Friday, June 9, 2017

Invader Rapes 14 Year Old Girl -- Faces 3-4 Years

HAMBURG. [Junge Freiheit]  The rape of a 13-year-old girl in Hamburg may not be punished as a child abuse. On Thursday the presiding judge, the prosecutor's office as well as the defense, came to an agreement. Negotiations are now being made on account of the allegation of rape, but not on account of the original allegation of serious sexual abuse of a child.

The accused is a 30-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq. He is said to have brutally raped the now 14-year-old in November 2016 at the S-Bahnhof Jungfernstieg. The student had previously celebrated with friends on the Rathausmarkt and was drunk. They also met a group of men to whom the Iraqi belonged.

The defendant wants to confess

When the girl was going home at around 3 in the morning, the Iraqi grabbed her at the S-Bahnhof Jungfernstieg from behind, dragged her into a room and he fled. After the deportation, the asylum seeker escaped to Hungary, but was arrested and handed over to Germany at the beginning of March.

According to the judge, the defendant could not have known without doubt that the girl was only 13 years old, reports the Hamburger Abendblatt. Therefore, the parties agreed to abandon the allegation of child abuse. In this way, the girl, who still suffers from the act, can be spared a statement.

The defense has announced that the Iraqi wants to make a confession in the course of the proceedings, which will be continued in the middle of June. The judge signaled that he would have to face a term of imprisonment between three and three and a half years. (Krk)
 Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

The mass migration approved by PF is designed to break down national barriers and to prepare the world for a one world socialist government. There is also movement to blend Islam with Christianity on the road to a one world government. There are secret negotiations between religions to create a new liturgy which will appeal to all. The idea of "the loaves and the fishes" comes to mind. The Tridentine Mass is through.

Peter W said...

Can you provide any credible evidence to substantiate any of these allegations?

Enough of such madness said...

There are serious problems in the Church and the world. Ridiculous conspiracy theories do nothing to help.

Anonymous said...

The criminal fits the mold of all the rest....Paris, London last week, Manchester, here in the USA, in Sweden, the Netherlands and in Belgium. Is anyone surprised?
After the same people commit the same acts, how could anyone in their right mind stand before the world and boo hoo for the plight of the refugees and imigrants from a certain area and protest thru tears that we must welcome them and help them. B.S.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that in Rome 2 yrs. ago on a photo shoot, I saw this same group of people, 4 thugs, harassing a group of both young and elderly nuns in rather traditional habits as they walked thru the neighborhood. They spit on them.
THat's the kind of people they all are....and don't listen to anyone try to say different...even the Pope. IN Rome, these people mock and make crude jokes about him too. Benedict XVI had sense and knew them for what they are (men, women and children). Francis is just a rad. liberal looking for a cause to rally for...and at the moment, they are it. Don't listen to it.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

European men seem to have lost their testicles & testosterone.

Anonymous said...

All European leaders have lost everything, pansies, slaves to the PC, CC too.

Anonymous said...

“We have no king but Caesar”
(....echoing the Jewish blasphemy of ancient times).
(St. John 19:15)

“There is no God but God and Muhammad is His prophet.”

‘The enthronement of man in the place of God”
St. Pope Pius X

Hilaire Belloc: The Church is Europe: and Europe is The Church.

Dear Europe, you must + must + recover your Catholic identity; you must return to the faith now, get married and have many children for God...... before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

'there's no God, but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet'

Anonymous said...

Let us propitiate the anger of our offended God, and follow the inspired counsel of the royal prophet; 'Serve ye the Lord with fear; embrace the discipline of His Law; lest, at any time, the Lord be angry, and ye persist from the just way,' (Ps ii:12).

‘ a Jewish religion designed by the Jews for the Arabs. Arabs, according to the Scripture, are ‘brethren, because both can be traced back to Abraham, both progeny of Ismael, son of Abraham and his slave Agar.’ Fr. prof. Michał Poradowski

Similarities between Judaism and Mohammedanism

Setting aside the disinformation campaign that always upholds Judaism and Islamism as bitter enemies but never as two ‘isms’ formed in the same mold, the one very much a pawn of the other, here are a few indicators establishing a real connection between these two essentially violent, anti-Christian revolutionary powers:
+ Both Judaism and Mohammedanism deny the divinity of Jesus Christ;
+ The expert opinion of the learned Dominican Fr. Thery maintains that the author of the ‘Qur’an was a rabbi;
+ A prominent place is given to Abraham and Ismael in the Qur’an;
+ According to reputable scholars, the first ‘sura’ (chapter) of the Qur-an is entirely Jewish;
+ Islam emerged from the Arab Peninsula against the historic backdrop of continuous centuries – long military and religious warfare between Christians and Jews, and between heretical Christian cults, and authentic Christianity taught by Christ and passed down through Apostolic Succession.

(St. John 14:6)

Tancred said...

If you don't see that Bergoglio is a progressive globalist, you truly are in a land of denial.

Anonymous said...

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been.
I think it’s a high time, that we face the ‘evil’ in our own ‘household’.... The United States of America.

