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Monday, June 2, 2014

Novus Horror Missae: TanGO-Liturgy in Linz

(Vienna) Horror missae potpourri. Although the Second Vatican Council gives clear instructions for the preservation and promotion of sacred music, you know how the matter has been ongoing. The question is more, how could this happen. But that is too many church leaders  are loitering around in the Council's commemorative years 2013-2015.
Not only in the church tax-financed dioceses of Hitler's Germany from Hamburg to Vienna, but also in the donation-funded dioceses in other countries things are comfortable. People donate to the church with the desire that the children learn a good Catholic education. The fulfillment of this desire is an increasing rarity. Ask yourself: In how many parishes is your diocese preparing instead for their First Communion before the introduction to the Sacrament of Penance?
Much is done in good faith, because you can not see the forest for the divine self-planted trees. This includes keeping things in the musical field, for example, a tango show in the parish Pinsdorf.

"Blessing Ceremony for Separated and Divorced"

There Gerhard Pumberger, a quite up to date pastoral assistant with a  "vision" that is of the opinion that the Church would "exclude", for example, divorced and remarried. The church newspaper wrote on that wavelength over Pumbergers "blessing ceremony for separated and divorced": He wants to compromise on the question of guilt and show that the ecclesial community excludes no one whose partnership has failed ". With a "sea of tears", "sea of rage", "sea of hope" Pumberger offers "healing rituals". It was important, says Pumberger, as a "local church human to deal with it."  This was why in the Pinsdorfer blessing celebrations he "expressly invited all to communion."  About which the editors of the church newspaper find nothing  inappropriate.

The Sinless Lives of Modern "Pastors"

"Guilt" will be "deliberately excluded" because for full-time employees of the Church like Pumberger there is no sin, because where there is no guilt, there is no sin and therefore perfect neutrality. It is only to deal with  "life situations" in which a pastor "accompanies" people as a service provider. That's what  Pumberger  should have probably learned in studying theology.
So Pumberger is also of the opinion that  in  preparing for confirmation one must "think outside the box."  He developed his own "model", whose special feature is the place an "accent on the social dimension", including a concentration camp visit to "deal with a dark chapter of history in the region." Pumberger doesn't fiddle about. He thinks in terms of "future processes" and millennia. Not those of the two thousand year history of the Church, but prophesied into the future.  In connection with the shortage of priests, he is in fact certain that "the coming millennium will be the millennium of the laity." This  "change of mentality"  is what he sees already at work. "In the parishes Teamwork is announced. The large parish boss [meaning the priest] no longer has to give it. "

Tango for the Pope or for the Creative Ego?

The Dean Franz Starlinger said  excitedly and naively as early as last January: "Why not  let a parish assistant like Gerhard Pumberger do the consecration? Then he could canonically bear full responsibility parish."  Why doesn't  Pumberger become a priest? You might ask,  however, what he would return with a list of demands. First, the church has to change their image of priesthood, celibacy anyways, then, yes ...
For Purnberger's  latest action, it will be next Pentecost for  the Holy Mass, the tanGO-Liturgy to shake things called a tango. And he has invited a couple that one can perform a very good tango. What the dance has lost "during the service," is  completed by the parish assistant Pumberger. Not particularly witty, his word smithing goes like this: "Where Tango ceases, God begins. THe syllable of both words connecting together is the 'go'. "  One is impressed. Pumberger does not forget to recall that Pope Francis in his youth was allegedly an "avid tango dancer". Anyway, the mistake of a Tango dancing couple seems to be reserved for Holy Mass in the German-speaking world. In Rome, they wanted organize a major tango event, to the tango for the friendly Pope. However, not in a church, but fits on the large Piazza del Popolo (see poster). Maybe it's the lasciviousness of the dance, to which Pumberger is attracted. There are, it was recommended to him and all interested parties, sufficient Courses and Events for tango enthusiasts, where you can participate. The dancers invited by Purnberger  can certainly give knowledgeable information in this regard. However, it is to be hoped that the couple has more sense of the sacredness which the Mass brings, than the full-time parish assistant, and even keep clear of giving   a demonstration during the sacred liturgy in order then to present their skills at an appropriate place outside the church.
It fits into the picture, so to speak, that Pumberger completed his theological studies with a thesis directed by an Old Catholic priest and secretary of the Labor Representative of the Department of Pastoral Professions is the Diocese of Linz. The department currently employs approximately 320 full-time "lay pastors" for the diocese.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catholic Animism? Priest and Deacon of Archdiocese Adore Earth Mother "Rocks"

Thou Shalt Have no Other Gods Before Me 

Edit: this is a continuation of videos documenting some liturgical abuses and occult rituals on Holy Saturday in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   The Archdiocese is well aware this has been going on for years and has not done anything about it.  These sorts of abuses happen there every week.

In this video, a priest and deacon in good standing with the Archdiocese, engage in occult pagan rituals.   The rocks here being blessed  by Deacon Joseph Damiani and Father Michael Tegeder, are in the animistic American Indian parlance, "grandmothers" or "grandfathers", depending in some cases on the gender of the person idolizing them. They are said to be the bones of the "Earth Mother" and are heated up by fire for the use in sweat lodges and accompanying spirit journeys.   

These pagan rituals are justified by appealing to "inculturation", but how these practices are justified to be imposed on a Catholic Mass as is the case here, is impossible to imagine.  It looks a lot more like a violation of the First and Second Commandments.

