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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sect Expert Discusses Pedophilia and Violence in Satanic Cults

Cult expert Brigitte Hahn: "We need a much greater awareness of the issue." By Andreas Otto (KNA) 

Münster ( / KNA) The Münster sect expert Brigitte Hahn warns of the danger by Satanists. In their ceremonies they would expose children to extreme sexual and other violence, says the head of the "Working Group Ritual Violence” of the dioceses Essen, Münster and Osnabrück on Monday in an interview with the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Munster. She called for a much greater awareness of the issue.

KNA: Ms. Hahn, you have a few days before a major conference on organized satanic cults.  Because of strong demand many experts could not attend. How widespread is the problem? 
Hahn: There are no solid figures, but substantial evidence. In 2005 there were less than 1,000 psychotherapists covered by health insurance in Münster and Dortmund were questioned. 120 have reported  clients who have had experiences with Satanic rituals. Polls in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland gave similar responses. My findings are based on numerous exit questionaires.

KNA: What happens when the rituals? 
Hahn: The sect regards itself as a chosen race and an elite society that worships Satan. All the rituals are done in his honor. The focus is on  violence, the more suffering and violence someone endures, the closer you are to Satan. According to this ideology, there are ceremonies in which children suffer extremes of sexual and other violence.

KNA: That sounds more like pedophilia and sexual excesses that are ideologically exaggerated ... 
Hahn: First and foremost it is about the ideology around Satan. Their business involves the sect but with illegal actions. They offer their children for sexual use and participate in drug and human trafficking. In addition to the enormous sums earned there, the sect offers the opportunity to blackmail the customers and bring them into their hand.

KNA: When and where are satanic rituals? 
Hahn: Preferably at night in private homes, castles and forests. And unfortunately, they are trying to use as churches.

KNA: How can you tell Satanists? 
Hahn: They tend not to openly reveal themselves and  hide behind a totally bourgeois existence.

KNA: Are the children found out in day care and schools? 
Hahn: Even the children will be coached to not talk about the sect. But symptoms may indicate a Satanic background: High absenteeism, fatigue, confused impression, forgotten things, bruising or a sexualized behavior. The crux: With such distinctive peculiarities, the parents, who may be members of the sect must intervene, according to the law. The sect retains absolute control over the children. The effect is that the children are punished horribly - and if they still continue to remain conspicuous, from kindergarten they are withdrawn or simply enrolled into another school.

CBA: Are there any missionary efforts? 
Hahn: Most people seeking advice were born into the sect. Moreover, there are children, adolescents and adults who have been recruited. An example from my consulting work: A teenager was approached on the football team, moving first to small offenses and later to serious crimes up to the killing of a person.

KNA: What can one do against such sects? 
Hahn: Above all, we need a much greater awareness of the issue. Many in the field of social worker come into contact with people who report on ritual violence. Satanic sects in the destruction of our democratic-Christian value system is the target. Therefore, all social entities are required to take  action. Even the Church. We need the political will to investigate these reports. For dropouts from these sects, we need expert therapists and doctors, qualified accommodation and trained police officers.

KNA: Why is the Catholic Church in great demand? 
Hahn: The Catholic Church has  extensive outreach for the help for runaways and dropouts. Chaplains, volunteers, social workers, doctors, psychologists and counselors already support dropouts in many ways. Moreover, the Catholic Church is a particular target of Satanic sects. Our values ​​like charity, compassion, human dignity and the protection of human rights are to be destroyed. The satanic sects steal communion wafers, chalices and other sacred items. They are desecrated by being used in heinous acts. 

CBA: How do Satanists spread their ideology? 
Hahn: There are books available in bookstores and lots of information on the Internet. And in the sects themselves, members learn what they have to have to do. They learn that being the "Highest" the deputy of Satan, they have to obey absolutely.

CBA: Is there a way out of the cult? 
Hahn: Yes, there is a way out. Dropouts just need a good social environment and many professional people to accompany this difficult path and not to get confused by relapses. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Journalist Raises Questions About Norwegian Bishop's Situation

Editor: The case is very strange. The Bishop has already admitted the to the act, but the author of the following piece seems convinced that the Bishop is being hung out to dry because of his conservative outlook. He's named the victim who took the proceeds from a book he'd published about his situation to build a Church in Norway. The victim is still very much a Catholic believer.

