Friday, August 16, 2013

Demonstration Against Aberromarriage in Munich

French Mass Movement Comes to Germany

Erstellt von Andreas Gehrmann am 15. August 2013 um 18:40 Uhr Munich

(Catholic news / JF). The French mass movement “Manif Pour Tous” [Demonstration for All] is coming to Germany. On Saturday, the Alliance, which advocates for the marriage of a man and woman in France and brought millions of people onto the streets, is calling for a rally in Munich. The demonstration, which is at 12 clock on the Karlsplatz (routes to) will start near the train station, and is going to stand up for the rights of children and families. The French movement "La Manif pour tous” had staged several enormous demonstrations where it emphasized the right of children to a mother and father and taken a stand against homosexual adoption and surrogacy at several mass rallies. The cause of the protests was at the socialist government’s introduction of gay marriage in France. The Munich demonstration organized by young French Catholics of the group Saint Gatien. Nearly a hundred faithful, priests and religious have been on pilgrimage since the 5th of August on the trail of Benedict XVI. in Bavaria. The event in Munich is the end of the pilgrimage. Back in March there was a protest of the "Manifesto for All" before the French Consulate in Munich. (Cr) Source: Junge Freiheit

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Anonymous said...

Hope the event is huge. The International Aberrosex Movement sponsored by U.S.E.U.U.N. is a despicable display of Governmental Dictatorship. Ten years ago the UK had nearly the same law that Russia has enacted against peddling pornography to minors. A couple of months ago the US at least had DOMA. Oh yes Russia previously did not need this written law but with the Western infiltration of Western own varieties of Wikedness requires measures be taken. Wicked Witch of the West.

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't clear, the UK law against pornography to minors
included public homosexual display. Seemingly it was considered pornographic as it should be so considered.

Anonymous said...

When Obama made his recent multi-million trip to
Africa with his multi-billion U.S. Treasury check-book offering dollars for homosex (rights)
a Catholic Bishop and a Muslim government lawyer, in so many words, told him to bugger off.