It's such a relief that they're in good standing with the Archdiocese!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Horror Missae --- Discuss the Sermon in Church

(Rome) Liturgy Free Day worship instead of Holy Mass, instead of confession, general absolution. The  abuse as sham knows many forms of expression. Even the sermon was not exempt. A pastor invented as the latest novelty for Lent a "sermon in dialogue”. He moved the sermon to the very end of  Holy Mass and opened to the faithful, to replicate in the church on his sermon, discuss and express their opinion.
What  a sermon is,  is clearly defined in the ecclesiastical regulations. In the introduction to the Missale Romanum  it states in paragraph 65:
The homily is part of the Liturgy and is strongly recommended: For it is necessary to nourish the Christian life. You should present a point of view from the readings of Sacred Scripture or of another text of the Ordinary or the Proper of the Mass of the day - taking account of the Mystery that is celebrated and the particular needs of the listeners.
The conciliar Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium says of the sermon in point 52:
By means of the homily the mysteries of the faith and the guiding principles of the Christian life are expounded from the sacred text, during the course of the liturgical year; the homily, therefore, is to be highly esteemed as part of the liturgy itself; in fact, at those Masses which are celebrated with the assistance of the people on Sundays and feasts of obligation, it should not be omitted except for a serious reason.
So there it is neither a speech nor a talk show and not a discussion board. In the introduction to the Missal states in paragraph 66:
In general, the priest-celebrant has perform the homily, or it is transferred to a priest concelebrating with him (...) but never a layperson. In specific cases and for a just cause, the homily may even be given by the bishop or by a priest, taking part in the celebration, without being able to concelebrate.

Prohibition of Lay Preaching in Holy Mass for Pastoral Interior

A clarification will be given with reference to Canon 767 Canon Law, which  establishes:
The most important form of preaching is the homily, which is part of the liturgy, and is reserved to a priest or deacon. In the course of the liturgical year, the mysteries of faith and the rules of christian living are to be expounded in the homily from the sacred text.
A ruling, which is found in Article 3 in the Instruction regarding Questions of the Collaboration with the Laity in Functions of the Priest in 1997 is found:

The homily is as an outstanding form of preaching, " qua per anni liturgici Cursum ex textu sacro fidei mysteria et Normae vitae christianae exponuntur ", part of the Liturgy itself.
Therefore, the homily must be during the Eucharist the sacred ministers, priests, and deacons, are reserved. Excluded are lay people, even if they fulfill tasks as "pastoral assistants" or catechists in whatever groups or associations. The issue is not about a possibly better gift presentation or a larger theological knowledge, but rather that of a reserved task, which was equipped with the sacrament of Holy Orders. Therefore, not even the diocesan bishop authorized to dispense from the norm of canon.It is in fact not a merely disciplinary available, but a law that deals with the tasks of teaching and sanctifying, which are mutually closely connected.

If the pastor does not want to preach or may not preach

A look at the documents shows that the statements on the subject are clear and binding. However, this increases the abuse. There are parishes where the pastoral assistant preaches because the pastor thinks this is a "good”  and for "variety". There are also parishes where the pastor may not preach, because the "pastoral team” distributes the ministry  and the pastor appears in the rotation process  only when he is  scheduled. There are parishes where the Protestant pastor preaches in terms of an "ecumenical preaching exchange" in the Catholic Mass. And there are parishes where  instead of preaching a dance or a development project is presented. The "market opportunities", can allow the imagination wide berth.  All these forms have in common that they are not allowed, and thus represent a liturgical abuse.

Reply to the  Preaching, Give Opinion, Discuss

A parish priest of San Carlo Borromeo of Pognano in the home diocese of John XXIII had a new idea.   During Lent, he offers his faithful in the Sunday Mass as a “novelty", the ability to respond in the church on his sermon. The faithful can ask him questions in the church or speak their minds. The whole thing is called "sermon in dialogue".  It supposed, as it is described in the parish sheet, to be a response to the general criticism that the priest is talking from the ambo, "to answer without that, the believers have the opportunity to respond and to argue." Therefore, the priest in the parish journal wrote, "I am celebrating the Mass, closing with the homily from and openning  up the debate.” He put the Sermon arbitrarily at the end of the Eucharistic celebration.
The initiative was singled out for praise in a recent issue of Famiglia Christina, the largest Catholic weekly magazine in the country.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Medieval Miniature
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches…

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Occultism Under a Catholic Name: Parodies of Native American Traditions Exploited by Radical Leftists to Destroy the Mass

[Minneapolis]  Being a radical in touch with indigenous traditions is a kind of garden industry involving lots of consumer items, sage, special mystical rocks, weird confab liturgies, guest appearances at schools and other perks. Whether these practices are legitimately Indian, or have more pecuniary or nefarious purposes is at question. Supposedly, the personages involved in this type of activity is surrounded by a panoply of myths and various objects  imbued with alleged magical properties. They provide an aura of authenticity for entrepreneurs, various groups of victims, particularly native Americans, who often hide their demands for special treatment, entitlements and subsidy behind clouds of mysticism and guilt.   Such is the case with the community of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha where new age practices, political correctness, heresy, occultism and liturgical abuses are blended together under a mostly non-native leadership who also in some cases cynically conceal their agenda under a Catholic banner.

It's not necessary to resort to faux mysticism to be an authentic Native American. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha herself was baptized as Catherine Tekakwitha and became fittingly known as Lily of the Mohawks (1656 – April 17, 1680). She  is a Saint, who was a virgin penitent and layman. Born in Auriesville (now part of New York), she survived smallpox and was left with scars on her face and body when cured. As an orphan, she was one of the few successes of the Jesuit missionary effort to the Mohawks, but her conversion yielded a great bounty.  She was baptized lived in constant prayer and sacrifice till the end of her life at the Jesuit mission village of Kahnawake, south of Montreal in New France, now Canada.

Despite having such a noble namesake, the Catholic Community of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, which was founded by a heretical, but unhumbled, Father James Notebaart and is now headed by Father Michael Tegeder, (More environmentalist and civil rights activist than priest, if he could be called a priest.) features a number of departures from approved practice of the Church under the auspices of the General Instructions of the Rubrics to the Mass.

Sage Smudging Ceremony

On April 7th 2012, Holy Saturday, Father Michael Tegeder presided over a Mass, if indeed it was a Mass, which contained and continues to contain many liturgical abuses, if not outright heresies along with various attempts at political correctness.  The Archdiocese has been informed:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Novus Horror Missae: The Downside of VIP Masses -- From Abortion to Birth Name

(Rome) Horror Mass.: If the real thing is not understood and therefore "boring", it will have to be helped by special individual and creative design. The actress, dancer and former porn actress Carmen Russo (54) was on the 19th of October at the parish church of San Lorenzo in Formello, Rome, to baptize their daughter Maria. The Baptism was celebrated by Don Santino Spartà, the "pastor" of the VIP scene. The baptism was for show, including a dance performance by Carmen Russo with her husband at the altar. Don Santino was dressed with his clerics, and only a white floor length surplice through which  street pants showed and a floor length stole. No chasuble.