Too Many Questions Remain

A light in the darkness: A year ago the Bishop of Trondheim, Norway, was accused of an abuse and resigned. By Franz Weissmut

( the beginning of April 2010, the former Bishop of Trondheim in Norway, Msgr Georg Müller (58), stood guilty of supposedly abusing a boy as a young minister.

The -- not specified -- attack lay in any case at some point twenty years ago.

The case is out of statute. Bishop Müller, therefore, not be legally prosecuted.

At the beginning of December last year the alleged victim published a book under the Pseudonym "David" about the case.

It was under the title: "Ingen vei Utenom". In English: No Way Past.

The profits from the book will go to benefit the building of the new St. Olav Church in Trondheim.

Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig (57) of Oslo and Apostolic Administrator of the Prelature off Trondheim -- a former Ausgustinian -- Choirmaster of the Stift Kosterneuberg in Austria -- wrote the forward to it.

The book appeared in the Catholic press of Norway -- the St. Olva Press.

The presumed victim has remained anonymous the entire time. That is unethical.

Anonymous complaints of this magnitude are questionable.

How could we know without a criminal case that this isn't simple revenge?

Bishop Müller was a very conservative clergyman and therefore there were those who were hostile to him.

He preached never the less against all human weakness and often against homosexuality. That made him many enemies.

Is there a connection here?

As this also is. I am of the opinion, that the name

of the alleged victim, that is clamored for so much publicity, should end up in the public.

That could account for the revelation of the true facts.

The name of the supposed victim Nguyen Duy Dat (34).

Translated from

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gradeschoolers Are Corrupted with Porn in English Schools

Editor: Why worry about the Catholic Church abusing your kids when the British Educational System and Government will do it for you? There are some concerns coming from parents and associates of the 'Christian Institute'. Some of the photos can be seen at This is sex abuse being presented under the guise of education. There are even some examples of child pornography. Why a five year old needs to know these sorts of things, even in England, is unclear, but many parents are justifiably angry and trying to opt out of this program.

Despite children being unprepared for this sort of thing, at least as far as some of the experts are concerned, homosexuality gets special mention:

Prof Almond, commenting on the materials highlighted in The Christian Institute’s report, warned: “There are comic-book-style pictures of different sexual positions, cartoon explanations of masturbation and orgasm, and crayoned drawings that are supposed to explain the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality — with anal sex getting a special mention.”

Sex education resources should be licensed to ensure they are age-appropriate, an MP has said, following concern among parents about “inappropriate” materials.

Andrea Leadsom’s comments come in the same month that a report by The Christian Institute highlighted shocking resources being pushed by public bodies for use in schools.

One such resource encourages primary school pupils to learn about anal intercourse, oral sex and prostitution.

Mrs Leadsom, the MP for South Northamptonshire, asked if the Education Secretary Michael Gove was “aware of the great concern of some parents about the inappropriate material being shown to their five-year-old and seven-year-old children under the guise of sex and relationship education”.

She added: “Will he take steps to start a licensing regime to ensure the material being shown is age-appropriate?”

Education Minister Tim Loughton replied, saying he shared some of her concerns. He noted the current Government review into personal, social and health education, of which sex and relationship education “is a key part”, and said he would “welcome” the MP’s “further input into the review”.

Mr Loughton also commented: “It is crucial that whatever we do should be age-appropriate”.

Read further at home page of 'The Christian Institute'

Schönborn: "The Crisis Will Make the Binding Power of the Church More Clear"

Editor: What you don't get in this discussion is what sees as the Cardinal's customary ambiguity, and putting out a discussion like this on the national level so that he can attempt to vitiate the Church's actual position. Moreover, the Cardinal states that the reason for so many people leaving the Church this year was their "orchestrated" sex abuse scandal, as says:

The real reason that people are leaving the Church is for the fact that over ninety percent are paper Catholics -- among whom are many priests and even Bishops -- there's no real connection to the Church there.

Here's the story:

With a view on controversial themes within the Church ++Schönborn pleads for an "open debate". This is also applicable to celibacy, for there is "good cause why we should discuss it."

