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Friday, January 17, 2014

French Education Minister Visits Kindergarten to Tell Boys They Can Be Girls: Man Dumps Tons of Manure in Front of Parliament

French Minister indoctrinate young children in kindergarten with the gender ideology(Paris), France's Minister is going to kindergartens  in order to explain to the boys that they should play with dolls and the girls that they want to play with the beginning of the program of "ABCs of Equality" . This is an attempt to work "against gender stereotypes" in the age group of three to six year old children. Minister of Education Vincent Peillon and women's rights minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem form  the ideological spearhead of the socialist government, who are going to kindergartens to start yet another  new government program.
The fight against "gender stereotypes" is officially underway in France. In order to put  the ideological re-education in effect, it already starts with small children in preschool. The state takes over the education of children and wants to start as soon as possible with a one-sided indoctrination. The program is based on   gender ideology, which states that  the biological sex is not decisive, but the perceived gender. The left-liberal "liberation struggle" will "liberate" man and woman allegedly from  socially "enforced" gender roles.

Book Recommendation: "Father Wearing a Skirt"

The socialist government program aims to "educate for a culture of equality between the sexes" and  "eliminate prejudices and stereotypes that can be the basis for discrimination."
The government has set up a special website to spread among the teachers "appropriate" instructional material for the support of the ideological perspective of the Socialist Party (PS). The largest teachers' union, which belongs to the left trade union cartel, supports the government and recommends that the teaching staff to use books that are "deconstructing gender stereotypes".  For that reason, books are recommended like "I Have Two Dads Who Love Each Other" or "Father Wearing a Skirt".
Minister Peillon (see separate report France: Jewish Education Minister: "We need to replace Catholic Religion by a Republican Religion" ) and Minister Vallaud-Belkacem (see separate report France: Website of the Government for Abortion and Against Pro-Lifers [German]) are both socialists and firmly anchored in the Masonic network  (see report Hollande's "Charter of Laïcité" Identical with Masonic Proposal - Pure Coincidence ). The two Ministers continued their "struggle" in kindergarten on Monday  "against all forms of self-censorship" and continued by holding highly charged ideological speeches to children aged 3-6 years: "both boys and girls can play with toy cars." Or: "Today, there are many women who make war and are therefore called soldiers." Or, "Are they only reserved to be dancing girls? Can a woman be a bricklayer? Can a boy play with dolls?"  Of course, the minister told the children and encouraged them explicitly to do so.

Euthanasia, abortion, divorce

The fight against "gender stereotypes" is not the only ideological battle front of  Francois Hollande's government.On the day after his two ministers marched out for the first time out in a kindergarten ideologically to coerce infants, the President announced a plan to introduce euthanasia. For the next 13 February, the socialist ruling party summoned their senators to discuss for the introduction of a bill for a "dignified death".
The abortion law will again be debated in the French parliament on January 20th. The government also wants to raise the unpunished killing of unborn children to a "human rights like the others."  According to the Estrela Report, which failed two times at the level in the European Parliament, France's Socialists want to continue the way single-handedly.
Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, is the originatress of the famous-infamous Loi Taubira "Marriage pour tous" , in which "gay marriage" was legalized in 2013, according to the journalist and author Sophie Coignard of the female Grand Lodge 'Grande Loge Féminine de France' (GLFF). A year ago Taubira issued instructions to immediately recognize that children born  abroad  to surrogate mothers are French citizens. A first step towards the legalization of surrogacy which is banned in France surrogacy, which is urged by aberrosexualist organizations. The atheist from French Guiana will now impose the quick divorce as well. If a divorce is based on consensus, they will in future be recognized by court clerks with an informal act.