The liturgical and secular celebrations are separated by time and place from each other, so the vaudeville dance act of the parents had to be included. No amount of indifference was spared for the sanctity of the liturgy. The altar and the sanctuary are in the holy Liturgy, the mystical Calvary, the realization of the sacrifice on the cross of Jesus Christ and not a stage for human exhibitionism, nor an Ikea table on which everything can taken down and put away.

The  given godmother is the well-known showgirl Valeria Marini (46) who wrote an embarrassing autobiography which hit the book market in 2008. In it she is described to have aborted her first child in 1981 at the age of 14, having lost another child through violent quarrel with her future partner and to have finally received their "wish child", she then arranged also to have an abortion because in the summer because it otherwise "would not be able to come out on the Yacht." (see separate report (in German), the Banality of the Killing - A Yacht, Two Abortions, Infertility ). Valeria Marini stands for the banality of the killing of unborn children. Two weeks ago she was in a tight glitter dress as godmother at the altar. A critical word against abortion was not previously heard, it is still a "practical" means. You never know.

The baptism of little Maria, now a child of God, is valid after all.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Messa in Latino Trans: Link to Katholisches...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Novus Horror Missae in Madrid by Carmelites -- Not Worthy of The Congregation of Religious' Attention?

To your health!

(Madrid) With the questions "Are these Vedruns? And if it is about what I fear?" said the Spanish Catholic church historian and blogger Francisco de la Cigoña about a horror missae from Spain.

As to "Vedruns" the nuns are called the Spanish Carmelites of Love, a Catholic women's order, founded by a religious Joaquina de Vedruna (1783-1854). De Verdruna, a Spanish noblewoman, saw a need after the Napoleonic Wars in the plight of many people, especially young girls. The Order Founded in 1816 is the Carmelita Congregación Hermanas de la Caridad Vedruna. They devoted themselves to caring for the poor and the education and training of young girls. The Order dispensed with their habit by the time of the Second Vatican Council. Today, there are only few very elderly sisters or those from East Asia, still wearing a religious habit.

The picture documents a horror missae. This is an experimental Eucharistic celebration by a priest without vestments and without the necessary sacred vessels. An altar (?) covered with a floral tablecloth. Two women as "concelebrants" (?) stand in front of the other clearly toastsing "liturgically" (?), singing or simulating a form of elevation in the "conversion" or the doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer?

On the website of the Vedrunen, there are more pictures of the same "worship" whose caption explicitly speaks of a Mass celebration. The "Holy Mass" was part spiritual retreat called "Banquet", dated 18-24 August in Valladolid. De la Cigoña questioned whether the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation Order of Aviz and Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation,  Carballo didn't have more more to do, instead of chastising the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

In the celebration of Mass, the Credo, with its truths of faith, has been replaced by a "common faith". Only the first line was translated:

Creemos Padre-Madre de Dios, que vida it, Compasión y misericordia. We believe in God the Father-Mother, life, compassion and mercy.

Creemos en el Dios de hecho un tantos. Acompaña y que Sostiene

. Creemos que el Espíritu y habita conduce a la Comunidad

Creemos recrear es posible que la Comunidad.

Creemos es posible que llegar a un liderazgo compartido, Descubriendo cada una de los dones .

Creemos que la diversidad enriquece y crea comunidad cuando cada una Aporta su origin alidad y hay comunicación sincera y profunda.

Creemos que la comunidad que se recrea it fuente de VIDA Y ESPERANZA.

Creemos en la fuerza de la Unión de los hermanos que Rezan por los que sufren.

Creemos de Dios que el cura nos, salva y sana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Vedruna
Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Lord in a Plastic Cup -- Giving Communion at WYD in Rio

(Rio de Janeiro) scurrilous, thoughtless, horrifying forms of an unworthy giving of Communion and a similar reception are customary to Catholics. At World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro the poor understanding of the Eucharist has reached a new high point of slovenliness.

Pope Benedict XVI. went with his example and gave Holy Communion only to those faithful who knelt and received on the tongue. It was a contribution to the restoration of reverence and comprehension for the Holy. The priests employed were informed only to give Communion on the tongue. The papal example found imitation, yet wasn't driven through the inculcation of general guidelines.

The papal example hasn't changed much under Pope Francis, but for the most part he doesn't give Communion, and is therefore not as visible. The selected priests are no longer instructed as before to give only Communion on the tongue, because besides those, who give according to Benedikts XVI.'s form, have stepped in those who as in earlier times, give Communion on the hand and pass It out over people's heads.

In Freiburg at Breisgau, the President of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch whose example on the closing Mass on the papal stage defied the Pope's example, put female Extraordinary Ministers out, who gave Communion in the hand.

World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro showed a lack of sacramental understanding of the Eucharist, visible in a new "modern" form of Holy Eucharist. The consecrated Hosts were held in plastic cups. These containers went from hand to hand, were passed out by priests, laity, women and men, and give to the faithful, being passed over their heads.

The lack of imagination of the organizers for a worthy reception or distribution of Communion is astonishing. It's much otherwise in the East, as Latin Christians of the West kneel on the ground in shame. On this point the one who accompanies a priest to giving out Communion, should have a small kneeler instead of an umbrella, which could easily facilitate kneeling Communion in every situation.

Text: Giuseppi Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photos of WYD Liturgical Abuse in Milan Erased from Internet: All Good?

(Milan) The photo that documents the liturgical abuse in Milan has now been deleted from the website of the Archdiocese. It was the Holy Mass celebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Milan for adolescents of the Diocese prior to their departure for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. Some teens had been called by the celebrant to be concelebrants at the altar. In the doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer the boys and girls were faced at the same direction as the priests with chalices and ciboria containing the Body and Blood of Christ, elevating them to the faithful. (see separate report).