Brixen ( the crisis the binding power of the Church will again be made clear. The president of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said this to the media in Brixen, with a view on the large numbers of those leaving the Church last year. The meeting of all the entire Bishops conference will deal intensively with the questions of church losses and also the legal measures against sexual abuse. The sex abuse crisis has been naturally blamed for the climbing numbers of church defections.

But there are also "signs of hope for a spring in the Church", urged the Viennese Archbishop, who spoke for an "open debate" within the Church about polemical themees. It needs consideration that people today can decide to live in the context of a plural and multi-religious society. This new freedom is also positive: "Christianity will be more a point of conviction, and we will have a free Church in a free society", emphasized the Cardinal and said: "The binding power of the Church will also become clearly stronger -- despite the abuse crisis."

More signs of hope are in the engagement of many young people, who are showing much concern for civil society and increasing interest in religious themes. For this back ground is pivotal, "the questions of faith, of God are wakening and taking hold in the midst of society", said the Cardinal. With a view upon controversial themes within the Church he pleads for an "open debate". This suffices also for celibacy, for it is " a good reason to have a discussion about it."

The Austrian Episcopate is preoccupied with its measures against sex abuse and correcting the configuration of the established guidelines. In the last year there is an increasing responsibility and "consciousness on to stand on the side of the victim". There are "clear standards" as well as working to know the truth and prevention. "I dare now to say that the Church has forged its way exemplarily", said the president of the Bishops' Conference, and effect a "positive example" at the national level.

The discussion with media representatives from Italy and Austria took place immediately before the begin of the four day plenary assembly of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, which intitially will meet in South Tyrol. Cardinal Schonborn will give a press conference about the Plenary Assembly on the 25th of March at 10.00 O'Clock in the "Club Stephansplatz 4", 1010 Vienna.

Read original at

Monday, March 14, 2011

German Bishops Wallow in the Hysteria

Editor: There are far greater crimes than the very rare cases of sex abuse which have been manipulated by the enemies of the Church. Like howling with the enemies of the Church and helping them, for example, by capitulating to their false assertions.

Germany's Roman Catholic bishops kneel down, ask for forgiveness over clergy's abuse

By The Associated Press (CP) – 7 hours ago

BERLIN — Germany's Roman Catholic bishops say they are "deeply ashamed" by the abuse of youth by clergy men and the church's failure to hold the perpetrators to account.

The country's bishops kneeled down in a symbolic gesture Monday and asked for God's forgiveness at the beginning of their annual spring meeting in the western city of Paderborn.

The head of the German Bishops Conference Robert Zollitsch said in his prayer that men of the church have abused youth and damaged their lives.

Link to AP...
H/t: pewsitter.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sex-abuse Hoax Hits Sweden

Editor: just because something happens in Sweden, doesn't mean that the same liberalism which is evident in other parts of the Church won't yield the same kinds of problems, even if they are exceedingly rare as they are in this case.  There was another report last year as Sweden joined the snowballing sex-abuse hoax with two, yes, count them two, cases. Now that number has skyrocketed to three as the forces of leftist intrigue throw their dwindling reserves and media resources into battle. Let's look at the numbers which tell a different story.

To put this into perspective, the Catholic Church in Sweden has, according to Nation Master, a total of 145 as of 2004. Back then, there were about 140,000 Catholics in Sweden.  There are 200,000 today. Imagine a corresponding increase in the number of priests and that number of three perpetrators in thirty years gets increasingly more insignificant.

Three priests, even in liberal Sweden with its age of consent at 15 and its decadent and morally permissive climate, over a period of thirty years means this is a very rare occurrence of sexual abuse among clergy.

It's undoubtedly much higher in the Swedish educational system and among mental "health" professionals.

The following headline is further proof of the malice these people bear for Catholicism.  Note that despite the fact that they could only conjure up three perpetrators, one who isn't a alive to defend himself, and another who's no longer a priest, they include ALL priests in the category of "paedophiles".  Never mind that pedophilia is even rarer than pederasty.  Pedophilia involves sex with children who haven't reached puberty, and pederasty, which involves the majority of these cases, with those who have reached sexual maturity and are pubescent.   And these same people will never discuss the issue of homosexuality, because if this scandal shines a light on anything, it should shine a light on the plague of homosexuality itself and liberalism, two things which priestly perpetrators suffer from more than anything else.