Protest Against Government Policy

"The killing of an unborn child will be reduced to a trivial solution, to which one could have access at any time," said Archbishop André Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Paris, criticizing the new abortion plans of the government. Regarding the express divorce, he said: "This is a serious way to conceal the harmful consequences for society. Because people are acting as if there were no consequences."
Meanwhile   a man unloaded several tons of manure to protest against President Francois Hollande outside Parliament in Paris. On 2 February the civil rights movement Manif pour tous is back on the streets in Paris to protest against government policies.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

200,000 Protest Aberromarriage in Taiwan

(Taipei) 200,000 people demonstrated on Saturday in Taiwan's capital, Taipei against efforts to legalize "gay marriage".  The German media hasn't to our knowledge reported a single word about it.
The "People of the Family" have called a  protest along the lines of the French civil rights movement Manif pour tous. More than 200,000  Nationalist Chinese came and marched in front of the presidential palace. Taiwan's parliament has begun  debate on a draft law with which marriage is to be extended to homosexuals. The mass rally not worth a line in the  media. Deutsche Welle did not report the rally to protect marriage and the family, but instead that HIV-positive people in Taiwan were "not welcome".
The BBC, however, reported. In its interviews, Taiwanese citizens voiced their concern that children are condemned by the "gay marriage", including adoption rights for homosexuals by law to have to grow up without a family. The protesters accused the politicians who support the design of trying to impose opinions by law. Under the new law, one must consider homosexuality as something "normal".  Yet the state must not dictate opinions. The articles published in Taiwan polls for "gay marriage" are contradictory. According to the BBC, the resistance against the legalization of "gay marriage"  is continuous.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

French "Gay Marriage" Big Flop -- The Numbers

(Paris) As was already known from the USA, Germany and other countries where"gay marriage" or civil unions for homosexuals was allowed, the introduction of "gay marriage" is proving to be a flop in France. Three months after its introduction into force through the ruling Socialists in step with aberro-associations, with the frightening ferocity of the political and cultural struggle in the legalization of "gay marriage" it has been generally seen that it was just quicksand. Proponents of Lex Taubira responded not, as claimed, to a "state of emergency" to end discrimination against a "large number of homosexual citizens," as claimed by President Francoise Hollande. The now uncovered figures reveal that it was not about anti-discrimination, but about ideology.

The numbers tell a revealing story. They represent the "most important project since the French Revolution," just as a narrow-minded ideological struggle. 90 days after the introduction into force of "gay marriage" only 596 aberrosexual couples have "married". The result is abysmal compared to the effort, which almost led to the proclamation of a police state to bludgeon critics of the law. It is also embarrassing when you consider that registered gay partnerships were legal in France prior to the new law. But the ideology as the tyrant of happiness knows no mercy and is ready to step over bodies if need be.

The first "gay marriage" of France was celebrated with a great media circus and enforced by the world's leading media big screen. The big boom of the "discriminated" homosexual who finally "married" may, however, fail to materialize. According to state radio France Inter, the registry offices of French cities have reported only modest crowds. Paris is the front runner where there were just 241 "gay marriages". In second place, with only 37 "marriages", is Nice, then it becomes quite thin.

The goal was not "more civil rights," but destruction of marriage and family

Even a left pamphlet in the fight for "gay marriage" such as Le Monde had to admit that this was a "slow start". If you put the experience even of other countries based on the first days after entry into force of similar laws, the biggest crowds then drop rapidly toward statistical insignificance, we know that France has already left its "gay marriage" zenith. So then, why all the fuss? By now, obviously, what the critics of the new law of Manif pour Tous have repeatedly emphasized in recent months: the stated ideological goal of the new law is the destruction of traditional marriage and family.

There are just 596 gay couples, for whom, with unusual pace and force, "which could have been worthier of a great showing," said Il Foglio, a special law was pushed through Parliament. You can now, since the new socialist legislation also makes it possible, adopt children. The socialist majority government under President Hollande championed "gay marriage" despite any difficulty and especially not in view of the growing criticism from the French population. Instead, the opponents of the law are to be forced to be happy. Another law provides punishment for any criticism of the aberrosexual agenda. The magic word is "homophobia". Anyone who thinks otherwise, will be exposed until "the reform is accepted," said Il Foglio. The like of this has ever been seen in history. The close alliance between the left and the liberals after the collapse of communism for control of Europe, makes for getting your hands dirty.

Le Monde now confessed in an editorial, cherishes the hope that "the flame of anti-gay marriage rallies are gone and the reform will be accepted by the society." "That this was admitted the flagship of Hollande's social battle that the protest and resistance against gay marriage is impressively strong and that the French people in no way accepted a homosexual marriage imposed from above in their minds," said Il Foglio.

