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Friday, April 27, 2012

Graz: Easter Rabbit at the Podium During Mass

Austria. On Easter Monday the infamous Pastor Josef Reisenberger of Hartberg in the Diocese of Graz said a Mass including an Easter Bunny. He showed it in pictures on the website of his parish. The two and a half meter high Easter Rabbit dressed man stood during Mass at the Ambo.
Video from Catholic Church Conservation:

Monday, April 23, 2012

UK Priest Turns Church Into Profane Hall

"When we enter ornate and clean Basilicas, adorned with crosses, sacred images, altars, and burning lamps, we most easily conceive devotion. But, on the other hand, when we enter the temples of the heretics, where there is nothing except a chair for preaching and a wooden table for making a meal, we feel ourselves to be entering a profane hall and not the house of God" -St. Robert Bellarmine (Octava Controversia Generalis, liber II, Controversia Quinta, caput XXXI).
An Anglican So Broad He's Completely Flat

Edit: Jesus might have attended festivities and cheered sinful guests in an edifying way, but he didn't turn the Holy of Holies into a beer garden.  The same priest has used a bar for Mass last year.

Thousands of real ale lovers are being welcomed into an East Yorkshire church for a beer festival.
The Hull Real Ale and Cider Festival is being held at Holy Trinity Church, in the city centre, for the first time.
Pioneer minister the Reverend Matt Woodcock said he thought it was the kind of event Jesus would have enjoyed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Downtown Basilica Ignores Rubrics: Holy Thursday Foot Washing

Up-update: Barb Krallis wrote to intemperately inform us that we didn't get her right. She's the one who corrected our error. No malice was meant in our incompetence.

Update: Just a small correction. We've been informed that the USCCB Mandatum is actually unacceptable and flies in the face of the rubrics from Rome.

Edit: It should come as no surprise that in the decadent post-Conciliar age, that quite a few parishes aren't concerned about the rubrics. During Holy Week, on Thursday, there is what is called, the Mandatum, or the washing of feet, which requires that men only are chosen.

Barb Kralis was kind enough to forward the USCCB's surprisingly good ruling on this question.

At least one Minneapolis parish, and likely many more, are going to violate the rubrics and carelessness with respect to the things that are God's. St. Mary's Basilica is one of two such buildings with this honor in the United States. It has a reputation for dissent and abusing the Sacraments. It's quite possible that blasphemy is committed there every Sunday.

Despite boasting a large number of parishioners, there is no evidence that the Sacrament of Penance is regularly available, but you can present yourself as an "Ecological Steward".

The Basilica, which often features many Liturgical abuses, including ad libbing by its priests and pastor, omitting the creed, omitting gestures and creating an atmosphere hostile to Christianity, is going to engage in that Liturgical abuse this year. They've provided us with proof that they've done this in the past.

Despite efforts to get a statement from the Pastor, he refuses to say if he supports the Archbishop's campaign in defense of marriage and continues to feature the "art" of Lucinda Naylor, who was fired from the Basilica religious education office for dissenting from the Archbishop's work as Bishop.

From Parish Website

No word on whether or not a Rabbi will discuss cabala and utter trivial comments which defame Catholic teachings this year as he did last year. He's an important part of the parish's universal contempt for the Church, Her ministers and teachings.

Holy Thursday Mandatum

My parish liturgy committee has decided to allow both men and women to take part in the washing of the feet at the liturgy on Holy Thursday. I have always heard that only men may have their feet washed. Which does the Church allow?The rubric for Holy Thursday, under the title THE WASHING OF FEET, reads:
"After the Homily, where a pastoral reason suggests it, the Washing of Feet follows. The men who have been chosen (viri selecti) are led by the ministers to seats prepared in a suitable place. Then the priest (removing his chasuble if necessary) goes to each one, and, with the help of the ministers, pours water over each one's feet and then dries them."
Regarding the phrase viri selecti, the Chairman of the then-Committee on the Liturgy, after a review of the matter by the committee, authorized the following response which appeared in the Newsletter of February 1987:

Link to USCCB site....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cardinal Eijk Sends Warning to Liturgical Vandals in Holland

Correction:  the person committing these abuses was not actually a priest, but a layman.   It was he/she who was giving the homilies and inviting the laity to pray the Canon of the Mass.