Since the art historian and expert on sacred art and architecture of the modern era, Pablo Pomar, wrote about the incident, a lot of photos about the liturgical abuses vanished within 24 hours from the Internet. Be it known that some do not see the abuse as such, the gestures they have planned, but actually mean it, yet just do not want to admit it too openly. "They are exploring how far they can go. If there is resistance, the pictures are just hastily deleted. This is not an attitude worthy of a bishop or priest. You better just leave such crap, because they don't need to run for cover after and delete them. They are just too old for such games," said Pomar. It also raises the question of whether you actually believe that a deed is undone just because you delete the associated images from the Internet.

Link to katholisches...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Communion "Star Wars" Mass with Light Saber Blessing

Hohenbrunn (Catholic news). There is a tremendous departure presently in southern Germany, which had its source in association with four parishes (St. Stephen in Putzbrunn, Ortisei in Sunnyvale, St. Magdalena in Ottobrun and St. Stephen in Hohenbrunn), from the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. It wasn't Darth Vader who gave the blessing to the first communion children. This was personally undertaken by Pastor Christoph Nobs with a bright green laser sword at the celebration of a Star Wars First Communion Mass. The idea for the stars-War Communion came from Nicolas Gkotses community director. Star Wars had been a theme for the children in their religious instruction and so he tried to communicate the gospel in this way in a timely manner. - "May the force be with you!"

 Source: Lightsaber blessing hi-mü

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dance Flash Mob in Church

On the 25th of August 2012, the Diocese of Speyer organized a Mass server day in Kaiserslautern.

This provided the idea to hold a dance flashmob in the Church.

You can see here in the video, where the priest is fully vested and froclicking around in the sanctuary. (At 2:00 minutes a closeup)

A side note: The Priest that hops in the sanctuary in front of the other two clerics is Carsten Leinhäuser.

On his personal blog, he wrote to the SSPX in 2009:

"For days, I have a kind of" spiritual heartburn": As soon as I turn on the news, it made me mad! What I have read about the SSPX, that's just too much!".

"I also wonder where the ramifications of this is: If the SSPX is brought back into the boat of the Catholic Church, despite these stark thematic and theological contradictions - why can not the Protestant Brothers and Sisters." The "few" contradictions can be but also set aside somehow. And at least it is not alleged about me on their part, that I play with the devil when I celebrate the Eucharist."

"If the lifting of the excommunication was an act of love and grace - then why can't we not also be more generous with the divorced and remarried? THIS is a real problem that I continually encounter in ministry: Because there are people who have a profound spiritual life and suffer like dogs under the Communion ban."

Even more frightening his evaluation about the original, totally Catholic Sacrifice of the Mass shaped for well over a thousand years from tradition and confirmed by the Council of Trent:

"I personally have no problem with the Tridentine rite - even if I can do very little with it on the spiritual level."

Anyone who sees this video course will understand that the sacred worship of the atonement of Christ can not be brought into conformity with the ideas of Pastor Carsten.

In all these perversions and abuses of the liturgy, one must always ask: Do the Cardinals in Rome, the Pope, know what is happening in local churches?

The impression will not be lost that Rome lives in a kind of parallel world: on St. Peter's Square, thousands of people pay homage to the Pope with cheers at every large audience. Since you have come to the unavoidable impression: the Church crisis is not so bad.

For this reason regularly publishes photos that show what is repeated hundreds of times in all the parishes. This is the reality at the grassroots: Human-centered Pop-Masses and "Jesus is our brother" theology.

But this has nothing in common with a solemn papal office in St. Peter's, to which thousands of pilgrims to Rome come.

It is not a question that the altar should not be merry! Quite the contrary! Just ask yourself over and over again, what is it in every community in Germany has a practical parish hall? Parties yes, but please not in church! And certainly not in the pop-dance chasuble around the altar!

If you want to contact the Leinhäuser priest directly to question him on this "dance flash mob" in the Church: (Please write, as always, politely and clearly, despite the degrading of the Blessed Sacrament.)


Contact Tancred:

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Contrast in Two Contenders: Scherer Lets Host Fall to the Floor --Scola Shows Commitment to Hermeneutic of Continuity

(Rome) On Sunday, the papal electors celebrated  Mass  in their titular churches in Rome and surroundings. Each cardinal is assigned a church in Rome with his elevation to Cardinal, for which he is officially the pastor. Each cardinal thus has a share in the pastoral care of the diocese of Rome, while at the same time it expresses the bond to the pope.
Among the celebrants were two cardinals who enter as candidates in the conclave: Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan in his 6th of the Century titular church of Santi XII Apostoli in Rione Trevi and Odilo Scherer of Sao Paulo, Cardinal in his consecrated titular church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale designed by Bernini in 1678, which served from 1870-1946 as a court orchestra for the Italian royal family. Thus, a situation may repeat itself as in the conclave of 1978 , in which  the two stood facing, the Cardinals Benelli (Florence) and Siri (Genoa) who reprsented opposing Church models. The contrast between the two camps in 2013 is not as accentuated as it was then, yet there are significant differences.

