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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tom Woods Dumps Family For Rubenesque Beauty
                                                                           alpaca?  they spit!

Edit: I’ve sort of forgiven Tom for being a Libertardarian (Jewish economics) , but ideas have consequences. I guess you can take the Lutheran out of the ELCA...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dissident Pfarrer's Initiative in Augsburg Draws Almost No Young Priests

The new Augsburg priest initiative have enrolled hardly any young priests.  Hubert Gindert, President of the Forum of German Catholics, described this as a revealing fact.

Kaufering (  "It's a revealing fact that there are hardly any young priests enrolled in the Initiative."  Prof. Hubert Gindert, President of the Forum of German Catholics  in the statement about the newly formed Priest Initiative in the Diocese of Augsburg.  The 43 priests who had signed among other things stated, that the "many re-married and divorced"  receive Communion, Gindert advised: "It is widely known that these pastors, that not only repudiate against the canon law, but also against the unambiguous teachings of Jesus."

The statement of the Forum of German Catholics about the Priest Initiative of Augsburg

An initiative of 43 priests in the Diocese of Augsburg have advertised themselves with the motto "Mit brennender Sorge".  This motto is stolen from the famous encyclical on National Socialism.

The Priest Initiative wants a discussion with the Diocesan Bishop to "bring reforms into action".  They do this primarily by going first to the public, in order to lend pressure to their demands.  Is this an appropriate style and preparation for a discussion?"

The Priest Initiative wants "alienation of the Church of impeding the faith" and is for that reason against "fatal large scale planning", that means they are against the education of parish communities.   This has its justification in the falling number of priests.  Have the 43 priests in their communities ever once pointed out that the priests the community needs must come from the families?  Have they talked to young people and encouraged these in a priestly vocation?  Or should the priest shortage be dealt with  by imposing priestless sevices on Sundays?

The Priest Initiative wants to allow re-married and divorced to Communion.  "In our Diocese there are many pastors who give Communion to re-married and divorced."

These pastors know that this is not only against church law, but also against the clear teachings of Jesus (Mt 5,31/2;19,3/9; L16,18;Mk 1o,,4/9).  Marriage is not as "the Augsburg Allgemeine" of  10/20/12 thinks, "according to Catholic law" indissoluble, rather according to the word of Jesus.

The Priest Initiative offers a solution to the problem through "synodal structures". "The Evangelical Church can be an example there throughout."

But only he who is resistant to experience can overlook how the Evangelical Church has not prevented the alienation of their faithful with synodal structures.  In the last decade significantly more faithful have turned their backs than in the Catholic Church.

The revealing fact is that there are hardly any young priests enrolled in the initiative.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

News Bytes: Divorce Taught at Linz Seminary

Divorce in Linz Seminary -- The Comrades Want More Children's Blood -- Postnatal Multiple Abortion -- Now the Homosexual-Media Has its Revenge -- Not a Party of Idealists

Divorce in the Linz Seminary

Austria.  On the 2nd of October an event was propagated 'Pro Oriente -- Sektion Linz' in the dying Linz Seminary on Divorce.   This was reported by the Austrian Church-tax news agency 'kathpress'.  It is described as a "thought provocation"  from the scandalous and immoral praxis of separation by Orthodox schismatics.  These will wed adulterers without scruple.   As lecturers, two schismatics were invited:  Anargyros Anapliotis, Orthodox Canon Lawyer from Munich, and Sorin Bugner, Pastor of teh Romanian Orthodox community in Linz.

The Comrades Want the Blood of More Children

France.   The child slaughter will be financed next in France completely at the hospital.   The so-called Health Minister, Comrade Marisol Touraine, announced this.  The French President, Comrade Francis Holande, had made a campaign promise that he would approve the costs for killing children.   Till now 80 percent of abortions were already paid from the health fund.

Postnatal Multiple Abortions

Germany.  A 28 year old from Schleswig-Holstein has killed five new born babies since 2006.  This was reported by NS-journalist founded maganizine '',  that the slaughter of children can be done to the day of birth.  The child murderer bore two of the murdered children at home and three in the woods and subsequently killed her children.  The criminal is married and has two living children (8.10).

Now the Homo-media Takes its Revenge

USA.  The US- Scouting organization "Boy Scouts"  is supposed to have covered hundreds of alleged cases of abuse.  This is what the abuse-media says.  In five hundred cases the organization is supposed to have ignored evidence. The news daily 'Los Angeles Times' has looked at over 1,600 confidential documents.  In 80 percent of the cases they are said to have ignored them.  The back ground for the witch hunt:  In July the organization had made it clear that they weren't going to accept any homosexually disturbed individuals,  from whom comes the greatest danger of abuse.

