Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hamburg Archdiocese Features Occult Items For Educational Materials

Do you need a pendulum book, rune stone, tarot cards and a glass ball? In the educational media area of the Archdiocese of Hamburg you can get all this and also get a trunk about Buddhism and even one about Islam.

Hamburg ( At the Archdiocese of Hamburg there is a package of occult items in their educational media area, as reported by a reader. On the Homepage of the Archdiocese there is this explanation: "For the understanding of rites and symbols in world religions, the following educational materials are available to religion instructors as well as established pastoral assistants in the need of the respective educational material. It is available free of charge".

In the trunk about Occultism you will find the following content: 1 red silk purse with 24 rune stones of wood, 1 book of "RUnes" (Andy Baggott), 1 witchboard with a blue wood Ouija planchette, 1 book "Wisdom from Another World" (Marion Röbkes), 1 pendulum in a red carrying case, 1 book "The Great Pendulum Book" (Anton Stangl), 1 "Rider Waite" - Tarot (78 Tarot cards, 2 additional cards, 1 guidebook ), 1 Crystal Ball in plastic film with red carton, 1 stand for the ball in three parts, plastic bag, 1 black drapery (30x30cm) in bag, 1 folder "Information for the use of the Crystal Ball"(1 Page). Otherwise there is a "guide to the manipulation of the Witchboard" (3 pages) and 1 large black drapery to cover the trunk ( 12 parts in all).

Even the trunk about Buddhism with prayer wheel, prayer chains, ritual knife, prayer fans, incense sticks and bronze Buddha figure as well as a trunk about Islam with golden brown prayer rug, brown head towel, 1 dark blue hijab, kafira, 1 Tabih (prayer chain) and 1 Q'uran in German-Arabic portions can be found in the Archdioceses' offerings. has written a statement to the Archdiocese of Hamburg about these offers in the Educational Media section, but till now has received no answer.

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Unknown said...

Where is the Hamburg buddhist community based? I was thinking of learning more about the history of the society and I am coming over on Hamburg City Breaks this year I just wanted to check it out!