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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Germans Have Little Faith in the Catholic Church -- Pope's Popularity Declines

Edit: Imagine my shock. You would think that Marx's big push to legitimize mortal sin would make him and his confreres MORE, not less popular.

Germans consider television more trustworthy than the Catholic Church. In a survey, it is only in the rear midfield among 26 institutions. Trust in the pope also decreases.

Statistics | Bonn - 04.01.2018 According to a survey, Germans do not trust the Catholic Church with great confidence. Among 26 "non-political institutions," the Catholic Church in a study by the opinion research institute forsa for the television station RTL and ntv is only ranked 18th At 27 percent, however, it improved compared to the previous year by one percentage point. Here, the perception in West and East Germany deviates strongly from each other. For example, only 13 percent of East Germans give their trust to the Catholic Church; by contrast, 30 percent among the West Germans.

The Protestant church increased by two percentage points to 48 percent, ranking it in 13th place. In West Germany, 50 percent of the respondents trust them, in eastern Germany 34 percent.

Confidence in the pope, on the other hand, declined significantly last year. He is trusted by 54 percent of the respondents, which represents a decrease of 6 percentage points compared to 2016 and means 9th place in the current ranking. Here too, West and East Germany deviate strongly from each other. The pope enjoys, according to the data, 40 percent of the East Germans' trust, but 57 percent of West Germans.

Islam lost the most confidence

The strongest loss of confidence was recorded by Islam. It fell in the "trust ranking" from 25 percent in the previous year to 9 percent. That means rank 24. Behind it lie only managers with 6 per cent and advertising agencies with 5 per cent. Forsa boss Manfred Güllne believes Islamist attacks are responsible this low value for Islam.

37 percent of the respondents trusted the Central Council of Jews, three percentage points less than in 2016. The "trust ranking" is headed by the police, universities, doctors and their own employers. The media in the form of radio, press and television had each suffered 4 percentage point losses. According to the poll, 56 percent of Germans trust in the radio (8th place), the press comes to 40 percent (15th place), the television 28 percent (17th place).

The survey took place between December 15 and 20, with 2,307 people polled. (Well / KNA)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Will Enzo Bianchi Be Raised to Cardinal by Pope Francis?

Pope Francis and the "Monk"
(Rome)  The rumors in Rome  that Enzo Bianchi is to be elevated to cardinal are accumulating. Bianchi is not a priest but a layman, which would be not be news in the church itself. But Bianchi is also the founder and leader of a bizarre association (but why he is called "Prior" and "Monk"),  who is not actually Catholic.  Because of his unorthodox teaching Msgr. Antonio Livi, the former dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Lateran University described him as a "false prophet".
A date for the next extraordinary consistory in which Pope Francis creates new cardinals, is not fixed yet.  However, names are being eagerly passed around in Rome, among which are found mainly those belonging to the inner court of the Pope, and who represent his course   with particular zeal.  Traditionally,  Italian names are particularly mentioned in Rome. Besides Enzo Bianchi,,   three names are frequently quoted:: Monsignor Marcello Semeraro, Bishop of Albano Laziale, Secretary of the C9-Cardinal Council and the editorial board of the final report of the Synod on the Family, Curial Bishop Vincenzo Paglia of the Community of Sant'Egidio, President of the Pontifical Council Family, and Mons. Bruno Forte, Archbishop of Chieti.

Enzo Bianchi and the abolition of the papacy

For Enzo Bianchi, born in 1943, Fatima is a "fraud,"  the Church should be "silent" on homosexuality, the family is "a form that society gives it" and therefore is arbitrarily changeable and Mary is "not a suitable role model for women in the Church". That Bianchi, who wants to overcome the papacy in favor of ecumenism, is a guest welcome in the Vatican, will be seen as an irony of history. Enzo Bianchi, from whom Pope Benedict XVI kept away from Rome, finds himself in harmony with Pope Francis.  Francis also shows his appreciation by Bianchi's appointment in July 2014 as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

Bishop Semeraro and the "morality of the person"

Bishop Marcello Semeraro, born in 1947, was personally appointed by Pope Francis to the   Synod on the Family. Since thirteen cardinals at the suggestion of Cardinal George Pell, including the prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, against the procedure for the Synod of Bishops in a letter, wherein they hurled all of their dissatisfaction against the papal stalwart, Semeraro. The thirteen cardinals voiced the suspicion that there was the intention "prefabricate results on   important controversial issues." At the same time they criticized the prepared working paper, after which the Synod was held, as "unacceptable". Semeraro clattered against it: "I feel a feeling of disgust about the publication of the letter." He who knows the language and customs of the Church, could  read out Semeraro's outbreak of displeasure. First, the bishop of Albano Laziale knew himself to be covered by the pope. Secondly, the  cardinal's letter annoyingly thwarted the plans of the Synod Director.

