Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bishop of Linz Continues Persecution of Priest

Edit: Father Skoblicki, a very conservative, Polish Pastor in Linz, Austria, was unjustly driven from his parish, only to be reinstated briefly. Subsequent to that, he announced that he would not be returning owing to his spent health. Well, as it turns out, he was forced to leave by the Bishop. It's on again, it's off again. It seems to us that the Bishop waited for the furor to calm down and reasserted his unjust treatment of the Polish priest. This isn't over. Remember Father Wagner?

Skoblicki tells KATH.NET:  He was forced to resign.  There was no evidence for the case raised against him.  Andreas Skoblicki wrote this in a letter.

Kopfing (kath.net) The well known Polish priest, Andreas Skoblicki, did not leave the Diocese of Linz willingly.  This is from a letter received by KATH.NET from the priest.  He was more "forced into this decision".

He had a meeting with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz last year on December 14th. At that time the Bishop had said, "that the Diocesan staff that I not return to Kopfing, or otherwise expressed: it would be better that I not return".  Further on the letter continues: "Today this evening I notified by Bishop Ludwig what was expected of me and said that I am being forced into this decision."

The Diocese of Linz had announced the resignation of Skoblicki as parish administrator of Kopfing.  In a press release the situation was represented as though Skoblicki had resigned on his own.  He had used his sick leave in order to consider the situation in the Parish and to observe recent developments from a distance, wrote the Diocese.  "On the 16th of December 2011 he had written Bishop Dr. Ludwig Schwarz his decision in writing, to no longer continue in his position up until now and resign his position as parish administrator of Kopfing on the 31st of December 2011.",  is how it appeared in the press release.  Bishop Schwarz, it continued, followed intently the priest's arguments and thanked him for his work in the parish of Kopfing and accepted his resignation.

KATH.NET has contacted the Diocese of Linz for a statement of a public explanation of Skoblicki's letter and the Diocese representation of the events.  The Diocese acknoweldged in its answer only the press release of December 16th without going into Skoblicki's statements.

He also  reported the situation with charges, which were directed against him, wrote Skoblicki.  Neither the ordinary nor the activists have given him evidence for the accusations.  He had not made the alleged statements.  "These are perverse lies, untruths, half truths, all kinds of manipulations and contortions," the priest wrote.

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Православный физик said...

Schwartz needs to be deposed.

Elisabeth said...

I'm new on the story - but I know very well that, if this priest is being treated unjustly, it will serve for his sanctification and for the increased glory of God.

Tancred said...

He was accused of being divisive by a small number of people who reside in the village, but seldom attend Mass, and the Austrian media.

Sound familiar?

Many traditionalists will look in askance at this priest's endorsement of Medjugorje, but he preaches to a packed Church on Sundays and has brought many back to Church by his sincerity and devotion. This is really saying something too, because Austrians tend to be a bit leery of outsiders, and not a few have complained about his High German...

You can't please everyone.