‘GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED’ human trafficking
Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure. vaccines
Don't give your heart away -- know the facts about vital organ transplantation.
The cult of ignorance in the United States: Anti-intellectualism and the "dumbing down" of America

The only answer is conversion. And that is a very good idea.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for the the innocent children (unborn....... and born, who become a prey to the wolves ‘$$$’, while legions are blind and in lethargy)!

Anonymous said...

Re Peter W. Skepticism with respect to 'conspiracy theories' is a sensible approach, but there is a large body of circumstantial evidence to support most of JBQ's statement. The nearest we get to a 'smoking gun' is the "Kalergi Plan" proposed in 1923 for the future formation of EurArabia. Don't scoff, the battle between good and evil is raging.

Anonymous said...

So has our govt but I am referring to the Men in Europe.
Why are they allowing this to happen?
Why are they not escorting & protecting women?
Why are they not returning to the Roman Catholic Church which is their only hope of saving themselves?

Anonymous said...

‘ a Jewish religion designed by the Jews for the Arabs"

You've got to be kidding buddy man! This is sick. Do you read a lot about Hitler and his people? This is what they believed!!

I apologize if in my postes I sounded anti-Arab. I'm not. There are many wonderful Arab atholics and Greek Orthodox I met when doing work in the Middle East. We went everywhere...Egypt, Tunesia, Algeria, Israel, Morrocco and Sudan. I liked Egypt,and Morroco...but Israel was the best. Cleanest hotels, cleanes,best qualityt and safest food....but still wouldn't drink the water ! :)
But I met a lot of wonderful Arab Orthodox in Egypt(Copts), and in Israel (Copts and Greek Orthodox...and some Greek Catholics). It's the Muslims you have to watch out for. I don't hate them, but I support screening them out of Europe and USA.
On a personal side, I'm half Indian, and half Irish. No one would ever guess me as Irish(unfortunately), but because I'm lighter than most, I'm not pegged as Indian either...usually Latino which is fine with me! But also sometimes Arab/Muslim. Which brings my bloodpressure to boiling. To me, it's an insult. To bad it has to be...but in this world, that's the reputation they have. I don't like to be associated with that. But I apologize if my comments sounded like hate. I don't HATE them....I just don't want to deal with, or mistaken for them.
Damian Malliapalli

Kathleen1031 said...

I will agree with your first sentence.

Kathleen1031 said...

Today in the US there were marches with the goal of making a statement that the US does not want Sharia law. I'm not sure how it went everywhere, there were multiple locations, but at least at the Seattle one, there were hundreds of PC zealots out in force making sure no one "dissed" Islam, which they care deeply about. They surely aren't Muslim, they just hate Christianity and would probably rather see Islam take over, anyone but the "bad old Christians".
I watch the Great Britain election, and hear lots of sound bites from the people there, and the young people are more worried about their education and taking money away from wealthy people so they can have more goods. The Pittsburgh Pirates, a national baseball franchise, is giving out rainbow caps with LGBT on them, on, what else...Children's Day!

Our Western world is dying, quite literally. I find it impossible, looking around at everything going on, not to be extraordinarily pessimistic about it.
Sorry to be a downer.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we don't have a Pope who extoles the old Christian( read that as CATHOLIC) virtues to help shore up a crumbling Europe. Intead, he embraces the invaders, defends their rights, and opens his arms to the rainbow flag of the LGBT's. We're it not for the SSPX, and the fact that Francis won't be here for much longer )one way or another) I'd think like you too.
I have three younger brothers I help a lot because he struggles (he's mildly autistic). The other two are drifting on their into Buddhism because he hates our "make it up as we go along" parish, and the last who is only a year younger than me whose is into the Torah and the Kabala. He thinks Hasidic Jewish people are fascinating. And he hates liberal Pope Francis. My one buddy brother is in his own world sometimes and needs me as an anchor. But the other two have seemed to have found some religious spirit in their new paths. I've tried to tell them to keep to our own Faith...but every day, Francis does something to make them feel justified in their new path.
I think is Francis dies, and we do get( God forbid), someone even worse....maybe my two other brothers who in their hearts know better, but have chosen another path...are right because there's isn't much hope for the world if the next Pope is worse. Maybe now I sound pessimistic....but if we do get worse...I think I'll either stay with the SSPX, or go Greek. Either way is better that another Francis :)
Damian Malliapalli

Jack D said...

Some of my best friends are Arabs but I wouldn't let any of my daughters marry one.

Anonymous said...

Because they don't believe and trust in God, Europe is a lost continent, loosing the Christian religion.

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Anonymous said...

"Some of my best are black..."
This sentence was in every 1970's sitcom before someone in the show was exposed as a "bigot".
"Fred,you're a bigot!"(followed by screaming and wild applause)

Anonymous said...

"Some of my best friends are black" *

Anonymous said...

JBQ: If there are "secret" negotiations between religious, then how did you find out about them? Are they secret or not?

Anonymous said...

If this had happened in a Muslim country it would be the poor girl who would be sent to jail.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:49am
Our priest this Sunday just stated Muslims do not worship the true God.He then said Muslims are not our Brothers.
Not all priests are Cucks.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Pinkas Goldschmidt is on RT YouTube video saying
"We see ourselves fighting together with our Muslim Brothers.They (Muslims) are our natural allies!"

Anonymous said...

There are traditional chapels all over North America.
You don't need to go Greek.