Semeraro had just published a small treatise on the family Synod, in which he argued for a possible admission of divorced and remarried to Communion

Cardinal Bergoglio allowed himself to be blessed in 2006 by Protestant preachers and P. Cantalamessa at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires

and considered this to be a "return" to a "practice" before the "restorative" phase of John Paul II. and Benedict XVI. The Synod had to whit, under the "decisive" leadership of Pope Francis,  transformed  the Church "from the morality of the law to the morality of the person,"  which raises the personal conscience to the highest authority.

As early as October 2014 Semeraro  had, in a pastoral letter to the faithful of his Diocese who received the sacraments at the SSPX from priests (SSPX),  threatened excommunication.

Vincenzo Paglia and the homophilic Kasperians

Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, born in 1945, was the first bishop from the Community of Sant'Egidio. They developed the idea for the controversial inter-religious meeting for peace in Assisi.  Benedict XVI. had,  shortly before his unexpected resignation, appointed him as Chairman of the Pontifical Family Council.  He is considered as a candidate for the Cardinal purple. Since then, the Curial Bishop is less noticed for a defense of marriage and family, rather than as a representative for an "opening" towards homosexuality and for the divorced and remarried. Right at his first press conference as "Family Minister" of the Vatican, he caused a stir with homophilic tones. An unexplained shortfall of 20 million euros, which he had left in 2012 in the coffers of his diocese of Terni, earned him an investigation by the public prosecutor, but it is now archived. In May 2015 Paglia took part in the secret meeting at the Pontifical Gregorian University, where the Kasperians prepared for the Synod of Bishops in the autumn.

Bruno Forte and the "Legend" the empty grave

Msgr. Bruno Forte, born in 1949, Archbishop of Chieti, a few months was appointed archbishop by Pope John Paul II. before his death, while his career under Benedict XVI. was at a substantial standstill.   Forte headed the working group of the International Theological Commission, which prepared the document for the "Day of Pardon" in the Holy Year 2000, for the Pope John Paul II. A public confession was given and he begged God for forgiveness for the mistakes of the past 2000 years that people "had committed crimes in the Church in the name of faith and morals."  In 2009 he set out on the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum Pope Benedict XVI.    provided comical and stubborn resistance to the invitation of the German pope, to render the words of consecration "pro multis" in the local languages ​​as "many" instead of "for all."  Incitement of the Italian bishops, like the German. has failed to date. In 2011 Forte suggested that the empty grave of the risen Christ was just a legend.
With the election of Pope Francis  Forte also found a new  approval in Rome. The new pope appointed him special secretary of the Synod on the Family. As such Forte formulated the controversial interim report of the Synod 2014's passages on homosexuality and the divorced and remarried, which have been rejected by the Synod.
There is also currently whispering that there is a Cardinal beret for Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Papal household preacher. During Advent, the Capuchin designated Mary as an obstacle to unity with the Protestants in a sermon for the Roman Curia. The Pontifical House preacher spoke indeed of "particular forms" of Marian devotion, however, the statement was a devaluation and reduction of Marian devotion as a concession to the Protestants who reject Mary as a bulwark of faith.The Capuchin, however, would no longer belong to the Papal electors. The Capuchin will complete his 82nd year next July.
Some of those named were already contenders for the purple in 2014 and 2015     without having been raised to the cardinal state. Until  an official confirmation these are just rumors. Since even Enzo Bianchi is inn the candidate circle, is an indication of Pope Francis is credited for everything on the one on the joy, the other for suffering.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Turkmeninstan's Thumbscrews for Christians

(Ashgabat) police and intelligence have conducted a raid against the believers of Protestants of the Mission organization Light of the East in Dashoguz, the third largest city of Turkmenistan . A special unit stormed two houses of prayer, searched them and confiscated all religious materials, including bibles. An official of the Department of Religious Affairs, who is also the imam of a local mosque at the same time, turned to the pastor of the Christian community with an invitation to convert to Islam, because his religion was "wrong". "Christianity is a mistake and not even a religion, but a myth," said the Imam.