But once again, the media isn't interested in making those distinctions, it's only interested in inciting hatred for the Catholic Church.

Priests in Sweden join the ranks of "paedophiles"
The Catholic Church of Sweden confirms three suspected priests sexually abused children over the span of 30 years. [Wow, is that a lot?]

It is reported that the paedophile priests, one of whom is dead, sexually abused a collective of five children between 1940 and 1970, thus falling under that statute of limitation.

Stockholm Bishop Anders Arborelius said Saturday there could "be no redemption" for the three.

One priest molested two boys, another abused a girl for four years before she complained.

The third priest molested two girls, who were sisters, while in a relationship with their mother. 

Read further, here

H/t: AQ

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cardinal Sean and Archbishop Martin Pretend to Contrition

Editor: They're not reading from a Catholic script here, they're participating in something akin to a reality television show, like Bishop Bode's phony attempt.   Cardinal Sean and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin are playing ball for the wrong team, as usual.  His Lordship, the Primate of Ireland, has been vocal about his role as the good guy, but he's consistently silent on Catholic teaching.  His job shouldn't be to attack the Catholic Church and provide fodder for Its enemies, you'd think.  In any event, +Martin is a homosexual enabler and that makes him an enabler of the Church's enemies too. 

It's going to be difficult to be convincing about whatever it is you're apologizing for if you're not going to admit what the problem really is, it's integrity, as pointed out above and repeatedly on this blog.  Neither the Primate of Ireland, nor the Archbishop of Boston are consistently Catholic.  So, the problem isn't with the media manufactured sex-abuse crisis, it's a problem with the integrity of Catholic Bishops.  Very few are consistently Catholic. and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is helping the enemies of the Church by his concessions to their deceitful poses of sympathy for the victims of various homosexual predators.

Again, if we're going to attack the Catholic Church for the rare infractions of its ministers, we'd better be going after academia, the entertainment  industry and leftists political parties with the same gusto, for their moral relativism is a feeble impediment toward the kind of behavior exhibited by pillars of the community like Rob Lowe, Woody Allen, Allen Ginsburg and other, and that's not even taking into account the descriably systematic attempts at the corruption of children in what that industry produces.  Actually, leftist political parties admit that they're interested in sexualizing children, and it still doesn't matter to the media: they hate the Church, so no small wonder then that these Old Liberal Bishops play along to their tune.  The pay is good and it's good to be Bishop.

No guts, no integrity, no Faith.

If you're going to be credible about being penitent as we'd suggested last year when +Martin was crying his crocodile tears in Dublin, try and do it for the right reason, and perhaps make it something like this, at 4:35:

[Catholic Culture] At a special liturgy of lament and repenetance in Dublin’s pro-cathedral, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin rued the sexual abuse of children and the response by Church authorities to the abuse.

“I can ask myself how did this happen in the Church of Jesus Christ where as we heard in the Gospel children are presented to us as signs of the kingdom,” he said. “How did we not see you in your suffering and abandonment? The Church of Jesus Christ in this Archdiocese Dublin has been wounded by the sins of abusers and by the response to you for which we all share responsibility.”

“All survivors are indebted to those who had the courage to speak out and let it be known what had happened and how they were treated,” he continued. “The Church in Dublin and worldwide and everyone here today is indebted to them. Some of you in your hurt and your disgust will have rejected the Church that you had once loved, but paradoxically your abandonment may have helped purify the Church through challenging it to face the truth, to move out of denial, to recognize the evil that was done and the hurt that was caused.”

 Read further...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Priest Says Cardinal Will Report Irish Church Close to Collapse

Editor: That's the problem when you send a pro-Abortion politician to do the job of a Catholic Prelate.


Monday, 14 February 2011 15:11  
DUBLIN — Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley reportedly will tell Pope Benedict XVI that the Catholic Church in Ireland is "on the edge" of collapse due to the fallout from clerical abuse scandals.

