' reports that the Disobedience Initiative will stop talking about the laity.

They have invented the term of "Kirchenburger" (Church Citizen).

Additionally the wheel chair reformers want to demand women's ordination in contradiction to the Gospel.

Talk up Adultery

They want to define adultery as a "second marriage".

The same immoral conception must also apply for a third or a fourth marriage and function for bigamy too.

In any case Fr. Schüller wants to "lobby" for adulterers.

The problem: adulterers don't have any interest in the Church.

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