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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bible top Selling Book in Laicized Norway

(Oslo), Norway is one of the de-Christianized countries in Europe. Amazingly, the Bible has become the best selling book in the land of the fjords, and has been since Autumn of 2011. This is from a tweet from the Vorhofs der Völker [Court of the People], an initiative approved by Pope Benedict XVI. under the Pontifical Council of Culture under the direction of Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi. The facility specifically seeks dialogue with agnostics and atheists. After a course correction by Benedict XVI. there are actions taking place in many cities.

Even the Washington Times was aware of the Norwegian phenomenon. The Bible was the bestseller in Norway for the entire year of 2012. As a new edition appeared, queues formed in the fall of 2011 at the shops until late into the night, to be able to purchase a copy. Since the phenomenon is holding, 2013 is unaffected. "The Bible in Norway is selling like hot cakes," said the Washington Times . For 54 of the 56 previous weeks, the Scriptures are always among the top 15 best-selling books. Associated Press reported that the Bible is by far the best-selling book in 2012 and both the autobiography of pop stars Justin Bieber and outsells the last year's new publication of the much advertised soft porn trilogy by EL James. An estimated 3.9 billion Bibles have been sold worldwide for the past 50 years.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Austrian Television Worried About Rebirth of Czarist Russia

A television program “Orientierung" by Austria’s national broadcaster ORF has addressed conservative Orthodox groups in Russia, which was concerned with the continuous counter wind against the Sodomite question.
What is good for the Church, is good for the State -- The movement “Holy Russia”
is defending against the desecration of Russian Sacredness and social perversion.
[Photo: Swajataja Rus]

[Edit: the article as follows from] “Orthodox Faith, absolute sovereignty and Russiandom -- these were the three pillars of Czarist Imperial Russia before the Revolution”.  It is ORF’s opinion that it will be brought about again by Putin.  A good sign for Russia!

As an indication for this, the homo-lobby is facing an upswing, take the conservative, orthodox groups like for instance, “Moscow is the Third Rome”, the movement “Holy Russia” or the orthodox “Flag Bearers”.

The ban on homo-propaganda in Russia with only a dissenting vote among the several hundred member Duma has horrified the homo-lobby and Left journalists --- also that of the Religion Department of the Leftist Austrian State Broadcaster.

Hard times are coming in Russia for gays, lesbians and other minorities.  The problem is, says a “religion expert” of the clearly even for Russia, Left Humanities Faculty (if Marxism is also taught as part of the curriculum?), that Liberalism and the secular Freemasonic State is in danger.

In the Duma it is completely understood what “Orthodoxy and the healthy popular feeling” expects.

In addition there is a law in preparation that the defamation of the feelings of the Faithful is penalized (up to two years imprisonment), included discussed is a law outlawing abortion.

“Aids and Hepatitis -- Gays Suffer this 40 Times More than normal Males.”

Dmitri Enteo, one of the “stars” (according to ORF) of the group “Moscow is the Third Rome”,  will also be quite clear:  “Our country was built upon the Orthodox Church and homosexuality destroys our home -- morally, ethically and demographically!  Propaganda for homosexuality means also an advertisement for AIDS and Hepatitis.  Gays suffer from this 40 times more frequently than normal men.  We do not want such a future for us and certainly not for our children!”

“The Goal of these … Sodomites, Gays and Lesbians is the decay of the Traditional Family”

Iwan Otrakowski, formerly a Captain in the Airborne Infantry, spent several years in the war in Chechnya, found a way to the Faith and became the founder of the movement “Holy Russia”:  “We are  a society of Orthodox Christians, who would like to serve God, the people and the Fatherland.  We want to be strong and moral.  We meet together for sport, train in operating weapons and go to church.  Thus we find our way to God.  Evil, jealously and hate fall away from us.  … The goal of these so-called Sodomites, gays and lesbians is the decay of the traditional family.   They provoke us, call us Orthodox Fascists, for that they are actually paid by the West, and if the Faith is defamed, we will turn to violence.  Not to demean people, but to bring them to reflection, so that they will not live in sin any more.”