Utrecht (Katolische Nachrichchten) Cardinal Wim Eijk, the Archbishop of Utrecht wrote a letter to all priests, deacons and laymen in pastoral ministry in his Archdiocese which addressed the observance of liturgical norms.  The occasion involved a pastoral assistant [a layman] who had grossly violated the liturgical norms in the Archdiocese of Utrecht a few weeks ago which he committed during Holy Mass in the homily and in prayers in the Canon [Eucharistic Prayer]. The pastoral assistant was subsequently punished by the Archbishop and removed from Missio Canonica [faculties to act as a priest].  Meanwhile, the Cardinal has put him back in office, following his public apology for liturgical abuses and explained his understanding of the importance of keeping the liturgical norms in the future.

Archbishop Announces Canonical Penalties

In his letter, Cardinal Eijk endeavors "to promote general order of the entire Church and therefore to press for the osservance of all ecclesiastical laws" to the canonical obligation of Bishops (can. 392 § 2).  He calls on all pastoral personnel, "to know and observe carefully", the liturgical norms.  He admonished all  "If in the future, unexpectedly, that the current norms for the Sacred Eucharist are violated, then I will not hesitate to impose canonical sentences, and also the withdrawl of Missio Canoninica [faculties] will not be ruled out.

The Archbishop stresses that penalties will be issued to those committing liturgical abuses all the way up to dismissal from the canonical state and lists the proper prcedures in canon law he will undertake in courts trying perpetrators.

Among the abuses he identifies are lay homilies, or attempts to encourage the laity to pray aloud the parts of the Eucharistic prayer.  The Archbishop stresses that these prayers are meant to be said by the priest alone.

He urges that Catholics have a right to object to liturgical abuses and make them known without any acrimony on the part of Diocesan officials.

The letter continues to urge Catholic laity to report liturgical abuses as they occur also to the Roman authorities.

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith 
Piazza del S. Uffcio, 11 
I-00193 Roma 

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sakramtenordnung 
Piazza Pio XII, 10 
I-00193 Roma .

Link to kathnews...

H/t: Fr. Gero Weishaupt

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Liturgical Abuse: Mardigras Mass in Germany

Edit: Ochsenhausen (Oberschwaben) A reader of sent a video he took with his camera to them. It follows a request by the German District of the SSPX for a halt to these blashemous and disrespectful practices of "Fools' Masses" or Mardigras Masses.

There is a five minute film below with some poor sound and visual quality, but it shows you the basic story. Mardigras (Fasching) Liturgies are extremely popular in some parts of Germany it seems. In point of fact, often playing the fool, many Secular and Order priests actually contradict the Second Vatican Council's decree on the Liturgy especially in so far as it specifically states that neither priests nor even bishops may alter its decrees and make changes.  Don't forget, rules don't apply to them (Liberals), they can do whatever they want.

The pastor, Dean Sigmund Schaenzel, presided over the liturgical abuse in a part of Germany called Schabia. He only uses the ambo once a year, and this year he threw flowers from it and the manuscript for his speach. The theme of this Mass, which included "schunkling" by the laity, which is a Doctor Seuss kind of thing where people link arms and sway back and forth to the music, alternating directions between rows.  It's really neat.  The theme for the Mass reads, "fall out of the frame". Everything about it is demeaning and whatever the intentions of the priest, these things clearly demean the Sacraments and make a mockery of the Vatican Council itself.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Presbyterian Aids and Abets Liturgical Abuse in Belfast

Edit: What would Ian Paisley think?