Cardinal Scherer "Eucharistic understanding"

Messa in Latino published some comments on the liturgies of the two. Cardinal Scherer was the "candidate of the Progressive chiselers and the ear of the Roman Curia." One could describe  Scherer  "modus celebrandi as just as careless and at the canonical limit for abuse."  "For example, without the Communion paten, although this could also be prescribed in the rubrics of the Novus Ordo. There is no reason to give it up, at least when a prince of the Church celebrates, because there certainly isn’t a lack of ministers. "
Failure to follow the Church's rules "has consequences: a Host consecrated by the Cardinal slipped from  from his hand and fell on the floor for lack of paten". This could happen to any priest. The consequences which were here caused by the negligent handling of the liturgical rules were serious as the Lord fell into the dust and lay on the ground.  How the celebrant reacts to this situation is in turn revealing regarding his Eucharistic understanding. "Cardinal Scherer picked up the consecrated Host and held it up and ready to go. This, picked up although in such cases any host particles and the ground should be cleaned in a special way, instead of kicking the particles of the body of Our Lord with your feet, allowing let them to easily step on them. “  [Video on Missa in Latino]

Cardinal Scola: Next Pope should (not 50) "great Popes" of the last 150 years follow

The celebration of Cardinal Scola was, however, "always looking, for the Novus Ordo, very solemn and dignified.” Only, "but pardonable negligence, that does not fault the celebrant: Is it possible that in a church in Rome there is not a pink chasuble available, although it was Laetare Sunday?", however, the celebration was similar to the "extremely sympathetic"  American Cardinal Dolan.
Cardinal Scola “captivated" especially through his preaching. In it he said: "Let us pray that the Holy Spirit gives His Church, the man who will follow the traces  of the great popes they presented in the past 150 years."
"150 years and not 50 years, which is remarkable," said Messa in Latino. The Cardinal struck  a wide berth, in which the post-conciliar period accounts for only one-third and also included the papacy of Pius IX. "A cautiously formulated, but solid commitment to the hermeneutic of continuity, which Pope Benedict XVI. taught as the way to Church renewal".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Archdiocese of Sao Paulo and Milan

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Harlem Shake" Liturgy in Regensburg

Update:  Harlem Shake has been cancelled, but instead of announcing the resignation of the priest, the Vicar General of Regensburg has said that a discussion will be held in the church instead.  As one commenter said, why does this “discussion” have to be held inside the Church?

Edit: your trusty SSPX is ever vigilant for these kinds if things to help other Catholics who are faithful to Rome in the former Diocese of Archbishop Mueller.

( Pastor Michael Hirner of the Catholic Parish Church of Herz-Jesu in Teublutz (Diocese if Regensburg) is planning a desecration of its church.
On Facebook, the youth are called to get costumed and come to church on the 16th of March to dance a "Harlem Shake" (see photo) .

Here is a public invitation by Pastor Hirner on FB:

Teublutz, Freedom Place, Parish Church

Harlem Shake – Saturday 16. March 2pm, Teublitz Parish Church. We're going to do a Harlem Shake in the church. We will hold liturgy, in which the Harlem Shake will be danced. – We'll need a lot of participants for that - It would be really super if many could come. – Important!!!! Please bring masks and costumes of every kind along. We want to make a video and put it on YouTube.–

The Facebook site can be seen here as it is depicted.

As for the question of readers who might ask, "what is a Harlem Shake?"

Harlem Shake is a song with elements of Hip Hop and Trap Scene. This song, available for free on the Internet since 2012, is connected to this phenomenon:

In February of 2013, there was a video in which a part of the Harlem Shake can be heard in this example with 40,000 views:

Accordingly the course of this view is always the same: thus the video always runs the same course: a group which appears accidentally together (flashmob), which goes along in a relatively bored way on the usual activity, z.B. for example students in a classroom. Suddenly grotesquely masked youth begin to dance to the music of Harlem Shake, and in the next scene one sees the group dancing in jerky movements to the music.

Pastor Hirmer wants to conduct this clearly in the church. That will also involve the desecration of the church space at the same time.

We ask your support:

Write only in a polite and respectful way (despite Fr Hirmer's scandalous intentions)
Schreiben Sie wie immer höflich und nicht verletztend and point out this sacrilege.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cardinals: Liturgical Abuses Weaken the Faith

If Holy Mass is not celebrated according to the norms of the Church leads to the weakening of the Faith, say Curial Cardinals Raymond Burke and Antonio Canizares Llovera.

Rom ( Liturgical abuses enfeeble faith in God, lead to egoism and make for a decline in Mass attendance. Cardinals Raymond Burke and Antonio Canizares Llovera. They received support from liturgical expert Fr. Nicola Bux. Both Cardinals addressed the presentation of Father Bux's new book.

Unfortunately, many priests and Bishops regard liturgical departures from the prescriptions as unimportant, while they are actually serious abuses, said Cardinal Burke, the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.

Cardinal Canizares offered this view: "The participation in a Eucharistic celebration can enfeeble faith, if the Liturgy is not celebrated according to the norms of the Church," he said. This is true for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Mass, added the former Prefect for Worship and Order of the Sacraments.

Many modern Catholics are of the view that Holy Mass is something they would do in common. Actually, this is something in which Jesus handles it, says Bux.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fool's Mass in Rottenburg Will Take Place Again

He'd already announced a year in advance in the Schwäbischen Zeitung: He will repeat the Carnival-falderal in the church of Ochsenhausen.

Dekan Schänzle is quoted: "A Fool's Mass will take place on 2013 in Fansets-Hochburg Ochsenhausen against. This will draw people who don't usually go to Church." (S.Z. 1.6.2012) It is well known that Holy Mass was mixed up with Carnival celebration from the film: The Fool's Mass of Ochsenhausen.

Very many readers have in the meantime have, thanks to the call for the bringing notice to this Liturgical abuse, weighed down the Ordinary of Rottenburg.

Actually, they received a standardized answer from the Liturgical Delegate, who despite seeing the Fasching marchers, costume communion and joke sermon, intervened here:

Dear Miss  XXXX:   
You have addressed our Diocese by using a form letter, which is placed on the home page of the Society of St. Pius X, and lodged a complain referring to Canon 1476 against Dean Schanzle.

A critical examination of the video, which has been offered on the site of the Society, that in the approximately five minute long selection, no violations were identified, which are covered in 172 and 173 of the Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum.

Because there were no violations involving the named relevant paragraphs, there is no "possibility of an offense or an abuse against the Most Holy Eucharist", so that there won't be an inquiry introduced in the sense of Nr. 178 of the cited instruction.

In this connection I would like, however, in connection with your consideration, to defend the dignity of the Eucharistic celebration, to address this, that it is hardly consistent with the dignity of the Eucharistic celebration, to manipulate this, in order to gather to gather incriminating evidence in an amateur video recording against a priest.