Opponents of "gay marriage" and adoption rights for gays are fighting for the right to conscientious objection 

But the law has legal force, it does not provide for conscientious objection, although such was initially recognized by President Hollande. In reality, it is a red flag for the Democrats of the Left. And because the acts of Jacobins are "benevolent" at all times, the mayor of Bollène, Marie-Claude Bompard has been charged in Vaucluse. The first citizen of their community had boldly declared not to accept "gay marriage" on the basis of conscience and their Christian faith. She is looking into the law as an attack on the rule of law, and therefore believes that the new law is unconstitutional.

Promptly they found themselves aberrosexual activists to set an example. Two lesbians wanted of all things to be "married" in Bollene. Bompard refused to perform the marriage ceremony and also refused to entrust this task to someone: "That would have been just a ploy to steal from me the responsibility," said the mayor. The gay activists immediately filed a complaint. The mayor is threatened by the new law with up to five years in prison and a 75,000 euro penalty. Bompard is not the first case ( see separate report ). French mayors who reject "gay marriage" have formed their own trade association.

The opponents of "gay marriage" and unnatural adoption rights for homosexuals are now fighting a new battle. They want to enforce the right to conscientious objection. Manif pour tous is doing so with a view to "gay marriage", child protection organizations do it with a view of the law that allows homosexuals to adopt children. The fight has been brought before the Constitutional Court.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Friday, August 16, 2013

Demonstration Against Aberromarriage in Munich

French Mass Movement Comes to Germany

Erstellt von Andreas Gehrmann am 15. August 2013 um 18:40 Uhr Munich

(Catholic news / JF). The French mass movement “Manif Pour Tous” [Demonstration for All] is coming to Germany. On Saturday, the Alliance, which advocates for the marriage of a man and woman in France and brought millions of people onto the streets, is calling for a rally in Munich. The demonstration, which is at 12 clock on the Karlsplatz (routes to) will start near the train station, and is going to stand up for the rights of children and families. The French movement "La Manif pour tous” had staged several enormous demonstrations where it emphasized the right of children to a mother and father and taken a stand against homosexual adoption and surrogacy at several mass rallies. The cause of the protests was at the socialist government’s introduction of gay marriage in France. The Munich demonstration organized by young French Catholics of the group Saint Gatien. Nearly a hundred faithful, priests and religious have been on pilgrimage since the 5th of August on the trail of Benedict XVI. in Bavaria. The event in Munich is the end of the pilgrimage. Back in March there was a protest of the "Manifesto for All" before the French Consulate in Munich. (Cr) Source: Junge Freiheit

Photo: Wedding Bank - Source: Alexander Hauk /

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Million Demonstrate in Paris Against "Same-sex Marriage" -- The Wondrous Numbers Games of the Media

(Paris) in the French capital, a mass rally was held on Sunday again Manif pour tous against the introduction of "gay marriage" and for the protection of the family instead. Again gathered more than a million people and covered in a peaceful protest march through Paris.

As mentioned in the previous rallies, the major media tried to ignore the rally, where they obviously downplay the frightening numbers of participants or to discredit the events. Of a million men, women, old and young, especially many young people and many families with their children were made by opinion-forming media in other countries into, "tens of thousands" (Tageschau, ARD), "tens of thousands of participants" (ORF [Austrian Broadcasting]). The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation was obviously not quite clear on the participation and internally never got sorted out. At first it was described as several thousand, then it was then "hundreds of thousands" and finally just "150,000" protesters.

How, as was the evidently wrong number of "150,000" participants concluded, all of which was reported in the leading media in France today? Riposte Catholique provides as an equally conclusive humorous explanation for the mysterious figure shrink game.

Everything is explained, says the Catholic website, through a simple "misunderstanding". Given the renewed mass participation in the protest against the socialist government and its social policy, the Home Office evidently sought a computing unit that somehow reduces the numbers of the protesters on to a "tolerable" level for the government and the media.

The organizers of the Manif pour tous count in Franks in France, while obviously expect the Prefecture of Paris and the Ministry of Interior count in Euros. According to the current exchange rate, € corresponds to 6.55057 francs. Therefore, the alleged by the prefecture 150,000 demonstrators is in reality resulting in 982,585 participants, which is considerably closer to the actual extent of participation that really was above a million.