On Sunday Jan. 22nd 2012, "Rev." Ken Newell, "Minister" Emeritus of Fitzroy Presbyterian Church preached at all the "Catholic" Masses in Clonard, west Belfast N.Ireland:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bishop Schneider: Hand Communion Must Go

It is a legend that hand communion goes back to the first century.  It comes much more from the devilish schismatic of Geneva, John Calvin.

( The current form of hand communion stems from the Calvinists.

This is what Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider (50) of Astana in Kazakhstan said at the end of October for the videosite ''.

"That was an abuse"

Calvinist self-communion was introduced in the 1960s by decadent Catholic Communities in the Netherlands.

This step happened in disobedience to ecclesiastical rules -- Msgr Schneider stressed:  "That was an abuse and the Holy See forbid it in the 1960s."

Finally Paul VI († 1978) addressed hand communion in the Document 'Memoriale Domini' in May 1969 with a "heavy heart":

"In this document the Church said that this form is an exception and that kneeling Communion would remain the rule."

At hand communion the people would take the Host with their fingers and put it in their mouths themselves:  "this particular gesture has never taken place in the history of the Church, never."

It was a kind of self communion.

The Lutherans adapted themselves to the Catholics

Msgr Schneider recalled the Episcopal Synod of October 2005 on the Eucharist.

During a recess Msgr Schneider asked an attending Norwegian Lutheran "Bishop" how his community gave  the Lord's Supper.

The Lutheran answered that the Norwegian State Church had, up until about ten years ago, been giving supper only kneeling and on the tongue. Yet the influence of decadent Roman Catholics has caused hand communion to be introduced.

Liturgical Minimalism

The Auxiliary Bishop asks that hand communion be prayed and worked against:

"We must deeply desire that this form of current hand communion, which has never been practiced in the Church, be abolished"  -- he said with feeling.

Handcommunion is a minimal form of  reverence.  On the contrary, the Church ought never to be satisfied with minimalism.

Particles of Host on the floor

Msgr Schneider warned that giving hand communion will cause many particles to be lost.

The Hosts are often flaky.

The particles could also adhere to the fingers or remain on the
 palm.  They would fall on the ground and be trampled.

In Kazakhstan, according to the Auxiliary Bishop, Communion is only given kneeling and on the tongue.

"It so often happens to me and also to other priests, that there are a few particles on the paten."

Without Communion patens, these particles would fall on the floor or in the clothing of the people.

Msgr Schneider also warned that hand communion simplifies the theft of Hosts as well.

Link to


Communion in the Hand is a Calivinist Innovation

-Lots of links and historical back ground

Not even Luther Would Have Done it

Link at Free Republic With Commentary

Bishop Follows Pope Benedict's Example: Communion Kneeling and on the Tongue Only

Communion in the Hand Destroys Piety

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bishop Decrees Against Holding Hands at Our Father

A Bishop issuing a Decree! Whatever next? From Pray Tell via Diane of Te Deum Laudamus, comes this Pastoral Letter and Decree from Bishop Foys of Covington, Kentucky. The Decree concerns the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy and primarily the importance of obedience to the principle:
Therefore no other person, even if he be a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority. (Sacrosanctum Concilium n.22)

From hermeneutic of continuity...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

No More Altar Girls

Edit: the fact of the matter is that the presence of altar girls and women readers destroy vocations. The presence of women on the altar indicates a progressive and revolutionary outlook which are antithetical and toxic to authentic Catholicism. But a cursory look at the actual practice will show that Diocese which don't allow this don't have vocations problems. Once upon a time Northern Virginia didn't have altar girls, then Bishop Loverde came along, but that's another story.

Once the few women of the parish calm down, or decide to become Unitarian or some other religion more suited to their mentality, some vocations to the priesthood should come of this.

