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Monday, December 5, 2016

Upcoming Green Politician's Interjection Reveals the Strong Influence of Pedophiles on Her Party

[Welt N24] The sanitation of pedophile tendencies among the Greens seemed to be complete. But a new investigation brings Renate Künast into difficulties. It is about a debate in 1986 - and an interjection.

The paragraph that could still be dangerous for Renate Künast, only appears on page 74. It involves a report that made the headlines this weekend involving the horrific acts with which the "Commission for the Investigation of the Involvement of the Berlin Regional Association of Alliance 90/The Greens with pedophilia and sexual violence against children."

Especially in the 1980s, Pederasts had seized whole working groups of the eco-party and from there tried politically to enforce their impure desires for sex with children. The pedophiles in the alternative protest district of Kreuzberg were particularly bad. It remained a focal point for sexual predators till the arrest of a Green Party member at the beginning of the 90s. "We see this looking the other way as an institutional failure," admitted Green Party President Bettina Jarasch now, apologizing more than 20 years later. The party was "blind to the victims of sexual abuse".

But the chapter is not finished yet. Because in the confusion there are not just references to Green perpetrators. The report also provides an insight into a culture, which had penetrated not only into radical minorities, but into the mainstream of the Green Party, especially in the 1980s. Sex with children was regarded as acceptable in the Green ideological world for as long as it was "consensual and nonviolent."

Green work child abuse

The Berlin Greens are trying to deal with pedophilia in their ranks. A report concludes that abuse was part of its program as well.

Source: N24 At least, a protocol was heard during a meeting of the Berlin House of Representatives in 1986. In this state parliament Renate Künast was a deputy. She later rose to the chair of the faction, even to the Federal Minister of the Interior and from Bundesminister to candidate for mayor. On May 29, 1986, this had not yet come to pass, Künast already a Green spokesman, was known for her snotty interjections.

While a Green MEP was addressing domestic violence, a CDU [Christian Democratic Union] deputy asked the questioner about the decision of the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia, to abolish the punishment for sexual acts against children. But instead of the speaker, who should have spoken according to the protocol, it was Renate Künast who interrupted: "Come on, if there is no violence in play!" Does not that sound like sex with children is ok as long as there is no violence?

It was a misunderstanding, says Künast. In the debate, it was not about sex, but about violence to children. She had only wanted to point out that the CDU accusation was way off base. However, she views that former discourse critically today - and her role in it: "We discussed the abolition of criminal laws involving sex with children in terms of a law theory. Too late did we start to realize that there are people who are absolutely in need of protection, about whom this debate is impossible."

Künast finds it difficult to look back

In fact, the proposals for an extremely broad decriminalization in the justice system, was well suited for the campaign by pedophiles to legalize sex with children. "I have never voted to legalize so-called consensual sexuality between children and adults," stresses Künast.

On her role in the Green milieu, she still looks contrite: "Today, I object to not having been part of the Kreuzberg women who were very active in the end of this debate. But I was not on the other side either. I did not know the "Falkensteiner Keller" in Kreuzberg. "In this torture chamber, disguised as a juvenile institution, two Green pedophile party members had sexually abused children for years."


STEPHAN KLECHA, Social Scientist

Stephan Klecha, a social scientist and formerly employed by the Göttingen Institute for Democratic Research, also considers Künast's role critically. Along with the political scientist, Franz Walter, he has researched for over a year on behalf of the Green Party, the paedophilic tendencies in the establishment phase of the Green party .

"Mrs. Künast, with her interjection, indicated the overall acceptance of the Green Party in the mid-1980s. The position of keeping consensual sexual relationships between adults and children possible for a long time was a kind of endorsement," says Klecha. What was astonishing was, above all, the timing of Küntast's remark in Parliament.

A strange time for her interjection

For in May 1986, according to Klecha's research, the Greens had no "prospects for majorities" for consensual on sexual relations between adults and children. After a catastrophic election in the provincial elections, the state association in North-Rhine-Westphalia had also withdrawn from the child-sex proposals. The actual protagonists of the debate, Klecha said, "were also hesitantly pushed out of the party at this time."

