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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cardinal Sean and Archbishop Martin Pretend to Contrition

Editor: They're not reading from a Catholic script here, they're participating in something akin to a reality television show, like Bishop Bode's phony attempt.   Cardinal Sean and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin are playing ball for the wrong team, as usual.  His Lordship, the Primate of Ireland, has been vocal about his role as the good guy, but he's consistently silent on Catholic teaching.  His job shouldn't be to attack the Catholic Church and provide fodder for Its enemies, you'd think.  In any event, +Martin is a homosexual enabler and that makes him an enabler of the Church's enemies too. 

It's going to be difficult to be convincing about whatever it is you're apologizing for if you're not going to admit what the problem really is, it's integrity, as pointed out above and repeatedly on this blog.  Neither the Primate of Ireland, nor the Archbishop of Boston are consistently Catholic.  So, the problem isn't with the media manufactured sex-abuse crisis, it's a problem with the integrity of Catholic Bishops.  Very few are consistently Catholic. and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is helping the enemies of the Church by his concessions to their deceitful poses of sympathy for the victims of various homosexual predators.

Again, if we're going to attack the Catholic Church for the rare infractions of its ministers, we'd better be going after academia, the entertainment  industry and leftists political parties with the same gusto, for their moral relativism is a feeble impediment toward the kind of behavior exhibited by pillars of the community like Rob Lowe, Woody Allen, Allen Ginsburg and other, and that's not even taking into account the descriably systematic attempts at the corruption of children in what that industry produces.  Actually, leftist political parties admit that they're interested in sexualizing children, and it still doesn't matter to the media: they hate the Church, so no small wonder then that these Old Liberal Bishops play along to their tune.  The pay is good and it's good to be Bishop.

No guts, no integrity, no Faith.

If you're going to be credible about being penitent as we'd suggested last year when +Martin was crying his crocodile tears in Dublin, try and do it for the right reason, and perhaps make it something like this, at 4:35:

[Catholic Culture] At a special liturgy of lament and repenetance in Dublin’s pro-cathedral, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin rued the sexual abuse of children and the response by Church authorities to the abuse.

“I can ask myself how did this happen in the Church of Jesus Christ where as we heard in the Gospel children are presented to us as signs of the kingdom,” he said. “How did we not see you in your suffering and abandonment? The Church of Jesus Christ in this Archdiocese Dublin has been wounded by the sins of abusers and by the response to you for which we all share responsibility.”

“All survivors are indebted to those who had the courage to speak out and let it be known what had happened and how they were treated,” he continued. “The Church in Dublin and worldwide and everyone here today is indebted to them. Some of you in your hurt and your disgust will have rejected the Church that you had once loved, but paradoxically your abandonment may have helped purify the Church through challenging it to face the truth, to move out of denial, to recognize the evil that was done and the hurt that was caused.”

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hans Kung is an Opportunist: Never Waste a Crisis

Not wanting to waste a manufactured crisis, the kinds of people who were respnsible for the "crisis" in the first place are using it as pretext to usher in further "reforms" aimed at destroying the Church.

Like Archbishop Martin of Dublin, he's ever eager to exploit the crisis. Expect more of this in the future.

THE Catholic Church needs another reforming council like the 1960s Vatican II assembly before Rome winds back all the advances it made, one of the world's foremost [sic] Catholic theologians said yesterday.

Hans Kung said the Vatican was an authoritarian system that sometimes used totalitarian methods to enforce its views but the problems of this approach were becoming insurmountable.

He said another global council would not happen because the Vatican was afraid. Instead, it was trying to restore the pre-Vatican II church but was encountering strong resistance, not just from the grassroots but from bishops.

''Already the successor of this Pope will have to face the situation that churches are more and more empty, and parishes are without pastors, and communities are dissolving,'' he said.

Dr Kung, along with Pope Benedict, was involved in the Vatican II council that modernised the church. ''A third council would take up the justified concerns that were not fulfilled in the last council. It was forbidden to speak about celibacy; we did not discuss divorce though dozens of millions of Catholics are in this situation; and we did not discuss women's issues like conception.''

Dr Kung came to the Parliament of the World's Religions to launch his manifesto for a global economic ethic. Yesterday, he said if it was ignored the world would probably sink into another financial crisis worse than the last, because several crises were interlinked: economic, climate change, poverty and wars.

He said Wall Street seemed to have learned nothing and wanted to go back to the status quo, but the housing collapse in the US and the different mood in Europe made this unlikely.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Driving all the Snakes Out of Ireland for St. Patrick's Day?

WIDESPREAD condemnation of the way the Roman Catholic bishops of the Dublin archdiocese dealt with paedophile priests over three decades culminated in a call for the expulsion of the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, over the Vatican’s failure to respond to the scandals (News, 27 November).

The independent commission established by the Irish government under Ms Justice Yvonne Murphy of the High Court examined com­plaints against 46 individual priests, involving 320 children, the majority of whom were boys. One priest admitted sexual abuse of more than 100 children.