Orthodox “Flagbearers”: “Homosexuality is a Sickness”

The Orthodox Flag Bearers also protested against gays and lesbians, in the summer of 2012 during the attempt of a gay march in Moscow.  Igor Morisnitshenko, Orthodox Flagbearer:  “We don’t want any gays and lesbians in Moscow.  Because Moscow is a city, which is holy to all Russians.  … Homosexuality should be punishable by the law and then: deportation.  Our country is great: to Magadan on the Kolimar.  There they should work, because work heals.  Homosexuality is a sickness which leads to despicable sins.”

Their attention was also drawn to a photo they burned, which showed the Pop-granny “Madonna” in underwear with spread legs, and described her as a witch.

Ecumenism With Orthodoxy and Not With the Zeitgeist Confessions!

Archpriest Vsevolod, chaplain accurately described the character of the Orthodox:  “The Orthodox Christian is a fighter, he must be to defend his homeland and his church.  Naturally within the bounds of the law.  An Orthodox Christian must be prepared to defend his homeland and his Faith with weapons in his hand.  Pacifism is an anti-Christian worldview and the Orthodox Church has always nurtured its faithful to be warriors.”

And: All of the churches of the world which are against homosexuality, it is said from the Moscow Patriarchate.  Western churches are only too cowardly to also say it.

One gladly hears the Humanities religious expert:  “The official position of the Orthodox Church toward homosexuality, for example,  does not differ essentially from that of conservative Catholics.”

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

To draw a contrasting program the Left’s papabile Vienna’s Archbishop, Cardinal Schönborn is cited, as he reported with a creased face about gays in the parish community of Stutzenhofen:  “As I have heard, he is a candidate who lives in a civil partnership, so I said: That won’t do, it is not compatible, Parish Counsellors have to hold the teaching  of the Church and the discipline of the Church” -- and then took, “impressed” by the gay, him under his wing.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Connecticut Catholic School Abolishes Skirts

Edit: The rationale employed by the administration is as ridiculous as the overall homogenization of human sexuality by the state.

It would be interesting to know if the faculty and administration actually believed the Catholic Faith.  They often don't.
St. Bernadette Catholic School will be updating the girls uniforms next fall. After many female students have been rolling up their plaid skirts to make them shorter, the school has decided to ban their current skirts and jumpers and replace them with khaki pants. Parents are upset that they'll have to shell out more money for new uniforms, but they're also angry that their daughters will look less feminine.

According to the New Haven Register, principal Sherry Steines recently wrote a letter to parents claiming the new dress code is the result of "many conversations and input from the school survey." Apparently some parents never took any such survey or were consulted about the dress code. As a result about 20 parents signed a petition to meet with the the principal about the changes, but they were ultimately turned away.

"They said the jumper is going to last a couple of years and then, boom, it's gone," parent Brenda Abel told the Register. She said tuition is costly enough and she'd prefer not having to buy new uniforms. Her daughter, Jessica, is in sixth grade and keeps her skirt at the required knee length. Several mothers told the Register the school should forbid skirt rolling, but let them keep their uniforms. One parent who wished to remain anonymous told the paper, "I would like to carry on with the beautiful tradition that the kids wear their proud uniform." Kayla Bailey agreed, saying, "People see my daughter and they know she goes to St. Bernadette." Nancy Owens, who crafted the petition, said she too prefers the current recognizable plaid girls uniforms. "I don't want my kid looking like a magnet school kid," she said. 
Link to article...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Does the Media Despise Breast Cancer Awareness?

Edit:  It's interesting to see the government news media monopoly go into full swing in defense of what is a criminal organization with a Nazi past and present.

Apparently, some of the zealous defenders of Planned Parenthood have also seen fit to hack Komen's website as well.

There are now numerous articles that have been written attacking Komen's Breast Cancer Awareness organization with Planned Parenthood.  What do they have against breast cancer awareness and women's health?  What is taking place has all the earmarks of an orchestrated state media campaign designed to defend the principles of revolution and attack any departure from party orthodoxy.

What's interesting about all of these articles is that they all associated Planned Parenthood with women's health.

What's more interesting is how they are attempting to link women's health in terms of breast cancer with women's health in general by defending a mendacious and criminal organization, [like when Kathleen Sebelius destroyed evidence] like Planned Parenthood with its own National Socialist past and present?

According to Jeff Goldberg, concerned citizens have rallied behind the criminal organization with Nazi ties to replace the money Komen would have given.