Bettina Jarasch, today's Berlin President, considers the interruption to be almost exact to the Green discourse going on then in which perpetrators understood themselves: "Renate Künast, like almost the entire Green Party at that time had made the fatal distinction between consensual sexuality with children and sexuality with children in which violence played a role. This distinction seemed like a sedative, and prevented us from questioning our positions." Trans: Tancred: AMDG

Monday, May 23, 2016

Green Candidate Wins in Contested Election in Austria

Edit: once again, an Old Liberal Catholic tips the scales.

VIENNA. The presidential election in Austria is decided by a head-to-head race. After the counting of mail-in absentee ballots on Monday the Green Alexander Van der Bellen has achieved a narrow place in the Hofburg. The former party leader of the Greens got 50.3 percent of the vote, 31,026 votes ahead of FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer. The FPÖ has announced in advance their wish to contest the result.

Van der Bellen owes his victory, in this narrowest to date in Austria's history, especially the voters in the cities. On Sunday, the 72 year old received 61.1% of the votes in Vienna alone. In eight of the nine provincial capitals he was over Hofer. After counting the votes at polling stations on Sunday evening,  Hofer stood at 51.9 per cent lead. Decisive for the victory Van der Bellen were the mail-in votes. Of the approximately 700,000 absentee ballots about 60% were accounted  to the Green Party.

In the first round, Van had received the barking 21.3 percent of the vote. His opponent Hofer, 35.1 percent. Van der Bellen had made the promise during the election campaign that he would appoint an FPÖ politician as chancellor. In surveys the party led by  Heinz-Christian Strache is in first place with more than 30 percent nationwide.

Hofer has now admitted defeat:

Dear Friends!

I would like to thank you for your substantial support. Of course I'm sad today. I'd have liked to serve you as president of our wonderful country. I will remain loyal to you and my contribution for a positive future in Austria.
Please don't be despondent. Count this campaign not as a loss but an investment in the future.

Your Norbert Hofer

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Volker Beck: When the Prototype of a Political Wind Sower Reaps the Whirlwind

A personal, political "obituary" on Volker Beck or: "I must needs now go."

Guest commentary by Christian Meissner

Berlin ( Even in the Bible it says, "For they who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind." (Hosea 8,7). Volker Beck (Photo) is for me the prototype of a political reaper of the wind who has now been overtaken the storm.

Like no other in his party, he embodied the representation of the ideal, the self-righteous Old Left, who mercilessly portrayed others on the political spectrum of opinion in the strict focus of his higher moral certainty for the general public.

I have even seen it a few times: sorry, but I can't go into it here! Recently he saw me - our paths have crossed politically several times since 2003 - at the Kirchentag in Stuttgart last year during a visit of the members of Alliance 90 / The Greens, after which he then turned mercilessly with piercing eyes and straight in my direction, roared into the microphone and blustered, "idiots" and "imbeciles of the CDU." . This cold ran down my back.

From my own view I can only say: that is the "fair and respectful treatment", that Claudia Roth now asks for him (rightly), is something he has rarely granted to political opponents, least of all the representatives CDU or CSU.

And the "malice" which was poured out for many years on others, is still taken to heart. That's life! It means we should not pour "malice" over him. Has that now anyone actually done?

The fact that the Greens are just now suddenly rediscovering the virtues of civic decency, which they themselves have not infrequently violated in political discourse, in my opinion, speaks for itself.

Many of Beck's downright hateful and verbal attacks in the characteristic style of the Grand Inquisitor on political dissidents - quite a good party tradition - went directly to the person and not the argument or the thing.

At the latest, in 2013 he personally should have - considering the priggish standards that he uses to measure others - suffered much more significant consequences because of a hushed up and ultimately mendacious statement in his very own essay in the anthology "The Pedosexual Complex" (1988).

Conclusion: With respect to his person, Christian compassion and all understanding are now, indeed, appropriate. One can only wish that he gets away from this terrible addiction.

But as far as his so-called political "merits" (C. Roth), and above all, the manner of his "careful", political discourse, I say without "malice", but from deepest political convictions with Michael Kretschmer: "Good riddance" Christian Meissner is the national director of the Protestant working Group of the CDU / CSU (EAK) . archive photo Volker Beck: (c) Wikipedia / Mathias Schindler. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Translation: Tancred

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eco-Encyclical to be Released on June 18 -- Over-watched by UN Rottweilers

(Rome) This Thursday, June 18  the Eco-Encyclical will be presented at 11 clock in the New Synod Hall of the Vatican by Pope Francis.This was announced by the Press Office of the Holy See  and confirmed for the first time officially, that the encyclical will be titled "Laudato si" after the Canticle of St. Francis of Assisi. It will also be the first encyclical of history to also have a subtitle: "About the concern for the common house". Encyclicals have so far received the first words as a title with which they begin.
The presentation of the encyclical will be made by Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. At his side will be Metropolitan Joannis Zizoulas of Pergamum, an  84  year old representative of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople. Similarly Hans Joachim "John" Schellnhuber a representative of the international institutions. Schellnhuber is the founder and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Chairman of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) and long-standing member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC). 

