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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Italian Cardinal Says That if Catholics Don’t Like Francis, They Can Become Protestant

'There are too many people talking about the Pope,' said Cardinal Bassetti, President of the Italian Bishops' Conference, when he met media representatives.

Edit: I’d have thought approving of this Pope was something Protestants were likely to do. Would Protestants welcome traditionalist Catholics like they welcome unrepentant sodomites?

Perugia (
 "If someone does not like the Pope, he should be allowed to say it because he can go other ways," said Gualtiero Cardinal Bassetti, President of the Italian Bishops' Conference, during a meeting with media representatives in Perugia on January 25.

 "There are too many people talking about the Pope," Bassetti said of the growing discontent with Pope Francis among Catholics.  He told someone to go to the Protestants if he didn't like the Catholic Church.  They would have neither a pope nor a bishop.  Everyone can make their own decisions.”  "Enough complaining.  It doesn't help anyway,” he said.

 Cardinal Bassetti (77) is Archbishop of Perugia-Città della Pieve (Italy).  Pope Francis made him cardinal in 2014.  He has been the President of the Italian Episcopal Conference since 2017.

 It is not clear who Bassetti (archive photo) specifically meant by his outburst described by Italian media.  Il Messaggero suspected that the displeasure of many Italians with Pope Francis' stance on immigration could have triggered the cardinal's acrimony.  At the media meeting, Bassetti presented the program for the Mediterranean initiative "Mediterranean: Border of Peace" organized by the Italian Episcopal Conference, which will take place in Bari from September 19 to 23

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Two Violent Muslims Summon Gang to Attack Police Station to Free Them

By Jürgen Fritz, Fri 01. Nov 2019, cover picture: icon image, ZDF screenshot

As reported by the Federal Police Inspectorate Stuttgart, two young people of Afghan and Iraqi nationality triggered a police operation at Ulm Central Station during the night from Wednesday to Thursday around 00:30. After the train attendant had called the federal police, the two had been seized and taken to the police station. It was then that a group of about five to eight people stormed the police station and free the two suspects.

First riding the train without a ticket, then insulting an official

The two foreign 16-year-olds were initially noticed by their aggressive behavior. A train attendant had to find out that the two in a regional express from Stuttgart to Ulm were traveling without a ticket. The train attendant then informed the Federal Police, who seized the two young people at Ulm Central Station and then on to the local police station.

They wanted to reach the parents of the two minors, but this did not succeed. So they tried to transfer the two to a youth center. As a result, the Iraqi began insulting the officials. He also made image and sound recordings of the federal police and sent these, according to the current investigation, probably to a friend (who then probably contacted others again, who then tried together to storm the area later).

Punching and kicking against the police a group tried to release prisoners in front of the police station

Now the Afghan tried to injure himself. Therefore, in order to prevent this, he had to be restrained. Here he resisted the police measures. He defended himself against the officers with punches and kicks.

In the meantime, a group of about five to eight people had gathered in front of the police station. This group was now trying to force its way into the police station, probably with the intention of freeing the two friends. The federal police were obviously unable to ward off the attack on their own and had to request reinforcements from the state police.

Not a single attacker caught, the Afghan is "known to police”

Only after the arrival of supporting patrols of the state police, the attackers fled towards the city center. Despite an exhaustive search, the police, federal and state police, were unable to seize even one of the attackers.

As part of the resistance action one of the federal police officers was injured in the knee. The Afghan youth, who fiercely resisted, beat and kicked after the officers grazed his lower lip. He was treated by rescue workers. The Afghan, although allegedly only 16 years old, is already "known to police". Due to his self-harming actions, he was subsequently taken to a specialist clinic.

The Iraqi was released immediately

The police have released the Iraqi after consultation with his guardians. So he was on the loose again. The Federal Police have now begun investigations into allegations of insult, resistance to law enforcement officials and the attempted release of prisoners (§ 120 StGB).

Whether any of the two immigrants from the Islamic culture will receive any significant punishment at all, and if so, to such an extent and in what severity that they will be able to associate this with their deeds at all and become such a painful experience that it causes them to understand  their behavior and change their attitudes even minimally, remains to be seen.

