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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Germany: Degenerate Artist Who Commits Sacrilege is Fined

Artist: "I did not want to make fun of the Catholic Church or hurt the feelings of believers." - With VIDEO controversial action in Saarbrücken Baroque Basilica - UPDATE: Artists pay a fine!

Saarbruecken ( "I did not want to make fun of the Catholic Church or hurt the feelings of believers." According to the "Saarbrückener Zeitung", the 38-year-old Alexander Karle has to appear in Saarbrücken District Court. He had entered the sanctuary illegally in the Catholic Baroque Basilica of St. John in Saarbrücken (Diocese of Trier) and performed about 30 pushups on the altar. According to the prosecutor's office, this was a "crudely inappropriate behavior demonstrating a purely disrespectful attitude." The event, which took place approximately between Christmas Eve on 2015 and  January 1 2016, had been recorded by Karle with a video and published in a Saarbrücken shop window and also via Youtube. Karle has studied at Saar University of the Arts and understands his action as art, as other media reported. The video, entitled "Pressure to Perform", was designed to investigate the extent to which religion and performance pressure were related.

In the Catholic church community, however, the video was perceived as provocation and defamation, said Rev. Eugen Vogt. Therefore, the church community had contacted the police. According to the public prosecutor's office, the action does not fall under the rule of freedom of artistic expression and speech and has therefore applied for a fine of 1,500 euros at the Court of Justice. Justification: violation of religious freedom and trespassing. After the artist's appeal, the court is now adjudicating the decision.

The "Saarbrückener Zeitung" summed up Karle's further explanations as follows: During the action "a few people were praying in the basilica, who did not say a word," assures Karle. And he is also a Catholic, if only on paper.  "After all, he had also taken a small camera," so very discreetly, "and carefully removed the white cloth on the altar before performing his pushups, then laid it back down again.

The church of St. John was consecrated in 1758 by Pope Paul IV. [thanks DJR] as a minor Basilica. It is listed as a monument in Saarland's memorial list.

The Court of Saarbrücken decided a few days ago that the defendant must pay 700 euro fine for trespassing and disturbance of the free exercise of religion. This was reported by "Bild" and other media. Judge Simon explained in the reasoning of the verdict that freedom of art is not guaranteed without limits. If an altar is equated with a gymnastic mat, then that shows disrespect of faith.

The documentation: The video of the artist with the controversial action

Monday, September 2, 2013

USA Blocks Russia's Television Broadcaster RT

The U.S. has interrupted the transmission of the television station "Russia Today", reports the editor in chief Margarita Simonyan at the transmitter Twitter. "I always expected that you would begin to block our stations in the U.S.. Now it has happened. Long live the freedom of speech," she wrote.

Later, she added that the account of the sender was blocked at the Internet Resource "Reddit". More than one million people subscribe to the news of "Reddit".

RT, formerly Russia Today, is geared to international audiences, a publicly funded television station based in Moscow. It is broadcast in English, Arabic, Spanish and Russian. The stated goals of the transmitter are to present Russian perspectives on international affairs to the public and reduce old prejudices and stereotypes about Russia.

Sources: / Voice of Russia from 30.08.2013

Original at Pravda in Deuthsch... H/t: Cohors Regia.on Facebook.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Archbishop Negri: Laws Against Homophobia Recall Fascism

(Rome) Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara warns of the proposed law against homophobia. The bill recalls fascism and the "dark times of state ideology." In all European countries there are attempts to limit religious and free speech rights on behalf of alleged "protection" of and "discrimination" against homosexuals [aberrosexuals]. There is no broad discussion of the introduction of the new law. All are apathetic. The Christians must defend themselves and take up the fight for freedom of expression and freedom of religion, otherwise there may be sudden and bad awakening. The negative consequences are already visible in the UK and France. "The priests and bishops, who quote St. Paul in Holy Mass, could be charged," Archbishop Negri told the weekly magazine Tempi.