IPCC and UN Are Sitting at the Presentation Table - as Watchdogs?

While the presence of the Orthodox representative underlines the appreciation of  Catholic-Orthodox relations, the presence of Schellnhuber's is evidence that makes use of the eco-Encyclical, the thesis of human-inflicted global warming and thus the UN Millennium Agenda. Schellnhuber is one of the leading advocates of a drastic and costly IPCC climate policy. It's a step that would mean a serious surrender of the Catholic Church to the powerful of the world. One step,  Pope Benedict XVI. had fought against throughout his pontificate.
The warnings and concerns of climate skeptics, conservatives and pro-lifers were obviously justified. The rapprochement between the Vatican and the United Nations has been announced since the election of Pope Francis. The new cooperation was sealed with a climate conference at the Vatican late April 2015 in the presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN Director Jeffrey Sachs. Already the two were mentioned at the Vatican meeting, who gave the content guidelines and direction. Is the Vatican following orders on the issue? Is Schellnhuber sitting  like a watchdog at  the presentation table? The presence of special guests or co-presenters has not been previously common.
The eco encyclical will be presented in original Italian and in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese translation on Thursday. One issue in the church language Latin, in which almost all encyclicals have been drawn up, has not yet been made.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Insider

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pedophile Debate: Alice Schwarzer Attacks Volker Beck

Edit: this has been ongoing for years in the German press, and it looks like it may be getting some traction at last.  Alice Schwarzer is a well-known German feminist who's putting aside the loyalties you might expect of such a person to attack real evil.

Keep the Greens away from children!

 BERLIN. In the debate about the pedophilia entanglements of the Greens, feminist Alice Schwarzer has attacked the parliamentary secretary of the Greens in the Bundestag Volker Beck. Beck could not retire at the mercy of late birth, Black wrote in an article for the taz.

"He was active in his mid-eighties in the SchwuP (Federal Association of Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts) and had been there 'once or twice', he says today. The SchwuP was the spearhead in the fight for the liberalization of pedophilia. Beck even called in a 1988 text, for the decriminalization of paedosexuality," stressed the journalist.

Today, Beck considers prostitution a profession like any other. Beck said: "If people offer something that others want to buy and there are no environmental or social side effects that you have to urgently prevent, then I'll take note of that and do not disturb me any more."

Beck Owes an Explanation

According to Black, the parallels are imposed in the discourse surrounding pedophilia and prostitution over normal. "Even today more than 90 percent of those in poverty and forced into prostitution in Germany are denied, and 'consensuality' and 'voluntary' are the concerns.

An article appeared in 1988 in the book "The pedosexual complex" under Beck's name, in which the author himself spoke for the "decriminalization of paedosexuality". Beck today maintaints that the article had been published without his authorization and altered.

The original version of his original text, however, has never been published until today. The Green politician does not wish to answer JUNGE FREIHEIT's questions. Neither, as it appeared in the article, nor exactly at what points the editor had changed his post. An employee merely referred to an opinion on Beck's website.

Dubious Memories

There, writes the German parliamentrian, according to his memory the "legal department of the Green Faktion then proceeded against publisher and / or editor". The distribution of the book was not able to be prevented, but a new edition of the work with the article had been prohibited. He unfortunately had no documents from the time unfortunately. It annoyed him, Beck said, that he had not kept the manuscript.

Beck's memories are, however, one thing. He also writes on his website, "never" had a board of Federal Green Party promoted legalizing sex with children or "agreed to something, which was even remotely in that direction."

This was vehemently contradicted on Tuesday by the Göttingen social scientist Stephan Klecha. "Here, Beck is clearly wrong," he told Bild News. There had been five decisions of the Greens Federal and State elections, in which they called for the abolition of the corresponding penal clause.