What, if not five to eight, but 20 to 30 people had come?

What the federal police would have done if it had not been for five to eight people storming the police headquarters, but twenty to thirty, is hard to imagine. What the former President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen says about immigrants from just this culture, you can read here.


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Monday, August 5, 2019

Bavarian Interior Minister Noticed That Immigrants Are Violent

Joachim Herrmann (CSU): "Obviously, people from other cultures come to us, in whose homeland the non-violence, as we cultivate it, is not so obvious"

Munich (
The Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann has pointed out after the deadly railroad track attack commutes by an Eritrean on an eight-year-old boy in Frankfurt Central Station of the increased risk of violence among migrants. "Now there are obviously people from other cultures who come to us, in whose homeland non-violence, as we cultivate it, is not so self-evident," said the CSU politician to the "Passauer Neue Presse." This must be clearly stated that people come to us who jump to violence much faster. Consequently, they themselves have experienced a significantly higher level of violence than we have. We have an increased risk here, as the crime statistics clearly show. "For Herrmann there is a solution:" Consequence. Consistent action, consistent punishment, if necessary consistent identification. "The CSU politician also calls for a revision of the Dublin Agreement, because in any case not all abide by the rules of the game.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Brutal Attacks by Islamic Invaders to Influence Upcoming Elections

Once again, placid Offenburg became the scene of a brutal crime committed by an African migrant. There, a 25-year-old Somali attacked a 75 -year-old, retired pensioner in front of the station.

[philosophia perennis] Now Merkel's Baden governor and the allied news organ, "Badische Zeitung", explains how a typical example of a blanket migrant violence could be "politically instrumentalized".

Sure, of course! It was indeed triggered by a politically incorrect decision. Just like the murder of the doctor from Offenburg who had his throat by an African in the middle of surgery (SWR). On the 26th of May it is time to make a statement in Offenburg!


About the brutal attack on the pensioner, the police had this to say:

"On the night of Thursday there was a momentous attack at the crossroads of Freiburg Place and Straßburger Strasse. According to initial information, a young man had brutally kicked a retiree lying on the ground, till he was no longer responsive. A passing witness had noticed this incident shortly before 2 o'clock and alerted the police. Four patrols from the police station Offenburg as well as two vehicles of the federal police arrived at Freiburg Place only a few minutes after the emergency call  and found what was presumed to be the attacker there on the ground beside the severely injured older man.

“The slightly injured 25-year-old Somali resident of Hesse was provisionally arrested. The 75-year-old had to be admitted to a clinic with severe head injuries. The background of the attack and further information on the persons involved are currently the subject of police investigations.”


Meanwhile,  the ruling system’s official mouthpiece, the  Badische Zeitung is plagued by the concern that the constant crimes in the area of ​​the station - including a rape, as well as the beastly murder of a doctor, could compromise the "sense of security in the Ortenau city" at the foot of the Black Forest.

"At that time the situation had become politically instrumentalized and had also shaped the OB election campaign last fall. Now there are already fears that this case could also have an impact on the ongoing municipal election campaign.” The newspaper laments and deliberately represses the fact that, above all, that the failed immigration policy has led to a rapid increase in attacks.

But what has been triggered by a failed policy can also be corrected by a good policy, even if a regime clinging desperately to power and its corresponding elite do not like it. (KL)

Trans: Tancred


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Immigrants Engage in Brutal Attack in Belgium

The attackers resorted to stones and knives to torture their victims.

[Tag 24] As the Polish news site Interia reports, two Poles were recently attacked during the night from Wednesday to Thursday and brutally beaten. This has also been confirmed by a spokesman for the Belgian police.

The two victims were taken to hospital. One could be released soon. The other man has suffered such severe head injuries that he still needs to be treated. He was not in mortal danger.

The two Poles (25, 26) are employees of a company in the port of Zeebrugge. When they were walking around Blankenberge around 4 am, "they noticed three immigrants trying to get into a truck," Interia says. The Poles shouted at the migrants and drove them away. Apparently they had prevented a truck hijacking.