With Warm Regards,
Auxiliary Bishop Johannes Kreidler
Episcopal Vicar for Liturgy

The almost unimaginable statement: "Because there were no violations involving named paragraphs".

Here is the summary of what was to be seen in the short video:

The pastor entered with the Carnival horn music in the church, accompanied by the costumed ministers, he used the old fashioned ambo for a "sermon" in the style of a "fool's speech" to which he let the Radetzkymarsch play (citation: "Normal den Radeztkymarsch!"), then he threw roses to the crowd and at the end of his speech.  The ambo and the altar were adorned with carnival-like crooked picture frames, complete with the theme the "Mass": 'falls out of the frame'.  Costumed children with fool's caps walk directly to the altar in the sanctuary, while the pastor is dressed in a fool's cap.  Dean Schanzle tells amusing jokes from the altar, at which the gathered community laughed loudly, apposite that an old hymn was distorted:  "A house full of glory, that runs riot today,  really it's rumored otherwise that's a fool's house".  Then came the shameful "Costume Communion".  At the end the entire community linked arms in the church to a local Fasching hit "Ohu".

To all of this, Auxiliary Bishop Kreidler said "no relevant abuses could be affirmed"? asks Auxiliary Bishop Kreidler then the following open question:

Have you, Excellency, actually read the texts of Vatican II in their entirety?  Is the instruction for the Liturgy today perhaps not valid any longer?  There it reads word for word:

3. Therefore no other person, even if he be a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority. (Decree on the Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium 22:3)

Why is it that the Diocese of Rottenburg does not follow the prescriptions of the Second Vatican Council?

It appears that it will really only be possible to address complaints to Rome: on the formula for complaints. In English.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Coverup Continues: German SSPX Threatened by Diocesan Attorney

Edit: here's a translation from the Society of St. Pius X in the German district, which is currently being threatened by the local Diocese of Rottenburg:

The coverup attempt surrounding the scandal Mass of Ochsenhausen enters its second round.

Now the Diocese of Rottenburg is attempting to put pressure on  A few days ago the editor received a threat from the Diocesan Attorney Dr. Felix Hammer. (photo)

Today (October 25th) is when the first deadline will expire.  Then the Diocese of Rottenberg will sue Instead of admitting and to suppress and to forbid Dean Schanzle from going back and repeating,  the Diocese is threatening those with the complain, who have brought the abuse to public attention.

Now only appealing to Rome will help.  Please help with making the Liturgical abuse in Germany known (Ochsenhausen is only  one example of numberless).

Here is video-evidence of the breach against a decree of the Council:

Therefore no other person, even if he be a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority. (SC 22§3)

Bitte wenden Sie sich an die Kongregation für den göttlichen Kult und die Sakramentenordnung in Rom:

Congregazione per il Culto Divino e la Disciplina dei Sacramenti Il Prefetto Palazzo delle Congregazioni Piazza Pio XII I-00193 ROMA

 Faxnummer: 0039 06 698 83 499 

Email-Adresse: (Write in German or English; will try to get an Italian sample)

Your Excellency,

According to the instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum of the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacramental Ordo of 25 March 2004 I would like to supply the following appeal so that "the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist will be protected from every form of irreverence and disrespect and all abuses will be completely corrected."

I am enclosing the following Carnival Mass of Ochsenhausen inclusive of Can 1476 for illustration, which shows a serious attack against the Liturgy in the following video.

The Dean there has published in the newspaper his intention to repeat the abuse ("A Fool's Mass will take place on Fasnets-Hochburg (Carnival) in Ochsenhausen. There will be people there who aren't churchgoers," said Dean Sigmund Schänzle from S.Z. 6/1/2012),  may it please Your Excellency to intervene urgently. 

 Yours Faithfully, X

Girls dressed as angels enter the church on skates, while a turning carousel mounted by a beauty queen brings the bible to the ambo.  A Carnival Mass, which we still haven't seen in our latitude.

These photos should bring Dean Schänzle and the Diocese of Rottenburg to reconsider.

Because principally there is no difference between the march of a Carnial group with drums and trumpets into the pilgrimage church of Ochsenhausen.  The whole thing is only somewhat more extensively formed, even South American.

Or will Dean Schänzle insist that his Carnival Mass is "according to the Council", while the south American is really not?

Link to

Monday, October 15, 2012

News Bytes -- Cardinal Lehman Refuses to Obey Rome

Cardinal Karl Lehmann makes joke -- 27 Pro-Lifers on the Abortion-Pillory -- Miracle Recognized -- Scotland: Homosexuals Insult Children -- That's What Americans Want

Cardinal Lehman's Little Joke

Germany.  The Old Liberal Cardinal Karl Lehman of Mainz says he would like to see a "Reform" of the Vatican,  to the anti-Catholic 'Deutschlandfunk': "The governing style must be changed."  The Vatican apparently takes too much influence from the local church.  As an example he criticized that the Vatican is "censuring pettily" the German Missal and the work of the hymnal "Gotteslob" [Divine Praise].  That is an "incursion in Liturgical law", which Cardinal Lehmann himself "isn't going to take".

27 Pro-Lifers on the Abortion-Pillory

Belgium.  A combine of anti-life EU-Parliamentarians have published a list of Pro-Lifers.  This was according to the Protestant news agency 'idea'.  The Comrade Community self-importantly describes itself as "European Parliamentarian Forum for People and Development".  It operates as a network, which is based upon the US-Slaughterhouse concern 'Planned Parenthood'.  The list of those from the German-speaking world include Johanna Gräfin von Westphalen, Sophia Kuby, Tobias Teuscher, Gudrun Kugler, Paul Herzog von Oldenburg, Matthias von Gersdorff und Ewald Stadler.

Miracle Recognized

France.  A healing, which took place in the year 1965 in the Marian pilgrimage shrine Lourdes, has been recognized as a miracle.  It was then that the Mother of God healed a lame Salesian, Sister Luigina Traverso, from the Diocese of Monferrato in Northern Italy.  The cloistered nun, born in 1934,  suffered from a lame left leg.  In Lourdes, she received a spontaneous healing.  The international Commission of Physicians of Lourdes described the healing in November 2011 as unexplainable.  Bishop Alceste Catella of Monferrato confirmed the miracle.