Patchy Memory

"In the 1985 state election in North Rhine Westphalia, this decision has even cost the party its entrance into parliament. Many were clearly blocked. On the topic of sex with children, the collective memory of the Greens doesn't seem to work well."

Klecha belongs to the research group of the Göttingen political scientist Franz Walter, to investigate the involvement of the party with the pedophile scene on behalf of the Greens. On Monday was it known that the Greens had already advocated in its first policy statement in 1980 for a broad legalization of sexual relationships of adults with children and wards. (Krk)

Link to Junge Freiheit....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Child Sexual Abuse Every Day in the Green Commune

Edit: here's a summary from the German newspaper from on conditions in a Child Commune by a Green Executive Memeber. [Photo: 'Die Welt'.]  No wonder the Greens, including Volker Beck, have been trying to distance themselves from this.

Green Molester-Commune

In a former school camp on the Dachsberg near Kamp-Lintfort close to the Dutch border, the Alternative-Left rehearsed the sexual revolution with daily child abuse.
The head of "Community of Life" was the late architect Hermann Meer.
He was a member of the State Executive Committee [Landesvorstand] of the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia from 1980.
The Commune belonged outwardly to Emmaus Community that relied on the selfless Frenchman, Father Pierre. They had nothing in common besides this.
They played the social reformers, were anti-authoritarian, non-violent and sexually liberated. Esoteric, self-awareness troops and primal scream therapy were at a premium. A perfect example of the left hippie generation.
Here also prominent "Greens" met on the way to "anti-nuclear demonstrations."
The Child Molester Reality
Hermann "Meer, wore his pedophilia openly for  show. Since there was no secret of it, but it was even advertised. Even the Greek philosophers had had their sexual pleasure with boys and dealing with their students. These were sentences that were commonplace for me,  facts so to speak, since no one had objected." Says an abuse victim for  "Die Welt".
Relevant articles were always articles tried out for size. And images of David Hamilton's "Bilitis", "latent pedophile" soft porn, who reported the sexual experiences of a 13 year old.

"Green" -Executive Hermann Heer- a Gay Pedophile

In contrast to the child abuse commune of Otto Muehl in Austrian Burgenland,  the 60-year-old pervert Meer was exclusive to boys.
The sexual assaults took place daily. Even guest children were not spared.

Police Sought Child Molester

Meer was not an isolated case. Thus, a child molester sought by the police, who sympathized with the RAF [Rote Armee Fraktion], lived at the Commune.  His preference for children was well-known in the Commune - the younger, the better: those at ten years of age were quite to his sexual tastes.

"Children and Youth Congress" of the "Green"

On the 24th  and 25th of September, 1983  the "Greens" in the child abuse commune were directed to form a "Children and Youth Congress".
Of the party: the occupants of the Commune "City Slickers" from Nuremberg. Their main demand was the legalization of child abuse.
They discussed whether the statute should be at age six, eight or twelve years.
This "Congress" was organized by Werner Vogel, since 1980 a member of the NRW state board of the "Greens".  As these moved in 1983 to the Bundestag, he delivered the first speech of a "Green" in the Bundestag. It was his Nazi past which ended his career, not his perversions.

Working Group "Gays and Pedophiles"

The "Groundwork"  was determined on the 9th of March 1985, in the electoral program of the "Green" in NRW.
The election was lost, the pederasts were still to be  suffered for some years by the "Greens"

Fund for the Victims of the "Greens"?

Now one asks himself: Where's the fund for the victims of the "Greens" for those who were defiled by the party functionaries of the "Greens"?

Link to

Daily Sexual Abuse at Green Commune in Die Welt in German.

Edit: Here's an excerpt from a article on the Green's pedophilia past in June which featured a speech by Dr. Erika Steinbach in the Bundestag  in 2010 on the hypocritical position of the "Greens" on child abuse.

In an interview by "Deutschlandfunk" on the 1st of April, 2011, Erika Steinbach, a Conservative German politician, aptly described the Greens:  "The Greens have appointed a Foreign Minister, who had a violent past" -- and further:  "They have a stately number of proponents of pedophilia in their ranks, including Volker Beck at certain times.

Note: Volker Beck has won the support of the German Bishops to go on a hunt for recently, when the Traditionalist website came under attack after stating that a decadent German comedian was in hell.  The German Bishops has the most revolutionary Bishop's conference in the world.