The police threatened a Turkmen Christian with 15 days in prison and deportation because he had supported the Christian community. Of one group of Christians who were then in one of the two houses were rehearsing songs for the Sunday service, an official claimed that "the songs of praise to God are banned here [in Turkmenistan]". The number of Muslims in the is estimated at 89-93 percent (almost exclusively Sunni, about two percent of Shiites), while the Russian Orthodox Christians probably make up 6-10 percent. The remaining one percent are Catholics, Protestants, Jews and all other religions inlcusive.

The Norwegian website Forum18 documents cases of violations of religious freedom in Central Asia, reports that the number of fines and warnings against Christians in Turkmenistan are on the increase. It is not clear whether this is anti-Christian or anti-religious measures in general. Muslims receive only a limited number of exit permits to participate in the traditional Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. The state seeks to exercise strict control.

The Pentecostal Community Light of the East is officially registered and recognized by the state since 2005. It was among the first non-Islamic and non-Russian Orthodox religious communities in Turkmenistan, where it has been allowed by the state to practice outside of the capital Ashgabat. For several weeks, however, the faithful of this community are increasingly the target of police abuses. Religious material was seized, and as the Christians were taken to the police headquarters to pick up their personal information, they were intimidated and threatened with punishment.

At the same time the number of prisoners increases who are imprisoned for crimes of opinion, especially because defense of religious freedom. In the second half of November, the Jehovah's Witness, Suhrab Rahmanberdiyyev, was sentenced to 18 months in prison because he is a conscientious objector. It is the ninth Jehovah's Witness, who ha been arrested and sentenced in Turkmenistan because of that. Of Rahmanberdiyyev it is known that he was beaten in jail because he refuses to identify himself as a Muslim and convert to Islam.

Text: Asianews / Giuseppe Nardi image: Asianews Trans: Tancred Link to Katholisches... AMGD

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Promoting Homosexual Marriage Hasn't Improved the Protestant Church's Lot

Edit: here's a graph from Stella Borealis about membership rates of ELCA (Evangelical Luthern Church of America), which shows how well they've done for themselves by resonating with the Zeigeist, ordaining women, open homosexuals and promoting Sodom.  The results for parts of the Catholic Church which similarly collaborate with evil in this way are also declining rapidly as wealthy, albeit elderly Liberal parishioners die out.  The end is near.   Stats to decadent Lutheran source, here:




* Only congregations existing on December 31 are included in the overall membership statistics. Prior to 2002, all congregations that existed during the course of the previous year were included.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lutheran Church Closed to Host Freemasonic Rituals

Edit: this is from the German district web-page on the historic meeting of Freemasons, for the first time taking place in a church.

[] Yesterday the main Protestant church in Hamburg, "St. Michealis Kirche", held a Freemasonic convent with ceremony.

Even though the "brothers" were strenuously advised that only limited press photos were allowed, one pius-info reader took some private photos.

Normally the church holds a Feastday protestant Liturgy, but clearly those responsible for church of St. Michaelis find the Freemasonic convent more important than their own community, which was in any case excluded from the event. (see photo)

It was the first time that such a Freemasonic ritual has taken place in a church in Germany.

The pius-info photography shows:  "The ceremony of light with the giving of the candles follows the ritual wall conducted with much tapping and clapping three times to greet the brothers from abroad,  alltogether very comical and middle-class, but deadly serious."

The following press release was to be read in the news "Die Welt":

1,500 Freemasons from all over the world conducted a solemn Masonic ritual in Hamburg's main church ST. Micehalis (Micheal).   It was the high point of the celebration of the 275 year existence of German Freemasons -- in Hamburg, the first Masonic Lodge, "Absalom zu den drei Nesseln" (Absolom of the three Nettles) was founded.

It was the first time that so large a meeting of Freemasons took place in a Church, and the first time that the press could be present on Saturday during this important event.  With this step, the Freemasons want to open themselves to more strongly to society.

(Die Welt, 9/29/12)
Interior of the Protestant church:  Everything is Adapted to the Masonic Ritual

Freemasonry has been condemned by the Church for centuries.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pastor Fired For Showing Pornographic Pictures to Students

Editor: It looks like the Protestants have a vocations shortage as well. It will be interesting to see if the porno-calender was actually part of the approved instruction plan.

Dresden ( The Saxon Church has dismissed a pastor from his position, because he had recommended a calender with erotic Bible scenes to his students. According to the Press Speaker Matthias Oelke (Dresden), Gunter Odrich was from the community of Graupa-Liebethal at Pirna, is to be placed on leave.