"In defending a certain lifestyle and its supporters, but especially those who theoretically confess homosexuality and practice it in society, the state discriminates in a serious and irreparable manner against other opinions and lifestyles," said the Archbishop, as Pope Benedict XVI. had personally called upon the 2012 Synod of Bishops.

Ideological Law

The law against homophobia, for which there is no objective necessity and that will soon be discussed by Parliament, will introduce, after "70 years since end of fascism a thought crime, and awakes dark, long subdued and times always believed to be over, back to life. Times in which the State identified ideological positions which it forcibly introduced and sacrificed all opinons which did not quite match."

"Our nation is at risk of losing those basic freedoms of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of choice and freedom that form the core of the secular state," said Archbishop Negri.

Priest Persecution

"Whoever will continue to draw attention to the great heterosexual tradition of the West, which can be found in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and in the practice of the Christian life through so many centuries, a great and informative powerful testimony, is in danger of being persecuted, if he expresses his beliefs publicly," said the Archbishop. "The priests and the bishops who quote excerpts from Paul's Epistles during the public liturgical celebrations, which relate to the moral standards on gay [aberrosexual] positions, or recite from the Catechism of the Catholic Church or quote parts of the Church's social doctrine, could be brought to the authorities," warned Archbishop Negri.

Defend Freedom

Christianity, says Negri, should not forget what Pope John Paul II asked in the encyclical Centesimus Annus: always to defend freedom. Because "every time we strive to secure our freedom, we defend the freedom of all, and every time we lose our freedom or it is limited, it is lost or restricted for all," said Negri.

"Over the past three years, more than 100,000 Christians have been killed because of disregard for the freedom of conscience, and in almost all countries of the world. Is it possible that the 'defense of homosexuality' is in comparison, more important than this specific problem and more important than the freedom of conscience?" said Luigi Negri, the Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Link to Katholisches...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EU Plans Penalties For Parties Who Don’t Participate in “the Values of the EU"

Im Bild die dänische Regierungs-Chefin Helle Thorning-Schmidt
und Martin Schulz. (Foto: Europäisches Parlament)
Edit: anyone familiar with Europe’s incitement of racial hatred laws can’t possibly believe in such a thing as free speech for Europe any more, if it ever really existed.

[Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten] Die EU-Commission has taken up a proposal of the socialists in Europe’s Parliament.  According to this future parties, which “do not respect EU values”, will receive fines.  The group of Austrian Hannes Swoboda wants to prevent that “right radical or anti-foreigner” parties entering into parliament.

In the European Parliament there are at the present 13 member parties.  They represent in total 31 million Euro in party financing.  In the future should it be possible, the parliament will be able to exclude parties from this financing.

In Denmark the proposal is being rebuffed.  The current Europe Minister, Nicolai Wammen, has been asked of several parties, to only affirm this ruling, if it could be previously defined, what “values” it concretely holds.

As the Danish website reports, Lykke Friis, the speaker for Danish Liberals said, there must be objective criteria, in order to prevent that the ruling can be abused as a “vendetta” against opposing points of view.  The Green Nicholas Villumsen said:  “that would be the case, as the parliament would impose punishments against parties with false opinions. It is very concerning that the European Parliament Parties will be punished for their convictions.”

Wammen appeased the critics and said the rules will not be directed against parties, which only participate in national politics.  Otherwise it only relates to the “fundamental foundations of democracy, the due process and respect for minorities.”

Actually such a regulation is very dangerous.  It opens the floodgates of political pressure on conscience.  Because furthermore, what values mean, can mean very different things to different people. In a tense climate of crisis such a ruling may make EU critics stifled. The right to freedom of expression may be put under pressure by such a ruling.

A prohibition with a penalty of certain opinions will lead above all so that thought is also limited.  One of the advantages of democracy is that one can speak his opinion and can form political groups freely, so long as they act within the bounds of the law.

