Friday, September 9, 2011

Pope's Man in Austria Criticizes Dissidents and Bishops

Edit: This was the priest in Linz Diocese who was relentlessly hounded by the Liberals and set up by the Viennese Cardinal when he was named as Auxiliary for Linz. He's had the courage to criticize the Bishops in the past. It's too bad there aren't more like him.

The Windischgartner Pastor Gerhard Maria Wagner is critizing the Pastors' Intiative and the Bishops: In my view sometimes money plays too big a role with the Bishops, while courage plays a lesser role, for them to say: "This is the clear teaching of the Church".

Linz ( The famous Windischgarstner Pastor, Gerhard Maria Wagner, has dismissed the controversial Pastors' Initiative and stressed that it is time to declare the "Church's teaching". "In the case of remarried and divorced, for example, the Church has made clear stipulations, that it is not negotiable. That's actually also true of the other points of the Pastor's Initiative as well." As to the question if one may refuse these people Holy Communion during Mass, explained the Pastor, that it still may not be done. He would like, however, not to put anyone on the pillory. Afterward, he'd like to speak directly to the person. "The remarried and divorced person may be in the Church, but may not receive the Sacrament."

As far as the theme "celibacy" is concerned, Wagner refutes the notion that it comes from the 11th Century. "We've also heard this heresy that celibacy comes from the 11th Century. There is research that show that this goes back to earlier times. The Church could alter it, however, if it wanted. But despite the various problems, which we have in the life form of celibacy, it is a guidepost. We must give witness of a priestly life, where joy is palpable." The pastor of Windischgarsten also clearly stated, that the Priesthood is not a theme to be discussed in the church any longer. "That is a dogmatically formulated fundamental dogma that priestly consecration is not possible for women. We can't do what Jesus never did. He was surrounded by women and demonstrated their importance. But at the Last Supper the basic framework was established counted only the twelve male Apostles participated, and we can't go back on that. Otherwise it is a 2000 year long tradition that only men are consecrated," he insists.

Wagner appealed to the Bishops as well, that this Pastors' Initiative must be addressed with what must be said. He would like to say to Helmut Schüller that he has lost his way, that this act will not "lead to the healing of the Church". "We have already had a Reformation and know what came of that. The "Call to Disobedience" is a real scandal. We have so much good in the Church but are stuck on these same tired themes." The pastor of Windischgarsten is also criticizing the Austrian Bishops. "in my view money plays a bigger role with the Bishops and less so the courage to say: "This is the teaching of the Church. Whoever can't abide by that, must find another faith community." He believes that the Church "will probably have to become smaller", so that it can become more "basic" in order to become "big again". "We need a clear witness that we don't fear the numbers", says Wagner. For people who persist in the Pastors' Initiative, he says, this is a real "fall from faith".

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