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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Our Chavez" -- Venezuela's President Prays a New Our Father

(Caracas) More new blooms drive Venezuela's Chavism . This includes the most recent anti-Christian provocation: President Nicolas Maduro made a partisan statement, in the future the new "revolutionary" Our Father "Chavez Nuestro" prayer in honor of the deceased predecessor Hugo Chavez.
Chavism is named after the late president and revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez (2013) by the Venezuelan government since he wanted to implement a Bolivarian Revolution after their 1999 acquisition of power. 
The reigning  president since 2011, Nicolas Maduro of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) bases his power on the state-sponsored cult of personality around his predecessor ,Chavez. The presidential elections in April 2013 Maduro had won with a wafer thin 50.66 percent of the vote  for himself. 
During an internal training session for party functionaries of the ruling PSUV, the Chavisten were encouraged by Maduro, to continue to pray a socialist version of the Our ​​Father. It was written in honor of the deceased  late President Hugo Chavez as reported by  the Venezuelan television channel Globovision  on Monday.
In the new "Bolivarian prayer of the Chavista delegates" it says:
"Our Chavez will in heaven and on earth, in the seas and in us, the delegates, hallowed be thy name.Your heritage come to bring it to the people here and everywhere, give us your light today, so you lead us every day and lead us not into the temptation of capitalism, but deliver us from the evil of the oligarchy and the crime of smuggling, for we are the country, the peace and the life, eternity, Amen. Viva Chavez!"
President Maduro took the "revolutionary" step so that the "Revolution is in a phase that requires to reinforce the value of education... The Venezuelans should be fortified for  daily street fighting for the values ​​of the revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez," said Maduro in his address at the end of the event.
Hugo Chavez had a very difficult  relationship with the Catholic Church and also did not hesitate to let his followers storm the Archbishop's Palace in Caracas. His affiliation with the Catholic Church was still clear. The religion of his successor Maduro however is unclear. The son of a Jewish-born father and a Catholic mother was, as the President himself declared, "socialist educated." Maduro himself  has made anti-Catholic as well as anti-Semitic statements and is a supporter of the  Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba, who is deceased since 2011.
The video shows the party meeting at which the "prayer of the Chavista delegates" was first presented.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EU Plans Penalties For Parties Who Don’t Participate in “the Values of the EU"

Im Bild die dänische Regierungs-Chefin Helle Thorning-Schmidt
und Martin Schulz. (Foto: Europäisches Parlament)
Edit: anyone familiar with Europe’s incitement of racial hatred laws can’t possibly believe in such a thing as free speech for Europe any more, if it ever really existed.

[Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten] Die EU-Commission has taken up a proposal of the socialists in Europe’s Parliament.  According to this future parties, which “do not respect EU values”, will receive fines.  The group of Austrian Hannes Swoboda wants to prevent that “right radical or anti-foreigner” parties entering into parliament.

In the European Parliament there are at the present 13 member parties.  They represent in total 31 million Euro in party financing.  In the future should it be possible, the parliament will be able to exclude parties from this financing.

In Denmark the proposal is being rebuffed.  The current Europe Minister, Nicolai Wammen, has been asked of several parties, to only affirm this ruling, if it could be previously defined, what “values” it concretely holds.

As the Danish website reports, Lykke Friis, the speaker for Danish Liberals said, there must be objective criteria, in order to prevent that the ruling can be abused as a “vendetta” against opposing points of view.  The Green Nicholas Villumsen said:  “that would be the case, as the parliament would impose punishments against parties with false opinions. It is very concerning that the European Parliament Parties will be punished for their convictions.”

Wammen appeased the critics and said the rules will not be directed against parties, which only participate in national politics.  Otherwise it only relates to the “fundamental foundations of democracy, the due process and respect for minorities.”

Actually such a regulation is very dangerous.  It opens the floodgates of political pressure on conscience.  Because furthermore, what values mean, can mean very different things to different people. In a tense climate of crisis such a ruling may make EU critics stifled. The right to freedom of expression may be put under pressure by such a ruling.

A prohibition with a penalty of certain opinions will lead above all so that thought is also limited.  One of the advantages of democracy is that one can speak his opinion and can form political groups freely, so long as they act within the bounds of the law.

“Values” on the other hand are not clearly cut, democratically approved laws.  They are often hazy and may,  as they are according to linguistic or cultural backgrounds, often not clearly defined.

The compulsion, to believe in “values” is undemocratic.

It is the foyer to a totalitarian system.

It is dangerous -- and on top of everything unnecessary: already today the European Parliament has the possibility,  to prove especially distinctive speech with punishment:  So, Nigel Farage has had to pay a 3,000 [2,700] Euro fine, that he had described EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy as having the “Charisma of a wet rag”.

In the future such a rebuff could also be punishable under the EU canon of values.

Earlier. this was described as an insult against the monarchy.

Those were, in any case, in a pre-Democratic age. [Oh, the irony]

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Edit: just whose values are we talking about?  There’s no free speech for those who have differing views or even question historical events of 60 year ago.

Monday, October 1, 2012

These Politics Will Lead Unavoidably to the Social Downfall

To the Bitter End

We will experience a Europe which will be under dictatorial rule -- and the Democratic politicians will explain to us that there are no alternatives.
(  "How does it work like this that the political class will attempt to save the Euro down to the bitter end."

Albrecht Schachtschneider (72) said this in an interview, which was highly praised by users of 'Epochenwechsel'.

Soon, Germany Will be there

The desire is -- says Schachtschneider -- with the Euro and saving the Euro "to force the cause of the European state."

The constitutional lawyer insists that this political maneuver will lead "unavoidably to the  economic decline of all peoples":

"In the south it is already clearly detectable:  The recession and deflation -- and eventually then inflation."

And:  "That effects France also more and more and will soon draw Germany into the abyss."

The German must deliver the state of its assets

Schachtschneider predicts a climb in interest for Germany:  "The debt will become unserviceable in Germany."

He sees "fatal consequences" for everyone:  "One will make claims in every way of the citizens, to deliver up their assets."

It happens like this:  "The short term deposits in the region of two billion will be frozen by account blocks."

The immoveable assets will be seized by a forced loan.

Gold will be confiscated:  "There will be a ban on trading gold."

Schachtschneider recalled then that the private assets of the German people's assets have already been exhausted by incoming obligations.

It might be taken by the state only in title.

Rebellions will be put down

The past bankruptcy politics will in Schachtschneider's estimation result in a serious political crisis:  "The population may possibly rebel."

Actually: "This rebellion will be put down with all the resources and probably by foreign police power.  The troops have already been prepared."

The constitutional attorney expressed the foreseeable:  "We will experience a Europe, that will be despotic, i.e. dictatorially ruled."

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