“Values” on the other hand are not clearly cut, democratically approved laws.  They are often hazy and may,  as they are according to linguistic or cultural backgrounds, often not clearly defined.

The compulsion, to believe in “values” is undemocratic.

It is the foyer to a totalitarian system.

It is dangerous -- and on top of everything unnecessary: already today the European Parliament has the possibility,  to prove especially distinctive speech with punishment:  So, Nigel Farage has had to pay a 3,000 [2,700] Euro fine, that he had described EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy as having the “Charisma of a wet rag”.

In the future such a rebuff could also be punishable under the EU canon of values.

Earlier. this was described as an insult against the monarchy.

Those were, in any case, in a pre-Democratic age. [Oh, the irony]

Link to original...

Edit: just whose values are we talking about?  There’s no free speech for those who have differing views or even question historical events of 60 year ago.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Austrian Television Worried About Rebirth of Czarist Russia

A television program “Orientierung" by Austria’s national broadcaster ORF has addressed conservative Orthodox groups in Russia, which was concerned with the continuous counter wind against the Sodomite question.
What is good for the Church, is good for the State -- The movement “Holy Russia”
is defending against the desecration of Russian Sacredness and social perversion.
[Photo: Swajataja Rus]

[Edit: the article as follows from] “Orthodox Faith, absolute sovereignty and Russiandom -- these were the three pillars of Czarist Imperial Russia before the Revolution”.  It is ORF’s opinion that it will be brought about again by Putin.  A good sign for Russia!

As an indication for this, the homo-lobby is facing an upswing, take the conservative, orthodox groups like for instance, “Moscow is the Third Rome”, the movement “Holy Russia” or the orthodox “Flag Bearers”.

The ban on homo-propaganda in Russia with only a dissenting vote among the several hundred member Duma has horrified the homo-lobby and Left journalists --- also that of the Religion Department of the Leftist Austrian State Broadcaster.

Hard times are coming in Russia for gays, lesbians and other minorities.  The problem is, says a “religion expert” of the clearly even for Russia, Left Humanities Faculty (if Marxism is also taught as part of the curriculum?), that Liberalism and the secular Freemasonic State is in danger.

In the Duma it is completely understood what “Orthodoxy and the healthy popular feeling” expects.

In addition there is a law in preparation that the defamation of the feelings of the Faithful is penalized (up to two years imprisonment), included discussed is a law outlawing abortion.

“Aids and Hepatitis -- Gays Suffer this 40 Times More than normal Males.”

Dmitri Enteo, one of the “stars” (according to ORF) of the group “Moscow is the Third Rome”,  will also be quite clear:  “Our country was built upon the Orthodox Church and homosexuality destroys our home -- morally, ethically and demographically!  Propaganda for homosexuality means also an advertisement for AIDS and Hepatitis.  Gays suffer from this 40 times more frequently than normal men.  We do not want such a future for us and certainly not for our children!”

“The Goal of these … Sodomites, Gays and Lesbians is the decay of the Traditional Family”

Iwan Otrakowski, formerly a Captain in the Airborne Infantry, spent several years in the war in Chechnya, found a way to the Faith and became the founder of the movement “Holy Russia”:  “We are  a society of Orthodox Christians, who would like to serve God, the people and the Fatherland.  We want to be strong and moral.  We meet together for sport, train in operating weapons and go to church.  Thus we find our way to God.  Evil, jealously and hate fall away from us.  … The goal of these so-called Sodomites, gays and lesbians is the decay of the traditional family.   They provoke us, call us Orthodox Fascists, for that they are actually paid by the West, and if the Faith is defamed, we will turn to violence.  Not to demean people, but to bring them to reflection, so that they will not live in sin any more.”