But a few meters away, the three migrants of unknown origin lurked for the Poles. They first threw stones at them. When a Pole fell to the ground, they threw themselves upon him with a knife and gave him dangerous blows to the head. When his colleague attempted to help him, they also blocked him.

The immigrants were able to flee unrecognized. The police spokesman said that they are probably "illegal immigrants" who "probably wanted to go to the UK". There is currently a police search. The police have also warned the population not to act on their own and inform the police instead.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Afghan Inmigrant Attacks Pregnant Woman with Knife

In Bessheim, Hesse, there jas been a bloody attack between two relatives. A 23-year-old Afghan injured a pregnant woman with a knife.

A heavily pregnant woman was attacked in Bischofsheim in the district of Groß-Gerau in Hesse with a kitchen knife and seriously injured.

As a police spokesman told FAZ.NET, the quarrel between a 23-year-old Afghan and his 38-year-old niece escalated. The alleged perpetrator is supposed to Have then fled, but was be arrested a short time later by the alarmed officials.

The background of the dispute is still completely unclear. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. According to the latest information, her condition is stable. The unborn child was unharmed by the knife attack.

 Trans: Tancred


Saturday, May 12, 2018

More Violence in Hospitals Since the Migrant Invasion in Vienna

Staff representatives in the well-known Viennese Wilhelminenspital have raised the alarm: drawn  knives, threats, insults and brawls have increased since the migrant movement in 2015.

Vienna ( "The violence in the hospitals in Vienna has increased since the migration movement in 2015. No one dared say it so far."   Heinrich Schneider, the staff representative in the well-known Viennese Wilhelminenspital, explains this for Krone. Schneider now demands that only one accompanying person be allowed each patient. Schneider explained that in the ambulances, when Austrian people have come for medical reasons, there are always riots. Then there would be drawn knives, threats, insults and brawls.

"We need signs in German, English and Arabic that only one additional person per patient is allowed." he explains. Also more security employees have become necessary, according to Schneider. He also wishes that refugees be educated about how the home health system works. The sentence "I do not want to be treated by a woman" is common. "Doctors are not accepted, arrangements questioned or not followed."

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Dutch Sociologist Sees Diversity Has Failed

To solve the problem of Islamism, Muslims have to realize that "the real enemies that threaten Islam are not in Jerusalem or Washington but in their countries of origin and in the midst of their own communities"

Frankfurt am Main ( Multiculturalism has failed. This is the opinion expressed by the Dutch Sociologist and researcher Prof. Ruud Koopmans in a contribution by FAS, as idea reports. He himself had long believed that good integration would not place demands on immigrants. He had been convinced that the reason for integration problems, such as unemployment among immigrants or worse education in their children, was a wrong policy because they did not grant people enough rights and did not sufficiently recognize their culture. In the Netherlands, it was a complete failure when the migrants' culture was expanded. For example, Islamic burials were allowed and many state-funded Islamic and Hindu schools were introduced. Public media must fill at least 20 percent of their broadcasting time with programs for minorities. Despite all these measures, immigrants are four times as unemployed compared to people without a migrant background.

The sociologist sees Islamic terrorism in Europe critically. Thus the interpretation prevailed that it had nothing to do with religion, nor with migrant countries of origin, and that society was to blame. He wonders why there is so much violence in the Islamic countries themselves, where there have been no Western military interventions. The problem of Islamic extremism can not be solved until the majority of the Muslims realize "the real enemies that threaten Islam are not in Jerusalem or Washington or among the European right-wing populists, but in their countries of origin and in the middle Their own communities ".

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Invader Rapes 14 Year Old Girl -- Faces 3-4 Years

HAMBURG. [Junge Freiheit]  The rape of a 13-year-old girl in Hamburg may not be punished as a child abuse. On Thursday the presiding judge, the prosecutor's office as well as the defense, came to an agreement. Negotiations are now being made on account of the allegation of rape, but not on account of the original allegation of serious sexual abuse of a child.