Cardinal O'Malley is one of several senior prelates charged by Pope Benedict with carrying out an apostolic visitation of the Irish Catholic Church following a series of highly critical judicial reports that revealed abuse by priests and a widespread culture of cover-up for decades among church leaders.

Father Tony Flannery, a leading member of the Association of Catholic Priests, revealed at a conference of laypeople Feb. 12 in the Irish capital that "Cardinal O'Malley told the association the Irish Church had a decade, at most, to avoid falling over the edge and becoming like other European countries where religion is marginal to society."

The Compass here, for the  rest.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Welt' Accuses Cardinal Marx of Covering up Abuse-- Archdiocese Threatens Lawsuit

Editor: as earlier reported, Regensburg Diocese has already sued 'Spiegel'.

A serious accusation: Cardinal Marx is said to have covered up a suspected sexual abuse, in order to use this "politically" -- The Archdiocese of Munich is taking legal steps.

Munich ( "Cardinal Marx covers suspected abuse". With this headline on late Wednesday afternoon the newspaper "Die Welt" has aroused the concern of the Archdiocese of Munich. "There was an impression that Marx himself was the one who was aware of the abuse at first. Actually, he held back the information of a suspicion of sexual abuse, in order to use it later for political reasons.", wrote the paper. It is maintained in a report that the Munich Archbishop Cardinal Reinhard Marx, according to information from "Welt Online", is suspected of allegedly covering up an abuse for over three months and through that he could allegedly permit a man exposed as a pedophile to continue working as an educator at Cloister Ettal.

The "Welt" declared that it should have been the case that the victim of the educator who had informed the Diocese at first on 5. April 2010 was brought to the attention of the abuse delegate of the Archdiocese. Supposedly this was reported three months later to the State Prosecutor of Munich. The Cloister in Ettal, where the educator was active, should have been the first to have been informed, actually.

According to information from "Welt Online" Archbishop Marx is supposed to have been personally aware of the accusations against the Ettal teacher. Corresponding guidelines of the German Bishops Conference for the handling of sexual abuse require that the abuse delegate is "immediately" informed over these events. Otherwise the suspected victim according to "Welt" is supposed to have spoken later to Marx personally.

The paper reported that there was a conflict in the background between the Archdiocese of Munich and Cloister Ettal. In February 2010 Archbishop Marx had demanded the resignation of the then Abbott and the director of the Ettal Dormitory, both of whom were later rehabilitated by the Pope. The Diocese then directed, according to "Welt", the suspicion against the Ettal Educator to after a month of inactivity in the same week in which the rehabilitation of the Ettal Abbott was made public. "Possibly, these recent negative allegations could draw a cloud over the positive media-echo for Ettal", writes Welt.

The Archdiocese of Munich and Freising has condemend the report from "Welt" as untrue. "The "Welt" is called to retract and omit the untrue and damaging information. We plan on taking legal steps to obtain retraction and omission." they said in an official statement.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Vatican rejects suit over Milwaukee priest’s abuse - The Daily Cardinal - News

They need to send these jackals running in terror. These ACLU associated attacks coupled with the NYTs schmear  need to be faced squarely and denounced.

The really sad thing is that many of the Church's sons can't see through this Marxist bit of homosexual non-sense.

Vatican rejects suit over Milwaukee priest’s abuse - The Daily Cardinal - News

German Media Outlet Founded by a Child Abuser

Will the left-leaning German 'taz' lay claim to its dark past and offer damage payments?  No trace, only the German capitulation Bishops can be so stupid.
Fawning Obit for Child Abuser

( In the 70s the left-leaning Berlin daily 'taz was one of the leading mouthpieces [In German about the left wall of silence about their attempts to legalize sex with children]  for the legalization of child sexual abuse.  Original citation: "Pedophilia is a crime without a victim."

With a continuing series the paper attempted to legitimize child sex abuse.  Pederasts were able there to openly promote immoral conduct with children.  The paper sympathized with child abuse groups.

Today the paper attempted to work out its past with the Church, where cases of abuse were seldom reported and always sharply condemned.

