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German Media Outlet Founded by a Child Abuser

Will the left-leaning German 'taz' lay claim to its dark past and offer damage payments?  No trace, only the German capitulation Bishops can be so stupid.
Fawning Obit for Child Abuser

( In the 70s the left-leaning Berlin daily 'taz was one of the leading mouthpieces [In German about the left wall of silence about their attempts to legalize sex with children]  for the legalization of child sexual abuse.  Original citation: "Pedophilia is a crime without a victim."

With a continuing series the paper attempted to legitimize child sex abuse.  Pederasts were able there to openly promote immoral conduct with children.  The paper sympathized with child abuse groups.

Today the paper attempted to work out its past with the Church, where cases of abuse were seldom reported and always sharply condemned.

Actually, last week the 'taz' was in the struddle of successive events over the abuse-scandal in the Odenwaldschule. [Editor: As Peggy Noonan describes this degenerate arrangement]:

Many have heard of the sexual abuse by clergy in Catholic schools in Germany. However, at the time these reports were surfacing, it was learned that a prestigious private boarding school had an unspeakable record of abuse of its own. The Odenwaldschule is a UNESCO model school whose administration would arrange to have students provide "entertainment" for visitors and whose male students were having sexual relations with the wives of teachers. A music teacher had numerous pupils living with him in his apartment. The administrator of the school was an advisor to the German Ministry of Education. Where were the headlines proclaiming that a UNESCO model school was engaged in the systematic molestation of children? In fact, when the report of the Odenwaldschule first appeared it was under a headline decrying abuse in Catholic schools! [Peggy Noonan, American Spectator, here

According reports from the 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zonntagzeitung', Dietrich Willier († 2009) [Affectionately known as "Didi"], belonged to one of the founders of 'taz'.

He was active as the art teacher from 1969 to 1972 at the famous abuse-school in the South Hessian town of Heppenheim.

Willier sexually overpowered at least nine boys who have come forward so far.  In reality there are more victims coming forth.

The perpetrator had an enormous child pornography collection, according to the testimony of former students.  There were even portrayals of three year old children.

Finally, Willier was one of the founding members of 'taz' and also as a Stuttgart correspondent till 1989.

At the end of  2009 he died, where the 'taz' published a sanitized obituary.  There was no mention that Willier had been an instructor at the Odenwaldschule.

Therefore, you can read things like: "People like Didi were like those, who the 'taz' brought to success and gave it its incomparable color and above all, forged its internal independence."

It was mentioned that Willier was active with the weekly 'Zeit' and for the German boulevard magazine 'Stern'.

His relationship to children came in any case to the fore.  He worked with the children's television  program "Tigrente" to organize a meeting of children and Nobel Prize winners on the island of Mainau.

That encouraged him to suggest a Kinderunversity:  "Children from everywhere belong to its life".

Last Saturday 'taz' had to stick.  Actually to cover up again.  The paper described the child abuser euphemistically as "pedosexual".

Besides being later "disavowed of pedosexuality". The "attractive man" had relationships only with women -- even described as feminist.

Actually everyone knows, who is well informed about the theme of "pedo-criminal":  whoever has once begun to abuse children, does not stop.  He is then, only when nabbed and locked away.

But that is only valid, naturally, so long as the perpetrator is not a leftist.

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