Just a question of the arithmetic unit.

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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Riposte Catholique
Trans: Tancred

Friday, May 24, 2013

Priest Excommunicated for Membership In Masonic Lodge -- Church Infiltrated by Freemasons

(Paris) Freemasons in the Catholic Church have something in common with  El Diabolos: They both want to make you believe that he does not exist. The Vatican has now asked the Bishop of Annecy, Monsignor Yves Boivineau, to suspend the pastor  of Sainte Anne d'Arly-Montjoie of Megeve from his office. This is due to his membership in the Grand Orient of France. Abbè Pascal Vesin, 43 years old, was ordained a priest in 1996. He was initiated into a Masonic lodge and joined the Grand Orient, the largest Masonic order in France, such as Riposte Catholique reported in 2001. Ever since Abbé Vesin had tied on the apron of the  lodge, the lodge was his real home. Since then he has infiltrated the Catholic Church with Masonic ideas.
Rome's mills grind slowly, but they grind. In 2010, the Bishop of Annecy, this is the See of St. Francis de Sales, was informed of the lodge membership of this priest. The bishop asked and the priest denied. After 2011, it was evident he belonged to the lodge, the bishop then asked him to leave the Freemasonry, to exclusively to fulfill his priestly order. "Brother" Vesin relied on an "absolute freedom of conscience" and insisted that he can belong to both the Catholic Church and Freemasonry. [Familiar, isn't it?]
His benevolent bishop was prepared to continued to dialogue, so that the priest would reconsider its position. From the beginning, the aproned minister was informed about the planned ecclesiastical punishment. Since Vesin still clung to his lodge work, the Congregation made a decision in March. The bishop asked the Apostolic Nuncio as to the time necessary to inform his Priests. Three members of the Council were assigned the task to meet her "brother" Vesin. He still refused to leave the lodge.
Today, the Vicar-General met with the parish council of Megeve and explained these sanctions and made arrangements that the faithful will be informed at the Sunday Masses.
In the official press release of the Diocese, it was stated that "the penalty could be waived" if the priest  "unequivocally expressed his will to return to the Church."
Abbé, aka Brother Vesin, had represented progressivist positions as a priest in Megeve. He called for the abolition of celibacy, defended the secularization of state and society, artificial contraception and the introduction of "gay marriage". In January 2013, he publicly condemned people who were against the Taubira  bill, with which the socialist government was about to introduce the "gay marriage".
On Monday, the Diocese of Annecy has called a press conference on the Vesin case. Since yesterday, the former priest has been excommunicated. It is forbidden for him to receive the sacraments.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riposte Catholique

Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Appeal to the Manif Pour Tous in France Against Aberromarriage

[Galliawatch] The Manif Pour Tous, on the occasion of the promulgating of the law known as "marriage for everyone", issued the following appeal to all Frenchmen concerned about the law and its consequences for France and for civiization:

This law consecrates the abolition of the fundamental principle of marriage between a man and a woman. It implies, through full adoption for everybody, that a child presumably can be born of two men or two women; it consecrates the law of gender despite the universal nature of feminine and masculine sexual identities. It is a major upheaval of civilization!

Note: "Gender" is a term imported to France from the United States. It refers to the fantasy that a baby is born "neutral" and is free to "choose" to be a man or a woman. This "gender theory" is now being taught in French schools.

We have not ceased, for many months, alerting Monsieur Hollande about what the stakes are. We are profoundly offended by the arrogance and the contempt displayed for months both by the president of the Republic and the ministers, the legislators and the CESE.

Read further and scroll down...

It's uncertain if these sorts of staged events win over anyone or discourage anyone, but this one certainly points to the demonic in our mind:

[Huffington Post] A topless activist of the FEMEN movement was arrested inside Notre Dame Cathedral Wednesday, one day after far-right essayist and historian Dominique Vesser committed suicide in the Paris landmark.

The bare-chested woman was photographed in front of the altar, pointing a fake gun at her mouth. The slogan "May Fascists Rest In Hell" was written across her torso.