Well, that's less money that can go to fund other things that Liberals love besides abortion and National Socialism.

Rachel Madow...

Huffington Post... gloating about Komen losing support in wake of decision.

NPR... describing the feeding frenzy.

Top Komen Official Resigns....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Attorney Sees Evil Catholic Witch-Hunters in US Bankruptcy Court

Edit: It could have been from the pages of the Onion. Or, what if Dan Brown wrote for the Onion? Yet, one of Minnesota's most celebrated attorneys lashed out against Catholic representatives of a Minnesota US Bankruptcy court last month on behalf of her client Yehud-Monosson USA Inc, which manages properties in Wisconsin.

She referred to them as "dirty Catholics" and "witch hunters" in a truly amazing display that would have been a professional death sentence if she'd been railing against a protected group. It actually brings back the legal attacks by the National Socialists in the 30s where Catholic priests and faithful were regarded with precisely the same outrageous language.

At one point, she insisted, while trying to get the Bankruptcy hearing done in New York, that the Judge sending her client to Minnesota would be like sending a Jew to a concentration camp. The Judge disagreed and sent her and her client to Minnesota.

What followed was a spiteful rant against Catholics which, had it been directed at virtually any other minority group, would have met with immediate termination.

At least one man at the usually anti-Catholic, St. Paul Pioneer Press had some courage to point this out.

By David Hanners
Updated: 11/30/2011 10:37:03 PM CST

In the sedate and sober world of bankruptcy law, one lawyer's memorandum sticks out like a sore loser.

"Across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota, are composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church," the Nov. 25 filing said.

It went on to call one bankruptcy judge "a Catholic Knight Witch Hunter," said one trustee was "a priest's boy" and claimed another trustee is a "Jesuitess."

It got worse from there.

Hastings lawyer Rebekah Nett also called U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher and other court personnel "dirty Catholics." Then she expressed concerns over what might transpire at a hearing docketed for next week, writing, "Catholic deeds throughout the history have been bloody and murderous."

People who spend their time writing and reading legal documents were stunned.

Link to Saint Paul Pioneer Press...

H/t Stella Borealis.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Britain: Mental Hospital Hires Witch

Edit: something's brewing beneath the surface. Would have just put up the article from Telegraph, but couldn't find it.

London (KNA/ The secure psychiatric clinic in Broadmoore in English Berkshire will have a witch and a Rastafarian on the team of their spiritual assistants.

This is so that the hospital can meet the needs of heathen and Rastifarian adherents who come under their care, reports the newspaper "Daily Telegraph' on Wednesday.

At the present patients of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist spiritualities are served. In future even a Hindu priest will work in the clinic. "We try to support our patients irrespective of their convictions, to continue to practice their religion and remain true to their faiths," said a clinic spokesman to the Times. Actually, this is not part of the official procedures; spirituality and religious devotion are in any case an important part of the healing process of psychological illnesses.

Commentary: The decline into heathenism goes still further. The Cure de Ars once said: "leave a village for twenty years without a priest -- and they'll be praying to animals." (1)

For two generations the Catholic Church has relinquished, in the name of the religious meeting of Assisi already, the First Commandment of God: "Hear, Israel, I am the Lord thy God, and you will have no FALSE Gods beside me."

The psychiatric clinic in Broadmoore, which now has a witch, a Rastafarian and employes various other worldviews is a direct fruit of Assisi. Not in the sense of a cause-effect-relationship, but because Assisi collaborated, to establish a new way of thinking. Because the Catholic Church itself has arranged it, that all religions are similar ways, which is found increasingly in the neo-heathen revival in state and society, as for example at the clinic in Broadmoore.

Increasingly, the convinced Catholic asks: Holy Father, why, why do you let these false ways into the Church? And still more: why did you yourself also take part in these scandals?

1) cf. Walter Nigg, Der Pfarrer von Ars, Freiburg 1992, S.38)

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Avoid Witchcraft or X-rated Films for Your Kids

[California Catholic Daily] The following was prepared by the California Catholic Conference [of bishops] education committee (July 2010) and posted on the bishops’ site this summer.