Translation: Tancred

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope and Patriarch of Constantinople Will Travel Together to Jerusalem

Pope Francis has accepted the Orthodox Leader’s offer to make a common trip to Jerusalem, in addition  he will publicly visit the See of the Patriarchate in Constantinople.

Athens/Vatican City (  Pope Francis (76) and Bartholomew I (73) of Constantinople will make a common trip to Jerusalem. next year.  The Pope has accepted the corresponding proposal of the Greek Orthodox Head, reports the Greek news site "NewsIt" this Wednesday.  This trip will commemorate the historic meeting between Patriarch Athenagoras and Pope Paul VI. 50 years before.  Their meeting in Jerusalem lead to the lifting of the mutual excommunications, which had stood since the schism of 1054.

At the same time Bartholomew I. invited the Roman Pope according to the report, to visit the Phanar, the seat of the Patriarch in Constantinople.  Francis has also accepted this visit.  An official invitation still has to go through diplomatic channels, it says.  Both Church leaders had met in the context of an ecumenical meeting for the new Pope in the Vatican on Wednesday.

Additionally, the two Church leaders, “NewsIt” says, agreed to develop common initiatives for the protection of the environment.   Patriarch Bartholomew I. urged that Francis and he might go together to open a planned event in 2015 for the defense of creation on Mount Athos.  The outcome should be shown in an exhibition in the Quirinal Palace.

Bartholomew I. is known for his ecological engagement. For this reason, he is also known by the media as the “Green Patriarch”.  Francis had mentioned the protection of the environment in the sermon for his inaugural Mass.  Francis of Assisi (1181/82- 1226), for whom he chose his name, is the Patron Saint of environmentalism.

Initially reported by Rome Reports:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Berlin Attorney General Receives List "Revealing" Operators

Edit: don't these people have more important things to do? hates and probably wants to see them go away.  Of course, they neglect details about the various accusers of which could be useful to an honest story.

Volker Beck loves
children @Gemeinfrei
Bruner Gmünder Verlag (Berlin) [A publisher of homosexual pornography.] has given a list of five Church associates who are closely associated with the "radical" website "".

Bonn ( The Bruno Gmünder Verlag (Berlin) has handed a list of names of five Church associates who are supposed to be closely associated with the website "". One lives in Germany, three in Austria, one in Switzerland, reported the Spiegel Online in consultation with the former religion instructor David Berger, now living in Berlin, who has been seeking out the figures behind the portal on his own. All five are associates of the Catholic Church.

Verlag Gmünder has offered previously a 15,000 Euro reward for information on the operator of "". According to Spiegel Online, over 600 letters from the publisher, of which 90 percent had been unusable, the rest were clearly helpful. The German Bishops Conference had distanced itself from the website, which describes itself as Catholic. Its secretary, Father Hans Langendorfer, had written to Green politician Volker Beck [A homosexual who has argued for the legalization of sex with children]: "It is our common goal, to bring this site to a quick end."

"" operator shows itself as an "Initiative of an international private group of Catholics in Germany and overseas, who are mainly active in the Church". The website shows itself to give provocations to Protestants, Homosexuals, but also, even against Catholic Bishops and Laity, who are aligned with Liberal thought. [They forgot Jews]

The press speaker of the German Bishops' Conference, Matthias Kopp, stressed in the meantime that the Bishops' Conference has on its own initiative established contact with individual bishops, if they are aware of individuals in contact with who are employed by the Diocese.

Four names were brought forth by "Spiegel" in connection with, said Kopp in a statement, which appeared in the Katholischen Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA). So, Prelate Georg May is in connection with the Polish Archdiocese of Breslau. Fr. Reto Nay is a priest in Switzerland. There is also a religion teacher, Hubert Hecker who has already been published in 2010 by The Mainz Pastor Hendrick Jolie, who was also identified by "Spiegel", has stressed himself, that had published his texts illegally, said Kopp.

Spiegel online also cited the Press Speaker of the Diocese of Mainz, Tobias Blum, with the words that Jolie in the mean time has been questioned about his connection with "He has denied being in contact with and has expressly distanced himself", says Blum.

Berger, [A homosexual who accused the Pope of being himself one, was exposed by] who had been dismissed by the Archdiocese of Cologne from his license to teach, explained on Sunday, that he knows a great deal about the technical aspects of the site. On some days, the server changes three times. There are suggestions from around that the operators are ecclesiastical associates.