Orthodox “Flagbearers”: “Homosexuality is a Sickness”

The Orthodox Flag Bearers also protested against gays and lesbians, in the summer of 2012 during the attempt of a gay march in Moscow.  Igor Morisnitshenko, Orthodox Flagbearer:  “We don’t want any gays and lesbians in Moscow.  Because Moscow is a city, which is holy to all Russians.  … Homosexuality should be punishable by the law and then: deportation.  Our country is great: to Magadan on the Kolimar.  There they should work, because work heals.  Homosexuality is a sickness which leads to despicable sins.”

Their attention was also drawn to a photo they burned, which showed the Pop-granny “Madonna” in underwear with spread legs, and described her as a witch.

Ecumenism With Orthodoxy and Not With the Zeitgeist Confessions!

Archpriest Vsevolod, chaplain accurately described the character of the Orthodox:  “The Orthodox Christian is a fighter, he must be to defend his homeland and his church.  Naturally within the bounds of the law.  An Orthodox Christian must be prepared to defend his homeland and his Faith with weapons in his hand.  Pacifism is an anti-Christian worldview and the Orthodox Church has always nurtured its faithful to be warriors.”

And: All of the churches of the world which are against homosexuality, it is said from the Moscow Patriarchate.  Western churches are only too cowardly to also say it.

One gladly hears the Humanities religious expert:  “The official position of the Orthodox Church toward homosexuality, for example,  does not differ essentially from that of conservative Catholics.”

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

To draw a contrasting program the Left’s papabile Vienna’s Archbishop, Cardinal Schönborn is cited, as he reported with a creased face about gays in the parish community of Stutzenhofen:  “As I have heard, he is a candidate who lives in a civil partnership, so I said: That won’t do, it is not compatible, Parish Counsellors have to hold the teaching  of the Church and the discipline of the Church” -- and then took, “impressed” by the gay, him under his wing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

German Homo-SS Bites Granite

Good luck, German homosexuals:  The world is still far away from supporting your brown struggle against truth and freedom.

( The police of the former Nazi Capital of Berlin have broken their teeth on the Catholic site ''.

The one responsible for the Christian-hunt at the command of the brown homosexuals is the German Censor Policeman Philip-Henrik Költzsch.

German Mind-Snoops are at Work

Several days ago Költzsch contacted the current server company for Europe's largest Catholic site, ''.

He described himself as a subordinate of the homosexual lobby:

"Here [in muzzle-Germany] an investigation is being conducted regarding public incitement to hate (§ 130 Strafgesetzbuch) by reason of, among other things, contents offensive to homosexuals by the web-presence of ''.

The kind of National Socialist law in the preceeding paragraph being cited by Költzsch is illegal according to international legal standards.

The official censor also mentioned paragraph 95 of the German criminal code and demanded from the server company a "handing over of the complete available dates about the owner of the site, inclusive of payment dates and the IP-addresses of the last ten logins and exact times and data for the time zone."

The Basket

The firm answered the inquiry with a legal lesson: "According to the German 'Telemedia laws', an internet service provider "may" grant information, however it must not."

Paragraph 95 of the Criminal Code Order is subject to a requirement of judicial decree.

Only in "imminent danger" may a prosecutor order distrainment.

The Cold Shower

But that's not all.

The firm informed the muzzle official also, "that we are not a BRD (German) registered company and thusly do not fall under German law.

And: "We don't back up communications - payments and other information in any way."

The firm had to disappoint the Homo-SS:  "Even if we wanted to we couldn't provide any information."

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Protests Against Blasphemous Play Intensify -- Theater Seeks Police Instead of Dialogue

Edit: Isn't pelting the blasphemous play with rocks and criticism just more "freedom of expression"?

(Milan, Italy) Andrée Ruth Shammah, the director of the Teatro Parenti is seeking the "political and relgiously responsible people in the city of Milan", the Communist Mayor Antonio Pisapia, the Catholic Archbishop Andrea Scola and probably also the Police Prefect, to take care of the peace and security of the theater, to protect from "daily more serious" waves of protest against the introduction of the blasphemous play "Sul conetto di Volto nel Filgio di Dio" [On the concept of the face regarding the Son of God], which is a huge representation of the face of Jesus which is pelted by stones and mud while the following sentence smeared with excrement, "You're not my Shepherd". The theater "never wanted to be offensive", said Shammah. "We are not looking for controversy, though we have looked for dialogue with mutual respect."