[Washtington Post] Mass had just begun at Corpus Christi Catholic Church when Jennifer Zickel, a Sunday school teacher, glanced at the church bulletin and saw something that made her sick to her stomach.

Tucked in with announcements about a new electronic donation system and a church dinner at Margarita’s Mexican restaurant was news that Zickel, the mother of two girls, had been dreading: Corpus Christi would no longer train girls to be altar servers.

Zickel burst into tears and ran to the bathroom.

Link to original...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Auxiliary Bishop Responds to Sacrilegious Mass

Auxiliary Bishop Christopher James Coyne (53) von Indianapolis
© Pressefoto

Edit:   This blog entry which we found on the controversial German website, contains an interesting report.  It consists of an Auxiliary Bishop responding to what for many Catholics is the mind numbing reality, banality and carnality of the modern Liturgy.   He did have a discussion with the priest.  At least he's admitting there's a problem, but perhaps he'd be better advised to address some of the root causes of the problem as well.  He also has a real aversion to being angry.  Perhaps Bishops need to start getting angry about these things, lest people start to become convinced that they're not all that concerned about it.

This morning I attended Mass rather than concelebrated [Concelebration is such a drag.]M ass.  Earlier in the week I was unable to find a Saturday morning Mass anywhere in the area so I was pretty much going to have to miss Mass today.  But late last night on the internet I found a church abut a half an hour away that had an 8:00 AM Mass.  This was doubly good for me because I wanted to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation if the priest had time after Mass since it and been a few weeks since my last confession.  But it was a little late to make any arrangement for concelebration. [Ugh.]

I left around 7:15 AM and got there in plenty of time to spend some time preparing for Mass and, hopefully, the Sacrament of Reconciliation. [Might as well say, Penance] When Mass began, the priest, a guy about my age, came out and said, "Hello," [to the empty pews] and then proceeded with the Mass. The only problem was he had forgotten the Sign of the Cross. Well, maybe he was just a little distracted. I think we did the penetential rite but I'm not sure. There was no "Gloria" so I was beginning to think we weren't going to be celebrating the Feast of the Transfiguration since it hadn't been mentioned yet but eventually we got there when he "prayed" a spontaneous opening prayer that did mention the Transfiguration.

Things kind of went downhill from there.  I'll spare you the details. I will say I'm pretty sure it was still a valid Mass even though he changed the words [proper form, matter and intention] of the Eucharistic institution - a lot, not just a few.  There is a theological practice of the Church called "Ecclesia supplet" ("the Church provides") where if a priest inadvertently forgets some of the words of the ritual form or changes them, the "Church" recognizes the good faith of those gathered and their right to valid celebration of the sacraments and provides sacramental validity in the case of a human error or priestly malpractice.  [But this was deliberate changing of the words] This is done for the sake of the people of God and not as an excuse for the sloppy or 'creative' celebration of the priest or bishop.  Even though the priest went way over the the line in terms of his 'creativity' this morning, I think the intention of those us who came to Mass was to celebrate the Eucharist as the Church intends and so it was.

Link to blog, here...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Berlin's Archbishop Understands Car Burners' Pain

"These acts are a cry for help: When people burn altar-tables, then it's a protest and an expression of their hopelessness.'
( Besides the so-called Neonazis or a Traditionalist, you can be anything in Nazi-mad Germany.

Even car burners.

In an interview with the "Swabian Times" for the 3rd of September, Archbishop Rainer Woelki of Berlin found sympathetic words even for these last mentioned. Their acts are "a cry for help", answered the all-understanding one to the question, if whether the waves of leftist car burning in Berlin bode a new kind of terrorism. He continued: "when people burn cars, it is a protest and even an expression of their helplessness."  

So much understanding for the non-believing

  The Archbishop says he has developed, after only a week, a "deep understanding for the spiritual life of the overburdened, unbelieving people of the city of Berlin". He invites the motorists of the city, to consider the Bishops' words:  

"We should go and ask ourselves sincerely in our hearts, if we were not overly quick in our harsh judgment of those hopless people, who cried out to us for help with their bbq lighters. How could we assume, they are simple criminals?