The accused is a 30-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq. He is said to have brutally raped the now 14-year-old in November 2016 at the S-Bahnhof Jungfernstieg. The student had previously celebrated with friends on the Rathausmarkt and was drunk. They also met a group of men to whom the Iraqi belonged.

The defendant wants to confess

When the girl was going home at around 3 in the morning, the Iraqi grabbed her at the S-Bahnhof Jungfernstieg from behind, dragged her into a room and he fled. After the deportation, the asylum seeker escaped to Hungary, but was arrested and handed over to Germany at the beginning of March.

According to the judge, the defendant could not have known without doubt that the girl was only 13 years old, reports the Hamburger Abendblatt. Therefore, the parties agreed to abandon the allegation of child abuse. In this way, the girl, who still suffers from the act, can be spared a statement.

The defense has announced that the Iraqi wants to make a confession in the course of the proceedings, which will be continued in the middle of June. The judge signaled that he would have to face a term of imprisonment between three and three and a half years. (Krk)
 Trans: Tancred

Monday, April 17, 2017

Essen: Arabic Man Causes Panic at Good Friday Service

Massive police presence when a suspicious man triggered a mass panic in Catholic during Good Friday Mass - arrest of a 33-year-old - UPDATE: criminal charges against the suspect

Essen ( "During a church service, with almost 500 people were in the church, a man entered, behaved very suspiciously, said some things. As a result, a panic broke out among the faithful, who wanted to get out of the church building as quickly as possible. A woman and a six - year - old boy had been injured as a result. "The police officer Peter Elke describes the incidents during the Good Friday Mass in the Essen district of Vogelheim (North Rhine-Westphalia). It was the Good Friday liturgy of the Croatian Catholic Church of St. Thomas More. According to the police, after the emergency call was received, responded with th "standard" strong force.

The "Rheinische Post" reported that the stranger had "walked through the rows of people," according to some church visitors, "apparently frightening some visitors." After a popping noise, there was a panic, with hundreds of people pushing to the exits," accirding to the presentation of the "Rheinische Post".

The "Bild" quoted an eye-witness: "In the middle of the Mass came an Arab-looking man, who behaved strangely. He ran along the pews. "When the priest and the ministries wanted to carry the cross through the nave, the man had gone forward to the first pew row." Another witness said, 'I was sitting with my children and my husband just half a meter away from him. He stared at us with an irrational glance and scratched the wooden benches. There were already more and more people leaving the church."

Then a loud bang sounded, then panic ensued. Another witness reported the "picture": "I do not think it was a shot. I rather assume the cross had fallen to the ground."

Some of the worshipers overwhelmed the man and held him until the police arrived, who were summoned by an emergency call. The police searched the 33-year-old and arrested him, he was then interrogated, reports the "Bild". Apparently there is the suspicion that the "33-year-old Essen man" is mentally ill.

The "Bild" remarked explicitly: "But the pastor remained firm, remained until the end in the church."

According to the newspaper "Westfälische Allgemeine Zeitung" (WAZ), "most of the 500 faithful" had rushed to the exit, "two women aged 56 and 18 were slightly injured". Some of the elderly worshipers were "externally uninjured," but the excitement had evidently grown too much. Outside the church, they had to be "supported by others; some of them went to medical treatment later because of circulatory problems." According to the WAZ, the police confirmed that the suspect "has Arabic roots" due to his name.

The online portal "Der Westen" reported that the suspect had been released again, that the Essen police had confirmed what the online portal belonging to the radio group had said. The man was probably mentally ill, explaindd the "Westen" further, now he was facing a charge because of disturbance of the worship. It was also planned that the police will show more presence in Vogelheim on Saturday evening than usual.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Program for Civil War