Actually, last week the 'taz' was in the struddle of successive events over the abuse-scandal in the Odenwaldschule. [Editor: As Peggy Noonan describes this degenerate arrangement]:

Many have heard of the sexual abuse by clergy in Catholic schools in Germany. However, at the time these reports were surfacing, it was learned that a prestigious private boarding school had an unspeakable record of abuse of its own. The Odenwaldschule is a UNESCO model school whose administration would arrange to have students provide "entertainment" for visitors and whose male students were having sexual relations with the wives of teachers. A music teacher had numerous pupils living with him in his apartment. The administrator of the school was an advisor to the German Ministry of Education. Where were the headlines proclaiming that a UNESCO model school was engaged in the systematic molestation of children? In fact, when the report of the Odenwaldschule first appeared it was under a headline decrying abuse in Catholic schools! [Peggy Noonan, American Spectator, here

According reports from the 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zonntagzeitung', Dietrich Willier († 2009) [Affectionately known as "Didi"], belonged to one of the founders of 'taz'.

He was active as the art teacher from 1969 to 1972 at the famous abuse-school in the South Hessian town of Heppenheim.

Willier sexually overpowered at least nine boys who have come forward so far.  In reality there are more victims coming forth.

The perpetrator had an enormous child pornography collection, according to the testimony of former students.  There were even portrayals of three year old children.

Finally, Willier was one of the founding members of 'taz' and also as a Stuttgart correspondent till 1989.

At the end of  2009 he died, where the 'taz' published a sanitized obituary.  There was no mention that Willier had been an instructor at the Odenwaldschule.

Therefore, you can read things like: "People like Didi were like those, who the 'taz' brought to success and gave it its incomparable color and above all, forged its internal independence."

It was mentioned that Willier was active with the weekly 'Zeit' and for the German boulevard magazine 'Stern'.

His relationship to children came in any case to the fore.  He worked with the children's television  program "Tigrente" to organize a meeting of children and Nobel Prize winners on the island of Mainau.

That encouraged him to suggest a Kinderunversity:  "Children from everywhere belong to its life".

Last Saturday 'taz' had to stick.  Actually to cover up again.  The paper described the child abuser euphemistically as "pedosexual".

Besides being later "disavowed of pedosexuality". The "attractive man" had relationships only with women -- even described as feminist.

Actually everyone knows, who is well informed about the theme of "pedo-criminal":  whoever has once begun to abuse children, does not stop.  He is then, only when nabbed and locked away.

But that is only valid, naturally, so long as the perpetrator is not a leftist.

Link to original

Thursday, January 27, 2011

St. Petersburg bishop refuses to meet parents with complaints about priest - St. Petersburg Times

Editor: More fallout from the sex abuse hoax. It's acceptable for a priest to ask questions about various sins in the confessional to help the penitent with an examination of conscience. The people who are demanding this audience with the Bishop are presumptuous, stupid and probably evil.

Either they need to be brought up to speed about the Sacrament of Penance, or sent speeding out the door to the nearest protestant/universalist/muslim sect where objectivity and clarity aren't held in as much esteem.

ST. PETERSBURG — The head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg has rejected a request by parochial school parents for a meeting to discuss questions they say their children were asked during confession.

The Cathedral School of St. Jude parents accuse Father Joseph L. Waters, 49, of asking at least eight children questions they consider inappropriate regarding what the children looked up on the internet and whether they masturbated.

They say Waters, head priest at the Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle in St. Petersburg, asked the questions during confessions a few weeks before Christmas.

St. Petersburg bishop refuses to meet parents with complaints about priest - St. Petersburg Times

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Should pope be made a saint after sex abuse scandals?

Editor: He seems to have given ammunition to those who've benefited the most from the process both financially and politically.

Who could ignore the irony of “John Paul II to be beatified in May” (AC-T, Jan. 15) followed by “Vatican told church not to report Irish abuse” (AC-T Jan. 19) in this paper, and in reports internationally? I would greet that juxtaposition with wry humor if not for the knowledge that behind the report of the Vatican's (under Pope John Paul II) now-proven order to its bishops not to turn pedophile priests over to law enforcement, are countless injured kids, now teens and adults, living with unspeakable memories and trauma. ...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diocese of Regensburg Wins Libel Case against the 'Spiegel'

The Spiegel may from now on may no longer maintain or awaken the impression that the Diocese of Regensburg desired to conceal cases of abuse and to criminally intend to make monetary payments.