Let us ask the Lord for forgiveness!“

It was even a nice Protest

Archbishop Woelki's may not sit well with many of Berlin's motorists. The faithful Catholics of Berlin, however, are deeply grateful for his words. Because in the same sense that Msgr Woelki has certain understanding for this even, he would understand how those horrible altar-tables in Berlin churches could be ignited.

That would be a wonderful sight in the light of the coming Papal visit, to express "hopelessness", which burdens the modern Liturgy in Germany.

Every burned up altar-table would be a real cry for help for the faithful people, who can't go into the Church any more, to have to endure the self-satisfied Conciliar comic, who has planted himself in the place of the Holy of Hollies. [Many NO spaces have a "Presider's Chair" where the Eucharistic Lord should be.]

 Link to

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn's Restaurant Mass

Editor:  Somebody told us that the campaign we've been participating in about Cardinal Schönborn would never catch on.  Well, at least Mundabor caught the ++Schönborn bug.

Actually, we very seldom have to explain to people we meet who are Catholic about the Danube Prelate.  Even Jimmy Akin's ten gallon hat probably knows by now.  Hey, beating up on Father Corapi takes a lot of energy. You can only cover "important" events, dontcha know.

 You'd thought you'd heard everything.  Now it's a Restaurant Mass.  At least there's no polka band.   The Heurigen where this took is a place where you can drink wine made on the premises. It's got good food, but  they serve a tough wine to drink and a bit on the bitter side, rather like gall.  We've been to this Heurigen in a suburb of Vienna, near a Church where Franz Schubert played one of his beautiful Masses.

As the reports, this was done with Cardinal Schönborn's approval.

 Austria.  On the Sunday before last Pastor Norbert Ritt von Grinzing in the Archdiocese of Vienna celebrated a new Mass in a restaurant.  This was according to the neo-Conservative videosite, ''.  The divine service was part of a series under the title, Heuerigenmesse [Heurigen Mass].  Every fourth Sunday in the Summer, Father Ritt celebrates Sunday Mass in the patio of the restaurant. After the Mass, the priest left the consecrated Hosts in ciboria on the dinner table.  After a long while, a woman took the Hosts -- along with other utensils like the Mass book, baskets, the loud speaker -- in a plastic crate.  The crate was filled with the All Holy and all the other objects were piled in on top of It or next to It and it was dumped in the passenger seat of a car.

This new Mass was held at the Restaurant, despite the fact that there was a beautiful church conveniently two or three blocks away.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Western Mass Sacrilege Three Years Running in Vienna

Editor: Fr. Tony Faber, the one who helped Cardinal Schönborn bury a Communist homosexual in the Cathedral graveyard, is at it again. The up and running "Western Theme Mass" is apparently approved from HQ. He made the point that the Cardinal has approved this "Mass".

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Father Pfleger Declares Victory over Cardinal George

Editor: He's declaring victory on his FB Page. He can now return to St. Sabina's to make the same inflammatory statements, perpetrate Liturgical abuses and lead his flock to Hell. Cultural Marxism is indeed a powerful thing.

The heretical pastor was prepared to leave the Catholic Church at one point and considering his boss' strong statement, it's easy to see that a significant turn around was made without Pfleger making any recantations at all:
The cardinal ended the letter by saying, "This conflict is not between you and me; it's between you and the Church that ordained you a priest, between you and the faith that introduced you to Christ and gives you the right to preach and pastor in his name. If you now formally leave the Catholic Church and her priesthood, it's your choice and no one else's. You are not a victim of anyone or anything other than your own statements."

