Sunday, April 10, 2011

Journalist Raises Questions About Norwegian Bishop's Situation

Editor: The case is very strange. The Bishop has already admitted the to the act, but the author of the following piece seems convinced that the Bishop is being hung out to dry because of his conservative outlook. He's named the victim who took the proceeds from a book he'd published about his situation to build a Church in Norway. The victim is still very much a Catholic believer.

Too Many Questions Remain

A light in the darkness: A year ago the Bishop of Trondheim, Norway, was accused of an abuse and resigned. By Franz Weissmut

( the beginning of April 2010, the former Bishop of Trondheim in Norway, Msgr Georg Müller (58), stood guilty of supposedly abusing a boy as a young minister.

The -- not specified -- attack lay in any case at some point twenty years ago.

The case is out of statute. Bishop Müller, therefore, not be legally prosecuted.

At the beginning of December last year the alleged victim published a book under the Pseudonym "David" about the case.

It was under the title: "Ingen vei Utenom". In English: No Way Past.

The profits from the book will go to benefit the building of the new St. Olav Church in Trondheim.

Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig (57) of Oslo and Apostolic Administrator of the Prelature off Trondheim -- a former Ausgustinian -- Choirmaster of the Stift Kosterneuberg in Austria -- wrote the forward to it.

The book appeared in the Catholic press of Norway -- the St. Olva Press.

The presumed victim has remained anonymous the entire time. That is unethical.

Anonymous complaints of this magnitude are questionable.

How could we know without a criminal case that this isn't simple revenge?

Bishop Müller was a very conservative clergyman and therefore there were those who were hostile to him.

He preached never the less against all human weakness and often against homosexuality. That made him many enemies.

Is there a connection here?

As this also is. I am of the opinion, that the name

of the alleged victim, that is clamored for so much publicity, should end up in the public.

That could account for the revelation of the true facts.

The name of the supposed victim Nguyen Duy Dat (34).

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Giles said...

Every priest who preaches against homosexuality lives in fear of that group of perverts hiring someone to make a charge against him -- and in this atmosphere, they know the charge itself will convict him in the minds of many.

Anonymous said...

The victim doesn't sound very Norwegian. By the way has the former bishop protested his innocence.

Tancred said...

Actually, he admitted to it.