It's not a Party of Idealists

"The Greens are not a Party of idealists.  Their secret consists in this:  >>To create structured speech, that  permits the combination of the criticism of society with the use of its privileges.<<"

Comrade Manfred Gullner (71) -- founder and business leader of the 'Forsa-Meinungsforschungsinstitutes' during a lecture on the 1st of September in Duisburg.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Archbishop Zollitsch Says Protestants are "Church"

Dressed for Disobedience

Edit: Archbishop Zollitsch has already been challenged by the Papal Nuncio, but he's angling in the German anti-Catholic media for an agenda not unlike the one at work in Austria. His latest howler would confuse the utterly decadent and dying Protestant Communion in Germany, with the Catholic one, only because they think they're "Church". 

The President of the German Bishops' Conference has vomited yet another of his sacrilegious theses regarding the reception of Communion for divorced.  He denies that there is a divide in German Catholicism.

(, Freiburg) "Benedict XVI is not the hardliner he is often presented as being" [Ain't that the truth.]

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said this in Freiburg for an interview with the German newspaper 'Die Welt'.

Understanding for the Satanic Sleaze

Those who are against the Papal visit, the narcissistic human dreck of the Godless and the Gommorrhists have a "right to demonstrate" according to the Archbishop. He even hopes that the Satanic sleaze will respect "the person of the Pope". Among the personages will be found, for example, the fallen Catholic and homosexually disturbed David Berger, who denounced Benedict XVI in the past with his wild tirades.

Apostates Generally Deny the Division

The schismatic Archbishop denied any "evidence" for a schism in Germany.

There is "a Catholic bandwidth on many questions in positions that are at odds."

Yes, but that's apparently not a question of schism. The Archbishop only sees "various perspectives, and that's justifiable, and also self-evident".

Dogmatic Smoke Grenade

When Benedict XVI visits the Augustinian Cloister in Erfurt, where the Apostate Martin Luther lived, Msgr Zollitsch hopes for a a mandate with the Protestants, "to work out some of the things which still divide us".

As he has recalled already in the 'Augsburger Allgemeine" news, Pope John Paul II. encouraged Germany, regarding the reconsideration of alleged commonalities on the doctrine of Justification in 1980.  

What is Church?

The Archbishop is acknowledging protestants, in contradiction to the clarification of the CDF 'Dominus Jesus' of August 2000, as "Church".

The Evangelical Church understands itself as Church -- so says Msgr Zollitsch. He respects that and doesn't want to fight about concepts.

At the same time the question wasn't spared, "who is it that belongs to this 'Church' that understands themselves in this way".

The Catholic Creed explains the belief that there is only one Church.  

The Serious Solution is Turning Away from Divorce

The giving of Communion to the divorced is a "pastoral" consideration for the Archbishop.

He draws from that that there will be no concrete explanation from the Papal Visit. There is still "some analysis which has to take place. We are working on it."

Msgr Zollitsch wants to clarify the question "not shoving it to Saint-Nevers-Day, but we need the right amount of time, in order to seriously consider it."


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marrying in Church is a right only for those who believe in Christian marriage, says Pope

Marrying in Church is a right only for those who believe in Christian marriage, says Pope
The importance of the canonical and pastoral preparation for marriage focus of words addressed by Pope Benedict XVI to the Roman Rota. The bride and groom should be aware of and want this act that ultimately aims to holiness of life. This also to avoid future annulments.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Getting married in church is a right only if you believe in "true marriage” that is, an act for the realization of the “integral good, human and Christian, of the spouses and of their future children, ultimately projected towards the holiness of their lives".  From here, follows the importance of preparation for Christian marriage, also to avoid annulments, which were at the heart of Benedict XVI address delivered today to members of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, received at the beginning of the judicial year.

"The canonical dimension of marriage preparation – began the Pope - is perhaps not an immediately perceived element" both because the preparation phase holds "a very modest, if not insignificant, place ", and because "there is a widespread mentality that the examination of the spouses, the publication of banns and other appropriate means to carry out the necessary pre-marital investigations, of which marriage preparation courses are a part, are purely formal obligations. In fact, it is often assumed that, in admitting the couples for marriage, pastors should proceed with speed, as it regards the natural right of people to marry".