Scotland: Homosexuals Insult Children

Scotland.  In Scotland even children are insulted as being "Nazis" or "fanatics", if they criticized homosexual liaisons.  This was explained by a representative of the Scottish Bishops' Conference, John Deighan, recently in Brussels to the site '' .  Deighan's own 12 year old child was called a "Nazi".  The inhuman homosexual network want for a very high level of antagonism against every critic, observes Deighan.  Politicians in Scotland in fear of their careers do not dare to say any more against the homo-lobby.

That's What US Wants

"High ranking political members, the Syrian-Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo, Mar Gregorios, knows that the government, party and military will remain as a guarantee for stability and order.  Only President Assad and his family must go.  The Egyptian solution: the president goes, the military will govern and the old power structure will remain."

From an article on the 25th of September from the online-edition of 'Springer' news 'Welt' about the foreign terrorists being spun into a Syrian civil war.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Germany Picture of the Week, Butcher Block Altar!

Here's a picture of the week from the site of the SSPX German District. The deformation of the churches just doesn't seem to stop.

 This is a wooden block with a hole in it which is supposed to be an altar, and a cross with a corpus which recalls a stick man. The Holy Ghost Chapel in the Elder Hostel in Wiesbaden has earned the rubric "Picture of the Week".

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CDF Archbishop Mueller to Tackle LGBT-Masses

(Vatican) The New Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith Gerhard Ludwig is determined to end the problem of Mass for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals. The offensive event is offered two times every month in a Novus Ordo Eucharist in Warwick Street in the London district of Soho. The Homosexual-celebration takes place with the approval of the current Archbishop of Westminster, Msgr Vincent Nichols.

London LGBT-Mass with the Approval of Archbishop Nichols

London Catholics have turned after futile attempts to address the Ordinary, to Rome.  Several contacts in the Roman Curia have shown themselves concerned by the action and have looked for an explanation of the London Andersrum-Service.  Thereupon, the principle aspects were discussed principally in terms concerning pastoral validity and a ghettoization within the Church, if such specifically prescribed group-services are celebrated.

Catholics Pray the Rosary at the Church -- Their Petitions Unheard

London Catholics were especially offended by the form in which the Mass was celebrated. In a petition already sent a long time previously to Archbishop Nichols,  several Roman Congregations were made aware, that they complained that in the preaching, the condition of homosexuality was justified and with that there was a position taken which contradicts the teaching of the Church.  The Catholics then complained that with every positive approach toward pastoral support of people with homosexual inclinations it will then be nullified.  The Catholic teaching of penance, contrition and forgiveness  is not taught, but the "otherness" is celebrated  as being-as-it-is.

In the Catholic Church in Warwick Street there are significant portrayals of the rainbow flag of the homosexuals.  The rainbow flag, originally portrayed representing God's manifestation in the rainbow as a symbol of peace,  has been usurped by homosexual groups in recent years to be perceived as a militant symbol of an offensive homosexual movement.

Altars and Holy Statues Draped with Flags and Banners

The Catholics of the English capital complained in their petition that numerous flags and banners of dubious content were draped over crosses, altars, Mary and Saints statues and other religious symbols in the Church.   Most were  encouraging transvestites and transexuals to declare themselves.

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Gregory is covered in a dazzling twice a month, so that it veils from the faithful,   not only the Catholic Faith, but also a holy place.  As there is no one among the authorities, neither pastor, nor Archbishop to whom the faithful can give an ear but to "hustle and bustle", the faithful have resorted to self-help.   They gather during the homo-Masses in front of the church and on the street and pray the rosary as a sign of disapproval, above all in any case as a gesture of reparation.

Archbishop Nichols Confirmed the Homo-Mass in February

Archbishop Nichols confirmed first in February 2012 the intention, to continue "pastoral care for Catholics with same-sex orientation" in the church on Warwick Street.  The action was brought to life under his predecessor Cardinal Cormack Murphy O'Connor.  On the internet site of the Archdiocese  corresponding documents by Cardinal Murphy O'Connor and Cardinal Basil Hume are exhibited. The pastoral reality looks however clearly different.  At the yearly "Gay Pride" there is a "Pride Mass" celebrated in Warwick Street for interested participants from the Gay Pride March through London.  "The spectacle which is played out in our church is revolting", complained a Catholic from Soho.

In Great Britain as in several states in the western world the relatively small homo-lobby attempts, supported by strong left-Liberal powers to introduce legal equality of homosexual-"marriage" and the right of adoption.  The "Soho-Masses" will be seen as a part of this homosexualization of society, which have introduced themselves into the Catholic Church,  which shows the most resistance to the attack on marriage and family, on children and the social order.  The question of the LGBT-Mass of Soho has then a religious dimension in relation to Catholic doctrine, evangelization and pastoral care, but even a political dimension.

Anglican "Concurence" influences the Catholic Ordinary

In nearby St. Anne Church, there is also Anglican "competition" with extended pastoral "services" for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. A "competition" that is not of the praying in front of the Catholic Church Catholics understood as such, but which was perceived at the diocesan level and has contributed to the establishment of a Catholic "counter offer".

From Rome, Archbishop Nichols, who is among the contenders for Cardinal, already suggested several times to act cautiously and complies with his duty of supervision. He was also warned that Rome would otherwise take over the duty of monitoring. The "advice" has recently have become more intense, because recently, the Archbishop of Westminster has publicly stated that everyone should be careful not to judge others.

Cardinal Levada let the matter sleep - Mueller wants to act

The former Prefect of the CDF, William Cardinal Levada, who asked in 2011 to be released from office for health reasons, let the matter lie in the final months of his term. His successor, the new Prefect of the CDF, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, wants to clarify the matter, however, and with determination, because the case is not as isolated as Soho. There are other churches in other countries, where dubious gay counseling takes place.

