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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Persecution Continues: An Actual Ban on Confessions for Children and Youth

Fr. Skoblicki
Always the same:  An anti-Catholic journalist slanders a Catholic priest -- and the cowardly Diocese drives a knife at the same time in the clergyman's back.

(, Neuhoffen an der Ybbs)  Chaplain Andreas Skoblicki "for a start" may not hear any more children and youth confessions.

That was made known in a press release yesterday from the cowardly Dioocese of  Saint Pölten.

Real Old Liberal Grievance will be tolerated for decades

The Diocese reacted lightning quick because of a single slander article in the anti-Catholic Viennese newspaper 'Kurier'.

Fr. Skoblicki was driven from the Parish of Kopfing in the Diocese of Linz in January by the media bosses.

Since Feburary he's been active in the 2,800 population Parish Neuhoffen an der Ybbs for the neo-conservative Pastor Helmut Prader in the Diocese of  Saint Pölten.

The Cowardly Diocese Cringes

The 'Kurier' has disseminated the contention, Fr. Skoblicki is to have "insulted" two eleven-year-olds  in confession.

It consists in frank deceptive defamation.

For that reason the Diocese of St.Pölten went to its press conference in sackcloth and ashes.

Slander is welcome

Pastor Helmut Prader explained that he is in contact with "all involved" -- therefore with the slanderers .

He is then to clear up the situation and rectify it.

Fr. Skoblicki will, "for starters not hear any more confessions of children and youth", says Fr. Prader.

He will get familiar with the parish and the customs to gain the trust of the area.

Dastardly: The chaplain can not express himself in confession

Chaplain Skoblicki has not commented on these serious accusations.

He may  not openly discuss the contents or circumstances of conversations in confession.

He is sorry, in case he has hurt anyone, and apologizes to them never the less.

That was not his intention.

It possibly depends on the fact that German is not his native language.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Polish Pastor's Health Damaged by Psycho-Terror of Old Liberals

Father Skoblicki
Edit: there are a few gripes from the usual quarters that this priest isn't Catholic enough. He's promoting the Catholic Faith, he's building a side altar. He's doing a lot of the right stuff and he's making a lot of the right people angry.

Pure lack of respect for human dignity:  The anti-Church Kopfinger schismatics are working with psychological terror, false reports and death threats.

(, Kopfing) The Pastoral administrator of Kopfing, Fr. Andreas Skoblicki, will leave his parish for a few weeks according to the media bosses.

The health of the Pastor has suffered greatly in the past weeks.

A Doctor has advised that Father Skoblicki needs three weeks to recover.

The absence is the month long psychological terror of the Old Liberal Kopfinger Schismatics in league with the anti-Church media.

The Polish clergyman  has, since he's lived as a foreigner, hardly any personal support.

Father Skoblicki has even received death threats.

He will visit his Polish home and and stay out of the line of fire of the Austrian media which seems bent on executing him.

The Diocese of Linz has said on the website '' that the Diocesan Office will put together a priestly grant.

The Diocese is already in talks with priest.

The Lies about First Communion

The regional media concern has struck for months with false reports about the Pastor.

On the most forward front the ‘Oberösterreichische Nachrichten’. is the most rabid.

The last libelous lines from the paper:  next year there is apparently not going to any "first communion".

Actually the local grade school principal -- a bitter enemy of the Pastor -- immediately denounced  the report.

The parents in the first communicants can expect a beautiful celebration in Kopfing.

Why didn't the Diocese Clear this up?

Today the ‘Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten’ has published its most recent lie under the incendiary title, "New Explosives in Kopfing".

The Pastor has built a new side altar in the Church, "without a permit".

The construction was authorized, actually, by the Construction Office in Linz.

Thusly the question remains: why didn't the Bauamt denounce the lie from the anti-Church newspaper?

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Linz Bishop Crucifies Pastor for Being too Catholic

Edit: What should be familiar to you, dear reader, is that there is a movement afoot throughout the universal Church to remove and squelch voices that are Catholic on the part of Bishops and administrators who themselves, seem ashamed of Him in their actions and omissions. There's an article from earlier this summer on this particularly showtrial.

This priest has the simple but apparently controversial message that Christ must be born within us.

Remember when Bishop Nourrichard showed up in Thieberville with a Rainbow Chasuble to remove a most loyal and beloved priest who had brought the village back to Christ almost like another Cure de Ars?

It's open season on Catholic priests and they're being destroyed, usually administratively, by their superiors despite managing very successful ministries. Sometimes these Bishops have the benefit of some salacious accusations, other times, there are accusations of financial irregularities.

This is no different, except for the Bishop of Linz, who probably orchestrated a campaign against Father Wagner when he was named Auxiliar Bishop in Linz last year, it is enough that this apparently holy and much loved priest actually teaches the Catholic Faith.

Some traditionalists will complain that this priest favors the Divine Mercy devotion and says the New Mass. Who cares?

This priest doesn't even say the Immemorial Mass of All Ages and the Old Liberals hate him.

His church was full. His parish board stands behind him. He has never celebrated the Old Mass. Actually he had three Old Liberal enemies in his Parish. That was enough for the Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, to plant a knife right in the back of his priest.

Fr. Skoblicki ©

(, Kopfing) The scandal-Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz wants to crucify the unconnected and effectively beneficial Pastor of Kopfing, Fr. Andreas Skoblicki, on the 15th of October.

This was reported on the videosite ''.

The 2.000 population community of Kopfing in Innkreis is located not far from the Bavarian state of Passau.

Father Skloblicki has worked since 2003 in Kopfing. No earlier than last year, the Diocese had extended his service to 2014.

Now the soul thirsty priest has been sent into the desert.

This Polish clergyman has not been accused of having done anything wrong.

On the contrary: he is considered especially soul thirsty. His church is even full on workdays.

According to '' he's brought young families and youth back to the church.

The Accusation: The Pastor Puts the Faith Above Everything

This summer three Old Liberal Kopfinger retirees started a slander campaign against the priest with the help of the powerful media concerns.

These divisive grey hairs repeated the familiar prayer wheel in countless interviews, that Fr. Skoblicki the pastor is supposedly "divisive".

At the end of August they circulated a letter in Kopfing.

There the central claim was made that Fr. Scoblicki, "holds faith in God as more important than peace in place."

'' says these Old Liberal Divisives are not practicing Catholics. They don't even hold Catholic teaching.

Bishop Rules Against the Parish Board

The Parish Board of Kopfing is unanimous behind the Pastor.

As a committee for dismissal was held, it responded immediately.

Yesterday delegates from the Parish Board traveled to the 1.400 population village of Geinberg, 44 kilometers to the southwest of Kopfing, where the Bishop is having a visitation.

There they will attempt to turn this unscrupulous Bishop around.

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