So much for those hard words. Pfleger now says:

Thank you to all who prayed and stood with me in the FIRE, God is so FAITHFUL. I am grateful to friends and stangers [sic] who lifted St. Sabina and Myself before the Throne of God! Although we have very HOT days and very COLD days we neither BURN nor FREEZE, because God is in CONTROL, so it is with life. No matter how it looks or feels GOD is in control and will not let life Destroy us! To GOD be the GLORY!!!

Here's the article from the local Chicago paper:

Ending a weeks-long standoff, Cardinal Francis George lifted his suspension of the Rev. Michael Pfleger on Friday after the two men met and Pfleger apologized for statements the cardinal took as a threat to leave the priesthood.

Both men issued simultaneous statements, with Pfleger saying he would deliver a transition plan by Dec. 1 for St. Sabina Catholic Church, the South Side parish he has served for nearly 30 years.

But neither statement clarified how long Pfleger might remain at the parish. For now, he'll be back in the pulpit for the 11:15 a.m. Mass on Sunday.

Link further...

h/t AQ, E

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liturgical Abuses Encouraged by John Paul II says Former Master of Ceremonies

He Encouraged it Himself

The beatified John Paul II could be named as the patron Saint of liturgical abuses.

(, Vatikan) The beatified John Paul II († 2005) had expressly desired the abuses which were celebrated before him in Pontifical Offices.

This is what the organizer of the abuses and many years Master of Ceremonies, Archbishop Piero Marini (69) wrote in his new book, "IO sono un Papa amabile. Gioanni Paolo II" -- "I am a loveable Pope. John Paul II."

Paolo Rodari reported this on May 7. on his [often excellent] website 'Palazzo Apostolico'

For every trip an actual theater Mass

Rodari reminds of the neo-Conservative theory, where the then Master of Ceremonies, Marini, is supposed to have incited a "spectacle coterminous with the Papal Liturgies" against the will of Pope John Paul II.

This justification is energetically contradicted by Archbishop Marini in his book.

The Conciliar Blessed had encouraged him to insert more cultic heather practices in the Papal Masses -- wrote Msgr Marini.

John Paul II wanted to break through the "rigor" of Papal Masses.

Archbishop Marinini reports that John Paul II wanted a "new Liturgy for every trip".

The Conciliar Blessed is said to have turned to Msgr Marini saying with praise: "beautiful, beautiful."

The Cardinal Found the Legs for Angelic Dancing

Archibishop Marini mentions even a risque moment, which had occurred at a Papal Mass in 1991.

At that time the Archbishop wanted a dance with the Archbishop of San Luis Maranao in North Eastern Brazil, Msgr Paulo Eduardo Andrade Ponte († 2009) during a Papal Mass.

At the announcement of the Gospel two dancers stepped forth, whose robes were blown high by a sudden wind.

After the Mass the Cardinals discussed in the Sacristy if this spectacle was actually necessary.

On that the then president of the Brazilian Bishops Conference, Msgr Luciano Mendez de Almeida († 2006) had answered that he had seen "the angel of the Resurrection" in the two dancers -- so says Msgr Marini.

Link to original...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Communion in the Hand Results in Sacrilege: "Moto Mass Switzerland"

Ehhhh, Moto Mass

One Communicant even tried to get seven Hosts.

The Conciliar Church has thrown Holy Communion to the dogs: Now they must live with it.

( A motorcyle blessing with Holy Mass will take place on the Simplon-Pass on the 1st of May.

The Pass connects the south-west Swiss Canton Wallis with Italy.

According to a report from the Swiss newspaper 'Blick', the occasion of the Motorcycle Friends is "almost holy already".
Moto Mass

It will be organized by the Moto-Club of Simplon and will have been taking place for its 25th occasion this year.

About 4500 bikers appear every year for the event.

In the past years there was a New Mass said by the Old Liberal homosexual ideologue, Pastor Charly Weissen.

Fr. Weissen likes to appear there as the top dog -- most of all in his bike gear.

He wears earrings and a handlebar mustache.