The homosexual issue is a hot button issue for the Church. It has developed into one of the major challenges for the Church and a central point of attack against the Church the last 15 years.  Self-conscious homosexuals want to rebuild society, but they also wish to alter the legal order and to overcome the Christian teaching on homosexuality. In the last year, the appointment of Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki as Archbishop of Berlin was perceived in the national media almost exclusively in terms of the gay question. That's surely the case because of the media's reportage, but it is also due to the contorted, rarely clear words of religious leaders with which they represent the Catholic Faith and the Catholic position.

Link to original...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Benedict XVI: No Unauthorized Changes in the Liturgy

Vatican City (KNA) Pope Benedict has spoke out against unauthorized alterations in the Liturgy. 
Because of the universality of the Church with its "rich tradition and creativity" the Liturgy "is not to be  distorted by communities or experts",  the Pope said this in his general audience at St. Peter's Square. 
(photo:  today in Germany this can be found almost everywhere:  the laity play in sanctuary theater) 
It's not the individual priest or believer who celebrates the Liturgy, but it is God,  who is the center of the Church, he stressed. 
For that reason these forms must be true to the universal Church.  The religious service is about the living presence of Jesus Christ and not for the recollection of something past, said Benedict XVI further. 
If the celebration doesn't proceed with Christ as the center,  then it doesn't concern Christian Liturgy.   The Liturgy of the smallest community also has the entire Church present, the Pope stressed.

An example for alterations in the Liturgy can be found in a video presentation at a Carnival "Mass" in Ochsenhausen.

From the German District Page of the SSPX...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dutch Bishop Puts Hammer Down on False Ecumenism

Edit: as usual Father Gero Weishaupt is a great source for things happening in the old country.  He presents the following story about a priest being disciplined for liturgical abuses with a just penalty and the cancellation of an Ecumenical service involving "intercommunion".

Not Ecumenism in Feeling, But in Faith

(kathnews)  's-Hertogenbosch (NL).  In an open letter to the parish communities of the Dutch villages of Someren and Lierp, to which belong the Diocese's-Hertogenbosch laying in the Province of Brabant, the Diocesan Vicar General has taken a position on the importance and the manner ecumenical celebrations should take.  The Bishop reacted to it immediately and spoke out in a letter to the Pastor of serious Liturgical abuses and offenses against Ecumenism in its Catholic sense.  The Pastor concerned was informed of penal consequences.  After that the Pastor cancelled the event.  Many parish members showed a lack of understanding of the manner of the Bishop's proceeding.

Letter of the General Vicar

Now the General Vicar of the Diocese, Dr. R van de Hout, briefly laid out the position of the Catholic

Church on Ecumenism in a letter.  Here is the basic text of the letter in an English translation:

"Dear parishioners of Someren and Lierop and all interested believers elsewhere in the diocese!"

 Concern for the catholicity of the parishes in the diocese 

From the reactions of many of them it is clear that it will be difficult to understand why the bishop at a recently proposed ecumenical ceremony in Someren and Lierop must intervene. The confusion seemed to be still larger basis of statements of the Pastor, the non-Catholic minister and the parish council of Lierop, in which, according to the Bishop was accused illicit action. The Bishop must awaken people to the Catholic faith and take care that the Catholic parishes in his diocese to remain in communion with the universal Church. Only then can our faith and the Church have their importance to the people and their happiness.

 Commonality and Boundaries

The Catholic Church promotes ecumenical contacts with Protestant communities. We need to get to know one another, to develop active common social ties. Together we can listen to God's Word and pray together. But it is not permissible to celebrate the Eucharist / Communion. This prohibition has been repeated by the Pope, but always by the Dutch bishops as well.

Different faith 

Why such celebrations are unlawful? Because Supper and Eucharist, although reference is made to both the creation and the command of the Lord, are not the same. The Roman Catholic Church believes that in the Eucharist the sacrifice of Christ is sacramentally preset at the cross and that the bread and wine are transformed and really substantial in the Body and Blood of Christ. The Eucharist is - in the words of the Second Vatican Council - the source and summit of ecclesial life. According to the Catholic view, only a valid ordained priest transform the Eucharist. Protestants have no validly ordained priests. Protestants do not believe in the real transformation of bread and wine and have a more symbolic understanding of this sacrament. [It can't be a sacrament at all, actually] That is the reason why the Church does not allow a joint celebration. The Church also prohibits that non-Catholics receive the Eucharistic Communion or that Catholics participate in Protestant communion. Thus confusion is with regard to this sacrament, for us Catholics, the heart of the faith, to be avoided. 

Harmful to Unity

Superficial ecumenical acts like the common celebration of the Eucharist / Communion Service are harmful to the unity and don't bring ecumenism even a step further. On the contrary, the unity is only then no unity in the faith, but a unity in feeling. It's about discovering that we as a church or religious community and not as a single parish or community through common reflection, discussion and study to learn what the Lord wanted it with his church and with his sacrament of unity.

 Prayer for Unity

 Meanwhile, we pray in the parishes and communities for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. He alone can bring about real unity step by step. Moreover, ecumenism is much wider than the unity between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant ecclesial communities. It also relates to our relationship with the Orthodox Churches of the East. ... "(Translation: Gero P. Weishaupt)

What does canon law say?

Concelebrated (intercelebration) with ministers of ecclesial communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church, according to canon law, one of the very serious offenses in the sacramental-liturgical field, the - is treated by the Glaubenkongreation (see - such as sexual abuse of minors . Liturgical Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, No. 172 c).

The Code of the Catholic Church (CIC/1983) reads:

 "Catholic priests are forbidden, together with priests or ministers of Churches or ecclesial communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church to concelebrate the Eucharist"

(Canon 908). "Who is guilty of illicitly worshiping in community is to be punished with a just penalty"

(Canon 1365). By law, the bishop or the professor for sanctioning. In the diocese of 's-Hertogenbosch, the bishop could refrain from sanctioning because the responsible minister had taken after a canonical warning from his plan distance.

Link to kathnews... 

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