It found that four Archbishops and several auxiliary Bishops of Dublin, including five now serving in dioceses of their own, seriously failed in their duty of protection towards children.

The Roman Catholic Church’s own rules and structures facilitated a cover-up, the report says, which included the movement of priests who were known offenders from one parish to another, thus allowing them to reoffend. It also failed to report offenders to the Garda Siochána, the police force of the Republic of Ireland, over the entire period of their tenure in office. The Gardaí, in turn, often deferred to the hierarchy by simply advising archbishops of complaints they themselves had received. RC prelates were thus re­garded as being above the law of the State.

The inquiry described the be­haviour of successive Arch­bishops of Dublin as showing “denial, arro­gance, and cover-up” over a period from the 1970s until the 1990s. The Justice Minister of Ireland, Dermot Ahern, described the report as chronicling a scandal on an astonish­ing scale, and pledged that, in the Republic, no organisation or institu­tion would be allowed to regard itself as superior to the State or its people. “A collar will protect no criminal,” he said.

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Even Golden Brown wants to get in on the feeding frenzy and talk tough about evil in Northern Ireland.

At least Russia is more sensible than Ireland. They want to improve their relations with the Vatican. In our humble opinion, we think that Catholicism is too good for Ireland.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Communist Agitprop

From the same old foes:

OPINION: AFTER THE first wave of revelations over a decade ago, the sexual abuse of children by the clergy was explained away by the Roman Catholic Church by the bad apple theory – that these isolated “sexual acts” were transgressions by a minority of weak priests. In the wake of the Dublin diocesan report, that explanation has been amplified to include institutional failures of decision-making in dealing with offenders and victims, and a culture of secrecy and cover-up, writes MAUREEN GAFFNEY

But tidying up corporate governance and instituting a more transparent culture is not going to resolve the scandal of clerical sexual abuse. That will require the church to face up to a much more profound problem – the church’s own teaching on sexuality.

Consider the list of issues the church has failed to deal with credibly since the 1960s: premarital and extramarital sex; remarriage; contraception; divorce; homosexuality; the role of women in ministry and women’s ordination; and the celibacy of the clergy. All have to do with sexuality.

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And the same old "friends"

Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin has said he is not happy with the response of bishops to Commission of Investigation into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin.

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Archbishop of Dublin cries crocodile tears and portrays himself as the good guy, here.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dublin's Archbishop Silent on Catholic Teaching

Standing firm and joining in the maelstrom of criticism against the Church for the deeds of some of its shepherds who do not accept Catholic teaching, the Archbishop of Dublin, who's unlikely ever to make Cardinal, points an accusing finger at the Vatican, religious orders in Ireland and the Archbishop of Westminster. He is more capable of blaming everything else but the real cause. For if he accuses the Vatican of remaining silent on sex abuse, his silence on the truths the Catholic faith and the obligations of Catholic ministers points to some unsavory associations of his own that link him more closely to the pereptrators of these crimes than it does with the Church he claims to support.

In an earlier interview recorded on Off The Record, he ineptly, if deliberately, fumbles the ball in support of Catholic teaching about homosexuality:

Interviewer: You can say yes or no to my question: do you think that people -- homosexual people -- who engage in homosexual sexual relations are engaged in an intrinsic moral evil?

Archbishop: I would not make a judgment, again, on ... on ... on ... on ... on individual people. I have no idea

Following the sports analogy, he seems to have made an assist more recently, since he became the Arcbishop of Dublin in 2004, for government prosecutors who have lain greedy eyes on the possessions of the Church; he's done this while being viewed by the liberal press, whose causes of globalism, "climate change" and social justice, he embraces and supports.

But this recent, irresponsible public statement by his auxilliary Bishop puts him at a war footing with the hierarchy:

Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The Vatican’s failure to cooperate with a panel investigating the sexual abuse of children by priests in Ireland is “very regrettable,” said an auxiliary Roman Catholic bishop of Dublin, Eamonn Walsh.

“I’m very disappointed with this failure to respond” to the Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation, Walsh said in a telephone interview today. “I am surprised with the attitude, it is totally unnecessary. It doesn’t tally at all with the approach of the Holy Father,” he said, referring to Pope Benedict XVI.

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This type of talk, which he participates and allows, earns him the praise of dissident voices in the United States, at NCR.

Not only has the Pope received some passive rebuke from the Archbishop of Dublin, but also Archbishop Nichols who said that the "real heroes" were the priests who cam forward and admitted their wrong doing.

He also didn't fail to criticize the religious orders of Ireland either when he began his quest for transparency.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has taken control of the information and is a definitive beneficiary of public acclaim, at least from those liberals within the Church who are using this as a means of further transformation and alteration in its Doctrines.

But perhaps it would be better if he took up the advice of Enda Kenny asking Irish Bishops to resign?