Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Careful: The Abuse-Hoax is a Diversionary Tactic

A German homosexual-ideologue is using the the timeliness of the hour in order to strike more homopolitical capital from the abuse-hoax.  A Commentary, translated from kreuz.net.
More homosexuality means, necessarily, more abuse.

(kreuz.net) The Jesuit, homosexual-ideologue [are there any others?] and striking Rector of the Berlin Cansisius College, Father Klaus Mertes is once again the homo-propagandist underway in German lands.  This, according to the 'Frankfurter Allgemein Zeitung' today.

On Sunday he indoctrinated the participants of an event at the Jesuit-led Old Liberal Philosophy-Theology faculty of the University of St. George in Frankfurt am Main.

Father Mertes is known for covering up the real reason for the very infrequent cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

This consists in over eighty percent of the cases of abuse, homosexual perpetrators of sexually mature boys.

With preemptive complaint about the supposed discrimination against homosexual perps finds Fr. Mertes usually insisting that this problem has been made a taboo by German society.

At the same time he insults the Church because it is the only institution in the West that has the courage to condemn homosexual depravity.

With his attacks on the Church, the priest diverts attention from the homosexual problem.

In the case of the Berlin Canisius College the then supervisor categorically declared, since which -- as it was later exposed -- not having any information about the abuses at the school.

Actually the homo-ideological Jesuits aren't concerned about the protection of minors from homosexual perpetrators.  He wants to revile the Church.

So, he portrays one aggrieved of homosexual abuse as a "victim of a church pastor".

During his attack on the Church, the German priest imitates the national-masochism of his homeland.

This rages from a sexually morbid self-depreciation.  Example?

The Church never offered to approach the victims once in a "therapeutic manner" -- as the Jesuit waltzed into the slime.

Or:  It won't do, "to instrumentalize the victims as learning experiences for the Church".

Or: "What does the institution recongize, when they look from the perspective of the victim, when they see themselves in the mirror held for them by the victim?"

His answer: "The Church is also a sinner".

Naturally -- the tabooization undertaken by the Jesuits of the homosexual perpetrator only functions when the guilt can be pushed onto another -- on the Church.

After this cheap diversionary maneuver, Father Mertes published his own concern.

He can't get around, "to declare that from the perspective of the victim the fundamental question is placed in the context of Church sexual morality and the definition of spiritual power."

All clear?

Translated from kreuz.net...

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