A natural consequence of Communion in the Hand

This years bicycle blessing happens "under a bad star" -- lamented 'Blick' yesterday.

This is because the secular priest, Paul Martone of Brig, celebrated the divine service last year -- and was appalled.

At the news daily, 'Walliser Bote' he called the affair an "unworthy spectacle".

Why?: Many cyclists received the Host with a cigarette between their fingers.

There was also alcohol being consumed during the Eucharistic celebration.

One visitor tried to get seven Hosts.

From these sacrileges, Father Martone drew his own conclusions and wants to be saying only a liturgy of the word.

But NO, the Legend must Continue

Actually, the Moto-Club Simplon has no such concern:

"For more than a thousand visitors the participation of a few people, don't rate to have themselves receive anything more than the highest Liturgy in the Church" -- said the club president appealingly for 'Blick'.

During the Service at Simplon, there's a 'disciplined quiet".

One request on the website of the Club made the point that over ninety percent of the members want a Mass.

For that reason the Club itself is seeking a willing priest.

He should be ready to give a simpl "Mass exhibition [sic]" on the Simplon.

The president will be heard to say, tellingly, that one is also desirous of a "supper".

Link to original...

thanks to paul for Wild One.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Viennese Disco Masses are at an End

Editor: Sugar and spice, everything nice...

It says "Mass" outside. But it's a Rock concert on the inside. This thief's pastoral initiative doesn't serve the youth, rather it serves the blathering of the official Bishops, providing them a diversion from the shattering glass of their Olde Liberal Church destruction.

(, Wien)The sacrilegious Viennese Rock Eucharist "find-fight-follow" are at an end.

DISCO With Auxiliary Bishop

This was according to the Old Liberal Viennese youth pastor, Fr. Gregor Jansen, for the Austrian news agency 'kathpress'.

In the last nine years there have been over fifty such Rock events with pancake "Eucharists".

The Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn stood for two of these sacrilegious, pancake disco Eucharists.

On 29 May the last sacrilegious disco Eucharist will be held in the open air.

Fr. Jansen has named no reason for the end.

Celebrate, why?

The disco-Eucharists have drawn massive criticism. They also hardened the reputation of the Viennese Cardinal as an Olde Liberal Church destroyer.

All the same it is yet to be seen if any reproof from Rome had brought their end.

It's probable that the organizers of the event up until now have lost their desire and there are no successors in sight.

Fr. Jansen explained that the originators only desired "a break".

They have to install for each and every Disco-Eucharist their own text in alleged "youth speech", find Rock Bands and install lighting in the various church spaces.

Fr. Jansen laments that the ending project had brought "much Holy Ghost".

The Rock Eucharists would have struck the "nerve of the time and the youth".

He believes that they would had "simply begun celebrating" -- he neglects to mention just what they were celebrating.

Mandatory Program

There are relatively many youth who come to these Disco-Eucharists.

Actually there's a reason for that: the events belong to the Mandatory Program for Confirmation of the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Now Fr. Jansen wants to make a request about the "Know How" to give Rock-Eucharists.

Ideas about how music or light effects of the Disco-Order of Mass were catching on in many Viennese Parishes -- so said Fr. Jansen.

Rock-Eucharists can also be organized in future without the motto 'find-fight-follow'.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fools' Masses All Over Germany for Carnival

In the past many modern parishes have so-called Fool Eucharists. Who can express it more clearly, that his own liturgy is a joke?

Blessed Masks

"The Fool's Mass began with the invitation of the pastor and his music ministers through the Lumpenchapel Burladingen. The Jester Choir, the fool's chapel, the children and the adults form the fool's guild for the festival in the fully occupied Church to make their own contribution. Paster Bueb [sic] has written his sermon in rhyme and has moved the faithful to complete the end of his sentences [...] At the end of the joyful service, the masks will be blessed."