Shammah distributed the release simultaneously at the same release, however, the labels of "good" and "evil". In the production itself, there is no invitation to a "constructive dialogue". They miss every insight of criticism of the piece by Romeo Castellucci. In place of that Shannah dismisses every criticism, that the production only "by reason that there are falsely or misleading interpretations", to be finally brought "to silence" ultimately, because of a word that's conceived as "blasphemy". The charge of blasphemy is categorically denied by the director. What is blasphemous or not is obviously determined by religious sensibilities. [Which don't matter if those are Catholic.] The shift in roles of "black and white" according to Shemmah is: these are free arts, that are completely and unjustifiably threatened, against which demand protection by the authorities, then there are those, where those who threaten them are completely unjustifiably threatened, while they call for the protection of the authorities.

The Jewish Shemmah puts a surprising lack of religious sensitivity toward Christianity in this day, especially since she is heavily involve d in the life of the Jewish community. Even on her Facebook page, there are complaints, however, about the "anti-Semitic" character sound to the criticism of her work.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Police Pay: Anti-Homosexual Opinion was Legally Allowed

Great Britain:  The representation of Biblical teachings on homosexuality as a sin are not grounds for arrest -- British police to pay 10,000 pounds in damages.

London []  The Baptist street preacher Dale McAlpine from Workington in Northwest England has received 10,000 pounds for his imprisonment by the police after his public declarations of the biblical teachings on homosexuality.  This was according to Church News Notes this Friday.

McAlpine had explain that the Bible counts homosexuality as a sin to a passerby who asked him the question during his Evangelical demonstration, according to previously.  A police official then arrested the preaching on the grounds of racially motivated offense, therefore an offense against the Public Order Act .(.
corresponds to the German anti-Discrimination Law)

McAlpine proceeded legally against the police and received support for that from other christians, who fear the restriction of freedom of expression.  It did not go to trial.  The police authorities conceded that the arrest and seven hour incarceration of the preacher was a violation of the preacher's human rights and agreed to pay the 10,000 pounds in damages.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Condom" - Madonna: Still Being Defended by Freedom Party

The provocative exposition will be defended now as before by the Austrian Freedom Party.

St. Pölten ( In connection with the "art exhibit" in the National House of Lower Austria, the FPO National Council, Walter Rosenkranz is making a statement to the State Attorney General of St. Polten.   An Australian "artist" has put an oversized condom on a Marian statue and has covered it also with mock semen, which has till recently been on display at the Capital.

The FPO National Counsel maintained in his statement on § 188 of the penal code, in which the cases, of  "the villification of religious teachings, pratcies and symbols" the following is provided:  "Whoever publicly vilifies or ridicules a person or symbol, which is the object of honor of an existing church in this country, and whose conduct is the incitement of legitimate anger, is to be punished with up to six months of incarceration or receive a fine of up to 360 days at an established rate".   "The artist has in any case has acknowledged, a pubescent feeling as he defiled the Marian statue, which is important toward reaching the punitive judgment," says Rosenkranz

"the same stringent measures, which led to the immediate blocking of an internet site, which touched on the scope of a computer game which had a stop button making mosques disappear, must also be applied in this case,"  included Rosenkranz.  "The State Attorney of Saint Pölten must then decide, if these blasphemous pseudo-artworks will be removed and put in a safe area."  What in any case however is also to be clarified, is, who in general in the exercize of Haus rules in the Lower Austrian court had allowed the display of the respective object.  "This person is an accessory to the crime", says Rosenkranz.

Link to original,

Editor: Why haven't the Muslims put a death Fatwah on this man?