Monday, February 14, 2011

Priest Says Cardinal Will Report Irish Church Close to Collapse

Editor: That's the problem when you send a pro-Abortion politician to do the job of a Catholic Prelate.


Monday, 14 February 2011 15:11  
DUBLIN — Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley reportedly will tell Pope Benedict XVI that the Catholic Church in Ireland is "on the edge" of collapse due to the fallout from clerical abuse scandals.

Cardinal O'Malley is one of several senior prelates charged by Pope Benedict with carrying out an apostolic visitation of the Irish Catholic Church following a series of highly critical judicial reports that revealed abuse by priests and a widespread culture of cover-up for decades among church leaders.

Father Tony Flannery, a leading member of the Association of Catholic Priests, revealed at a conference of laypeople Feb. 12 in the Irish capital that "Cardinal O'Malley told the association the Irish Church had a decade, at most, to avoid falling over the edge and becoming like other European countries where religion is marginal to society."

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Anonymous said...

Editor’s note [from Catholic World News regarding the above] ( These media reports should be read with some caution for two reasons: First, the reports came not from Cardinal O’Malley but from representatives of the Association of Catholic Priests, a dissident group with its own agenda. Second, Cardinal O’Malley, whose Boston archdiocese has suffered unprecedented losses during his tenure [e.g., weekly Mass attendance at 12-15%], is unlikely to overstate the problems facing another local Church.

Tancred said...

Amen to everything you just said.