Most of California's Catholic families with school-age children choose to enroll them in the state's public schools-rather than in Catholic or other private schools. However, many families are unfamiliar with the laws that govern what their child will be allowed to do-or asked to do-and unaware of certain ideas and information their child will be taught while at school.

WHAT THE CHURCH TEACHES: As Catholics, we strongly believe that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. The Catholic Catechism states that families are the "privileged community" where children are meant to grow in wisdom, stature, and grace (# 2206-2209). The Church counsels us to work with public authorities to ensure and protect the rights of parents.

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Britain’s Leading Gay Activist Calls for Lowering of Age of Consent to 14

LONDON, September 1, 2010 ( – One of Britain’s leading homosexualist activists has called again for the lowering of the age of sexual consent from 16 to 14, saying that this will reduce incidents of sexual abuse of young people. Peter Tatchell, founder of the group OutRage!, wrote on the website Big Think, “Whether we like it or not, many teenagers have their first sexual experience around the ages of 14 or 15.”

“If we want to protect young people, and I do, the best way to do this is not by threatening them with arrest, but by giving them frank, high quality sex and relationship education from an early age.

“This includes empowering them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to say no to unwanted sexual advances and to report sex abusers. Compared to the blanket criminalization of sexually-active under-age youth, this empowerment strategy is a more effective way to protect young people from peer pressure and pedophiles.”

A higher age of consent actually puts young teens at greater risk of abuse by “reinforcing the idea that young people under 16 have no sexual rights," Tatchell said. “They signal that a young person is not capable of making a rational, moral choice about when to have sex.”

Read further at Lifesite...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ringo has found God

It's currently unclear what deonomination or religion.

Ringo Starr, the Beatles’ drummer, claimed that he has found God. He said thatafter taking a long and winding road to enlightenment, he finally found God.

The reformed rock legend, who turns 70 in July, admitted he lost his way when he was young, referring to the time when he suffered alcohol and cocaine problems in the late 1970s.

Ever since he became a teetotaller and had quit his 60-a-day cigarette habit, he turned to religious practices. For him, religion now plays an important role in his life.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Church Services are too Feminine

Men don't want to sing 'love songs to a man' while the 'vicar wears a dress'

Ruth Gledhill posted an article citing a statistic that the church attendence is down 49 percent with males under the age of 30 in the last 20 years because services are too sissy. This is one attempt by the Church of England to alleviate the problem, but then, I don't know, why not beef up the church services by restoring the Traditional Latin Mass? We've noticed that there are quite a few more men there than are at the women dominated Novus Ordo Mass.

Monday, December 28, 2009

L'Osservatore Romano Pays Tribute to the Beatles and Hippie Cult

In an ill-starred attempt to garner more popular appeal, L'Osservatore Romano pays tribute to the figures who were truly important to them when they were actually young.

The December 25 edition of L’Osservatore Romano paid tribute to two new books devoted to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Mark Hayward’s The Beatles: On Camera, Off Guard 1963-69 and The Rolling Stones: On Camera, Off Guard 1963-69 contain photographs-- most of them previously unpublished-- of the bands.

The L’Osservatore Romano column was written by Giuseppe Fiorentino and Gaetano Vallini, who earlier this year commemorated the fortieth anniversary of the hippie film Easy Rider.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Uzbek Moves against Soviet and Orthodox Symbols a Challenge for Russia

Georgia Daily

November 23, 2009
Paul Goble

Tashkent’s decision to remove monuments glorifying Soviet military achievements and to tear down a Russian Orthodox church there dating from 1898 in the first instance reflects the Uzbek government’s desire to take greater control over its own national destiny.

But the combination of these actions – one Moscow newspaper suggested today that they were “removing the traces of the USSR and of Orthodoxy” from that Central Asian republic – create more than usual problems for Russia because it raises questions about the relationship of the Soviet and Russian past in the future.

And that relationship is increasingly sensitive not only in the ethnically charged atmosphere in the Russian population but also as President Dmitry Medvedev seeks to maintain the former Soviet space as a Russian sphere of influence even while pursuing closer relations with the Western powers.

Over the weekend, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reported today, the Uzbek authorities demolished or moved away monuments that formed part of the Park of Military Glory that the Soviet authorities had set up in 1973 and tore down an Orthodox church as part of a plan to build a new government administration building (

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