[Junge Freiheit] One and a half years after the escalation of the refugee crisis, more and more books appear, illuminating the background and consequences of the events. Robin Alexander just landed with his book "Die Getriebenen" the political bestseller of the year. In this book, he succeeds in chronically reevaluating the dramatic sequence of the opening of the border in September 2015, thereby laying bear the motives and failures of political leaders.
Now another book catches attention: "Inside Islam". Here the ARD journalist Constantin Schreiber went to the Friday prayer in 13 mosques to find out what is actually preached to Muslims in Arabic or Turkish. Schreiber summed up anxiously, the Imams preached against the integration efforts of the German state. At the same time, to be Muslim and Democrat were to be completely ruled out. And it was partly "harshly agitating against the Yezidis, the Armenians and the Jews," writes Schreiber.
"School without racism" bully Jewish students
A recent incident at a community school in Berlin confirms the massive problem of anti-Semitism rampant among Arab and Turkish youths. A Jewish family, after repeated verbal and physical attacks on her 14-year-old son, saw no choice but to take her child from school. Three quarters of the pupils at this institution, which is engaged in the project of a "School without racism", have a migration background.
The fact that anti-Semitism is nowadays no longer "from the midst of German society" but from Muslim immigration, is a dilemma for leftist politicians and journalists. Some media, such as Spiegel Online, conceal the ethno-religious backgrounds of the perpetrators in their reports about crimes.
The call to hatred of unbelievers is dangerous
But we do not get any further. The facts must be on the table. Some of what Constantin Schreiber excavates in "Inside Islam" sounds alarming. That Christians have forgotten to see themselves committed as believers to a mission is a problem of Christians, not the Muslims. The fact that sermons  invoking fervor of the faith, is sorely lacking among pastors. What is dangerous is the call to hatred for the other believers and the state.
Here in Germany, half a millennium ago, in the Thirty Years' War, we had to learn secularization through bloody religious conflicts, constitutions, and the rule of law. It has taken centuries to live with confessional opposition among Christians. Uncontrolled immigration of Muslims makes integration into a task that is no longer manageable in a quantitatively simple manner and is thus a program for civil war. Finally, politics should take heed.
JF 15/17
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Immigrants Beat Man Trying to Defend His Daughters

Schwerte. Several unknowns have attacked a family father in a train in Schwerte, North Rhine-Westphalia, after he was trying to protect his two little daughters. The attackers were "two to three men with an obvious migration background," said a police officer to a query by Junge Freiheit.

The father, with his wife, his son and his two daughters, were on a Saturday afternoon excursion on the regional railway 53 in the direction of Schwerte, when an unknown attacker tried to place his two little daughters on his lap.

Offenders also attack son and wife

When the 39-year-old Schwerte resident was talking to the men, they beat him abruptly. Even as he was lying on the ground, they beset him, according to the police. "When his 13-year-old son and his wife guarded him, they were also injured," the police said on Monday.

The perpetrators could flee unidentified. The father received a wound on the nose, lip, and has injuries to his ear and temple. "We've made a video review," the spokesman said. There are inquiries because of  dangerous bodily injury. (Ls)


Monday, January 16, 2017

Islamist Attacks on Catholic Statues -- Prayerbooks Burned

[journalistenwach] In Brühl, in the night of December 30, the parish center was broken into. The walls were smeared with Islamic slogans, doors broken and glass panes destroyed. The officials offered a picture of the devastation, despite the Islamic slogans, the police do not assume a "situation requiring federal intervention."

It was not the only an attack on Christian communities around the turn of the year.

In Austria statues were destroyed in a chapel in Saint Radegund near Graz. The figures were beheaded. Prayer books burned.

In Auerbach in Upper Austria the glass boxes were crushed by two Marian figures and 22 murals were stolen. They were burned in a nearby forest.

Within a short distance, perpetrators broke into a chapel, stole a statue of Christ and decapitated the statue of Saint Barbara. They caused damage in excess of 5000 Euros alone.

It was only in November that Christian figures were repeatedly damaged in public places in the Westphalian town of Dülmen. The noses and fingers had been torn off; in some cases monuments were also beheaded.

In all the cases there are no suspects being apprehended, but a culprit ap motive has been suspected.

Trans: Tancred

Monday, January 9, 2017

False Emergency Report: Africans Attack, Rob and Sexually Abuse Nurse

[Focus] A 28-year-old is in Hamburg-St. George has been injured and robbed by several men. The incident took place on Saturday, there are also indications of a sexual offense.