FEMEN leader Inna Schevchenko commented to Le HuffPost that the protest was a message to "anyone who supports fascism and who honored the memory of the extreme-right militant who committed suicide at Notre Dame."

Huffington Post...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Patriarch of Moscow Positive About Ecumenical Course with Rome

Moscow Patriarch Kyrill I on "gay marriage": In a consumer society no one wants to relinquish his vice: "On the contrary, vice is legalized and legitimized."

Moscow ( The Moscow Patriarch Kyrill I. is expressed himself hopefully for ecumenical collaboration.  The Russian Orthodox Church is in "open dialog with the Roman Catholic Church" and hopes, that this dialog will continue to develop together with the Pope, said the Patriarch in a television interview on Orthodox Easter.

Patriarch Kyrill stressed the positive development already begun under Benedict XVI. He hopes that this trend will continue and deepen with Francis.  The new Pope is "open to social problems and sensitive to social injustice."

Under Benedict XVI. (2005-2013) relations are to have essentially improved between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, because it was decided, to put aside some "extravagant projects", said the Patriarch with a view to an earlier proposed visit to Moscow.  There is a common challenge for both churches.

As for so-called gay marriage, Kyrill I said, in the consumer culture no one wants to give up his vices: "On the contrary, vices will be legalized and legitimized."  All this leads to a "destruction of personality" and to possible economic, financial, political or ecological crises.  The enormous protest in Paris against "gay marriage" had been a "joyous surprise", said the Patriarch.  He had not expected such a powerful, religiously motivated protest.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Bishop Aillet Calls for New “Resistance” Against the Perversion of Marriage

(Paris) The traditional Bishop Marc Aillet of Bayonne called on the French to continue resolutely in their opposition to the law on the introduction of gay "marriage” .  The bishop stressed the peaceful nature of the "new Resistance" and warned them not to let themselves be “provoked infiltrated extremists and plainclothes police" . "No Parliament has the power to define marriage, which is a divine institution.” said Bishop Aillet. "It is the spiritual weapons which I propose to use in this very month of May" and "God will give the victory.”

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Friday, April 26, 2013

French Police Go Berserk: Arrest Everyone Who Wears Pink Hoodies! Pink Panther at Large.

Arrest Everyone in Fuscia!
Edit: as Galliawatch says, translating from Le Salon Beige, there are numerous reports coming in of people being arrested for wearing the Manif Pour Tous colors and logos. The desperate Socialist government of France is entering a new level of hyperbolic paranoia as it attempts to curb the growing discontent with its social engineering and inability to heal the ailing economy.

A woman was arrested tonight at place du Trocadéro, as she was driving home from the demonstration. Her crime: a flag of the Manif Pout Tous was waving on her car. As he questioned her, the police officer admitted that his orders were to stop any car sporting the colors of the Manif Pour Tous.

It seems to us that you’d have to be a particularly robotic servant of the state to obey these ridiculous, and apparently illegal, orders.

See also, Bruvver Eccles...

Hollande Refuses Speech at Art Museum Because of Christian Art Background

[Tempi] The location from which he was to have given his speech was in front of a large painting with Christian themes. When the museum officials wouldn't move or cover the "offensive" painting, Hollande then canceled his visit.

The Right and Left, the unemployed and protesters of gay marriage, all opponents of Francois Hollande had gathered April 28 in front of the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen to protest against the policies of the socialist government. Here the French president was to inaugurate an exhibition on Impressionism accompanied by three government ministers two days ago, however, Hollande has canceled the visit.

AVOID THE DISPUTE. The French newspapers have advanced two hypotheses for the cancellation of the visit. The first is political. To avoid disputes, Hollande preferred to postpone, given that among the demonstrators there were many unemployed people ready to accuse the socialist president that unemployment in France has hit a new record: 3,000,000 and 224,000 French people are looking for work, according to data released yesterday by the national employment poll.

RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND. The second hypothesis is of very different character. In view of the president's visit, a government delegation made a visit to the museum to check where Hollande would have to give his speech. Since the "pulpit" was placed right in front of a huge canvas with a religious background, Christian to be precise, the delegation asked the organizers to move it. Impossible task, given the size of the painting. He was then asked it to be covered with a giant blue canvas.

