Sunday, January 23, 2011

Should pope be made a saint after sex abuse scandals?

Editor: He seems to have given ammunition to those who've benefited the most from the process both financially and politically.

Who could ignore the irony of “John Paul II to be beatified in May” (AC-T, Jan. 15) followed by “Vatican told church not to report Irish abuse” (AC-T Jan. 19) in this paper, and in reports internationally? I would greet that juxtaposition with wry humor if not for the knowledge that behind the report of the Vatican's (under Pope John Paul II) now-proven order to its bishops not to turn pedophile priests over to law enforcement, are countless injured kids, now teens and adults, living with unspeakable memories and trauma. ...


Dan said...

Sadly, John Paul II should not be beatified for any number of reasons, the homosexual situation being only the tip of the iceberg.

But you made an interesting statement which, if you will allow me, needs clarification. You rightly pointed out how many "kids, now teens and adults" are "living with unspeakable memories and trauma". Here is where it is common for us to fall into the traps carefully laid by the media and the anti-Catholic forces in general. These forces would have us believe that it was primarily young children who were the victims. In fact that is not the case. As should be patently obvious, over 95% of the victims were adolescent boys being sodomized by older homosexual men. They would not, therefore, now be in their "teens". They were already in their teens when they were sodomized by these creeps, and would now be in middle age or beyond. But the media, always trying to steer the discussion away from the homosexual depradations against adolescent males, insidiously tries to make us believe only that "children" (no differentiation as to sex is ever mentioned of course) were victims. Even the Vatican has adopted the newspeak because, horrifyingly, the Vatican, too, refuses to come to terms with the problem. Let us, however, never let ourselves fall into that dirty little trap. The number of female children, or male for that matter, who were molested by these characters is miniscule compared to the sodomy issue.

That is why one must refuse to to call this mess a "child abuse problem". It is NOT a child abuse is a homosexual problem. Don't surrender in this war of words to the enemies of the Church.

As for the beatification of this troubled Pope I would submit that there were far too many instances of cowardice, betrayal, syncretism and an abdication of his governing authority to even begin to consider raising him to the altars. I agree that few Popes spoke more eloquently on life isues than John Paul did. But when the time came to ACT on these noble words nothing was ever done. He fiddled, in fact, while Rome burned. How many horrible Bishops were created by him? How many scandalous "apoligies" did this man make for what he (and the media) termed "past crimes" of the Church? How many shocking visits to synagogues and mosques and protestant temples and bowings to pagan "gods" did this man perform? One could go on and on.

I will pray for his immortal soul, in the hope that on his deathbed at least he tried to undo some of the damage he had done, but I can never regard him as a Saint.

Tancred said...

Of course, appointing Bishops who protected their homosexual cronies ala Archbishop Rembert is one of the great crimes, and that many of these men are walking free without being apprehended, tried, disgraced and turned over to the secular arm for punishment is not just a disgrace on politicizing churchmen, but a deep mark of disgrace on the whole society.

It is exactly this permissiveness in the face of real evil which our society is overcome with and John Paul II did more than his share in accommodating this situation.