According to the first findings, the woman had rushed to a park after she had heard of an emergency  there. Shortly thereafter, she was attacked by several men who  had knocked her unconscious. The men are also alleged to have sexually abused the woman.

Rescuers found the woman already experiencing exposure from the cold.

The 28-year-old victim had called the rescue team. They found the woman in the park. According to the "initial" report, parts of their clothes were torn from the body and her money had been stolen.

The woman described the four  men to the police as follows: Male, African appearance, 20-30 years old, about 180 cm tall, darkly dressed.

The woman remembers a fifth man:

Male, African appearance, end 30 / beginning 40, over 180 cm large, bright points on both cheeks, thick figure, green or turquoise garment with several glittering seams, stripes in the chest area, dark jacket. The police are asking witnesses to report at the telephone number 040 / 4286- 56789.
Cp / dpa

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Two Recidivist Migrants Released After New Year's Rioting

BERLIN. Two Berlin rioters, who were supposed to have torched a car on New Years in Berlin-Neukölln, are free again. The responsible judge sees no reason to issue arrest warrant, but is to assess further, confirmed the General State Prosecutor.

The 19 and 22-year-old men with a migration background allegedly belong to a group that rolled a Chevrolet to the crossroads of Emser Strasse, Hermannstraße at around 1:30 am, bouncing on it,    smashing the windows, destroying the doors and throwing fireworks into the interior. The 19-year-old chief suspect is a repeat offender many times over, according to police.

The vehicle burned completely. It was reported as stolen in October 2016, the number plate actually belongs to a different BMW  reported as stolen back in May 2015. Possible witnesses are asked to report to the Berlin police (Kriminalkommissariat Dir 5 K 32: 030/4664 - 573200). (Gb)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, January 2, 2017

Numerous Attacks on New Years in Hamburg

Junge Freiheit] HAMBURG. Despite a large police presence, Hamburg has again suffered several sexual assaults during the New Year's Night. By Monday afternoon, the police had charged 14 wuth crimes for these offenses. Ten suspects had been identified. According to Bild-Zeitung, there were "three Syrians, three Iraqis, two Afghans, an Eritrean and a German-Russian".

The remaining perpetrators are not described as being from southern countries, Arabs or North Africans. The main locations were the Grosse Freiheit the Jungfernstieg. As on New Year's Eve 2015, women were sought out by groups and groped.

Many suspects were described as North Africans

At the beginning of the winter, there were a number of incidents, which according to police, "involved people with an immigration background, who were dealt with on the spot by police officers."

Police in other cities also reported several sexual assaults, harassment and insults from the New Year's night. For example, in Freiburg, Trier, Wiesbaden, Flensburg, Glücksburg, Hanover, Berlin, Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. In many cases, the perpetrators or suspects are described as North Africans or South-Americans. (Krk)


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Germany: Foreigner Brutally Attacks Old Married Couple

Edit: who else is going to roam your streets and attack your country's grandmothers? This is the welcome culture.

[Focus] A couple in Hanau have been victims of a brutal assault. In the night on Sunday, the couple came out of the jazz cellar and went towards the castle to their car. Shortly before the Kinzigbrücke it was about 12:50 when they were approached from behind the attacker.

The stranger spoke or stammered  in a foreign language, the police reported. When he was on the same level with the couple, the perpetrator, asked the woman in broken German. When the 65-year-old confirmed this, the man hit her in the face without warning.

Her husband intervened - and was now attacked. The attacker struck him several times about his head. When he lay on the ground, the perpetrator stomped him repeatedly.
The 63-year-old had to be treated at the hospital. The police are now searching for the brutal attacker: he is about 25 years old and about 1.90 meters tall. The perpetrator had black curly hair, dark eyes and a three-day beard. He was slim and clothed with a black jacket, light gray jogging pants, and white sneakers. The police asked witnesses, who were also on their way to the beginning of Sunday, to report under the number 06181 100-611.O