He may apply for a new position. At the present, there are 40 free positions within the Church of Saxony. It is yet to be seen if a possibly "fruitful" accord can be established between the less than 900 member Community. Thereon it has become clear that between the pastor and his community are some differences.

The backround and flashpoint of Odrich's activity as Religion Instructor at Herder-Gymnasium in Prima had been, where he created a furor by giving a calender with erotic Bible scenes to 9th graders (17-18 year olds).

For that reason he may not be employed any longer as a religion instructor. Odrich insisted only that he was using material from the teaching plan. In order to oppose his suspension, he has four weeks to appeal the decision of the State Church of Saxony.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Berlin's Mayor: "Gays" and Protestants are "Committed Allies"

Editor: How much more evidence do Protestants need in order to understand that this five hundred year experiment with Liberalism has been a failure?
Comrade Wowerweit

For honorable Protestants, who are still gathered in Germany, the time has come to become Catholics.

( On the 24th of June the Berlin mayor, Comrade Klaus Wowerweit, will spread homosexual propaganda in the Lutheran Marian Church.

The occasion was for a march of homosexuals in the German Capital City.

Wowerweit is himself suffering from the condition of homosexuality.

According to reports from the Evangelical Portal '' the so called "Evangelical Church' of Germany is in his official estimation described as "committed ally" of the sin of Sodom.

The Godless event will include Kirchenkreis Berlin-Statdtmitte [Church Circuit in Berlin Central] and the militant anti-Christian Lesbian and Gay Association of Germany.

The official German Protestants have officially betrayed Christendom last November.

Since then, they promote the Homosexual Ideology.

The synod of the so-called 'Evangelical Church in Germany' have concluded unanimously to place the sin of Sodom on the same level as marriage.

The Sin of Sodom as a Gift from God

The - only on paper existing -- Berlin Protestants bless homosexual partnerships -- although Martin Luther († 1546)rejected the Nuptial Mass and regarded Marriage as a merely "secular thing".

This demonstrates that this Protestantic homosexual ceremony is only a propaganda affair for the normalization of homosexuality.

The superintendant of the Church Circuit in Central Berlin, Bertold Höcker, is according to '' an indisputable supporter of the homosexual mayor of Berlin.

Höcker was also present at the Godless event.

He pled during this for the sin of Sodom to be conceived as a "gift of God".

The site '' also informs that the national bishop of the so-called Evangelical Church in Bavaria, Johannes Friederich, is a hardened homo-ideologue.

Feeble Opposition

The Protestant response to those who support the normalization of homosexuality is feeble.

According to reports of '' the Evangelical Church in Baden has decided not to participate with the homosexual-disorder in the march with the 'Evangelical Church in Germany'.

A decision of the Church of Wurttemburg is still unavailable.

Even in Bavaria there is some opposition.

It is however only a question of time, till sodomy thoroughly infests these districts.

It serves for the separation of extremists

A proper disposition was undertaken by the 'Lutheran Evangelical Circle Church Section.'

The Stuttgart Church Council Hans Lachenmann (83) is a member of the 'Initiative Circle'.

He maintains: "The divine image will be damaged by the confusion between the female vagina with the male rectum."

And: "That one is an organ for the wonder of new life, and the other one serves as the elimination of excrement."

In order to come to this understand, one needn't await the most recent adjudication -- he answered to an objection to the Berlin Homosexual Ideologue Höcker.

The Germany wide oriented 'Lutheran Church Profile' became public in January of 2011.

Note from Wikipedia: The Evangelical Church of Germany (German: Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland, abbreviated EKD) is a federation of 22 Lutheran, Reformed (Calvinist) and United (Lutheran plus Calvinist) Protestant regional church bodies in Germany. The EKD is not a church in a theological understanding because of the denominational differences. However, the member churches (Gliedkirchen) share full pulpit and altar fellowship. The EKD has a membership of 24.832 million parishioners or 30.2% of the German population (status 31.12.2007).[2] Membership rates fell in 2008 to 24.515 million parishioners or 29.9% by the end of 2008.[3]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pope Plans on Using Assisi to Attack Relativism, Says Protestant Theologian

Editor: A protestant theologian who enjoys the Pope's confidence shares the misgivings of many over the Assisi conference. He receives assurances from the Pope.  It seems as though this Pope is finding himself saying those amazing kinds of things on the lips of the first fisherman, "Lord, you have the words of eternal life, where else would we go?"