The fact, however, is that "there is no marriage of lives and another of law: there is only one marriage, which is constitutionally a real legal bond between a man and a woman, a bond based on the true dynamics of conjugal life and love. The marriage celebrated by the spouses, the marriage that is dealt with both pastorally and in canonical doctrine, are one single natural and salvific reality, the wealth of which certainly gives rise to a variety of approaches, however without ever losing its essential identity. The legal aspect is intrinsically linked to the essence of marriage. This is understandable in light of a non-positivistic concept of law, but considered from the perspective of relationality according to justice.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Adulterty Is Still a Crime in New Hampshire

Owing to unnatural and destructive customs of co-habitation, protestantism and the overall denigration of the spiritual dimension and sacramentality of all things, some lawmakers are regarding laws punishing adultery as obsolete. They are correct, but obsolescence isn't a very good word, a better description might be erroneous or "bad law" for a $1200 fine really doesn't meet the gravity of the crime of transgressing against the Sacrament. Israel's infidelity against God merited her severe punishments, so a day in the stocks is really very mild, too mild, to measure the kind of damage done not only to economics, honor, one's heart, but also the immeasurable damage it does to the spiritual realm, which ultimately undermines the security of a family, a nation,a race and even to being itself.

Dec 13, 3:22 PM (ET)


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - The original punishments - including standing on the gallows for an hour with a noose around the neck - have been softened to a $1,200 fine, yet some lawmakers think it's time for the 200-year-old crime of adultery to come off New Hampshire's books.

Seven months after the state approved gay marriage, lawmakers will consider easing government further from the bedroom with a bill to repeal the adultery law.

"We shouldn't be regulating people's sex lives and their love lives," state Rep. Timothy Horrigan said. "This is one area the state government should stay out of people's bedrooms."

Horrigan, D-Durham, and state Rep. Carol McGuire, R-Epsom, have teamed up on legislation to repeal the law. Horrigan signed on because he believes it continues New Hampshire's efforts toward marriage equality. In June, lawmakers voted to legalize gay marriage - a law that takes effect Jan. 1.

"We shouldn't be in the business of regulating what consenting adults do with each other," Horrigan said.

Convicted adulterers years ago faced standing on the gallows, up to 39 lashes, a year in jail or a fine of 100 pounds. The punishment has been relaxed to a misdemeanor and a fine of up to $1,200 - with no jail time.

Law Professor Jeff Atkinson of DePaul University College of Law in Chicago says states rarely - if ever - enforce criminal adultery laws. Atkinson, author of the American Bar Association's Guide to Marriage, Divorce & Families, attributed that to a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Lawrence v. Texas. In its decision, the high court found that the state had no legitimate interest justifying its intrusion into the personal and private lives of two gay men arrested in their bedroom during a police investigation in a weapons case. The men had been charged with sodomy.

Atkinson said the case applies to adultery because both involve private sexual conduct.

Some recently questioned whether South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's admitted extramarital affair with a woman in Argentina made him subject to his state's 1880 criminal law against adultery. [put him in the stocks at least] The penalty is a fine of up to $500 and a year in jail. The state said it couldn't waste limited money trying to prosecute Sanford on such a charge. The law's constitutionality also has been questioned.

The last attempts to repeal New Hampshire's law came after a Merrimack husband filed a complaint against his wife and her boss in 1987. When police refused to pursue adultery charges, Robert Stackelback brought the complaint himself against the pair. He later dropped the charges.

That prompted repeal efforts in 1987 and 1989. Both times the House voted for repeal, but the Senate did not. An attempt in 1992 to reduce the penalty to a violation also passed the House, but died in the Senate.

House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Chairman Stephen Shurtleff's committee will hear the latest bill, probably next month. Shurtleff, D-Concord, predicts - barring a compelling reason to keep the law - his committee will support repealing the law since it isn't being enforced.

In the past, conservatives argued decriminalizing adultery would weaken marriage.

Kevin Smith, executive director of the conservative Cornerstone Policy Research, opposes this repeal effort for the same reason.

"Even though this criminal law probably is not enforced right now and probably has not been enforced for some time, I think it's important to have a public policy statement that says generally or in all situations adultery is not a good thing. And I think, by repealing that statute, you're essentially diminishing the harmful effects of adultery," Smith said.

McGuire, the prime sponsor, believes the moral battle over adultery should be fought under the state's civil divorce laws. The bill would leave adultery as a cause in divorces not filed under the no-fault provision of the statute.

But Smith says leaving the criminal law on the books may give the harmed spouse more leverage in winning a settlement in divorce court.

Atkinson points out that New Hampshire's divorce law already allows judges to account for substantial harm done by an adulterer in determining a financial settlement and alimony.

Horrigan doesn't think a small fine will stop anyone from cheating on a spouse. He also wouldn't oppose taking adultery out of the civil divorce statute as a cause for the breakdown.

"Who we love and how we love is not something, an area the state has much business meddling in," he said.

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