Hollande AND CHRISTIANS. According to some newspapers, Hollande would have canceled the tour in order not to talk behind a Christian painting. Assumptions are unconfirmed but that would not be a unexpected, given that the socialist president is less than happy in his relationship with the Christian religion.



H/t: TA

Monday, April 22, 2013

Parisian Police Beat FSSPX Priests: Catholic priests pummeled by the Regime!

Edit: here’s the video from, which, despite the beating it’s receiving in Europe from the German Bishops’ Conference, is still putting out the good news. We found this video at a Peruvian Traditionalist El Sacristan Serrano, he goes on to describe this story with the title, “More than words”. It’s already got almost 10,000 hits on it. The SSPX priests were present at the demonstration Manif Pour Tous on April 19th, and were very roundly beaten, knocked to the ground and kicked.

Meanwhile, as Mundabor reports, the Society is begging the Holy Father not to let souls perish. They write a passioned letter by Bishop Fellay to Friends and Benefactors:

We beg Heaven and the authorities of the Church, in particular the new Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ, Successor of Peter, not to allow souls to perish because they no longer learn sound doctrine, the revealed deposit of the faith, without which no one can be saved, no one can please God.

What good is it to devote oneself to serving people if one hides from them what is essential, the purpose and the meaning of their life, and the seriousness of sin that turns them away from it? Works of charity done for the poor, the needy, the infirm, and the sick have always been a true concern for the Church, and we must not excuse ourselves from it, but if it becomes merely man-centered philanthropy, then the Church is no longer carrying out her mission, she is no longer leading souls to God, which can really be done only by supernatural means: faith, hope, charity and grace. And therefore by denouncing anything that is opposed to them: errors against faith and morality. Because if people sin, for want of that denunciation, they are damned for eternity. The Church’s reason for being is to save them and to help them avoid the misfortune of their eternal perdition.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

France: Not Thousands, Millions March in the Streets to Defend the Ancient Institution of Marriage

If it took a woman to drive the English out of France, it may take another woman to drive out the Socialists.

Edit:    Again, another Manif Pour Tous is upon us as millions of Frenchmen take to the streets to protest against the destruction of their civilization. This time, some news media have anticipated the event and are even beginning to acknowledge its significance. A broad base of support is present, starting with the Catholic Primate of France, Cardinal Vingt-Trois, the main organizer who inspired and gave the event such traction, Frigide Barjot, Muslims, Republicans and the whole spectrum of modern France has shown up to defend an ancient and enduring institution.

Here’s a picture of Frigide as she dons her helmet with a very telling suggestion as to her own personal allegiance.  In our enthusiasm, please allow us to suggest comparisons with other militant female saints:
The Valiant Frigid Barjot "The Eucharist:
 More than a Symbol"

 Photo source.

Indeed, according to French Wiki, she defended Pope Benedict against the media onslaught when he was being attacked for pardoning the SSPX in 2009.

Her petition «Touche pas à mon Pape» gathered over 32,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, millions of the Frenchmen have staged a demonstration in the capital, Paris, in a valiant and continuing effort to block a ridiculous bill on aberro-marriage. Which touches on the issue of numbers. Many people don’t like the idea of gay Paris being a focus of such “retrograde” ideas, so the press is being accused on Gallia Watch, and other places as well, of manipulating the photos. I think it’s indisputable that this is taking place, even the article we’ve sourced here bellow says that there will be merely thousands participating.

Opponents of gay marriage took to the streets in Paris on Sunday, carrying French flags and pink and blue banners which represented the colors of the Demo for All group, the spearhead of the movement against the legislation.
“We're here for children's rights. We don't want the state to be complicit in a child being deprived of a father or a mother,” said a French woman during the event.
The French parliament is expected to pass the first article of the bill, which allows same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, on April 23. The upper house of the French parliament approved the first article by 179 votes against 157 on April 9.
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amid Calls for Civil War, France is in Turmoil over Government Attack on Marriage