Pope Permits Criticism of Assisi

Benedict XVI. insists he will point to "Jesus Christ as the only son of God and unmistakable savior".

( The initiative for the October Asssisi Meeting is "clearly not coming from the Pope".

This was according to the protestant theologian of missions, Peter Beyerhaus [82] for the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

Beyherhaus mentions a personal letter of March 4, which he received from Pope Benedict XVI.

Actually, Beyerhaus was critical that the Pope said that he considers the meeting "as obligatory".

Benedict XVI explained in a private letter that he wants to "control the direction of the whole and do everything therefore to make the syncretistic or relativistic progress of the event an impossibility."

At the same time the Pope expressed to the professor, a public response on the Assisi event.

He requested that Beyerhaus, therefore honor his trust "that the Pope stands upon that, what his office is understood as being -- that is, to strengthen his brothers in faith and recognize Jesus Christ as the only son of God and savior and admit it unmistakeably."

The German website of the Society of Pius X speculated about the possible reason for the third Assisi- horror.

The Old Liberal Roman Community 'Saint Egidio', which has organized Assisi as an inter-religious meeting, has "substantial financial resources".

The commentary on the web pages warns that the Church is not moved by lobbyism.

Read original,

Editor: This brings to mind the comment heard during the Vatican Council from our present Pope that, 'we need more Luther and less Chardin'. Despite his efforts to extend a hand, and fight relativism at the same time, his efforts are not appreciated by those he seems most eager to help, like the present Lutheran "Bishop" of Brandenberg.

The Pope Will Bless the Protestantic Way of Error

Germany. On his trip to Germany the Pope will "clearly" say, "what was positive that came from the reformation for Chirstendom: namely the concentration upon Christ and the Bible, the freedom of thought and the recognition of the reform ability of the Church." That is what the protestant "Bishop" of Brandenburg, Markus Droge promoted in his interview with the 'Markische Allgemeine'. So long as the Church doesn't recognize Protestantism as "a church in its own sense", the "Bishop" doesn't see any possibility for meaningful new developments in ecumenism.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Forest Murmurs: Recollection and Douai Martyrs

  • Editor: Douai is a place in France where once priests were trained to serve the Catholic population of England. It's important to remember them today, on All Saints. Many of them went to their deaths in service to them and many more there were who died for the Catholic Faith on English soil.

Forest Murmurs: Recollection and Douai Martyrs

Photo: from Carmelite Spirituality Blog, here.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nina Hagen Spouts Off: From Hinduism to A Kind of Christianity

Editor: Nina and Anne Rice should compare notes.

Homosexual Ideologues and Abortion Promoters are Not Christians

[] Germany. God loves the Homosexual. This was according to rock star and Protestant Nina Hagen for a Homosexual Magazine. The Sodomy is "just as holy" as a similar act by Christians, and whoever condemns Homosexuality, are "not Christians": "That is fascistic thinking" -- she exclaimed. The singer wanted to be baptized Protestant and not Catholic, because the Protestants are "more liberal". Frau Hagen thinks child murder is OK, she said, because the mother must decide herself.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Protestant Studies Fathers and Becomes Byzantine Catholic

We found this article at Medjugorje Central at Spirit Daily.

Sees Byzantine church a “perfect marriage” of Eastern traditions and unity with pope


A former Lutheran pastor from Northern Michigan now heads St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church in Anchorage.

On Oct. 31, Father James Barrand, 52, succeeded just-retired pastor Father Mike Hornick at the little, dome-topped church, where an ancient Catholic liturgy is celebrated everyday. Father Barrand is quick to explain that he got to the icon and incense-filled church with the help of ancient guides — the Early Church Fathers — who chanted the same Divine Praises in the first centuries of the church as he does now.


While a Protestant seminarian, Father Barrand had been fascinated by the Catholic Church.

“I had been exploring it all the way through seminary,” he told the Anchor.

Father James Barrand celebrates the Divine Liturgy at St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church in Anchorage on Dec. 30. At right, Father Barrand stands along side the screen of icons, in front of the sanctuary of the church. His concentration was the study of the Fathers of the Church, the influential theologians and writers of the first centuries after Jesus Christ. They include St. Augustine, St. Ignatius of Antioch and St. John Chrysostom.

As with many Protestant denominations, Father Barrand explained, Lutherans think they must “restore” the church to “its pristine shape before the corruption – as they saw it – of the Middle Ages. So they very much encourage people to go back to the Fathers. So I did.”

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