From an article of the newspaper "Sudwest Presse' about a Fool-Sunday Mass in the Fideliskirche in the City of Burladingen in Baden-Württemberg.

What hasn't God given us?

"In the restlessly filled Church of the Assumption there wasn't the usual Sunday Mass. There were already Guggen musicians, cymbals and bells which will accompany the church service. The sermon by Pastor Stefan Möhler which was in rhyme was entertaining [...]. Fools in full uniform are welcome at Mass. 'It is a beautiful living picture. We're not bringing in foolishness into the Church, rather the joy that God has given to us;, said Möhler"

Disclaimer: The Savior will not stand by Fools

"The Vöhrenbacher fools experienced a happy start, as the home guild's cheerfulness invited the Proclamation of the Fool's Mass in the Parish Church. 'The Savior won't stick by the fool, rather the fool is, someone who God doesn't recognize', Pastor Martin Schäuble offered for consideration and was pleased at the full church pews."

From an article with the heading "Preaching with the Foolss Cap" from the Thursday regional paper 'Südkurier' about a Fool Mass in the City of Vöhrenbach in Baden-Württemberg.

Even a Fools' Mass

"Actually, on Saturday evening in the Catholic St. Stephanus Church in Bernhausen there are also numerous uncostumed churchgoers taking their place, but the fools were sigificantly in the majority. 'I'm delighted that the Church is so full it's ready to explode', said [Fr.] Andreas Marquart right at the beginning, and the word choice of the pastor indicated: It was not going to be a normal Mass. Rather a Fools' Mass even -- the third in the last six years. 'That has gradually, slowly become a tradition', said Sabine Paser of the Howler-Witch-Guild, who had organized the spectacle."

From an article in the Tuesday edition of the news 'Stuttgarter Nachrichten'.

The Fool Enters

"Where a few weeks ago the Advent cross dangled was hung a festive carnival cap. The symbol of the Christmas feast has vanished from the Galluskirche. In place of that is the train of fools. Accompanied by organ music come the actors of the Flörsheimer Carnival with their flag altar. All over the pews there are clowns, cowboys and Indians. 'We stand today as fools for God", groaned Pastor Frank-Peter Beuler to the costumed crowd, who were visiting the fourth Flörsheimer Carnival Mass."

From an article in the regional paper "Frankfurter Neue Presse" of February 1.

Fools Instead of Readings

"The Children were always involved with the celebration, as for example at the Kyrie and the intercessory prayers. Even at the 'Our Father' they were invited by the Pastor Hermann Otto who brought them to prayer with arm waving, in which the children joined with glee. The reading was omitted in place a princess entered, a clown, an indian, a pirate and a third level female spellcaster in front of the altar. A mother explained all of that, her life and the meaning of her costumes."

Evil Sorceress Puts Hex on Father Otto

From an article in the 'Münsterländischen Volkszeitung' about the 'first great Carnival Mass" on Sunday morning in the Visitation Church in the City of Rheine in Northern Münsterland.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Archbishop Nienstedt Stops Liturgical Abuses at Fake Indian Worship Center

Indian church, archdiocese clash over mass elements

Archdiocese questions use of special wine.
Last update: December 13, 2010 - 10:27 PM

The future use of Indian practices, however, is being questioned by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, which temporarily suspended mass at the church last month after conflict arose over the use of specialized wine.

The unrest at Gichitwaa Kateri comes at a time when Pope Benedict has called for renewed emphasis on tradition and uniformity in the Catholic church, leaving churches like Kateri wondering how many, if any, of their traditions may be compromised. Twin Cities Archbishop John Nienstedt also has a history of strongly adhering to orthodox church doctrine.

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Editor: Is the animal skin rug they use cruelty-free?  Father Notebaart, the retired, freeze-dried, Hippie Priest founder of this community is a long-time liturgical and ecclesiastical vandal, a veritable community organizer and probable Communist.

H/t: Stella Borealis