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Monday, October 15, 2012

News Bytes -- Cardinal Lehman Refuses to Obey Rome

Cardinal Karl Lehmann makes joke -- 27 Pro-Lifers on the Abortion-Pillory -- Miracle Recognized -- Scotland: Homosexuals Insult Children -- That's What Americans Want

Cardinal Lehman's Little Joke

Germany.  The Old Liberal Cardinal Karl Lehman of Mainz says he would like to see a "Reform" of the Vatican,  to the anti-Catholic 'Deutschlandfunk': "The governing style must be changed."  The Vatican apparently takes too much influence from the local church.  As an example he criticized that the Vatican is "censuring pettily" the German Missal and the work of the hymnal "Gotteslob" [Divine Praise].  That is an "incursion in Liturgical law", which Cardinal Lehmann himself "isn't going to take".

27 Pro-Lifers on the Abortion-Pillory

Belgium.  A combine of anti-life EU-Parliamentarians have published a list of Pro-Lifers.  This was according to the Protestant news agency 'idea'.  The Comrade Community self-importantly describes itself as "European Parliamentarian Forum for People and Development".  It operates as a network, which is based upon the US-Slaughterhouse concern 'Planned Parenthood'.  The list of those from the German-speaking world include Johanna Gräfin von Westphalen, Sophia Kuby, Tobias Teuscher, Gudrun Kugler, Paul Herzog von Oldenburg, Matthias von Gersdorff und Ewald Stadler.

Miracle Recognized

France.  A healing, which took place in the year 1965 in the Marian pilgrimage shrine Lourdes, has been recognized as a miracle.  It was then that the Mother of God healed a lame Salesian, Sister Luigina Traverso, from the Diocese of Monferrato in Northern Italy.  The cloistered nun, born in 1934,  suffered from a lame left leg.  In Lourdes, she received a spontaneous healing.  The international Commission of Physicians of Lourdes described the healing in November 2011 as unexplainable.  Bishop Alceste Catella of Monferrato confirmed the miracle.

Scotland: Homosexuals Insult Children

Scotland.  In Scotland even children are insulted as being "Nazis" or "fanatics", if they criticized homosexual liaisons.  This was explained by a representative of the Scottish Bishops' Conference, John Deighan, recently in Brussels to the site '' .  Deighan's own 12 year old child was called a "Nazi".  The inhuman homosexual network want for a very high level of antagonism against every critic, observes Deighan.  Politicians in Scotland in fear of their careers do not dare to say any more against the homo-lobby.

That's What US Wants

"High ranking political members, the Syrian-Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo, Mar Gregorios, knows that the government, party and military will remain as a guarantee for stability and order.  Only President Assad and his family must go.  The Egyptian solution: the president goes, the military will govern and the old power structure will remain."

From an article on the 25th of September from the online-edition of 'Springer' news 'Welt' about the foreign terrorists being spun into a Syrian civil war.