Regensburg ( The Diocese of Regensburg has won a case against the news magazine "Spiegel".  According to the Bishop.  In the main the conflict concerned whether a damage claim could be considered hush money.  The Spiegel may no longer maintain this or give the impression that the Diocese of Regensburg  has concealed cases of abuse and did this with the criminal intent to make payments.  This decision came from the Federal Court of Hamburg on Friday.

Diocesan spokesman Clemens Neck said in an statement:  'The legal case was necessary because in all of Germany this was being described as concealing abuse.  For this reason authors are reproved as an example in the case of the Diocese of Regensburg and the article by Spiegel as well as other publications.  All documents -- like the writings of parents and their attorneys -- prove however unmistakeably that in no moment was any attempt made to effect anyone's silence.  This legal battle concerned the question if the Spiegel may have published an untruth.  It doesn't have this privilege. And it is good that this is so."

The Diocese published information about the case on Friday background information as well,  the following, an excerpt from the written meeting between the parents of the children concerned, the perpetrator and the Diocesan Ordinary on 30.06.1999.  The excerpt is the following words:  "Between the participants there is agreement that negative psychological consequences for the children concerned ... will be treated as possible, respectively, ameliorated through therapy.  In the considered interest of the children and the expressed desire of the parents that silence shall be respected".  And further: "Mr ... [name of the perpetrator omitted] is bound, to that which originated from the event of 31.3.1999, and where applicable, to compensate for material and immaterial damages.  He is bound also to pay the following damages..."

In another excerpt from the writing of the attorney of the family to the legal representative of the Diocesan Ordinary of 18.05.1999 is indicated: "1. The Episcopal Ordinary  expressly manifested that it will not stand in the way of an assessment for punishment against Mr. .....   The proceedings of 31.03.1999 could and should therefore, if the offended children and their parents desire, be brought before the responsible state authorities and completely revealed.  2. With a view to the well-being of the children, ...,  the husband and wife prescind from the possibility of a criminal complaint. This occurred from their own desire, not on the request or pressure of the Diocesan Ordinary.  The right of criminal complaint is expressly reserved..."

Translated from the German,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Leftists Are All About Sexual Abuse: Another Jesuit Liberal Accused in Belgium

He is an Old Liberal Secular Jesuit and Green Party Member.  That he is also guilty of sexual abuse, suits his political convictions very well.

( The Belgian media bosses have their next abuser who is supposedly associated with the Church arena.

It is a question of the Old Liberal, left-leaning, civil Jesuit, Father Luc Versteylen (83).

Before his entrance into religious life the later left-ideological figure was a member of the extreme-right 'Verbond der Deutsche Natinonaal-Solidaristen'  which had existed till 1941.

In May  1970he founded an organization in the area of Viersel -- which belongs to the north Belgian community of Zandoven -- under the name of "Leven in de Browerij", Life in the Brewery" a leftist, so-called "alternative-Christian society of life".

It was established in a former brewery.  It was made up of a class of fourteen year olds, who belonged to the Jesuit-run Xavieriuscollege in Borgerhout near Antwerp.

In this milieu there were various -- at the time decisively left-extremist  -- moved to pedegogical adventures and sexual shamelessness.

Here was one of the first 'green' --ideological parties in Europe.  They called themselves 'Agalev'.

The extreme-left Flemmish homosexual and abortion party "Groen!’ also arose here.

The anti-Church media are as expected completely enthused about all of this.

Actually in the Community of Life it was -- then held for normal-- to initiate two abuse of two fifteen and sixteen year old sexually mature boys.

In an open letter Father Versteylen answered the charges, that he had in those times "engaged in a quest for a new relationship to the body" surely gone to the limits.

He insists, however, that he never crossed the line and insists that he never intentionally hurt a person through his conduct.

The left-Jesuit is, after the extreme-left Fr. Francoi Houtar (85) and Bishop Roger Vangheluwe of Brügge, the third suspected sexual predator, who without exception, belong to that left- and homosexual friendly wing of the Church whom the media bosses love to celebrate.

