Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Condom" - Madonna: Still Being Defended by Freedom Party

The provocative exposition will be defended now as before by the Austrian Freedom Party.

St. Pölten ( In connection with the "art exhibit" in the National House of Lower Austria, the FPO National Council, Walter Rosenkranz is making a statement to the State Attorney General of St. Polten.   An Australian "artist" has put an oversized condom on a Marian statue and has covered it also with mock semen, which has till recently been on display at the Capital.

The FPO National Counsel maintained in his statement on § 188 of the penal code, in which the cases, of  "the villification of religious teachings, pratcies and symbols" the following is provided:  "Whoever publicly vilifies or ridicules a person or symbol, which is the object of honor of an existing church in this country, and whose conduct is the incitement of legitimate anger, is to be punished with up to six months of incarceration or receive a fine of up to 360 days at an established rate".   "The artist has in any case has acknowledged, a pubescent feeling as he defiled the Marian statue, which is important toward reaching the punitive judgment," says Rosenkranz

"the same stringent measures, which led to the immediate blocking of an internet site, which touched on the scope of a computer game which had a stop button making mosques disappear, must also be applied in this case,"  included Rosenkranz.  "The State Attorney of Saint Pölten must then decide, if these blasphemous pseudo-artworks will be removed and put in a safe area."  What in any case however is also to be clarified, is, who in general in the exercize of Haus rules in the Lower Austrian court had allowed the display of the respective object.  "This person is an accessory to the crime", says Rosenkranz.

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Editor: Why haven't the Muslims put a death Fatwah on this man?

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