Monday, April 8, 2013

Arrested for Hoodie with Pro-family Message in Paris

Paris is tolerant. The city was ruled by the left for a year. One thing you must not do: is to be seen walking in the city center in a public park with a hoodie that has the symbol of the mass demonstration for family and against the legalization of gay marriage.  There were 1.4 million people protesting against the policy of the Leftist government of Hollande in the rally on the 24th of March at Manif pour tous  in Paris. The icon shows a stylized man, a woman and a child, holding each other's hands. The police then took Franck Talleu into custody as he was merely walking with his wife and his children through the Jardin de Luxembourg. The father was taken to the nearest police station. He was charged along with his clothes that “offended common decency”  because they "provoked opposition” on his hoodie and thus could "jeopardize public safety". On the 24th March, the Paris police hit the headlines with their crackdown on the protesters  when they used tear gas against peaceful demonstrators of families and their children.
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Text: Giuseppi Nardi

*Edit: the original author, who writes in German, uses the word “gay" so I translate it that way.  Although I avoid the word myself, that’s what he calls it.

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Lefto Fascists trampling freedom asunder. Try,Try they can Never trample God asunder. They think the "god" who doesn't exist is sooooh nice. They better wake up before they are put Asunder.