Edit: I just repeated the narrative on Galliawatch below. Amid the calls for civil war and Frigid Barjot now allowing protesters to call for the resignation of France’s President Hollande and the socialist government, there is a tumult that’s shaking all of France. Such is the French people's frustration with a government which refuses to listen to the voice of the people, as they continue to shove something down their throats they clearly don’t want. The police have also gotten more violent as they have in the past, even resorted to using tear gas against pensioners and little children. The events of the past weeks have also been intensified as the French media attacks the Grand Rabbi of France for some minor delicts (if we were to judge him by the same standards as Martin Luther King is generally judged) which seem motivated by the current campaign to show displeasure at any disapproval for the current campaign to destroy marriage.  Here is the report:

[Galliawatch] The Senate passed the bill on "marriage for everyone", i.e., gay marriage and adoption. The country is in an uproar. The bill now goes back to the National Assembly. I am referring you to Le Salon Beige for the photos. I'll try to have a coherent post up by tomorrow.

Click here for a series of photos of today's protest in Lyon (above). The photos can be enlarged by clicking. The police were taken by surprise by this spontaneous outburst of dissent directed at the government and the Senate, on the part of hundreds of citizens of Lyon.

In Paris, near the Luxembourg Gardens, where the Senate is located, thousands (some say 7500) protested. Below, the mayor of Montfermeil, Xavier Lemoine (in the tricolor scarf), carries a long banner that reads "Don't touch marriage. Take care of unemployment." Lemoine has said he will refuse to perform a parody of the traditional marriage ceremony. Click here for much more.


"Only one solution, dissolution".

Below, Frigide Barjot. Her tone was tougher than usual. She is quoted by Le Salon Beige:

"Hollande wants blood, he will have it! Everyone is furious. We are living in a dictatorship. (…) If there are cries for Hollande to resign tonight, unlike the other times, I will not prevent the slogans."
Apparently a deal was cut between the Socialist Party and Sarkozy's UMP party to accelerate the voting process. UMP deputy Philippe Gosselin declared:
"By accelerating the legislative procedure to escape the demonstration against 'marriage for everyone', scheduled for May 26, the president and his majority are readying for the worst: this is an incitement to civil war."

 Below, the "Hommen", a male parody of the Femen, create a fiery spectacle:


Below, Boulevard Saint Germain and the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Below, the police line up with tear gas.

Below, "a victim of Manuel Gaz' police force", according to Le Salon Beige. He's obviously seriously injured. LSB is calling Interior Minister Manuel Valls "Manuel Gaz"

The next Manif Pour Tous has been moved up to May 5 from May 26. This is an obvious response to the calendar changes made by the government.

I'm stopping at this point because the events are too turbulent to properly analyze in one post. But it is clear that this whole protest movement has gone far beyond the issue of gay marriage, although that is still the major focus. The various scandals in the government, the stubborn refusal by the government to listen to the people, and the economy are putting incredible pressure on François Hollande who seems to be inanimate at this point.

(One last note on another topic, the grand rabbi of France Gilles Bernheim has resigned amidst another scandal of lying and plagiarizing. I will try to have more details soon.)

Events are stampeding through the streets of France. The more Hollande resists, the more determined they become.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Arrested for Hoodie with Pro-family Message in Paris

Paris is tolerant. The city was ruled by the left for a year. One thing you must not do: is to be seen walking in the city center in a public park with a hoodie that has the symbol of the mass demonstration for family and against the legalization of gay marriage.  There were 1.4 million people protesting against the policy of the Leftist government of Hollande in the rally on the 24th of March at Manif pour tous  in Paris. The icon shows a stylized man, a woman and a child, holding each other's hands. The police then took Franck Talleu into custody as he was merely walking with his wife and his children through the Jardin de Luxembourg. The father was taken to the nearest police station. He was charged along with his clothes that “offended common decency”  because they "provoked opposition” on his hoodie and thus could "jeopardize public safety". On the 24th March, the Paris police hit the headlines with their crackdown on the protesters  when they used tear gas against peaceful demonstrators of families and their children.
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Text: Giuseppi Nardi

*Edit: the original author, who writes in German, uses the word “gay" so I translate it that way.  Although I avoid the word myself, that’s what he calls it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There Was Also a Protest For Marriage in England

Edit: but the gaystapo was out in force.   These brave souls were showing solidarity with the protest on behalf of marriage which rocked Paris on Palm Sunday and drew close to 2 million protesters.

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