Read original,

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Belgium extradites sex-abuse priest wanted in Canada

BRUSSELS — A convicted Belgian-born priest who faces complaints of sexual abuse in Canada was expelled Wednesday, sent back to Montreal when police discovered he had taken Canadian nationality and had lived illegally in Belgium for years.

Eric Dejaeger, 63, a Flemish priest who worked as a missionary with Inuits in the 1970s, was escorted by police on a 10:30 am (0930 GMT) flight from Brussels airport, and was to be handed over to Canadian authorities on landing, foreign ministry spokeswoman Katrien Jansseune said.

Dejaeger, who was sentenced in 1990 to five years behind bars for the rape of eight children before being released after 18 months, had returned to live in Belgium after nine new sets of victim allegations came forward in 1995.

He was living in Blanden, in northern Flanders, and escaped extradition following a 2001 Interpol arrest warrant because he retained Belgian nationality at the time.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sex abuse lawyer to sue Diocese of Clogher

THE DIOCESE of Clogher is to be sued in the US by clerical sex abuse specialist, lawyer Jeff Anderson, in connection with allegations of child sexual abuse in the early 1980s by a former Clogher priest.

Announcing the formation of a new London-based law firm, set up in partnership with solicitor Ann Olivarus, Mr Anderson said yesterday that the firm’s first joint case would be taken in Minnesota against a retired priest from the Diocese of Clogher.

The priest, now in his 80s, is alleged to have been a serial abuser who molested children in Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s and then in the US from the 1980s. In the case in question, taken in the US because the “John Doe plaintiff” is an American citizen, Mr Anderson is likely to argue the Diocese of Clogher is guilty of fraud because it sent the priest to a US diocese, despite knowing of his extensive history of child molestation in Ireland.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Former pastor, Daniel L. Monk, found guilty of sexual abuse

NEWARK -- Despite attempts to delay, a 47-year-old former pastor was found guilty Wednesday of having sex with a 16-year-old congregant.

Daniel L. Monk, last known address 1025 Kelly Drive, Hebron, pleaded no contest and was found guilty of two counts of sexual battery, both third-degree felonies, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a first-degree misdemeanor. He could face up to 10 years in prison and a $21,000 fine for the offenses.

Between June and September, Monk had sex with a 16-year-old girl who was a congregant at Soul's Harbor Pentecostal Church, 12180 Lancaster St., Millersport, at her Hebron residence, Licking County Assistant Prosecutor Dan Huston said.

Monk told police he had counseled the girl before becoming a father figure ...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pope John Paul II Closer to Sainthood, Though Sex Abuse Critics Disagree

Vatican experts have attributed a miraculous healing to the intercession of the late Pope John Paul II, a ruling that appears to push the beloved Polish pontiff a crucial step closer to sainthood even as criticisms of his lengthy reign have mounted since his death in 2005.

A leading Vatican-watcher, Andrea Tornielli of the Italian daily Il Giornale, reported this week that medical and theological experts with the Vatican congregation charged with overseeing the canonization process have affirmed that a French nun was cured of Parkinson's disease -- an affliction similar to the one that claimed John Paul's life -- and there was no medical explanation.

The experts at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints determined that the cure was a miracle and resulted from the nun's prayers for the intercession of John Paul. Cardinals and bishops on the committee are to meet in mid-January to vote on the report from the experts before sending it to Pope Benedict XVI for final approval, and no delay is expected. Church policy decrees that two verified miracles are required before someone's sainthood is formally confirmed

Catholic Property Sold for 10 Million: These Are The Fruits of Liberalism

[Burlington Free Press] The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington has completed the sale of its headquarters at 351 North Ave. to Burlington College for $10 million to help pay for the recent settlement in about two dozen sexual abuse lawsuits involving priests in Vermont.

The diocese and the college finished signing the final paperwork late Friday, according to a statement from the Most Rev. Salvatore R. Matano, bishop of the statewide diocese.

With the sale of the central administration building, the diocesan offices will move into leased space at 55 Joy Drive in South Burlington at the end of May. The property is owned by Pizzagalli Properties and has been offered “at a very reasonable rate,” Matano said in a two-page statement. The property abuts Rice Memorial High School, one of two Catholic high schools left in Vermont.

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