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Concubinage a Serious Problem With Liberal Clergy in German Areas

Father Gerhard Wagner
(Linz) The situation of the Catholic Church in the German areas,  its weakness in the public debate, trends toward  self-dissolution  and a willingness to oppose the zeitgeist of political correctness and thus succumb to   powers in politics and society,  is only understood by he who understands the clergy. In addition to many loyal and faithful priests and religious, there is a lot of mediocrity, and many "Liberal" priests.  "hearthless priests," said Austrian Priest Gerhard Maria Wagner. And he knows what he's talking about because his home diocese of Linz is the prototype of a progressive diocese.

The Diocese of Linz and Stymying of an Auxiliary Bishop

With a doctorate in dogmatic in 2009 he had been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI. as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Linz. The "hearthless priests in our diocese have a say," said Wagner, have been understandably not thrilled and blew a storm. A campaign was organized quickly  thanks to a willing media who are always there when it goes against the Catholic Church and a "conservative" church representatives. For some weeks the  contrived indignation was mimed, and firmly supported by full-time officials and many laymen. It was an alliance of the status quo, which as far as possible didn't want any alterations to the liberal laissez-faire situation in the diocese, including the Governor (Chief Minister), a teacher of religion and therefore employees of the diocese, which were  not generally for moderation, but felt particularly called to weighty agitating against the appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Rome. Finally, where would you go, when there is a pious priest who would also be  bishop and does get serious with the faith.

"The Hearthless Priests in Our Diocese Say"

The "hearthless priests" feared that an auxiliary bishop and likely future diocesan Bishop Wagner would put an end to their  traffic with concubines. The campaign was successful, the Austrian cardinal in Rome intervened and made pleas for expediency in the face of an impending upheaval of the  "People of the Church", Rome buckled and demanded obedience of Wagner. Wagner obeyed and offered the renunciation of an office which he had not even begun. Rome could send the request for resignation assuming generosity without losing face. The "peace" in the village was restored. What remains are the "hearthless priests, who call the shots."
The 54 year old Father John Teufl, Franciscans and Parish Provisor of St. Georgen in Attergau lived together with a "friend" for several years. Whoever did something about it, to come to him and talk to him,  he informs the parish for three years.  This is how  loosely some take their disobedience. Who wants to play the grouch. The parishioners know what is asked of them nowadays. You are of course thrilled to be "politically correct". Since Friday last week, the priest has been "submerged".  With his triangular relationship, it is not surprising that the police received three missing person's reports: from the parish, the diocese of Linz and the concubine who is described in the media as a  "partner" or "friend".

The "Submerged" Teufl

The is no valid information about the background. It remains to be hoped that he actually wants to give only "clarity" about his vocation.   There is reason he would do so. The media yet know to tell a story with prepared ingredients. The Franciscan Order is the "villain".  Teufl was put  "on leave" three years ago. After all,  the monk is obviously not very strict with one of the three vows, the vow of chastity. Now the Order is to have him brought to a decision. Either he holds to his solemn promise or he has to leave the Order. Probably, as the media used in their version of the story, it was "coercion" plunged into "crisis". The daily " Upper Austrian News ", playing the white keys masterfully  on the wrong keyboard, rises the wrong index finger in the case Teufl. Fat and raised,  it leaves the "immersion" of the "hearthless" priest to a teacher  xy who says: "One would have to recommend that those who have caused this need to rethink their ideas of faith and tolerance."
That priest Teufl has reneged on a promise of celibacy and obedience and violated the ecclesiastical order, has embezzled. Whoever does such things, should also have significant problems with the truth of faith and is hardly capable of the proclamation of the truth. He has certainly done something that  no secular party, no  club, nor  business would leave unpunished,  but - this understanding  is dismissed as petty offense - in this case, when it comes to the faith and the Church. The anti-Catholic sentiments often come  secretly and subconsciously along the way.

Concubines: What the Order do not Like to Tolerate, is Not a Problem for Diocese

 Teufl may have a soft landing, because the alternative is for him not about the Order or nothing, but the Order or the diocese. Teufl would have the possibility to opt for the diocese and to become a secular priest. For if the Order of the Franciscans do not want to tolerate concubines, with good reason, then they are far less of a problem   for the Diocese.  The diocese had  taken him over, although he is subject to the condition that he fulfills his commitment to celibacy.
But in Upper Austria there are still a number of priests with female and filial attachments. It is the rule of thumb: the higher the position of a priest in the diocesan clergy, the more likely he has a "partner", "friend", "companion", "concubine" or is even officially married at least in a civil ceremony.

The Civilly Married Priest

Thus was the situation with the pastor of a Linz city parish. When he came to the new parish a few years ago, he stepped in front of his congregation and said he was bringing a woman and a child. Asking if that suited the parishioners, because if not, he rejected the place. The "pious" people applauded then. Meanwhile, there are already three children. The priest lives together with his wife and children  and is married civilly even daring to be highly official, after all, he has to provide for his family. For other priests it's sufficient to live actually close to their "partner".

The "Pastor's Wife" of the Lord Cistercian

The Wilhering House near  Linz,  is a Cistercian Abbey without growth, which as an Order is very indulgent. The old pastor of a parish incorporated to the monastery in Mühlviertel, Upper Austria, has been living with a woman who is   generally called "pastor's wife".  When the Cistercian retired, he refused to return to the monastery, either with the  woman or not at all. So now the 80-year continues to live together with his concubine and the Order is silent on this.
In 2005  the Deanery of Wels, the new pastor lived at the same with his mistress in the rectory. As part of the campaign of 2009 against Bishop Wagner, several priests were equally known to be unabashed in their love affairs. Anyone who has a conscience so blunted, will be neither able nor willing to raise the conscience of others. But who should really pay attention beyond utilitarian considerations, who so safely break the rules of their own community, to which one has committed himself.
The list goes on and on. The diocese gives the impression that it is conducted as if there were no Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Maria Schwarz SDB. The Church newspaper displays prizes for  homosexual associations and the Catholic Youth advertises   condoms and abortion. Thus  a "hearthless" diocese. No wonder, then, that Father Wagner would have been a "troublemaker" as Auxiliary Bishop for the "hearthless". It is no coincidence that the Call to Disobedience of Helmut Schüller's Pastor's Initiative  found among all Austrian dioceses most of its supporters in the Diocese of Linz.
When the talk of reform in the Church or "way out" from the "gap between church doctrine and practice, a majority of Catholics" sought and the approval of remarried divorcees is discussed for Communion, the question should previously required to be asked as to why it could ever come to such a situation. In addition to the external  issues, the Church wouold also investigate internally.  Among there were also "hearthless" clergy, who can not be heralds of the truths of the faith, nor authentic defenders of the Faith in their personal dishonesty.   In worldly things it comes to their own powers. In spiritual things, it is primarily for mercy and blessings from above. If a monastery or an Order has no offspring, then that is a symptom. The grace of God is missing.
Text: Martha Weinzl
image: Katholische Kirche in Oberoesterreich
Trans: Tancred

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